Who You Gonna Call?

“Virus” Bustin’ Makes Me Feel Good!

The saying that knowledge is power may be more true today than at any other time in our history, especially seeing as to how information is literally at our fingertips. It is perhaps the greatest tool we can rely upon in this fight against the lies of virology. However, there are many sources of information out there, both bad and good, and this search for truth can become confusing amd overwhelming. It can be difficult to know who or what site to turn to or trust. While I believe we should not outright trust anyone and that we must research and discern truth for ourselves, it is great to have resources available for where we can find valuable information in order to make educated and informed opinions.

Presented below is a list of sites that I have found valuable in my own quest for knowledge as well as other sites which have been recommended to me by friends who are also seeking truth. These resources are of like-minded content questioning the dogma of Germ Theory and virology. Whether you find something of value in them is entirely up to you. My intent is to share these resources and to make the search much less difficult.


My favorite investigative journalist Jon Rappaport has done a brilliant job exposing this “coronahoax” as well as many others over a career spanning decades. He always presents a logical approach to his breakdown of the information while supplying some wit and humor for good measure. His amazing content can be found here.

Dr. Tom Cowan

Dr. Tom Cowan has been a huge source of information and has done a lot to expose virology. I first became aware of him early in this pandemic in a YouTube video discussing the Rosenau 1918 Spanish flu experiments disproving contagion. I was first in line to buy his book The Contagion Myth from Amazon.com even though they banned it at the time. Along with his Youtube videos, Dr. Cowan hosts an excellent podcast where he has fascinating conversations with many guests. You can find his enlightening work here.

Dr. Andrew Kaufman

Like Dr. Cowan, Dr. Andrew Kaufman has been instrumental in taking down the lies of virology since day one. His YouTube videos, such as The Rooster in a River of Rats, were eye-opening for many. He has an upcoming film called Terrain which will explore the Terrain Theory in detail. Many discovered the lies of virology through Dr. Kaufman’s influential work breaking down the pseudoscience in layman’s terms. You can find his great content here.

Dr. Saeed Qureshi

Dr. Saeed Qureshi has provided a very useful and interesting look at this “pandemic” through the eyes of a chemist and one who worked extensively in the pharmaceutical industry for Health Canada. He is a recognized expert in many areas and provides amazing insight here.

Dr. Stefan Lanka

Ex-virologist Dr. Stefan Lanka has been a leading voice in the movement against virology. Through his 2016 victory in the German courts, he helped to prove to many that the measles “virus” was non-existent. Dr. Lanka was also very vocal against the HIV=AIDS paradigm. His current work has been focused on destroying the cell culture method used by virologists. You can find his site here.

Projekt Immanuel

For a detailed look at the work of Dr. Stefan Lanka and to follow the examination of the “coronahoax” from a scientific perspective, this site by independent filmmakers working with Dr. Lanka is a great resource.

Dr. Samantha Bailey

Dr. Samantha Bailey’s Youtube videos have been a bright spot during this “pandemic” and have done a wonderful job of putting a straightforward, logical, and fun spin on the topics presented. She also helped co-author the most recent addition of the excellent book Virus Mania (highly recommended.) Her husband, Dr. Mark Bailey, has also been very vocal about the lies of virology and has written some very insightful articles. You can find their fantastic content here.

Dr. Kevin P. Corbett

Dr. Kevin P. Corbett is a very experienced retired nurse, educator, and independent researcher whose work has shone the spotlight on the HIV fraud, the problems with PCR/ELISA/Western blot testing, the current “Covid” crisis, and more. Fortunately, he has his own site where much of his writings and work can be found. There is a wealth of great info. contained here.

Torsten Englebrecht

Speaking of Virus Mania, lead author and journalist Torsten Englebrecht is a great resource to turn to as well. His site is full of informative articles that he has written on the lies of virology as well as other subjects. His work has helped to expose the numerous flaws in the PCR “test” as well as the lack of purified/isolated “viruses.” You can view his excellent material here.

Shots of Truth

This is a site by Jim “Dandy” O’Kelly, an excellent researcher who has been at the forefront of this virology and vaccination scam for the last 50+ years. He also ran the Anti-Vaccination League of America for quite some time. You can find a great deal of meticulous research taken straight from the original publications which Jim uses to call out the pseudoscientific methods utilized by these “scientists.” Some of my favorite material involves Jim’s investigations into vitamins. You can find his incredible investigations here.


This is yet another site by an excellent researcher at the forefront of the virology scam by the name of Jim West. Jim uncovered important evidence showing a link between pesticide use and outbreaks of Polio. According to his biography, Jim is a dedicated researcher, journalist and advocate for the environment and responsible industry.Β As he is outside of the industry, Jim has been able to critique the “scientific” evidence unencumbered by vested interests. You can find his books and an impressive blog here.


Another great site tied to the Virus Mania crew and Dr. Kaufman is Resestheus.org. While the site is in Czech, it is worth the Google translation as it is chock full of great content! You can access it all here.

Fluoride Free Peel

Christine Massey has done an exceptional job of exposing the complete lack of purification and isolation of “SARS-COV-2” and many other “viruses” on her site. She has done so through a mastery use of the Freedom of Information requests sent to various organizations such as the CDC, the RKI, NIH, etc. You can find her amazing collection of FOI’s here.

What Really Makes You Ill

Not resting on the laurels of having written the definitive book breaking down the Germ Theory lie with What Really Makes You Ill , Dawn Lester and David Parker created a website filled to the brim with amazing content. They have a blog with various informative articles and truly fascinating video interviews. You can find their fantastic collection here.

The Perth Group

Formed in 1981 by biophysicist Eleni Papadopulos-Eleopulos, emergency physician Valendar F Turner and Professor of Pathology John Papadimitriou, the Perth Group was monumental in helping to tear apart the HIV/AIDS debate. The site is a wealth of excellent research articles breaking down the lack of scientific evidence related to HIV. You can find a vast collection of amazing information here.

Health Freedom For Humanity

For a great podcast featuring enlightening discussions, HFFH is the perfect resource. You can find quite a few insightful conversations here.


The Humanley podcast with Daniel Roytas is another excellent resource. You can listen to some great discussions with various medical practitioners here.

The Truth Seeker

John Blaid’s blog has a great amount of content exposing the “virus” lie. He has done an amazing job of keeping people informed on Dr. Lanka’s research both past and present. His blog has articles on many different subjects along with video interviews and links to relevant documentaries. You can view his vast collection of resources here.


Canadian researcher David Crowe put together some absolutely essential work over the years destroying HIV, the PCR test, and the SARS hoaxes. He was a pivotal figure in the HIV dissident movement. David was adamant about the lack of purification of any “virus” and attempted to hold virology to the standards they set in 1973. He hosted an excellent podcast and his early paper on “SARS-COV-2” is the outline on how to break the “coronahoax” down. Sadly, David passed away in July 2020 but his work lives on here.


VirusMyth.com was one of the first sites I stumbled upon in my search for truth. The information contained within opened my eyes to the lack of evidence regarding the existence of HIV and its supposed causation of AIDS. The information found here can be applied to any “virus.”


This is another resource that was instrumental in opening my eyes to the HIV/AIDS hoax. Within this site is a wealth of information waiting to be found with links to other very helpful resources.

Dr. Roberto Giraldo

Dr. Roberto Giraldo’s work breaking down the HIV hoax was very influential on me. He meticulously tore apart the lie, from the inaccurate testing to the questionable origin of AIDS. Sadly, Dr. Giraldo is no longer with us and his site has been taken over to sell steroids. However, his amazing work lives on in this archived link here.

Treatment Information Group

If you want to learn how dangerous pharmaceuticals such as AZT can create the very disease they are supposed to protect against, this site is an immensely valuable resource. It was set up by Anthony Brink in 2002 to “promote research-based public debate of antiretroviral (ARV) drug policy, non-toxic treatment approaches to AIDS, and HIV testing issues in South Africa.” Anthony has been researching these drugs since the 90’s and has written many valuable books on the subject. You can view his incredible work here.

Corona Investigative

This is an excellent resource focused on tearing down the “virus” myth. It breaks down the “pandemic” on various levels and also explores past epidemics as well as the history of modern medicine. You can find a variety of informative articles here.


This is a nice site with plenty of current headlines countering the “Covid” narrative. They have a great collection of articles covering a wide range of subjects. For a good place to go to stay up to date with recent events, click here.

Northern Tracey’s Scribblings

This is another excellent blog with plenty of articles exposing the “virus” lie. Tracey explores many different areas such as antibodies, spike proteins, the dangerous booster agenda, the Lanka measles trail, and more. You can check out her great content here.


As the name implies, this site is all about questioning the claims of the mainstream narrative surrounding “Covid-19.” You can find plenty on masks, PCR tests, manipulated statistics, lack of purified/isolated “virus,” and other related topics here.


Another site dedicated to debunking the lies of virology. It has a very nice compilation of material from many sources. You can find plenty of value here.


This site is centered around the work of Dr. Harold Hillman MB, BSc, MRCS, PhD, whose research showed that many of the particles seen in electron microscopy were nothing but artefacts. He maintained that these artificial constructs were created through the fixing, embedding, and staining processes that the material is subjected to in order to be visualized. You can find a great deal about Hillman’s research in chronological order here.


While I am not completely familiar with this site, it seems to have a wealth of information on all aspects of virology such as the dangers related to vaccination and the history of the medical mafia. There is plenty of information relating to many “viruses” and it has a great selection of quotes by influential people debunking the mainstream narrative. You can view this excellent collection here.

Yummy Doctor

Dr Amandha Vollmer’s site has a ton of excellent content including information on the Germ/Terrain Theory debate, the lack of an isolated “virus,” the herd immunity lie, and much more. Her site also offers plenty of holistic healthcare recommendations and explores many other interesting topics that the mainstream media are too afraid to touch. You can find a wealth of information here.


This is an interesting site that not only explores the “Cotona Hoax” but also other areas many feel we have been deceived in such as 9/11, JFK, NASA, etc. The “Corona Hoax” section offers plenty of videos related to exposing the lie. You can view it all here.


This is a podcast that was just recently brought to my attention and it comes highly recommended. While I unfortunately have not yet had the chance to listen to it, the topics are definitely appealing and look to tackle the “virus” lie from many different angles. You can listen to the Soacebusters dissect the “virus” fraud here.

Our Free Society

This site has a great compilation of material on the fraud of Germ Theory from various sources. You can find content from Dr. Lanka, Dr. Cowan, the Infectious Myth podcast, and many more. You can view this collection here.

Snooze 2 Awaken

Sol Luckman’s excellent blog is a great resource not only for information about the virology lie but also many other areas that may be of interest as well. You can find material on health, DNA, awakening, dreams, and a personal favorite of mine, the paranormal. You can access Sol’s amazing content here.

Gamzu Endogenous

This is an interesting site that was referred to me by a friend. It offers a great collection of videos, documentaries, and scientific papers/documents from various sources on a nice selection of topics. In their own words, the site proposes to address scientific issues in β€œseasons”, in the style of the new programming and social control techniques used in streaming television. You can find this wealth of amazing content here.

Jerm Warfare

Jerm Warfare is a site run by Jeremy Nell, a very successful cartoonist and podcast host who has won awards for his work. He has an excellent blog and podcast that covers many topics including germ theory, politics, “conspiracy” theories, and much more. He has had guests such as Dr. Tom Cowan, Robert F. Kennedy Jr., Mike Yeadon, and David Icke. I highly recommend checking out his exceptional content here.

Still in the Storm

This is a great substack run by former scientist Mike Donio. Unfortunately, Mike was fired from his job after refusing to take the vaccine. His approximately 20-year career, most of which was in pharma and biotech, came to an end Oct of 2021. Since that time, Mike’s expert knowledge has been invaluable in helping to peel back the layers of virology in order to uncover the fraud. For an insider’s perspective, please visit his substack here.

Undercover Virologist

For those who have Instagram, you can find a ton of excellent information from independent researcher Jacob Diaz. You may recognize Jacob from some of the presentations on this site as well as others. He is extremely knowledgeable about the pseudoscientific madness we find ourselves embroiled in. His channel has beautifully crafted slides and images presenting the fraud in an easily digestible manner. You can view his work here.

Apocalyptic Yoga

This is a nice Substack run by Bill Houston, a man with a history of environmental activism who has set his sights on the “virus” lie. There are some very good articles defining what a “virus” is as well as exploring the rift between those who reject “viruses” and those who reject the totalitarian restrictions but still accept the “virus” lie. You can check out and subscribe to Bill’s Substack here.

Ekaterina Sugak

According to her bio on Dr. Tom Cowan’s site, Kate Sugak is naturopath, researcher and activist. She is working to popularize the real biology and bridge the gap between the people and science in our society. Kate’s goal is to empower people to control the actions of scientists and read scientific publications that directly affect our lives. She has done some excellent interviews exposing the fraud of virology with the likes of Dr. Stefan Lanka, Dr. Andrew Kaufman, and the aforementioned Dr. Tom Cowan and recently created an excellent documentary debunking smallpox. You can find her amazing content here.

Absorb What is Useful

This list is not an exhaustive one and I’m sure there are plenty of excellent resources I have overlooked. I plan to update this page if I come across any more. I am not vouching for every piece of information within these sites. Some of the information you may agree with while others you may not. Hopefully this list can help to set you up on your own quest for knowledge or you may be able to share it with someone else who may be looking for a place to start. Take what you find useful, push aside what is not, and come away with your own truth.


    1. Of course! You have great content. The more we can get this information out to others and spread awareness, the better chance we have of ending the fraud and breaking this cycle once and for all. πŸ™‚

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  1. You are missing the MOTHER of all truth telling about the virus Lie. This list is not complete without the addition of THE Dr. Amandha Vollmer. Please add her so more can learn. She was talking about this BEFORE Dr. Kaufman and even before many others on this list. She was the fist to bring. Dr. Lanka’s work to many.

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  2. I have a marketing background and am looking to offer my services to someone free of charge to help accelerate the spread of this crucial message. I believe this could be done very inexpensively through very simple short videos promoted from person to person and person to groups. I know how this could be done. Also, there needs to be a very simple and complete FAQ. I would also like to connect with someone who could help me answer the questions of others . . .

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    1. Thanks for the offer and suggestion! My friends and I have discussed the possibility of short vids debunking virology. Something that could present the absurd information in a fun and logical way. What did you have in mind?


      1. Yeah, I haven’t listened yet but I did add them as a few people recommended them. The podcasts definitely looked interesting and I plan to check them out hopefully soon. It’s been a bit crazy lately.

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  3. Why is Dr. Amandha Vollmer not in this list? Her omission makes me question its authenticity/agenda, and I would prefer not to have to do that.


    1. I am not sure why you would assume I intentionally left Dr. Vollmer off the list. You are the second person to accuse me of this. While I was aware of Dr. Vollmer, I did not know of her site. I did add her site to the list after a few people recommended it. This list was a compilation of sites I myself knew of and ones friends recommended. I even wrote that it was not an exhaustive list and that I may miss some sites which I would update and add as I become aware of them. Please refrain from insinuating that I am being unauthentic or have some sort of agenda just because I was unaware of Dr. Vollmer’s site.


      1. Understood. She belongs high on your list. I suggest you look at her work on yummy.doctor and you will understand why this woman CANNOT be overlooked. She is a powerful force among several on your list, and i consider her a significant tide turner.
        Thank you or updating the list.
        I take back my accusations an insinuations. My apologies.

        Liked by 1 person

      2. No worries. I understand your passion. We are all in this fight together and it is great to support each other. I was happy to include Dr. Vollmer and I will continue to keep an eye out for other excellent sources to add in the future.


  4. Spacebusters’ videos are great and bring a unique angle that really seems to persuade certain people.

    The old works of Herbert Shelton are loaded with useful tidbits about disease and detoxification processes, and the topic of fasting, which he is the undisputed master of, is essential to really understand how disease works. Google “The Hygienic System Vol III: Fasting and Sunbathing” for that. Not content about viruses, but provides a key piece of the answers to “then what’s making everyone sick”?

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    1. Thanks for the recommendations! I did an update and added Spacebusters along with a few other sites. I have not listened to the podcast yet but the titles look interesting so i plan to check them out. I also plan to add more sites as I come across them. The more the merrier!

      I will also look into the work of Herbert Shelton. I appreciate the info! πŸ™‚


  5. Why is Dr. Amandha Vollmer Not on the list. She’s a great holistic medicine? She wrote a book on the powerful uses of DMSO. Please consider adding her. She has many great videos on how to heal without use big Pharma.. ALL NATURAL.

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  6. Surprised that Amandha Vollmer from Canada is not on this list. She is a very outspoken lady who educates about Terrain Theory.


  7. Thank you for this list. Nice resource! Amandha Vollmer is missing from your list. Amandha is where I first learned about terrain and so much more! I have been following her on Telegram.

    Have you ever checked out her video library? It’s massive – https://yummy.doctor/video-category/

    She has a category on Terrain vs Germ with 35 videos! I still have so many to watch but one of my favorites is not even Terrain β€” from 2017 on Cancer secrets revealed (Parts 1 & 2). Excellent. I recommend it to everyone.

    I cannot thank Amandha enough for opening up my eyes to the germ theory hoax and so much more.

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  8. Thanks for all of the resources. Sometimes I wonder if all of the respiratory illnesses that seem to circulate during the winter are simply a vitamin D deficiency.

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  9. Hi Mike – the site howbad.info may be useful for those having to/deciding to get the jabaroo. it details Batch information. Great work by you. Thanks to Tom Cowan for referring to you.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks for the kind words amd recommendation! I will check the site out. I really appreciated Dr. Cowan for the shout out as he didn’t need to but it was very gracious of him to do so. His line of “borrowing without exoress permission” cracked me up. He doesn’t need to do that anymore as Dr. Cowan is free to use any info. from the site he wants. Sharing this information freely and easily is exactly why I started this blog in the first place. πŸ™‚


  10. A list like this cannot be complete if Amandha Vollmer is not on it!!! Omitting her has many implications as to your legitimacy, character and frankly lack of a pair. You know when a powerful woman is in the right when she is snubbed by other colleagues. Your the reason this world is in the mess that it is in. You are too afraid to support strong unapologetic truthers such as Amandha Vollmer who gives ALL her energy educating, treating and looking after the highest wellbeing of the people on this planet (and for the environment!). I will not support your work unless you correct this (intentional) oversight and add Amandha Vollmer to this list.. Even if she did not hold one Degree in Science this woman’s wisdom and knowledge runs rings around your average medical professional.


    1. I really do not appreciate the accusations and insinuations from your comment. I was unaware Dr. Vollmer had a site. I did add it to my list based on the recommendations of others but I did not do so because of your comment. If you do follow my site going forward, please refrain from accusing me of ill intentions.


      1. Sorry you are having to deal with a couple of these comments that are crazy, because of the assumptions and insinuations. It really shows a glimpse into their internal world. You have updated your list many times over for ADV (she is great), and in this case also have other women noted such as Northern Tracey, Sam Bailey, and Christine Massey. But who is counting? Obviously that is the lens some people choose to see things through.
        Negative attitudes like that might do more harm than good to the ‘truth community’ because it’s divisive and unnecessarily aggressive and completely unreasonable among other factors. For example, how many of these others names knew about or know of yourself? Why does everyone someone likes have to know everyone else they like? Or else that individual is invalid? Seems like the sort of ‘logic’ the manipulators like to use, which we are standing against.
        It is sad to see how some have become so wound up and flustered with the disinformation tactics and massive lies (like viroliegy) that are out there. I do get the need to be skeptical, though there is a better way to conduct oneself.

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      2. Thanks Tim! I agree. It was confusing to see the leaps being made by some commentors. I didn’t create the list as some sort of popularity contest nor was my intention to snub anyone by not having them on it. It was meant as a resource and, as I mentioned within the post, the list was not a complete one and that I would continually update it as I learned of more relevant sites to include. I’m not sure how not including a site I didn’t know about automatically made me an untrustworthy chauvinistic pig. πŸ€·β€β™‚οΈ In any case, thanks for the support Timmo! πŸ™‚


  11. Missing in fearless action:
    Dr. Amandha Vollmer
    I appreciate Amandha’s contribution, which is unapologetic, multi-faceted, courageous, and abundant. No flash in the pan here, not by a long shot. . Even if, for me, the jury is still out when it comes to some of the directions she takes, my mind is open and my heart is grateful!


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  12. Mike, my man, back with another great post! Thank you. You website layout is so easy to digest. You should do it as a service to other sites that can use your help.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks so much for the kind words and support! I wish I could take credit for the layout. It’s a theme I chose from WordPress. I’m actually very technologically illiterate but I am very happy that you find my site easy to navigate! That was my intention so I must have done something right. πŸ˜‰


  13. Thank you Mike for your time, insights, extensive attention to detail, sources and for connecting dots in everything you post. Moreover additional gratitude in the compilation of this list and making available is greatly appreciated!

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  14. Fantastic list of resources! Another one which gives a historical background is Bechamp or Pasteur by Ethel Hume. Written in the 1920’s. Gives a brilliant account of the work of Bechamp which Pasteur plagiarised.

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  15. Wow, great list, Mike!
    Quite a few resources I am not familiar with, but will add to my list upon your recommendation alone.
    PS: One which you MUST ADD is Unite4truth(.com). Some incredible content on every aspect of the hoax: from the tests, to the fake virus, fake pandemic, how people were killed in hospitals & nursing homes, vaccine injuries. It is (or was) all real leading edge stuff (site is run by medical whistleblowers, incredible research, site is a little clunky), … but seems to be on hiatus, ATM. No new posts in a couple of months. It is (or was) one of my top research sites. The Ivermectin stuff alone blew my mind. Only other who gets it right is Spacebusters.

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  16. Thanks Mike.
    A few other sites with some independents scientists who have been questioning the status qua.

    Harold Hillman disproved cellular biology 40 years ago, in a video they mentioned an article with him titled β€˜the man who rocks the boat β€˜ but made little difference as had no alternative explanations .

    Dr Lanka mentioned in a video that he new all the models of illness are wrong and it took him 5 years to find a better explanation when he came across the findings of Dr Hamer.

    So maybe a better alternative explanations away from the disproven dogmas , especially cellular biology, molecular genetics and immunology may also make an impact.

    Harold Hillman


    Fraud versus carelessness

    Click to access 326736b0.pdf

    On the back of the tiger,
    Dr Gilbert Ling, Dr Pollack, .

    Ride a tiger- To find yourself in a precarious situation. The phrase comes from β€œHe who rides a tiger is afraid to dismount.” Which is to say, once you find yourself in a dangerous circumstance, getting out of it can be even more potentially hazardous, whether to your health or your career.

    Chinese Idiom: Riding on the Back of a Tiger and Finding It Hard To Get Off http://www.pureinsight.org/node/2520

    On the Back of a Tiger presents a paradigm-shift in how we do science, ultimately leading to a better understanding of disease, aging, and nutrition.
    A trailer and series of teasers for On The Back Of A Tiger, a documentary series in progress, profiling the life and work of unsung heroes of science and their battles with the establishment.



    A better understanding of biology may fill in the vacuum of a materialistic way of explaining illnesses ie. viruses as many people seem to use the virus explanation as an excuse for their symptoms, they just cannot imagine any other possibilities if stuck in a reductionist way of understanding reality ie. the atom, the cell.

    β€œA change in the situation of mankind is only possible when man understands his biology and thus himself.”( Ivan Illich )

    β€œ-Biological life is about maintaining and increasing the flow of energy. All biological structures, perception and behaviour serve this goal.-

    The basis of medicine is biology

    β€œ The basis of biology is a viscous substance and its properties, which comes from water and is quite different from liquid water.

    This substance is the building, energy and information substance of life. Tissue and cells consist of this substance.

    A better view on life, Part 1,2 .



    Should be a part 3 – the principles of life to figure it out from some articles .
    It puts Universal Biology and the 5 biological laws into context how contraction and expansion to derive energy , the principle of cohesion/ symbiosis has resulted in colonies of bacteria merging and specialising into more complex structures, structure that are in build into our biology – building up of tissues and remodelling.- the second law.
    β€œ-The organ of digestion and protection grow in the active phase and , then, shrink in the resolution phase.
    -The organs of movement and contact shrink in the active phase and grow back in the resolution phase β€œ

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