Debunking the Nonsense

A few months ago, I was invited by Alec Zeck to help develop and participate in a presentation brilliantly led by him and including many other people whom I greatly admire and respect such as Dr. Jordan Grant, Mike Donio, and Jacob Diaz. We set out to create an easy to understand case against the pseudoscience that is virology which can be enjoyed on video as well as read and shared as a slide presentation. We covered many layers of the lie including:

  • The Definition of Isolation
  • A Breakdown of the Methodology
  • Science vs Pseudoscience
  • The Scientific Method
  • The Experts’ Excuses
  • The Cell Culture Method
  • The Limitations of Electron Microscopy
  • Misinterpreting EM Images
  • History of the Cell Culture Method
  • The Many Logical Fallacies
  • Stefan Lanka’s Control Experiments
  • If Not a “Virus,” Then What…?
  • Proof of Contagion?
  • Natural vs Artificial Routes of Infection
  • Why Is This Important?

It has been a long time in the making but the moment has arrived to finally share our work with the world. I hope that you are able to gain some valuable insight from our carefully crafted deconstruction of viroLIEgy. Please share this with as many people as you can so that we can continue to undo the 120+ years of damage that has been done by one of the greatest lies ever sold. Thank you for reading and/or watching!

To download the PDF presentation:

To download the PDF presentation for those not on Telegram:

To download the video presentation:



  1. I appreciate what you bring forth.
    I haven’t looked yet but note the cliche “everything you need to know about”
    Well my sense of being told what I need to know is ignore it or tell it to fuck off!
    The CONTEXT of an educational process CANNOT be ‘being told’.
    I know my own writing can ‘state’ ideas in a way that monologues rather than invites question – though its intent is to resonate intuitive resonance.

    the aspect of ‘virology’ that is not being given light is its fit or resonance to our psyche.
    Pseudo-religion would be ‘magical thinking’ where religion proceeds first principles to all that then follows. I realise for many ‘religion’ is smeared or associated only with manipulative or magical thinking, AS IF science is free of the lie and the father of it!

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  2. Props to all of you for putting this info into one video. For the most part, it’s easy enough for the layman to understand. Keep on being lead voices on this topic! You are all the REAL HEROES!!!

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    1. Thank you so much for the kind words Eva! Alec had a great idea putting it all together as a video and a PDF. The response has been great so far. Hopefully it will get shared and help to wake more people up! 🤞🙂


  3. I haven’t watched it yet but will soon (too much to watch nowadays).

    FYI: here’s a fantastic interview with a virologist (Poornima Wagh) who debunks virology:

    Here’s a very thoughtful article by a doctor who sincerely believes he “debunks” the virus denialists. He’s wrong but reading this article is useful to understand the mindset of the other side.

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  4. Hallelujah, you had the foresight to provide a PDF!!! I will review it togay.

    I have come to hate videos because everyone and their dog is producing them and the majority of them are not worth a pinch of dog shit.

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      1. This is the issue, for those who claim to ‘already know’ and are established in thinking and acting as such, have no basis to open their belief system to question, especially where their personal, social and economic inclusion and support are entangled as loyalty to identity set over areas of conflict by which to mitigate, suppress or gain comfort in a social agreements internalised as ‘normal’.
        My interest is in growing a cultural expression of values felt and uncovered as a result of releasing a false masking reality-adjustment of magical thinking – of which germ theory is an example. A dead culture has all the life we give it, and demands all the life we have and are to become model or idol to be sacrificed to, instead of a shared meaning by which and through which to live creatively – that is of a joy and freedom of unfolding what we have, rather than a coercive imposition set in guilt, fear and compulsive ‘solutions’ that only propagate and multiply conflict and debt running toxic as masked over, denied, and projected as new forms of exclusion, attack and sacrifice, claiming moral virtue or necessity – as a world in which ‘everything is backwards’.


      1. Those who make videos as educational resource might tune in to the gift of attention as something to meet in equity and honour, rather than presume a captive ‘audience’. For they are set as linear temporal expressions (even if these can be viewed speeded up!).
        I have spent days worth of hours watching people in this general theme such as to meet the same over and over and over, which initially is ok as it acculturates me in the field – but integration is a result of both living from it and sharing it in my own terms, as distinct from learning and parroting by rote as a presented ‘identity’ of invested or presented opinion.
        So, I’ve overdosed on banging the same old drum, I’m not into ‘identitarian ego struggle’ but open to uncovering more aligned, integrative and workable appreciations & understanding for where we are with what we have and are – which to me is a field phenomena or release to a natural movement of being – as felt qualities, lived and shared.


  5. Can’t wait to sit down and read through the pdf. This is so exciting! Will be sharing with everyone I can. Thank you again Mike for your dedication! Our future lives literally depend on breaking the spell of viroLIEgy!

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      1. Cosmology is running very similarly to biology – indeed the pattern of substituting invested modelling for empiric science is the nature of a systemic groupthink of invested stakeholders – who include both financial leveraging and adaptive development of identity to such structures.

        The Electric Universe as a broad movement identifies plasma physics at all scales to underlie and embrace a thermodynamic gravity based model that represents closed system thinking.
        Mainstream science idealises itself as self-correcting while doubling down in dark fudge to ‘save the model’ while being used to mask ideas OF scarcity, conflict and control as ‘solution-providers’ to a threat-based (pathological) model of existence – set in physical determinations but interpreted by a high priest-class of psychic manipulation. is a source of information with many facets of interest – including biology.
        I see that a mindset of possession and control expresses as the marketising and weaponising of any new movement of discovery, which can feel completely justified in its endeavour if running on presumptions of threat to be countered or lack to be fed – as problem to be solved.
        But where acquired and inherited relational conflicts are masked over as personal and social evasions, their attempted ‘solution’ in purely external terms not only cannot succeed, but will bring the nature of those conflicts into the arena of the ‘solution’ – such as will seem to offer promise but breakdown to ‘problems’ now assigned to ‘new’ ills that embody a process of fragmentation and evasion that WANTS to engage in ‘new solutions’ as the same masking impulse of the original separation trauma as being set in conflict, fear, disconnect and lack by the intent and attempt to fix it, deny it, or overcome it. Because we were unable to abide pain in the heart. And flipped to mind for limitation, distance and control of the reflex of a self-protective recoil, by which a split sense of self seeks in its own terms and conditions – or rules and filters – for fulfilment or wholeness.

        My sense of charge separation as a matrix of expression includes an inherent sense of psycho-physical unity – at a qualitative level that is higher in the sense of prior to or upstream to ‘awareness of object’ or minding as a focus of fulfilment or received value to developing consciousness as a vehicle of opening, unfolding and growing experience of being.
        The interplay of closed/open system is fluid, not fixed or antagonistic.
        Cells and selves are boundary conditions of communication within a field, not thing-in-itself impacting a world of ‘othered things’, that then seek to hit back, take back or hijack our assumed or asserted ‘power’.


    1. The other way round!
      Psychic-emotionally reactive masking expressions of a deeper dissonance are symptomatic of the field or total terrain, which includes the nesting of a living Earth within a Solar Charge field of energy & information or communication.
      The name ‘Influenza’ derives from ‘cosmic influences’ which include water and dust of ionic (electromagnetic) self-organising ‘structures’. This also include Earth responses such as weather, telluric currents, earthquake & volcanic activity – which also releases nanoparticulates that are no less ‘self-organising’ within bio-fields than star-fields.
      But there was no ‘covid’ pandemic in nature – only nurtured fears that invoke Ancient Fear or trauma to stamp itself on the face of subjection and control as ‘making safe’ by distancing, masking and justifying attack.


      1. Thanks for your comment. I’m interested because in the height of this in 2020, my mother fainted and was taken to the hospital. She was only there for one night, was told she tested positive for covid. She didn’t have the usual symptoms we kept hearing about that year. A couple of weeks later, a family friend fainted as well and was rushed to the hospital and died at the hospital.


      2. Well, this video sort of fits.

        With a different presumption and metaphysical key, the interpretation of an observation is different. The evidence is different with each key. The possibility of different keys is what allows for a paradigm shift.

        The focus here is not how events memorialized in petroglyphs or myths might have been—but in how we think about them. We perceive orderly patterns that suggest intelligibility, then compose a coherent narrative to ‘make sense’ of them.

        Science critic Mel Acheson explores some key questions: What patterns of evidence can be interpreted to fit other observations? How other observations could—or should—be re-selected and re-interpreted with different metaphysical keys? When new interpretations enable us to invent new processes, build new gadgets, and create new values—who gets credit for benefiting mankind?

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  6. Thanks, Mike, particularly for proving a PDF, so we don’t have to rely exclusively upon memory or quickly-jotted-down notes to retrieve the information being put forth. Not sure what he “everything you need to know” comment is about, i don’t see it in any of the screen shots/graphics shown above, i would agree it’s hokey if used. And thanks to all the participants.

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  7. Thanks and the pdf is a bonus.

    Pity we live in times where people are stuck on ‘credential and titles ‘ system that was set way back.
    It is fairly basic and logical , easy to understand if have knowledge of medical sciences .I will never comprehend how the so called ‘experts ‘ can be so indoctrinated, it borders on a form of fanatic scientism.

    In an ideal world , if one has a medical based background and has an understanding one does not need to be an expert or specialist to be able to debate.
    The ‘ experts ‘ seem to be dissociated from reality and what is happening in clinical practice In vitro research ignores a holistic approach.and gets little clinical feedback.

    Could be that many are trying to hang onto the virology fraud as it will galvanise to question most of the orthodox medical system which some people perceive , too big to fail.


    This partly explains how we got this theoretical academic system where people with valuable knowledge need to explain themselves as they do not have the ‘acceptable’ institutionalised credentials.


    “ There was maldevelopment in the structure of medical education in America in the aftermath of the Flexner Report. The profession’s infatuation with the hyper-rational world of German medicine created an excellence in science that was not balanced by a comparable excellence in clinical caring. Flexner’s corpus was all nerves without the life blood of caring. ”

    I do not agree with all in the above paper but it explains the players and how the Flexner report came about and the disconnect between academia , the in vitro science and clinical reality. We are at a stage where science is fabricated , extrapolated , it controls and dictates insane clinical protocols and it has become destructive .

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  8. Excellent presentation!

    Mike, one idea worth considering is using frozen specimens from 2016 or earlier and do the same tests. If they show positive for Omicron, unless they also have time traveling abilities, proves decisively the procedure is off. Its tough to find a spatially isolated sample (say remote africa) to disprove transmission – as contamination is theoretically possible (‘must have’ come in touch).

    Research labs or crime labs typically store old tissue samples and I suggested this in Jan 2020 to some scientists but didn’t go anywhere.

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    1. I saw this, in several countries in Europe. A paper described that blood samples collected for something else in 2019 (eg. cancer screenings), if I recall correctly around 20% or so had evidence of of sars-cov-2.

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  9. Some of you may be aware of the parallels between virology and psychiatry.
    As an example of what happens when an institutional ego is exposed, look up the ‘Thud experiment’ – but be aware the search engines are actively airbrushing and reframing this.
    You should be adept at spotting this by now!

    But it was conclusively shown the basis for psychiatry was false, which led to a retrenching of psychiatry as a branch of Pharma using psycho-meds claiming to address ‘chemical imbalances’ that actually set up such imbalances (by up or downregulating sensitivity) to generate a mass dependency on substances that cant be taken away without meeting hellish or intolerable symptoms. Of course there are some who bottomed out to come through or break such addiction, by living through the psychic-emotional and physical territory of chaotic disorder to uncover a true Self-responsibility in place of self-recoil.

    The refutation of virology holds promise of release from subjection to organised crime set in separate-self interest set over relational integrity. But the underlying context or terrain is where triggered or reactive fear seeks to mask over and escape conflict by exporting or projecting it OUT away from a split-off or dissociated self-sense. This ‘dynamic’ can be sketched as being hacked or hijacked by a mind that then sets accusation for its loss of peace to an attack from without – as a narrative or problem set in attack as a saving solution. The fear is thus contagion to the susceptible, who invest in solutions that mask and replicate the conflict as a means to redistribute fear, guilt and penalty, as a personal stake in a group or Notional ‘security’.
    True safety rests in not taking the bait of a false flagged ‘problem’.
    Truly addressing our conflicts and fears is not what our minds have been trained to allow, if they have been invoked from infancy to ‘make us safe’ as a reality-adjusting masking strategy for survival – which does apply in learning, adapting and developing abilities in our collective modelling or masking of reality.
    I add that conflicts are always relational entanglements. We are expressions of relational being. Or of being expressing and experiencing relationally, even if projected and invested in as imaginary constructs representing masks for fear, shame, hate, guilt or powerlessness.


  10. Several of the big names claim that their god exists and ‘created everything’. How can these people simultaneously criticise virologist for putting forth ‘affirming the consequence fallacy’ when they are doing the very same thing?

    In the video they say all of the ‘bad things’ that have been done in the name of virology. Yet, they don’t acknowledge all of the ‘bad things’ that have been done and continue to be done in the name of their Jewish god (Christianity & Islam are controlled opposition for Judaism). Understanding the ruling class and their religion (judaism) is more important than debunking the virus fraud (which is also important). Because the jews have been taking over the world since 3,300 years ago.


    1. I don’t have to claim, justify or apologise for what I accept as that by which I live.
      But I see that false claim cannot pass off as true unless masking in or as truth.
      So an image of God is made, but we are not an image even if we can be phished by our image to mis take identity– that then projects a backstory for its support.
      Mind is creative, and yet what we think, can be set out of accord with reality, as a private self-illusion or a clique of mutually self-reinforcing social masking.
      The Idea of Creator in our own image is a reflection of our current sense of self.
      So for many in the current era, the backstory is billions of years of random mutations that operate as survival and replication because it did – to date. I find that a curious mythic construct!
      The problem of evil is generally projected away from a self that cannot abide or tolerate it, so to project blame as ‘getting rid’ of guilt as if to cast it out and destroy it. This is what is projected ONTO God as Retribution for guilt as sin. Many now blame genes, germs and psychopathogenic biology – that is to blame a sense of our own affliction on an external attacker or persecutor, so as to ‘prove’ God absent or ‘Other’ to a subjective sense of victim, set in frailty and littleness. ‘Sickness as defence against truth” uses the body as its mask & witness. We can see the same with war or famine – for the pain of loss is grievous – so how can truth then be anything but cruel, blind or utterly indifferent to the love that you are – but must deny, suppress and adapt to a world of threat, pain and death?
      The key is that we experience according to what we believe we are, and much of our belief is set by fears or conflicts before we learned to self reflect or articulate as consciousness of self, and thus as the framing we learned to think in.
      It doesn’t matter what anyone claims to believe, but what they demonstrate as thought world and deed bears witness is what is actually believed, but often ‘unconscious’ to masking beliefs that pass off as conscious! But are defences against direct awareness.

      As far as I am aware a claim for the existence of God is not being used to mandate manipulative biological experimentation on the mass of the human population, so what’s your grievance with what anyone says they believe? Perhaps you see religion as a virus to be eradicated? But see the exact same corruptions apply no less to science! What is the active purpose, is more to the fact than what is presented or claimed. Obviously claiming to believe anything can be a mask over self-conflict or to mask conflicts running beneath social pretences.
      The proof is in the pudding.
      Whatever we believe or step forward in as accepted decision, needs to be grounded in reality to be free of self-deceits that always conflict, and which manipulate our ‘reality’ to ‘get rid of’ the conflict. I suggest the problem is not in the symbols, so much as what purpose they are serving or being used for. The purpose that we are accepting and embodying or expressing is always our own responsibility, yet we are trained to old patterns of reaction that run subconscious– in our place! If true awareness was not already the presence of life, we could never release errors of thought to re-cognise truth. There would be no escape from destructive sel-illusion – made real in the minds of its believers. Ideas of God can be seen as reflecting a development of consciousness. The release of an external imposition on life opens the way for acceptance of Inherence in place of a mis-taken or false inheritance. But passes through an existential meaninglessness masking in hollow manipulations. ‘Bottoming out’ for the Prodigal Son?
      The attempt to escape the Mind of which we are is undone at its inception. Like the ‘virus’ of hack and hijack, its only reality is what we gave it from the mind that wanted it to be true.


      1. “As far as I am aware a claim for the existence of God is not being used to mandate manipulative biological experimentation on the mass of the human population,”

        Please travel to the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia where indeed the jewish god is used to discriminate against women since the 1950’s to this very day. Blood sacrifices like gential mutilation also takes place due to the belief in a jewish god (circumcision). Please see Sex and Circumcision an american love story. This is presented by a reformed jew who destroys any possible reason to circumcise defenceless babies.

        The jewish god is the same for christians and muslims. Believing in the jewish god mind locks you. It allows you to accept the brutality of the jewish people. To justify war after war. Here is 15 minutes of the jewish plan –


    2. I didn’t address your assertion directly – but the mutating of masking illusions runs Self-evasion as ‘control’ and indeed as ‘self survival’ under existential threat set in the frame of right of claim to power. Where power is defined as set apart and over the subjugated. This theme is active in primitive religion set by ancient terrors. It is active as our reptilian or primitive brain, and it can and does ‘possess’ our mind as both compelling and ingenious in its strategy as in its masking defences. By identifying against the ‘Other’ you lose your own freedom to the notion you must fight for it rather than side with it. You could say IT did this to you as an evil power, but then you are lost to being ‘right’ but cursed. Is that not a signature characteristic that knows no race or religion but ABUSES them as boosters to a nurtured grievance seeking vengeance and vindication?


      1. “As far as I am aware a claim for the existence of God is not being used to mandate manipulative biological experimentation on the mass of the human population,”

        Please see the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia from 1950s to this very day they discriminate against women based on the jewish god.

        Please see circumcision – a rape & blood ritual of defence babies.
        An reformed jew destroys any argument in favour of circumcision and calls it out for what it is, a blood sacrifice:

        Note, many christians in the USA still get their children circumcised to this day.

        We must understand why the governments, media, science organisations are all working in lock step. This video explains it well


      2. You can claim anything and everything you hate is actions based on the claim of a Jewish God, but it makes no sense to me. People can and do interpret anything to obtain the outcome that boost their invested sense of self and world. Why blame that on God? Perhaps to expunge it from your own mind?

        What I see is a hate fuelled vendetta that draws its character from what it is set against, and this is and example of resonant contagion. We become the thing we hate – or “judge not lest ye be judged!”. Fear and hate of Other expresses what I call Separation Trauma – that underlies our Cultural History. This offers a deeper understanding of life than that gotten by hatred set righteous by narrative identity.

        Good and evil narratives will always distort and block a true awareness – or of scientific expression of such awareness.
        For some, a fixation on opposing an identified hate gives life all the meaning they need or want. I call this out as a false god, and as an example of how our minds can become so self-certain, arrogant and blind as to dissociate to see only as our self-convicted projections dictate.
        Usurpation of God masks behind the forms of association with living qualities as claim to speak for them, takes many forms. If you find the word God has been so abused, it doesn’t justify your defining it as abuse. But what words cannot be abused? If we care for shared meaning as a basis for communication, we seek to discern beneath the form or appearances. If we only seek to boost our opinions, we take from appearances to make our case, point the finger and throw the stone.


      3. briansteere wrote: “You can claim anything and everything you hate is actions based on the claim of a Jewish God,”

        Strawman argument. You do not know what I hate or not hate.

        Do you hate the restrictions put on you in the name of virology? Or do you love the restrictions? Do you actually love the people who are actively hurting you? Do you love virology?

        Why not get the jab if you are just a loving person. If you love your fellow humans so much, just comply – wear a mask, social distance, get the jab, contact trace. If it is all about love, then love them so much that you will do these things.

        Likewise, if you love the jewish god so much, make sure to circumcise yourself and your children. Also ensure that you do ritual animal sacrifices. Make sure the women around you wear abayas and socially distance (they will be doing that anyways because you love virology). If a women gets out of line, make sure to punish her as your jewish god commands.


  11. If all fails , which it won’t
    It was too good not to post.
    How to defeat a robocop dog. Plus they do not need jabs , maybe norton , eyc may deal with computer viruses.
    How we got here .
    Bonhoeffer’s Theory of Stupidity Explains The World Perfectly
    This explain how people have allowed themselves to be be injected ,listening to people like Gates , Tedros, etc,
    How mass stupidity ( which is independent of IQ, schooling etc - given omnipotence such a bunch of very evil people.
    If they can convince people to wear a mask to especially ‘protect’ granny and walk in a place with a mask on and take it off while sitting at a table but put it on again when get up one can convince them of anything.


      1. Listening now, not impressed with her 5g summary.
        She can be easily refuted in some of her statements on this.
        There are dangers from 5g but she doesn’t identify them or approach the field with understanding and it matters.
        This not to refute the general claims.
        Otherwise she’s lining up as a post-virologist!

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  12. On pdf at around page 35 .
    Why do people get sick. Came across some good info.


    From article.

    An interesting addition on bacteria.

    “ In the words of Dr. Stefan Lanka on bacteria experimentation:
    “Bacteria will produce toxins but only in a dead body. They survive in an aerobic environment such as the intestinal tract which when the individual or animal dies is deprived of oxygen. However only a few will survive but only if they can manage to change their metabolism and only then do they become toxic.

    FACT: bacteria are not identifiable in a test tube. Only 2% of all bacteria are able to be cultivated and multiply. If a bacteria is extracted and cultivated in isolation it loses its properties after a short time and won’t survive so to work with them, large quantities are frozen which constitutes a massive intervention and doesn’t represent their behavior in nature.
    During experimentation it was observed that the bacteria, even though some multiplied that they were unable to produce toxins in a living host. They only produced toxins in a dead host.
    Then an attempt was made to inject the bacteria into a different host but they failed to make it sick. The only success they had in killing the host was when they injected these cadaver toxins into live mice. After that they took an organ from the dead mouse and transplanted it into a living host which then also dies.

    The fact is that these living creatures die more so from the experimental process than the toxins from the bacteria that they were injected with.”

    Dr. Lanka on the isolation of a virus:
    “Samples are taken from the “infected” person or animal and are placed with a “cell type” that the virus is being tested for which is usually foreign genetic material and is artificially introduced into the cell. This is called transfection. If the cells show changes known as cytopathic effects meaning structural changes in the host cell then the culture is deemed as “positive for a virus”.
    Most current testing is done on chicken eggs containing chicken embryos, which is the same method Robert Koch used to inject cadaver toxins into live creatures. In this case they take samples from the “affected” person or animal and inject it into the chicken egg and depending on how the embryo dies it is proclaimed that the virus is found.
    Then it is claimed that the virus has been isolated. The problem is that there is never a control group so even if a sterile solution is injected into the egg it will also die.
    The current photographs of viruses found in medical books or online are all either CGI (computer generated images) or only a mixture of fats and proteins which are then shaken in an ultrasound bath and then visualized under a microscope. However it is observed that they have no nucleic acid and decompose quickly. Also they are of different sizes. Clearly this is fraud.”

    ““It’s unlikely there will be a miracle drug,” she said. “But Canada has had some incredible successes creating vaccines very quickly. We had huge success with the Ebola virus.”
    Now that is interesting about “virus like particles” so that means they are in fact admitting that they have NEVER actually isolated a LIVE virus…..not to mention the success with the Ebola virus…especially since it was discovered in the very beginning some years ago that the water sources in the affected villages had been poisoned with formaldehyde. If you look at the Ebola symptoms you will see that they are the same as formaldehyde poisoning.”


    Treatments and healing crisis in China, Italy.


    At around 1 hour.

    How fear causes symptoms and collective fear causes even new symptoms/ diseases in the healing crisis
    Talks about Mexico and swine flu 2009.

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  13. It is more than obvious that 99.(9)% of so-called microbiological scientists do not understand anything about what they see under the optical microscope, which is why they do not understand why only about 2% of all bacteria are able to be cultivated and multiply, because they don’t understand why if a bacterium is extracted and cultivated in isolation it loses its properties after a short time and won’t survive. So-called microbiologists will not even understand anything correctly about what they see under the optical microscope as long as their heads are full of preconceived ideas about what exactly the structures they see are.

    It is enough to study about the pleomorphic cycle of microorganisms to understand that bacteria cannot be cultivated because they are formed from the microzymes of animal or plant tissue that is in the process of decomposition.

    In the context revealed by the pleomorphic cycle of microorganisms, consider that in the so-called process of culturing bacteria, so-called microbiologists harvest bacteria from animal tissues that are in different stages of decay and transfer them to culture media that are different radically by the animal tissues from which the bacteria were harvested.

    So if the medium from which the bacteria are harvested is not the same as the medium on which the bacteria are grown, it is natural that almost all the bacteria that are extracted for cultivation will lose their properties and disappear, and it is natural that only a small percentage of bacteria to be found on the so-called culture medium, which is very different from the medium from which the bacteria were extracted.

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    1. This example aptly expresses the power of thought set against its own function.
      To take life out of context, is to play a derivatives market where everything seems as it isn’t.
      Active ignorances usurp the mind of a wish they be true.

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  14. It is more than obvious that 99.(9)% of so-called microbiological scientists do not understand anything about what they see under the light microscope, which is why they do not understand why only about 2% of all bacteria can be cultivated and multiplied. So-called microbiologists cannot understand why if a bacterium is extracted and grown in isolation, it loses its properties after a short time and dies. So-called microbiologists will not get anything right either, as long as their heads are full of preconceived ideas about what the microbial structures they see with the optical microscope are.

    It is enough to study about the pleomorphic cycle of microorganisms to understand that bacteria cannot be cultivated because they are formed from the microzymes of animal or plant tissue that is in the process of decomposition.

    In the context revealed by the pleomorphic cycle of microorganisms, we must consider that in the so-called process of culturing bacteria, so-called microbiologists harvest bacteria from animal tissues that are in various stages of degradation and transfer them to culture media that differs radically from the animal tissues from which the bacteria were harvested.

    So, if the medium on which the bacteria will be cultivated is not identical to the medium from which the bacteria were harvested, then it is natural that almost all the bacteria harvested for cultivation will lose their properties and disappear, and it is natural that only a small percentage of the bacteria in the tissues from which they were harvested to also be found in the culture medium.

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    1. Perhaps he was too optimistic?
      A current thinking is that remaking ‘history’ or ‘science’ to serve a current agenda flies against the knowledge of those who know its falsity, but excludes them while they die off.
      Such that no one remembers.
      The use of movies accelerates this, such that fake history can persist regardless of exposure.
      Denied self in unresolved conflict and trauma sets up disturbances that persist regardless (and also shaping) the mask of ‘history’. That it to say, I don’t see our record of what happened as definitive or capable of being whole truth, but open to revision as our perspective shifts.


    2. And a paradigm shift may take centuries. ( Kuhn’s paradigm shift).

      And from Dr Lanka ‘s takeaways , it goes back 2500 years ago , to Democritus and Epicurus when there was a shift to a material way of understanding reality.
      They took out spirituality, the mind- body connections . And from the Persians they took the idea that all starts with the atoms, they collide , form molecules, build life . Theses concepts were opposed by Aristotle and Plato who asked , but where does the atom come from and the energy.

      It is an opportunity for an evolutionary leap for humanity once we pass the virology fraud hump So many people are persevering and are doing a fantastic work,.
      If this is also embraced with conscious living we will end up living in harmony and in a world of less harm.
      Keep up the great work .*2id6jg*_ga*MTIzMTkzOTQ4OC4xNjI1NzM1OTcw*_ga_T49FMYQ9FZ*MTY1ODg3Njk4MS4xMTQ3LjEuMTY1ODg3Njk4NC4w

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      1. I join with Lanka in looking at the archetypal thinking that set rules of division of which we still unwittingly inherit, but there’s an arena of dialogue here.
        The Platonic Ideal set the notion of a higher realm of fixed idea against which the world was rendered a pale, weak or lacking copy. Hence empirical evidences were not pertaining to a ‘spiritual’ reality but only to ‘appearances’. Worshipping the image or model of the ideal in place of whole, embracing presence is a pathological disconnect. That there was an opposite pole of thinking is part of the nature of a whole when subjected TO thinking.

        The positing of the atom as the indivisible particle of which all particular and specific forms arise is an expression of an organisational field perceived as geometry, mathematics and music. There are other ways of thinking this, but matter as an embodiment and expression of influences made visible and tangible can also be related to what matters or resonates and fits in terms of the quality of relational & workable tensegrities, that underlie and are continuous with life as a development of unfolding and revealing consciousness as experience of exchange, reflection, recognition and self-awareness or transparency to the Infinite of which it is an expression.

        The Mother or Matrix of Nature through which life embodies and is supported in expression, is reduced to slave, asset or machine status by a false sense of independence as ‘self-in-itself’ that then sees others separate, and ‘thing-in-itself’ as a disconnected and dead ‘stuff’. Yet which is used to dump guilt onto as ‘externally’ coercive or treacherous powers that must then be suppressed in defence against ‘chaos’ in which a lack of basis for identity in self-image, would be unmasked or released to a true basis to live from.
        Thought is creative, but thought bound to rules and filters of internalised self-image or judgement is fatherless or illegitimate as a basis for true, workable, fulfilling relational endeavour.

        Miscreative thought assigns mind or the creative to body & world – such as pathological viruses, while limiting & reducing mind to a body of subjection that suffers conflict, limitation and fear of pain of loss as externally caused relative to a limited and fluctuating sense of personal control.


      2. An interesting article .
        The cross of reality . The balance has been lost , goes back thousand of years ago.

        “ Since each of us lives at the center of this cross, our lives are crucial, not only for ourselves but for all humankind. We are constantly torn between the need to be true to the achievements of past time and the need to respond to the new callings of the future. Similarly, on the space axis of our lives, we are constantly trying to relate our personal, subjective inner space to the objective demands of the outer world, the space around us.”

        Click to access 2014-GARDNER-Speech-as-Our-Matrix-x.pdf


    3. ‘ As the great Max Planck, himself the originator of the quantum theory in physics, has said, science makes progress funeral by funeral: the old are never converted by the new doctrines, they simply are replaced by a new generation.’

      No time to wait for funerals.
      With a global dogma and global communication the paradigm shift will happen within thie generation.


      In view of the above it is time to rethink science , is it progressing or regressing ie ‘following science’ .

      Science usually changes in 2 way .
      1. Changes in basic concepts and ideas which happens rarely as generations have been indoctrinated into a certain way of thinking
      2. Changes within the acceptable idea and dogma which is based on the assumption that the initial idea , research was correct without questioning the basic concept .

      ( “ it follows that there are two different types of change: one that occurs within a given system which itself remains unchanged, and one whose occurrence changes the system itself.”
      ― Paul Watzlawick, Change: Principles of Problem Formation and Problem Resolution”)

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  15. Before the covid-19 virus was created out of thin air, the regular flu vaccines were claimed to have contained some form of the live flu virus that they were targeting to provide protection against. How is that possible? That would mean they have isolated virus particles that can be added into the serum. Where did these come from?

    This usually changes every “flu season” as they try to predict which flu strain will make an appearance. It’s mostly guesswork. The mRNA gene therapy injections do not use any live viruses. Where do these live virus samples come from? Do they really exist within the fluid in the injection syringe? If they exist, how are they kept alive from season to season?

    I could ask my doctor or medical system FAQ section, but I don’t want to give either such a difficult question. I know their answers will be purely nonsense as dictated by big pharma.

    The more I think about this stuff, the easier it appears that the entire “virology” and “vaccinology” culture created by the medical system is unsubstantiated. The average person will not question it or research it and therefore just blindly accepts it. That is exactly why they can say anything and it will be taken as Gospel by the public.

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    1. Yes, it is all unsubstantiated and they can change their claims back and forth on a whim with the excuse that the science changed. It is one grand illusion that makes even David Copperfield marvel at the scale of it all.


      1. If it didn’t serve a purpose no one would invest in or persist in it.
        Easy to see ‘cover story’ for toxic pollutions for Big Ag or industry (once you do!)
        But investment in a protective solution is then the identification in and defence of the ‘solution’ is experienced as relative safety from fear that would break out or be unleashed (exposed) IF the protections were not maintained or indeed ‘boosted’ against a rising sense of ‘novel’ mutation of threat. Yet the pathological model and the narratives that it begets embodies a deeper archetype of human consciousness than any rational constructs.
        I see the virus ‘hijacker’ as a projection of a mis-taken or false identification. A mask of science simply ‘blessed it’ with complex attributes derived from complex ‘mysteries’ proceeding from a priesthood of ‘expert initiates’.
        But from the perspective of a believer, it masks over fears that run deeper than a mind made to hide them by splitting or dissociative distancing that masks in socially ‘normalised’ persona as subconsciously surviving or escaping loss of face, and loss of control.

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