Breaking Down ViroLIEgy with Billy Watson

Yesterday, I had the privilege of speaking with Billy Watson on all things virology and then some. For those who don’t know Billy, he is a comedian, a poet, and a performing artist who has been blogging about his performances as well as his personal life. In his own words:

“Hello, I became a conspiracy theorist after watching a David Icke video over 25 years ago called Turning of the Tide.

Not long after that I gave up chasing my rock star dreams and started performing stand up comedy to wake up the masses. Watching Bill Hicks had a lot to do with that undertaking. Shame he turned into Alex Jones. I turn into my alter ego Nob Stewart occasionally so I can’t say too much.

Due to Convid 19 I started doing a livestream called Shooting the Shit which helped me interview the afore mentioned David Icke and others like Dr Andrew Kaufman, Dawn Lester and David Parker and Conspiracy Music Guru to try and get people to look at what is really going on in the world while not taking myself too seriously. I like to keep it real.

I have just released a book of funny poetry written mostly in Scottish which you can buy by clicking the photo below.

Thanks for paying a visit and if you enjoy my work then spread the word!”

It was a fun chat and I hope you all enjoy it! Here is our conversation in full:

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  1. When I click on the interviews listed, it says “This Account has been suspended.” Are there any other ways to see or listen to these interviews that are certainly valuable? Thank you and best regards

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  2. Great all the way through,, but i particularly liked the discussion about shedding and bio-weapon narratives as being attempts to reinforce the main narrative, i.e. belief in a virus and contagion. People in the resistance get tempted by the idea of using these narratives to turn the table on the powers. Can’t help remembering how some people i knew were a year ago advocating that the jabbed be segregated.

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    1. Thanks Jeffrey! Sadly, there are many false roads for people to wander down that all lead to the same destination: belief in contagion/infectiousness and the “viral” lie. The vaccine shedding is one of many such narratives that if people truly took a moment to think about, they would realize how utterly ridiculous it really is.


  3. Yeah thanks Mike it was a nice conversation. My favorite part was when you threw the gang sign. THE gang sign. You know your not supposed to do that if you don’t mean it, right? They got you on video now lol nice knowing ya.

    To your point, Jeffrey, about shedding reinforcing contagion: I see that as another (unintentional) strawman. Shedding doesn’t have to mean the transmission of something infectious. It can also mean the transmission of something toxic. These purported nanolipid particles are small enough to pass through the capillary membrane. That means that they are particles that the body can expel both before and after the nanolipid matrix breaks down into it’s molecular components. If they are expelled before the particles break down and should happen to end up in somebody else then it stands to reason that they are good as new.

    A while ago here I suggested to Clarifire I think it was that these nanolipid are structurally optimized for reactive toxicity because surface area is maximized and thus oxidation. In taking a closer look at the composite nanolipid as described in this illuminating Forbes article, the reality — the toxic reactivity — is much worse. They are nesting reactivity within reactivity, to the point where one of the nanolipid components, DSPC, itself breaks down into a gas with an extremely small molecular size.

    DSPC is a zwitterion which is a chemical stabilizer. The nanolipid surrounding the synthetic mRNA is a bi-directional, nested preservative: the synthetic cholesterol component of the nanolipid protects the MRNA from external entropic forces and as a zwitterion the DSPC protects the mRNA from degradation by chemical interaction with the nanolipid shell which is a positively-charged “ionizable lipid” that is the largest component by volume. The strong positive charge is imparted to the nanolipid so that it can ‘transfect’ the cell membranes which are negatively charged. Exosomes also acquire surface charges in order to enter cells (natural ‘transfection’).

    When the DSPC breaks down it becomes a diradical which is a free radical on steroids. The chemical ‘equivalent’ of radioactive. Femtochemistry is the field that studies this type of chemical hypervolatility, with lasers.

    Nasty stuff.


    1. True, they could try to use my mocking of their symbolism against me. I’ve already been accused of having an All-Seeing Eye tattoo on my hand. Not sure how that claim came about but im assuming he thought my wedding ring was a tattoo somehow. I sent the guy a pic of both of my hands proving no tattoos whatsoever. It’s good to have healthy skepticism but there comes a point where that skepticism can turn to lunacy. 😉


      1. The practice of posting images of celebs doing these “gang signs” is pretty dumb in the first place, especially the hand signs like the “OK” or “rock out” ones that practically everyone knows as common lingo and has used innocently many times in their life.

        Not to mention of course simply doing the signs to show what they are, or having a photographer asking you to, say, cover one half of your face and you complying because you have no idea this means anything to anyone, or even having an artist Photoshop a covering on after the fact without your knowledge or consent.

        It’s as silly as saying the “peace” hand sign means “two genders” and thus that every Japanese person who posed for a casual photo between 2005 and 2015 is anti-trans or something. Or saying the “live long and prosper” Vulcan sign has some occult meaning; I mean, maybe it does but the average person doesn’t know that, so posting a pic of someone doing that sign as evidence of anything other than being a Trekkie is ridiculous unless very well corroborated by other evidence.

        For some of the more improbable signs, like the special and odd handshakes, I could see it, but you still have to rule out innocent uses and corroborate with plenty of other circumstantial evidence.

        A bit more of a culture of debate in these subcultures would whisk away most of these claims easily. Twitter – the medium is the message. The medium says debate should be shallow, therefore dumb stuff like this proliferates. Yet another filter bubble waiting to pop.


    2. Getting better at poisoning people more direly with more advanced chemicals is one thing I’ll give the medical establishment its due on.

      My problem with the shedding concept is mathematical: if X amount of a toxin in the body is enough to do Y amount of damage, what percentage of X is being shed and then what percentage of that shed amount would another person who is around them for a while be exposed to? Then that fraction of a fraction has to get past natural barriers in the body, unlike an injection. It seems we’re talking many like at least a 10,000-fold dilution, unless maybe there’s some very acute detox at certain key times that hangs in the air and happens to enter other people very readily via the lungs. (Though such a detox would have to eliminate a large fraction of the toxin, diminishing the possibility of long-term side effects for the jabbed.)

      The shedding argument seems to have died down now with most people being vaxxed and the unvaxxed largely being fine.

      People have a baseline level of unexplained symptoms they are always looking to pin on some cognitively available cause, which gives any such claim undeserved legs (as well as claims like “covid” as a new disease, or “long covid” or “AIDS,” etc.). I’ve noticed those pushing the shedding argument hardest tend toward being generally unhealthy themselves, always having something odd happen with their body that they feel is exceptional and demands special explanation (not the super-size fries they keep ordering or their jelly bean addiction).

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      1. Yeah Jeffrey’s right that the shedding issue caused more divisiveness which is obviously one of the functions of the plandemic. I agree with your math.

        I know that this line of thinking doesn’t work for you guys but shedding would become a considerably more significant issue if the vaxxxes are doing what they claim they do and causing the body to crank out exosomes related to the genetic modification. Horizontal gene transfer *is* evolution under my understanding of proteomics. Life happening is evolution, and our bodies are always adjusting to the local ecology of life happening. Vertical gene transfer, reproduction, is essentially just replication plus genesis. If a large swath of humanity is getting modified in a relatively minor but traumatic way then that’s going to reverberate. That’s going to cause a possibly unprecedented synchronized production of exogenous exosomes of similar if not exactly the same messaging. Which is to say I suspect that the shedding ‘hysteria’ may have an instinctual basis if not a rational one.

        That scenario may not necessarily even deleteriously affect the unvaxxxed. Who knows. It might just unconsciously reinforce the social division. Evolutionarily distance the vaxxxed and unvaxxxed ever so slightly. I realize that may sound fanciful but that would appear to be the exosomal way of looking at it.


      2. Poisoning causes the body to adapt. If there are “genes” or the like, normal poisons might change them, and if there are “epigenetics” or the like, normal poisoning could certainly “turn certain genes on or off,” and whatever “tests” they may run would likely show that.

        The marketing for “mRNA vaccines” uses the language of genetics, much like some companies use the language of quantum mechanics (a non-science) to gather venture capital, but I don’t see any reason to suspect they aren’t just playing the old “adjuvants” game, and the same game for millennia, where they poison people to get some effect they frame as positive and call it a cure.

        Does science even have the tools to tell the difference between normal poisons that probably cause bodily tissue to adapt and to send signals to other tissue to adapt, and some “exosomal” or “genetic” modification that does the same?

        Or if the claim is that the jabs cause the body to manufacture poisons, i.e., do something entirely counterproductive to its mission, then it can be dismissed even more easily by those who understand that the body is a masterful solver of physiological puzzles. It’s only the mainstream that’s supposed to believe the body is dumb, right? Or is the claim that they’ve figured out how to make the body dumb in this one area? It follows too conveniently from their normal way of thinking about “immunity” and the like and seems like the typical error of failing to jettison enough of the mainstream dogma.

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      3. The level of intelligence of the intelligent body is based on cause and effect in exactly the same way that the level of intelligence of the human metaconsciousness is based on cause and effect.

        Look how positively stupid mainstream culture is. That stupidity is the cumulative effect of the cultural programming causality.

        As below so above: bomb the already-disoriented and struggling mainstream intelligent body with billions of genetic messages that the body is evolved to believe are coming from the outside ecology for a good reason and the body complies. Even if the effects are deleterious the body must tell itself that everything happens for a reason, because that’s what a constructive mindset must conclude. The body thinks that this is a serious growing pain that the ecology is imposing upon it for a greater purpose of adapting to some sea change in the ecology the nature of which it can know nothing about. That’s life.

        It appears that science does have the tools to tell the difference between normal poisons and genetic poisons that come in the form of amino acid chemical compounds. Since Kary Mullis invented the primary tool for examining these compounds I imagine he would agree.

        This article discusses the issue surrounding if the body-manufatured spike would effect Covid testing. Most way down the article it is noted that no body-manufatured spike-specific assay has been approved under the EUA. How convenient. That doesn’t help my case! Lol.


      4. Suppose there are certain special toxins that will damage genetic material. I don’t think they’ll ever be able to damage it in any structured way, except in maybe an individual cell where they applied a solvent at a specific point, so as to achieve any engineering goal.

        As to the body adapting to the rapidly changing culture, I don’t see what in that would cause anything like deciding to manufacture “spike proteins.” The most likely adaptation in this toxic world would be bigger livers, kidneys, spleens, and pancreases, and I suppose that’s what we’ve seen.


      5. I agree with you about the nature of poisoning not being able to structurally damage genomes.

        I think we see the intelligence function of the body differently on this point. It’s not deciding to manufacture spikes so much as it’s deciding to listen to the insane blast of messages it thinks it’s getting from other organisms around it that are saying that manufacturing spikes is what they have done in order to deal with an ecological sea change – because doing that (heeding ecological advice) is what got the intelligence here in the first place. Free will isn’t absolutely free as we well know. It’s conditional. 🙂

        And we gotta remember that these spikes have numerous genetic homologues in the human body so it’s not like it’s being told to manufacture some outlier that’s obviously toxic.

        Personalities can be conditioned by environments to commit self-harm. So can bodies. Systemic candidiasis causes unconscious (body-directed) dietary self-harm.


      6. For other organisms to signal that manufacturing these things is what they did to respond to change, the other organisms would have to actually have done that. I don’t see why any organism would do that in the first place, other than maybe a single modified cell that is short lived. There are of course substances the body manufacturers for certain reasons that it would be harmful to have a bunch of cells simply manufacturing for no good reason and the rest of the body be somehow unable to make them stop.

        The interplay between the body and the executive at the top (i.e., “you”) is an interesting one, and here we get to the overarching theoretical structure to which terrain theory belongs: the theory of Natural Orders. Also known as spontaneous orders (F.A. Hayek), emergent orders, natural systems, or ecosystems.

        A natural order is here defined as a system that has developed over a long period of vibrant cooperation/competition within a rich environment, resulting in an intricate web of symbiotic interactions that become increasingly harmonious over time. Examples: the body, a rainforest, the economy. The systems that generated and continue to generate the English language, merchant law, and the culture of any society are also examples.

        The quality, harmony, and “intelligence”* of such a system is determined by (1) how long it has existed, (2) how vibrant the coopetition that created it, and (3) how rich the environment that birthed it.

        The mind itself is a natural order but a very young one compared to the body as any individual human only lives for a matter of decades (as far as we know), and a large part of the order of the personalities and strategies of the mind – its ability to solve puzzles in our waking lives – is reset when we’re born whereas the order of the body is not. The vast part of the order of the body is ancient, so it is very mature as a natural order.

        Our minds are radically less adapt at solving puzzles in our domain than our bodies are in its domain, but this handicap is worth it because it allows us to adapt to instant changes in the external environment in ways the order of the body itself (tasked mainly with internal affairs) cannot, such as figuring out where the food is in the environment, how to open an as-yet unseen fruit, avoiding falling off a cliff, etc. No “epigenetic” adaptation is going to allow us to dodge a totally novel threat that would end us in a matter of seconds if we didn’t react.

        The tradeoff is we have dumb minds, relatively speaking, that can make gross errors and indeed end up harming ourselves in ways the body never would, such as the greedy reductionism that got us into these various messes.

        Mature natural orders are extremely good at solving puzzles in their domain of expertise and thereby maintaining their own balance and survival as a system, but they are relatively slow to adapt, whereas nascent natural orders are much faster to adapt but lack the masterful puzzle-solving ability; the most our minds can hope for is to get pretty good at it – pretty good at living a balanced life and keeping the environment from killing us. It’s easy to trick the mind; tricking the body is a much deeper matter and I think wellnigh impossible.

        *I put the word in quotes not to mock the puzzle-solving ability of natural orders but to warn of the ill-definedness of the term “intelligence.”


      7. “For other organisms to signal that manufacturing these things is what they did to respond to change, the other organisms would have to actually have done that. I don’t see why any organism would do that in the first place, other than maybe a single modified cell that is short lived. There are of course substances the body manufacturers for certain reasons that it would be harmful to have a bunch of cells simply manufacturing for no good reason and the rest of the body be somehow unable to make them stop.”

        Organisms wouldn’t manufacture boatloads of inappropriate ‘spike’ proteins under wild adverse circumstances. But the argument I’m making is that under peak industrial technological evil circumstances, TPTB can synthetically simulate a traumatic ‘major update to the planetary human virome,’ as Zach Bush would put it, so that the body believes that it must act according to the simulation. As above so below: I believe that, like the metaconscious mind, the body can also be subjected to a body-version of The Matrix. And TPTB have known this for a long time, through trial and error. During their wars of attrition against the the Red Man on this continent, not only did they roll out the transcontinental railroad in order to systematically mow down the migrating herds of buffalo as they crossed the tracks, they also made sure to keep the Red Man on the run while supplying these ecologically disturbed people with hyperbred grain, sugar, and coffee. Really smart move.

        Candiasis turns the body against itself. Makes you a dry drunk. Our body is a symbiotic with the microbes inside us. We are them and they are us. We may be evolved out of ancient, wild, robust intelligent body but nothing in life comes for free and if we’re not growing in Life we’re falling behind the rest of the ecology that is growing in Life. That’s the true, wild competition in Life that is symbiotic with the cooperation that competition requires: competitive ecological growth.

        The Red Man becoming dependant on these starches and sugars irrevocably changed their mindbodies. The White Man quickly learned that they could not enslave the Red Man like they had reenslaved the Black Man who was already an agricultural domesticate of African kingdom slavery. These foods are concentrates of hyperdomestication. They are weapons of mass destruction. The candidae families, as facultative anaerobes, evolved to be hypercompetitive eaters of sugars and starches in low-oxygen niches within
        aerobic organisms, meaning the sticky bowel wall compactions of civilized peoples. We know that our microbiome supplies us with about 90pc our ‘happy’ feelings – the dopamine, the serotonin and all that. And because their metabolisms are anaerobic fermentations they produce alcoholic metabolites including ethanol that get absorbed into the bloodstream, compounding the addiction. A body in candidiasis is a ‘cycling’ drug addict. If that formerly considerably more intelligent body doesn’t get it’s ‘hit’ because the candidae haven’t gotten their hit and they’re hangry about it and withdraw the happy meds and then they start to die off which is a toxic process then the real withdrawals hit and the mindbody finds itself operating on a very low frequency indeed.

        The caffeine causes blood sugar to spike which enables the yeasts to enter into the bloodstream through the holes in the gut lining that the alcoholic solvents burned out and can feed there in the sugars among the bloodwater plasma where oxygen levels are low because oxygen has a low solubility in water. And the candidae spread from there.

        And so it is as you say: “there are of course substances the body manufacturers for certain reasons that it would be harmful to have a bunch of cells simply manufacturing for no good reason and the rest of the body be somehow unable to make them stop.”


      8. Insofar as you just mean that modern foods are able to put the body and mind in a difficult position where they both have to do complicated workarounds, I agree, but I would say candida is always beneficial. The alternative to being a dry drunk is probably diabetes or necrosis due to excess sugar. The body just chooses the less bad option.


      9. The intelligence of mature natural systems revolves around diversity. Systemic candidiasis is human cultural imperialism coming home to roost in our guts. There’s nothing beneficial about that that I can see. The body’s not making a choice to host the yeast or not host the yeast; the body has become a yeasty terrain. There is no alternative to that yeasty terrain. If the yeast food and low oxygen conditions are there, them there the yeast will be. Free Will is conditional and exist in degrees.

        I mean I get what you’re saying in that if the yeasts weren’t eating the sugar in the blood then the body would be intoxicated and thus stressed otherwise but the yeast consciousness running rampant by definition means that it must bleed into our consciousness. And what is yeast consciousness but short-term thinking by definition, right? If it is capable of making any choice given the circumstances, the formerly considerably more intelligent is choosing drug-addled short-term yeast thinking over the serious wake-up call that would be a brush with a more acute symptomology such as those you mentioned. The yeasts have built some serious momentum and established a positive feedback loop of consciousness within the body that has the body choosing the path of least resistance rather than the “less bad option.”

        Whether the path of least resistance is a good choice depends on the context. If you want to cross the mountain range you cross at the pass. Good. If you want to stay in the Matrix you get vaxxxed. Bad. 🙂


      10. I gather you mean the body would be more intelligent to cut sugar cravings when there’s a lot of candida around. Certainly that’d be the play for a resting human (a sharp painful downtime followed by a much better longer term outcome), but the problem is that most humans keep living life even when in that condition, and the body doesn’t know that what you’re doing with your days now isn’t rather important for your survival, so it doesn’t just mess with your homeostasis willy nilly.

        If I were the body, I’d give the dude a flu and kill his appetite, but maybe he’s slamming coffee whenever he feels down, believing rationally he should go to work, so the timing isn’t great yet. I’ll wait. Oh and last two times I tried a flu he showered me with fever reducers and it really screwed with me. So I’m wary.

        You may say the solution is simple, but it’s only simple when the guy upstairs doesn’t get any bright ideas. For now the candida crew is our least bad option given what we know about this guy’s waking-life needs.


      11. I hear all that. Nevertheless what you are describing is a chaotic downward spiral. Push that out over several generations and you get men with a 50pc drop in sperm count, and reduced motility in those that can still be grown. It’s the avalanche Campbell-Mcbride refers to.


      12. I don’t disagree; conditions are getting worse due to civilization sowing the seeds of its own destruction and the body is holding down the fort the best it can in its extraordinary intelligence, but even a master Tetris player eventually runs out of moves if the well is near full.

        However, we here are also part of the seed of the countertrend to all this. May take a long time though.


      13. Yeah. I’m eating seven year old female goat right now. It was her time according to us. It hung heavy for a couple days but now I’m just enjoying her. Got a big bowl of fat from her insides. I’m looking out the window at my wife picking strawberries. It’s the strawberry moon tonight. Yesterday on NPR they said it was called strawberry moon by the Algonquin because it occurred during strawberry harvest. Thanks for the conversation.


      14. Sounds like a great life. I should be getting out of the city myself sometime soon. Decivilizing myself piece by piece, yet still there is civilized discussion.


      15. Yeah we’re fortunate. We have a meaningful life and we do our best. In the US there’s still plenty of $3,000/acre land with year-round creeks around. The barrier to entry is not that high. Four people could easily work $15/hr jobs for a year and save enough for ten acres and add to it as you save more if you initially plan for that, too. Hunting around for stuff that’s not on the market can be key; another strategy is to move to an area with your savings, get jobs, and start getting to know people and asking around. Time, however, looks to be getting very short now for that but there are always opportunities out there for a self-determined person.

        The real challenge starts once your on land and the cause and effect of natural law starts punching you in the face. School of hard knocks. Makes you tough. Both my wife and me are like night and day compared to 8, 9 years ago. Necessity is the mother of invention.

        That’s great to hear you’re fixing to get out of dodge!


      16. Further to agreeing with you and getting what you’re saying, yes, to be sure the yeasts are bioremediating our junkfood terrain, and for that we should be greatful. But the consequences to the quality of the hologram are far more catastrophic than most people realize. It’s the difference between me still being a hypothyroid jock hipster in the city and what I am now. It cannot be understated IMO. Cities crowded with people suffused with yeast is a very specific, neurotic human ecology with a very real self-reinforcing positive feedback loop. Out in the countryside most people have yeast problems too but the distance between them dilutes that short-term, cycling, monoculture consciousness.


      17. Yes it’s bad what the candida condition does to the psychology, but again we need to ask what the alternative is. Could be a lot worse. Also there are societal purposes to various mild pathologies. I’d argue the mind mode that enabled civilization was substantially a result of thiamine deficiency due to grains. Basically very mild beriberi. It increases civilization factor C.* Though the picture of the agriculture mind is not quite that simple.

        It’s not only individuals but also groups that are subject to selection pressures, and civilizational societies tend to beat out non-civilizational ones. The diet that maintains them sacrifices individuals’ health for the good of the society.

        This is why true individualists should eat a natural diet, not a civilizational one. And do the rest of the more natural lifestyle components. Grains/starches are in that sense inherently collectivism promoting. An individual should opt out of most of the civilizational trappings if health is their priority, but if everyone did that society would fall apart.



      18. They take the natural ecology out of the hitherto toroidal holographic body of the Red Man by pushing it out with an alien junk food and there goes the toroidal intelligence that is the threadlike event horizon both into which and from which the ecology continually passes — words, deeds, exosomes(?). The body’s energy no longer resonates with it’s surroundings, and this dissonance becomes cognitive.

        Breaking the body first in order to break the mind is Torture 101.


    3. On virology-skeptic fellow travellers, it’s become increasingly clear in the past two years that the skillset and background needed to dismiss virology as a science has little necessary overlap with that needed to understand physiology in general.

      That is, it’s one thing to understand how the body *doesn’t* work, but quite another to understand how it does. The former requires logical and reductionistic scientific reasoning and a narrow scope, whereas the latter requires holistic reasoning, for one thing, and a broad scope.

      We’re fortunate that Mr. Stone here has both. Others naturally try to have both, but it is hard and the ceiling on the latter is very high. Knowing the mainstream is wrong only sets one free of a broken paradigm; it doesn’t mean you won’t fall into another only-somewhat-less-broken paradigm.

      It does help build skill in wresting oneself from broken paradigms, which tends to lead one to better and better places – though mixing business into things (or getting addicted to prestige as an influencer) can easily be fatal to that process of continual improvement. Narrow is the path.


  4. There does indeed come a point. We humans can even say that while falling prey to it.

    Real or not real(?), in the words of Petr from the Hunger Games: field operatives can be patterned just like anything else. They know me well and I just so happen to live at a highly strategic choke point for the largest, best managed privately owned commercial forest on the planet, outside of an old logging town that to them looks like a place crawling with armed, right wing extremists but they’re just regular folk getting on with their lives the best they know how, like all of us. Our property is at the end of the road. Beyond it is Weyerhauser. The Weyerhauser gate is at the corner of my property. The founder of Weyerhauser is on a statue outside CIA headquarters. Former top ten richest men in the world not including the Old Money. They paid me a visit and they now know I’m not going to be a problem for them. On the contrary, stability is what they need here, and the most stable, efficiently-managed places during collapse will be those largely self-sufficient areas that mind their own business and have no patience for thievery. Like anybody they want good neighbors. And they’ve been a good neighbor insofar as they do not spray anywhere along the watershed of the creek that crosses our property. It has an artesian headwaters and tested pure as can be.

    In order to know me (and for me to know them) they sent out a pretty, young field operative on contract to break up a farming partnership I had, along with performing a general reconnaissance of the area. By day 2 I wondered about it, by day 4 I had it figured, which is when I told my partner. He obviously mentioned it to her and she had bedded him before day 6 which is when I asked her to leave and gave her a full explanation. She was a nice person and I could tell that she felt really bad about it.

    On day 2 we had a longish conversation by ourselves. We were both trying to steer the conversation towards each other. I learned that she was a PoliSci-Russian double-major. She had never lived out in the country nor gardened. She had an iphone that “didn’t work” that, months later I was told she misplaced one day and completely freaked out. She asked me two pointed and telling questions: could we survive if the world ended tomorrow (yes) and if I *was* political (I had told her I was an animist with no politics), what would be my politics. Obviously they needed to check one box or another.

    Naturally my partner left, too. So it goes. We’ve all heard what broke up most of the hardcore communes in the 70s and I don’t doubt the intelligence services made their fair share of contributions to their sexual downfalls. They took their pound of flesh for my subversive writings is how I see it. My partner had a record (wrongly convicted) and had also been posting up on Facebook about the unabomber’s manifesto lol. It was a big hit. But it was also fair game and ultimately they did me a favor by presenting the homestead with a profound test of loyalty.

    They know I stick to the rules by only flapping my lips as a nobody commenter on obscure blogs with readerships that probably fall below Dunbar’s Number. The closer you get to the subversiveness of the truth the more you have to hew to natural law otherwise you’re using their weapons against them which is indeed wrong and, naturally, they see as you stabbing them in the back. Real life is minding your own business.

    She stayed in the area for exactly a year, gaining entry to a local leftist kiddie commune and frequenting the local watering hole, as a total fish out of water. Last I heard from my ex-partner she had “gone to Oslo to get her master’s degree.” Oslo University is an intelligence services factory. Norway was the second country to have the internet because it is ground-zero for NATO signals intelligence vis a vis Russia.

    I know the terrain. My dad was career CIA. This obviously has a lot to do with who I am today. Trying to restore the family name or whatever. After he retired he double-dipped and one of those contract jobs was riding Amtrak around the West and writing reports on the ecoterrorist threat to the rail network. He hated it.

    To think that there are no operatives in the ‘Terrain’ subculture would be profoundly naive. Hate to break it to any of y’all who hadn’t considered it. Making a movie called ‘Terrain,’ for political purposes, is like when my cousin, who just dropped $100,000 on his daughter’s graduation weekend, thought it was okay to use the family name for his elite headhunting firm without asking everyone first. The full name of the firm is one word, our family name, now placed in explicit service of Old Testament Capitalism lol.

    Terrain subculture without a fundamental understanding of the energy reality is what leads to politicizing the terrain. Diminishing consumer freedoms are a natural dynamic of the collapse of affordable energy due to having passed the limits to growth. And make no mistake, when Kaufman says freedom, what he really means is the freedom to continue to be a consumer in a private money system that’s destroying the planet. If that wasn’t the case he wouldn’t be jetsetting to Acapulco to make some money at an event called Anarchapulco lol alongside Richard Gage. Imagine the audience for that. Talk about bobos in paradise.

    But I digress.

    Mike, are you saying the idea of toxins moving from one body to another is ridiculous? On what scientific grounds?


    1. I agree that there are potential operatives in the Terrain/Health Freedom movement. I will not call out anyone as CO unless they give me blatant reason to suspect it.

      I am saying that the idea of toxins moving from one body to another is ridiculous. There is no evidence humans can transmit toxins from one body to another.


      1. Right on. And so you shouldn’t. We broaden it out to the ‘health freedom’ movement in general and it’s a no brainer. Obviously the vast majority are just addicted to fame and money in order to fill the hole that the separation trauma done wrought upon them — I mean the separation trauma is also why we’re online, too, but on a human scale — and getting to make a living off your political passion is the mainstream definition of living the dream. It’s just BAU. Even Tom’s making a buck selling *powdered* vegetables he can’t be growing yet they’re labeled Tom Cowan’s garden or whatever.
        It’s not the end of the world but let’s get real here in seeing that that mindset runs contrary to truth seeking which is all that matters. These structured water gadgets that they all shill for are more convenience-seeking pseudoscientific disposable trash. If we have a fourth phase of water in us then that’s because the intelligent body is hosting it. If on the other hand we want to drink aerated or vortexes water we can work for it by stirring it. And if we live in the city and don’t want chlorine in it we can let it air out for a few days and then stir it. If we want creek water we drink from the creek.

        And I’m not saying that ‘shedding’ is anything to be concerned about but at a very low level it’s a perfectly realistic proposition.

        If I have poison oak oil on my arm and you touch it and are sensitive then that’s transmission of toxin. If two kids are getting hot and heavy on second or third base then they’re sweating and licking each other all over, that’s trace toxin transmission of microplastics and heavy metals for starters. Is that a big deal? Not to me.

        Do these vaxxx molecules sweat out? The science shows that microplastics in particular are detected in sweat, and some in higher concentrations, like BPA, than in urine. PEG is a plastic. The shedding issue is an issue because some people are fixated on wanting zero of these molecules in their body.

        This is to say nothing of the aerosols during a drunk makeout sesh lol. Break out the breathalyzer and you can take notes and write up the toxicology report in the morning.


      2. I agree that there is a fine line between seeking truth and selling products. This can definitely raise red flags for me. However, I also know both Dr. Kaufman and Dr. Cowan can no longer practice medicine so they do need to earn a living somehow. As long as the products are safe, I tend to overlook it. However, if claims are made about products sold that are unverified and/or not backed by solid scientific evidence, I can see that as a problem. It can hurt credibility.

        As for toxins, there may be a transfer of substances in sweat but there is no evidence that anyone can get sick in this manner that I have seen.


      3. Right on, Mike. I would just add that I find Kaufman’s seamless attachment to his psychiatry PhD rather misleading for someone as image conscious as him. When it comes to holistic health he’s no more of an edumacated doctor than you or me. And consulting with Clarifire before him is a no-brainer.

        He’s a talented verbal synthesizer of information and he’s been huge for the Terrain community in deconstructing the hollow guts of virology but one-hit wonders are a dime a dozen. Maybe I’ve missed it so far but I don’t see any growth. In the video on his website, about ivermectin, it’s clear that he doesn’t really have any feel for the body ecology. You can see how lost he becomes when he briefly tries to describe parasite dynamics.

        Leaders in the terrain community should always be putting the terrain first, even in the midst of a plandemic, because in order to believe in something you have to see it and feel it, and few truth-seeking people will leave germ theory for some nebulous ‘terrain’ concept flanked by it’s own
        cynical cottage industry of merchandise.

        I’ve always been a big believer in not mixing business and pleasure. Mixing them creates by definition a culture of fascism. Cultural corporatism.

        Do your time as a slave in order to make ends meet — clock in clock out — and then go home and be real in whatever it is you actually believe in. Otherwise the fascist lies bleed into your home life and you got nothing real left. Truth-seeking kids and young adults especially need to see a clear setting of honest boundaries between business and pleasure or they will rightly but tragically turn into cynical, wandering Holden Caulfields.


  5. Mike- another excellent interview! I’ve become a “conspiracy theorist” as well. For me the gateway was vaccines and then virus skeptism. I’ve since also learned about the Illuminati/Luciferians and become a believer in that as well since the evidence is overwhelming if you have an open mind. Afterwards, the floodgates opened and I then reevaluated JFK, 911, the Moon landings, WWII, Nukes, etc. I’m not totally crazy yet- I’m still skeptical of Flat Earth (likely a CIA PSYOP) but I also recognize the consensus globe/heliocentric/NASA model is likely wrong too. TPTB love to give us two false choices (Hegelian dialectic) instead of the truth.

    Keep up the Great Work!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks CK! It’s hard not to question other paradigms once you see how far TPTB go to sell the fraud of virology. It is a domino effect where questioning one starts knocking the over the others.


      1. The biggest, darkest conspiracy of all is the one that gets dismissed by even the vast majority of the conspiracy theory community, due to the community largely being controlled by TPTB. That being the conspiracy to suppress knowledge of Peak Oil/Limits to Growth. To suppress knowledge of ecological reality.

        Civilization hiding the fact that it is built to collapse catastrophically is *the* mother of all conspiracies, and the closer to collapse it comes the louder get the avoidance tactics that seek to delay the inevitable. The plandemic and Russian war being the two main globally-coordinated fake crises postpeak oil that serve to both initiate and fine-tune denand destruction ahead of the supply collapse of remaining affordable energy to the marginal global consumer.

        If you can see peak oil then you can see the necessity to head for the hills and start busting your ass because you and your family’s lives depend on it. And what’s more, honoring our species depends on it.

        Peak Oil is the most maligned (non-) conspiracy theory of all time. So much so that it’s been turned into the inverse of what it is, by the conspiracy theory community.

        The conspiracy to cover up the geological reality of peak oil has been inverted by people like Alex Jones into a ‘malthusian’ conspiracy by the elites to have a fake justification to kill everyone off. And that’s just plain stupid. Carrying out depop agendas bring extreme risk to elites. You don’t do it for no reason. You don’t even countenance doing it. They’re doing it out of necessity no different from the aging hobby farmer downsizing the herd out of necessity.


    2. As with most things, it’s the ignorant strawman fallacy that gets lobbed at Peak Oil Theory in order to maintain the denialism that finds it’s root in fear. Peak Oil scares people because the industrial dynamics of catabolic collapse surely leads to Senecan Cliff. There’s no reason-based room for doubt.

      The strawman ignorantly says, “they’ve been talking about peak oil forever and it never happened, and they’re still talking about it!” The strawman refuses to go inside peak oil just as the germ theorist refuses to go into the terrain.

      There are numerous classes of oil production as well as numerous geographical and economic sectors of the oil industry. This, there are various peaks of production that must be distinguished from each other, and the natural order in which the peaks occur.

      Here is the most basic peak oil pattern of historic production peaks and the *causal* fallout from them.

      1970- the US hit peak conventional crude production. About 2 years later it went off gold altogether and by surrounding the middle east with it’s military it forced the world onto the petrodollar system which is the dollar backed by oil instead of gold. (Gold is an agrarian standard of value unsuited for the scale of mature industrialism.)

      1989- Soviet Union total oil liquids production peaked (all-time high). About 2 years later the USSR collapsed.

      1999- Global peak cheap oil occured. This was the all-time low of the real, inflation-adjusted cost (not the nominal cost) of retail petroleum products. About 2 years later 9/11 happened, which catalysed the oil theft wars of the next two decades AKA the ‘war on terror.’

      2004/5- global peak conventional oil happened. This was the peak that the godfather M King Hubbard was referring to when in the 50s he predicted global peak oil in the year 2000. About two years later Bear Stearns happened, then Lehman Brothers, and global organic economic growth ended forever, and ever since we’ve been riding on nested financial bubbles, the suspension of mark-to-market accounting in the shale industry that enabled that bubble, bailouts, and quantitative easings.

      2018/2019- the world hit global total oil liquids production, which is all conventional crudes plus the unconventional shale and tarsands plays. About 1.5years later they front-ran the uncontrolled collapse caused by this final peak — THE peak in Peak Oil — with the plandemic. Because they saw the pattern long before I ever did.

      The future is an endless series of overlapping manufactured crises that frontrun uncontrolled collapse until there’s no more manufacturing. I tend to think the manufacturing on any national has about ten more years to run. At most. We nobodies won’t personally be burning fossil fuels in a few short years – five at most. Once the deflationary spiral hits, all oil production will be uneconomic. Only the easiest remaining plays will be able to be kept flowing by nationalizing them. Any play that is turned off will be turned off for good because well-pressure will be gone, maintenance will be foregone, and momentum is everything in that industry.


      1. There’s a commenter on substack who promotes a Great Reset/Peak Oil theory. He says the Elites are using the clot shots to cull us in order to spare the masses from a horrific post-peak oil world in which billions will die from the collapse of civilization. In his mind, Gates and Fauci are heroes! This alarmed me, of course, so I read two Peak Oil skeptic books. One of them argues there’s enough affordable oil for at least another century. The author blames the perceived decline in oil production on the dearth of exploratory oil drilling, which he attributes to global warming concerns and an attempt to maintain high oil prices. Also, if the abiogenic theory of oil turns out to be correct, then existing oil wells will replenish themselves. Some also claim that cheap “zero-point” energy sources and water-powered cars are being suppressed by the Elite to maintain oil profits.

        Personally, I think the Illuminati/NWO theory explains what’s going on i.e. an elite satanic cult runs the world and they’ve been working towards the NWO for centuries. They want to cull humanity as a religious sacrifice. They’re using COVID and planned financial collapse/famine as a means to an end. Anyway, this is veering way off-topic, so I’ll end here.


      2. There’s a lot of noise and disinfo out there, and the best we can do is pattern the truth with the lateral thinking of reason-based systems analysis, and pattern it on available data because that’s all we have. Naturally that leads to suspicions about unavailable data.

        There do appear to be a few oil reservoirs that have appeared to have had some ‘replenishing’ dynamics but there are plausible geological explanations for that. And those fields we’re not significant commercial fields by any stretch. Abiotic oil has no geological grounding AFAIK. On the other hand we can know from biology that ‘fossil’ fuels in their various manifestations are the obvious result of the anaerobic decomposition of organic matter. We can see it happening at the surface and in a single lifetime with peat.

        The market-based reason for the collapse over the last 15 years in the oil industry’s capital expenditures and specifically exploration is a reflection of the collapse in economical discoveries. The places they explore now are deep sea and arctic. It’s consistent with short-term thinking under natural law (the profit motive) to pick all the low hanging fruit first. Then when the infrastructure that was built with low hanging fruit in mind no longer has a low hanging fruit source, it finds itself in a fix. It’s a simple resource dynamic.

        They are on a tightrope. If the prices are too high the economy breaks and if they are too low they can’t get the more expensive to produce oil out of the ground. So they have been highly manipulating the oil markets both ways since the 2014 barrel price collapse, in order to keep the price within the ever-narrowing range that’s neither too low or too high. That range is now gone altogether and any price now is either too low or too high for some plays out there which is why famines are suddenly knocking on the door.

        My position on ‘suppressed silver bullet’ technologies is that I’ll believe them when I see them. The phony new age princes and princesses who clamor for ‘free’ energy just want more laziness for less money while ignoring the costs that that mindset imposes on the ecology.

        Climate change policy is just political cover for peak oil. They can’t admit peak oil or chaos ensues. So they use the fake-green agenda’s fight against fossil fuels to mask peak oil which is a force of nature they can do nothing about.

        Far as I’m concerned globalization has been the new world order they’ve sought. Total world domination. They got about 40 years of it. They even got the Confucian Chinese doing old testament capitalism on a scale never seen before.

        I think a few hunger games -type city states may be plausible over the next decades but I don’t see nation states surviving much less global government. No city states will exist at all in the northern hemisphere unless they dispose of all the spent fuel in the spent fuel pools. My expectation is that they do have a plan for that as soon as the current political establishment has finished serving its purpose over the next two years here. Decommissioning the nuclear power industry will be the global Manhattan project of collapse and the signature policy of the wave of National Socialist politics coming our way.

        The illuminati stuff doesn’t inspire people to take responsibility for their lives. Whether that’s Icke’s version or Alex Jones’. People prefer to point fingers instead of take responsibility for their lives.

        The elites are just farmers of men. They started out goatherding when everyone else was hunting and gathering. They learned they could do it with people too so they did. Do they do occult ritual sacrifice stuff? I wouldn’t be surprised in the slightest. Their religion is a supremacist cult. As far as they’re concerned everyone alive today is alive because of them. From their perspective, we wouldn’t even be alive if they hadn’t farmed us into existence and, frankly, they’re not wrong are they? Who among us would be alive without the old banking families? Other people would be alive but they wouldn’t be us. That might be a hard truth to swallow but it needs reckoning with. So it wouldn’t surprise me that that type of power would cause some of them to play sick games with people’s lives. But we can see from Q-anon how these grotesque mythologies can distort people’s sense of reality, and how they can ultimately be elite disinfo/misdirection campaigns. I think these mythologies are designed to lower people’s political expectations of the future so much that the death of global capitalism and lowered standards of living won’t seem as bad when a new establishment of earnest, capable, populist takes over under very bad circumstances. The populist ‘revolutions’ will be their disappearing act by design. No more Fed. No more Goldman Sachs. No more Zuckerberg and Gates and Fauci.

        They know when to hold em and they know when to fold em.


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