Fouchier “SARS-COV-1” Paper (2003): Koch’s Postulates Fulfilled?

“It is obvious that Koch’s Postulates have not been satisfied in viral diseases.” -Thomas Rivers 1937 During the 2003 SARS “epidemic,” the WHO regularly announced updates about their search for the causative agent of what was claimed to be a new disease. On March 27th, 2003, they admitted that the criteria that needed to be… Continue reading Fouchier “SARS-COV-1” Paper (2003): Koch’s Postulates Fulfilled?

Thomas Rivers Revision of Koch’s Postulates (1937)

In 1884, German scientist Robert Koch devised a set of logic-based criteria that needed to be met in order to prove a specific pathogen caused a disease. By 1890, he had refined and published them. At the time, Koch’s criteria were developed for bacteria as “viruses” were unknown and were not officially “discovered” until 1892… Continue reading Thomas Rivers Revision of Koch’s Postulates (1937)