Diagnosis: Smallpox?

During a smallpox epidemic, the initial chill, followed by fever, headache, vomiting, and the severe pain in the back, are symptoms which should put the attending physician on his guard. Mistakes arise in the initial stage owing to the presence of scarlatinal or measly rashes which may be extremely deceptive. The scarlatinal rash has not… Continue reading Diagnosis: Smallpox?

Monkeypox Party With Patrick Timpone

Yesterday, I had the privilege once again of discussing all things virology with Patrick Timpone. This time, we focused our attention on moneypox…for some reason. 😉 We also spoke about the misuse of PCR, the problems with antibodies, the well-orchestrated fear-campaign as a tool to gain control, the dangers of vaccination, the lack of proof… Continue reading Monkeypox Party With Patrick Timpone

Was Smallpox Really Eradicated?

On May 8th, 1980, the World Health Organization (WHO) announced the complete global eradication of the smallpox “virus.” This moment in time is considered one of the greatest success stories in all of modern medicine. Humanity had come together in a worldwide effort and finally conquered a deadly foe by utilizing the medical “miracle” of… Continue reading Was Smallpox Really Eradicated?

Did William Heberden Distinguish Chickenpox From Smallpox in 1767?

When it comes to symptoms of disease, fear has been a constant tool used by the medical cartel to sell young impressionable minds on the myths of “viruses” and contagiousness. A great example of this is found in smallpox. From a very young age, we were fed stories of how the pilgrims transferred the deadly… Continue reading Did William Heberden Distinguish Chickenpox From Smallpox in 1767?