The Elephant and The Spike

“There is a debate tactic known as ‘elephant hurling’. This occurs when the critic throws summary arguments about complex issues to give the impression of weighty evidence, but with an unstated presumption that a large complex of underlying ideas is true, and failing to consider opposing data, usually because they have uncritically accepted the arguments… Continue reading The Elephant and The Spike

The Spike Protein

I often get asked many questions regarding the so-called “coronavirus” spike protein, such as whether or not it actually exists and whether it is actually in the vaccine. Does this particle hold any biological relevance whatsoever or is it just another in a long line of illustrations used to generate fear? If anyone is unaware… Continue reading The Spike Protein

Creating the “Coronavirus”

I think it’s simple logic. It doesn’t require that anyone have any specialized knowledge of the field. The fact is that if there were evidence that HIV causes AIDS-if anyone who was in fact a specialist in that area could write a review of the literature, in which a number of scientific studies were cited… Continue reading Creating the “Coronavirus”

Creating the “Coronavirus” OC43 Genome

In 1967, it was claimed a new “Coronavirus” labelled OC43 was discovered and “isolated.” This was supposedly done through tissue cultures using tracheas from 5-9 month old aborted fetuses which were collected and stored in Hanks Salt Solution along with 10% fetal bovine serum as well as penicillin and streptomycin. Frgaments were partially covered in… Continue reading Creating the “Coronavirus” OC43 Genome

Creating the “Coronavirus” 229E Genome

In order to generate an accurate genome of anything, that thing must be shown to exist in reality first. Regarding “viruses,” this means that the particles assumed to be “viruses” must be purified and isolated from everything else within the sample taken directly from a sick host. What is meant by purification and isolation? PURIFICATION:… Continue reading Creating the “Coronavirus” 229E Genome

Zaki MERS “Coronavirus” Paper (2012)

Here's the coronavirus that appears to have originated in the Middle East and has caused severe illnesses in people living there and in Europe.

Remember the horrendous MERS “Coronavirus” outbreak of 2012? Don’t feel bad if it doesn’t ring a bell as most people outside of Saudi Arabia remain unaware of it. This epidemic-that-never-was resulted in only 882 deaths associated with it globally. Apparently, the MERS “virus” didn’t like to travel as 804 of those deaths were in Saudi… Continue reading Zaki MERS “Coronavirus” Paper (2012)

Woo “Coronavirus” HKU1 Paper (2005)

Coronavirus and DNA, virus mutation. New variant and strain of SARS CoV 2. Microscopic view. 3D rendering

In 2005, Patrick Woo claimed the discovery of another new “coronavirus” which he named HKU1. This was the third new human “coronavirus” identified since 2003 after 30 years of apparent hibernation with the discovery of the first two strains in the 1960’s. On top of the human “coronaviruses” popping up at the turn of the… Continue reading Woo “Coronavirus” HKU1 Paper (2005)

Van Der Hoek’s “Coronavirus” NL63 Paper (2004)

Coronavirus data flow numbers art concept. Pandemic COVID virus IT safe blue background. Statistics epidemia pneumonia vector illustration.

“I have the hypothesis that some viruses may be beneficial. I have no proof. It is only a hypothesis, simply because some viruses fail to be associated with disease, so these viruses may be beneficial, but this has not been investigated yet. Work on this topic is ongoing in my group.” -Lia Van Der Hoek The… Continue reading Van Der Hoek’s “Coronavirus” NL63 Paper (2004)

Naming The “Coronaviruses” (1968)

In 1968, a group of eight virologists sent word to Nature that they had all discovered similar (i.e. the same) particles from tissue and organ cultures in humans which resembled those in chickens and mice. The researchers relied on negative staining in electron microscopes and used several indirect methods such as complement fixation, neutralization tests,… Continue reading Naming The “Coronaviruses” (1968)

McIntosh “Coronavirus” OC43 Discovery Paper (1967)

After his preliminary paper on the discovery of “IBV-like” particles, McIntosh went on to adapt the growth of his “virus” in suckling mouse brains and then to tissue cultures. McIntosh did so because he could not “grow” his “virus” using the standard tissue culture techniques and had to rely on organ cultures from aborted fetuses… Continue reading McIntosh “Coronavirus” OC43 Discovery Paper (1967)