Monkeypox Party With Patrick Timpone

Yesterday, I had the privilege once again of discussing all things virology with Patrick Timpone. This time, we focused our attention on moneypox…for some reason. 😉 We also spoke about the misuse of PCR, the problems with antibodies, the well-orchestrated fear-campaign as a tool to gain control, the dangers of vaccination, the lack of proof for sexually transmitted disease, and many other topics. I hope that the information here is useful!



  1. Another possible cause of the Spanish flu, is it happened at the end of World War 1, where they used chemical weapons on the battle field , like mustard gas etc… so it also could have been a result of this chemical warfare poisoning to troops and citizens…

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  2. I don’t care for monkeys anyway. So, I will wait for a real devastating virus or plague that evolves from some asteroid, comet, MU rays from the sun, Mars, dead dino guts, or something upchucked from the Earth’s core.

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    smallpox blankets are total fraud. and so is the idea that communicable disease wiped out the natives. I’ve noticed that viruses are used to cover up atrocities of the ruling powers. The irish potato famine comes to mind. it’s easy to do especially because disease is often a direct result of malnutrition, stress, and poverty due to government actions.

    as long as disease is ‘bad luck’ they can throw up their hands and shirk responsibility. just another reason to keep pushing the contagious paradigm.

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    1. Yeah disease is not bad luck. Disease, in all its manifestations, is what begins to happen when Dunbar’s Number is crossed. Before that Crossing there is no disease – only togetherness under cause and effect.


  4. What is the evolutionary angle to all this? If there is evolutionary ‘room’ for an organism to transfer through the air/enter animals through lung tissue/multiply in side animal, why would it not exist?


    1. Good question! I don’t believe there is any evolutionary angle. Evolution in and of itself is unproven. Organisms do not transfer disease to animals any more than they can to humans.


  5. Created by Patrick Timpone
    I watched “Mike Stone – Monkeypox Is Monkey Business – May 25, 2022”.

    I am Japanese. The video featuring you was translated into Japanese by @queserasera and introduced to us Japanese on odysee’s site.

    I completely agree with what you highlighted in the video.What we need to do is to do our own research, make our own decisions, and be responsible for ourselves. If there were a few more people like that, myself included, I think the world would change.

    I am not good at English. I have managed to read this site by using translation software to convert it into Japanese. This text is also converted from Japanese to English using translation software. I hope that my gratitude to you will be well conveyed.

    I sincerely wish you continued success in your endeavors.


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