Creating the “Coronavirus”

I think it’s simple logic. It doesn’t require that anyone have any specialized knowledge of the field. The fact is that if there were evidence that HIV causes AIDS-if anyone who was in fact a specialist in that area could write a review of the literature, in which a number of scientific studies were cited… Continue reading Creating the “Coronavirus”

Zaki MERS “Coronavirus” Paper (2012)

Here's the coronavirus that appears to have originated in the Middle East and has caused severe illnesses in people living there and in Europe.

Remember the horrendous MERS “Coronavirus” outbreak of 2012? Don’t feel bad if it doesn’t ring a bell as most people outside of Saudi Arabia remain unaware of it. This epidemic-that-never-was resulted in only 882 deaths associated with it globally. Apparently, the MERS “virus” didn’t like to travel as 804 of those deaths were in Saudi… Continue reading Zaki MERS “Coronavirus” Paper (2012)