Examining the “Virus” Fraud With Eric Coppolino

Last month, I had the pleasure of speaking with investigative journalist Eric Coppolino about the fraud of virology. Sadly, I got really busy afterwards and completely spaced off posting the interview. I want to apologize to Eric about that lapse on my part. For those who may not know Eric, he is the man who got Robert Kennedy Jr. to finally speak on the non-existence of “viruses.” You can listen to the interesting exchange here:

As to our own interview, Eric did a nice summary which I will share here:

In this Planet Waves FM/TV interview, Eric Francis speaks with Mike Stone, author of the http://www.viroliegy.com/ website that exposes the scientific fraud committed by virologists and public health officials. We discuss the PCR test for monkeypox as well as the history of testing fraud involving the covid scandal — and ask the question of the hour: do viruses exist?

I hope that you enjoy our chat and can find some value from it!

For more from Eric, please visit his site at https://planetwaves.net/ and also check out this excellent and meticulously detailed “Covid” timeline he wrote:

Chiron Return publishes updated version of our advanced covid timeline. Plus — Dr. Sam Bailey interviews me on the PCR and the chronology



  1. Gee, I wonder how 99% of humanity’s health would be effected if they were locked down in their cages, like monkey’s, deprived of their natural environment and social life, fed a steady diet of fear, industrial food, water, and injected with chemicals? My best guess is you don’t stand a chance with the psycholabs and their endless jabs.

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  2. Impressive to see Eric also did his own research, as one should.

    The whole of biochemistry seems quite suspect to me. Have you looked into “vitamins” and “proteins”?

    “Proteins” in particular seem to be a linchpin in most of the medical myths they throw at us, including of course “viruses.” Also, how were “essential amino acids” established? I’d love to see some of this stuff get the Mike Stone treatment.

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    1. Yes, it is definitely on my list to investigate! I believe a guy by the name of Jim O’ Dandy did break proteins and vitamins down at one point but sadly I can not find his stuff anymore. The science there is definitely flimsy.


      1. Jim O’ Dandy? Hard name to google. I started looking at the original studies but they seem based on questionable methods.

        Whatever the mainstream considers the “original studies” always seem relevant particularly because the first appearance of an idea seems to have great momentum in these fields. These fields after all consist of people who aren’t in the habit of questioning what is considered established.


      2. Sorry, Jim O Kelly. He always signed things as Jim Dandy O Kelly. He headed something called the Anti-Vaccination League of America and used to belong to a group I was in. He had his own site as well. I can’t find any trace of him.


  3. Great interview. I “met” Eric through an interview with Dr Sam Bailey. What an articulate truth seeker! I really enjoy listening to him, he’s been seeking for a long time and has an excellent understanding of how virologists, “play baseball with no baseball”. Indeed, the emperor has no clothes.

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    1. Thanks Lynn! Yes, Eric is very knowledgeable and does what real journalists are supposed to do: ask questions and investigate. I’m glad he is on our side!


  4. Mike,
    Eric is right on top of the Covid fraud. So any other fraud, like Monkey Pox, is easy for him to spot. You might find the concept of graphene oxide in the vaccines to be of interest.

    The article (linked below) explains the mechanism by which the covid “vaccines” damage the human organism causing disease and death. (There are a few pop-up windows to close.)


    Many researchers have come to the conclusion that there is no biological material in the vaccines. This makes sense when one considers that viruses do not exist. Viruses are said to be comprised of particles containing genetic material that enter human cells for replication. The mRNA vaccines are allegedly designed to mimic this process to cause an immune response.

    The immune system is said to react against the spike protein caused by the nanoparticles in the vaccine. All of this of course is a fallacy. The nanoparticles are made from graphene oxide. When they enter the cell they cause cell apoptosis and membrane shedding which probably results in the presence of spikes on the cell surface.

    This has to be by design. And that means that the people at the top or in the upper echelons acting in concert with the people at the top understand exactly what they are doing.

    First they had to create the illusion of a pandemic originating in China possibly from sickness due to exposure to excess smog and or from microwave radiation at excessive levels and then through the administration of remdesivir and midazolam in nursing homes in the United States, the U.K. and Europe. This was sufficient to cause the deaths that were blamed on the fictional Covid disease. Couple this with seasonal flu (a detox process) rebranded as Covid-19 and certified as such with the fraudulent PCR test and there you have the illusion of a pandemic. Of course it was a little more complex than this, but this is the main outline of the plan.

    Viruses aren’t real and neither is the so-called mRNA technology designed to act like a virus. Covid-19 is an economic policy designed by powerful financial interests to corrupt and circumvent political processes such as those conducted by legislative and judicial bodies. The objective is multifaceted and none of those facets benefit mankind.

    It remains to be seen whether Covid-19 will be officially acknowledged as a fraud or if it will quietly fade away much like the controversy surrounding the cause of the destruction of the twin towers in New York City, otherwise known as 9/11. If there is a congressional investigation into any alleged fraud or conspiracy it will probably be handled in the same way as the assassination of JFK. But none of this will matter when the majority of people understand that Covid-19 was and remains a fraud. Covid-19 was a fictional virus created for a disease causing and not too infrequently death dealing injection presented as a vaccine created solely for an economic policy.

    Economics can be defined simply as the management of a household. In the case of Covid-19 the household is mankind and the managers are powerful financial interests aligned only for the purpose of evil. These words, spoken 2000 years ago, apply to them today.

    “You are from your father the devil, and you choose to do your father’s desires. He was a murderer from the beginning and does not stand in the truth, because there is no truth in him. When he lies, he speaks according to his own nature, for he is a liar and the father of lies.” – John 8:44.

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    1. Eric definitely is on top of it all and his “Covid-19” timeline is impressive. I also agree that there does seem to be graphene in the shots and that the mRNA is a cover. Nothing good comes from getting the shot. Thanks for the info!


      1. Here’s more information on the subject matter.

        A study about graphene oxide nanoparticles entitled,

        Size-Dependent Effects of Suspended Graphene Oxide Nanoparticles on the Cellular Fate of Mouse Neural Stem Cells

        Purpose: In this study, we aim to explore the effects of graphene oxide (GO), a derivative of graphene, nanoparticles of four different sizes on the cellular fate of mouse neural stem cells (mNSCs). . .

        Results: The average hydrodynamic sizes of the GO NPs were 417 nm, 663 nm, 1047 nm, and 4651 nm, with a thickness of approximately 22.5 nm, 17.7 nm, 22.4 nm, and 13.4 nm, respectively. GO NPs of all sizes showed low cytotoxicity at a concentration of 20 μg/mL on the mNSCs.

        The complete study,


        It is worth a read to see exactly what they are doing with graphene oxide.

        Facts about capillaries in the human body,

        “Capillaries are delicate blood vessels that exist throughout your body. They transport blood, nutrients and oxygen to cells in your organs and body systems. Capillaries are the smallest blood vessels in your vascular system.”

        What do capillaries do?
        Capillaries complete the circulatory system by connecting arteries to veins:
        Arteries carry oxygen-rich blood from the heart to your organs. Veins help the body remove low-oxygen blood and waste.


        Important information about the size of capillaries extracted from the article at the above link,

        ‘What is the anatomy of the capillaries?
        Most capillaries are only about 8 to 10 micrometers in diameter (a micrometer is 0.001 mm). They’re so tiny that red blood cells have to pass through in a single file line.”

        10 micrometers equals .01 millimeters, which is 10,000 nanometers. All of the GO NPs in the above mentioned study can easily pass through the capillaries.

        In another study,

        “Engineered nanoparticles interacting with cells: size matters”

        “. . . Once they have entered a biological milieu, NPs will inevitably come into contact with a huge variety of biomolecules including proteins, sugars and lipids that are dissolved in body fluids, such as the interstitial fluid between cells, lymph or blood. . .”

        Reading and understanding the rest of the article is critical to obtaining a comprehension of the current state of nanoparticle research.


        From the study,

        “NP size affects cytotoxicity upon internalization”

        At this point it is easy to understand that scientists know how the size of nanoparticles affect cells. They can control the amount of damage based on the size of the particles and their concentrations.

        Returning to the capillaries,

        “Capillaries contain two layers of cells:

        Endothelial cells are inside the capillary. They control the flow of fluid, nutrients and gases.

        Epithelial cells form a protective layer around the endothelial cells.”

        Evidence that GO NPs damage epithelial cells,

        “An assessment of the cytotoxic effects of graphene nanoparticles on the epithelial cells of the human lung”


        From the conclusion section of the article,

        “The findings of the current study show that the viability of the A549 cells decrease with an increase in the concentration/dose of GNPs and the exposure period. In other words, the toxicological effects of GNPs on the A549 epithelial cells of the human lung are dose- and time-dependent.”

        There or many more studies available on the internet about this subject.

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    2. Well said. You might enjoy this investigation of the “assassination” of JFK:

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      1. You’re welcome Mike. There is plenty about it out there. It’s the same old theme and I’m sure you can find it and explain it better than me.

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  5. Another great interview, Mike!

    I’ve tried to challenge a few people about virus theory. Their inevitable response is “you’re not a doctor or scientist”- why should we believe you? Medicine has really become a religion as you said and doctors/scientists are the new high priests.

    Our true level of knowledge is best determined by our technological level. We know enough to build reliable bridges, cars, planes and cell phones, etc. But mechanical/electrical devices are tinker-toys compared to bacteria or cells. Doctors and biologists may know 10x or even 100x what you or I know. But if a non-expert understand 0.01% of how cells/biology really work, and they understand 1%- then the so-called “experts” still understand nothing!

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    1. Thanks CK! Sadly, the religious aspect of the cult of science is getting out of control. We need to break this up before more impressionable minds drink the Kool-aid.


  6. Thanks for more information. I am wondering if the virus theory is bogus than what do we do with the “herd immunity” factor that so many doctors believe in? I highly doubt they could ever measure heard immunity, if it even exists.

    Hearing more and more about rising covid variants derived from ADE (I think it is) where the mRNA injections are breaking down resistance and major lung infections are occurring. If this is not from covid variants, then what could it be? A surge in other lung diseases rebranded as covid variants? My best guess.

    Since I haven’t had any mRNA injections and no flu injections or any other injections except maybe a tetanus shot in about 45 years, why am I still alive? Surely by now, some pretend killer virus would have taken me out especially since I am now in my early 70’s. The medical experts say this and my body says that…I trust what my body is saying.

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    1. Herd immunity is just another fraudulent concept used to create a belief if vaccines and antibodies. There is nothing to be immune from. I view it like this: the body is a plumbing system. If you are healthy, it runs smoothly and rids itself of all toxins. If you are unhealthy, it can not keep up with the toxic overload and things start to break down. We need to keep it our plumbing system in working order by not overloading it.


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