June Almeida And The First “Coronavirus” EM Images (1967)

June Almeida became an electron microscope expert, using the device to create detailed pictures of human cells and viruses. Researcher David Tyrrell asked her for help identifying a mysterious virus; she created these detailed images. MUST CREDIT: Left photo: Courtesy Joyce Almeida; right photos: Courtesy of Joyce Almeida and A.J. Tyrrell

In 1967, June Almeida presented a paper supposedly showing the first EM images of the “coronavirus” structure. These images were published two years after D.A. Tyrrell discovered the B814 strain in 1965 and a year after Dorothy Hamre discovered strain 229E in 1966. The samples that Almeida used to characterize the previously unseen “viruses” were… Continue reading June Almeida And The First “Coronavirus” EM Images (1967)

Misinterpreting Electron Microscope Images

It should be clear to anyone being intellectually honest that purification (free of foreign material, contaminants, pollutants, etc.) and isolation (separated from everything else) of particles believed to be a “virus” is essential and can not be skipped. Without separating the assumed “viral” particles from everything else in the sample, there is no way for… Continue reading Misinterpreting Electron Microscope Images

The Mimickers of “SARS-COV-2”

There are many subcellular structures that can be confused with “viruses” in TEM images. These consist of coated vesicles, multivesicular bodies, exosomes, golgi and costomer-coated vesicles, etc. These structures/particles are sure to be within the sample as virologists fail to properly purify (free of foreign matter, pollutants, contaminants, etc.) and isolate (separated from everything else)… Continue reading The Mimickers of “SARS-COV-2”

The Numerous Alterations During Sample Preparation for EM Imaging

A huge problem for Virologists is that there is no way that they can claim what they present as evidence of a “virus” has any relation to natural particles that occur in vivo, or within a living organism. The various cell-altering chemicals/antibiotics and foreign animal RNA that is subsequently mixed together with the original unpurified… Continue reading The Numerous Alterations During Sample Preparation for EM Imaging

Electron Microscope Imagery: “Virus” Proof or Refutation?

One of the “proofs” people try to offer in support of “SARS-COV-2” or any other “virus” is that pictures of these particles exist. They assume that since we can see images of these “viruses,” this means that they must be real. The images referred to are normally Transmission Electron Microscope images taken from cell cultures.… Continue reading Electron Microscope Imagery: “Virus” Proof or Refutation?