Examining The End of “Covid” and Germ Theory with Patrick Timpone

I recently had the pleasure of being back on the Partick Timpone show to discuss the fraud of virology and germ theory once again. We covered many topics such as how symptoms of disease are the signs of detoxification and a necessary healing process as well as the fairy tales of “viral” outbreaks such as… Continue reading Examining The End of “Covid” and Germ Theory with Patrick Timpone

Challenging Influenza

“Our review found no human experimental studies published in the English-language literature delineating person-to-person transmission of influenza.“ Bridges et al. 2003 https://academic.oup.com/cid/article/37/8/1094/2013282?login=false Last year, I took a look at the first ever human challenge trial for “SARS-COV-2” and showed why the results are fraudulent and completely pseudoscientific. Within the article, I provided an explanation from… Continue reading Challenging Influenza

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A Conversation With the Terrain Theory Podcast About ViroLIEgy

Last month, I had the great pleasure of speaking with both Ben Hardy and Mike Merenda, creators and hosts of the Terrain Theory Podcast. If anyone is unfamiliar, this is an excellent podcast that has had many wonderful guests on, such as Dr. Tom Cowan, Dr. Andrew Kaufman, Dr. Amandha Vollmer, Dr’s. Sam and Mark… Continue reading A Conversation With the Terrain Theory Podcast About ViroLIEgy

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Respiratory Syncytial “Virus” (RSV)

Due to the media hype of the “Tripledemic” (previously known as the “Twindemic”), most are probably well aware and fairly familiar with the name “respiratory syncytial virus,” otherwise known as “RSV.” We’ve been warned over the last few months that there was an alarming increase in cases of this “virus,” primarily amongst children, and that… Continue reading Respiratory Syncytial “Virus” (RSV)

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Dr. McCullough’s Works of Art

Art:something that is created with imagination and skill and that is beautiful or that expresses important ideas or feelings https://www.britannica.com/dictionary/art I was recently made aware of an article by Dr. Peter McCullough which supposedly contained “difficult to deny” evidence for the existence of “SARS-COV-2.” This evidence was supposed to shut up those of us who… Continue reading Dr. McCullough’s Works of Art