The Power of a Good Quote

A quote can be the heart of a compelling article. Good quotes help to tell a story and enhance the credibility of a press release, news story or speech. Words that are crafted well can leave a lasting impact on the world.”

The saying that the pen is mightier than the sword has always rang true to me. Words have power. The right words can completely change how we look at things. They can shape our perceptions and challenge us to rethink that which we hold as truth. I have always been a sucker for great and timely quotes, especially regarding the fraud that is germ theory. Collected below are an assortment of quotes from medical professionals on germ theory, “viruses,” science, HIV/AIDS, smallpox, vaccinations, pharmaceuticals, and healing. I intend to update this section as I come across more relevant quotes. Please read the words of these many influential medical and scientific professionals contained here, learn from them and absorb what is useful, and share with anyone who may need the wisdom. Seeing that the science was never settled and has been questioned by many throughput history can be a very powerful tool.

Germ Theory


Questioning Science







  1. Most excellent. I am glad I discovered this site. I simply cannot stomach modern stone-age medicine. After a few personal health related events in recent years, I trust noting from the medical mafia and certainly no big pharma drugs, vaccines or mRNA injections. Thanks.

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    1. Thanks for the kind words and support! I’m with you on the complete lack of trust in our “healthcare” system. I had a few close calls myself with the drugs prescribed and I have seen firsthand how the system murdered a loved one due to mistreatment over the course of a few years. The whole corrupt system needs to be torn down.

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      1. Hello Mike,
        I’ve known about you and this website for some time now but today was the first time I made a visit to this website…and wow! It’s far better than I expected. What a tremendous amount of work, care and attention has been given by you. I appreciate the list of quotes more than anything else.

        I came here because I’ve been thinking about writing another book about the virus scam and the horrors of allopathic medicine, and I was hoping to find a list of links to ORIGINAL & SEMINAL papers claiming that a microbe causes illness or disease — the original papers about rabies & smallpox & mumps and all the rest — so I could isolate & republish the methodology section of each paper to demonstrate how it does not fulfill Koch’s Postulates, but I cannot find such a list here.

        Do you have any plans of making such a list of links to said papers?

        I’ve tried earnestly to find such papers on my own but I end up in a quagmire at PubMed >> references to said papers seem to be listed but when I click on them, they just lead to more links which end up being dead-ends or lead to a paywall. I suppose if you don’t plan on making a list of said links I can go through every page you have and find your referenced links…

        Also, is this beautiful website of yours mirrored somewhere? Because you can bet your bottom dollar that as this issue begins to heat up, someone will take this website down. I hope you have it backed up on memory sticks so you can reupload it WHEN this site is eventually taken down one way or another.

        Thank you so much for your unpaid HEROIC efforts in making this very valuable website. I am stunned by how well organized it is and how the writing has been superbly copyedited.

        Philosopher Newport

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      2. Hi, thanks so much for the kind words! I have just recently started including the papers for download in the articles as I previously did not have enough memory to do so. In earlier articles, after each study, I provided the DOI number. Once you have the DOI number, go to and paste it into the search bar. This will give you the option to either read or download the paper:

        I hope to go back and add the papers for easy download in the future, but I have not had the time to yet. I’m still struggling to find the time to reformat and update the old articles. I hope that the DOI method will work for you. Otherwise, most papers are reprinted within my articles. If not the full paper, the most relevant highlights are supplied. Hope this helps! 🙂


  2. Thank you soo much! I am glad to meet people who think outside the box! ❤
    I have been studying this for a year and makes much more sense than what I learn in med school XD. It is no surprise to me that we got so much confusion going on since most of the experiments lack proper control experiments. Btw you can also find useful information on and I highly recommend reading Harold Hillman on cellular biology in case you did not know. Keep up the good work! ❤

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    1. Thanks so much for the kind words and support! I definitely have found good information at It is a great resource! I do know of Hillman’s work but sadly I haven’t had the time to delve into his writings yet. I hope to in the near future as he definitely helped to tear apart the accuracy of EM imaging. Hillman is high up on my list of required reading!

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  3. Thank you for these quotes! I am familiar with the work of several of the persons identified by them, and others are new to me. I too, have come to recognize all the pitfalls associated with Germ Theory. I think great learning can come from placing quotes such as these (and most especially if they harmonize with our thinking), back into the context from whence each came in order to both gain the understanding and wisdom behind it, And realize an opportunity to expose and admit to our own learned presuppositions and biases. We must come from the desire, motivation, conviction to see the true from what is not true. And when we agree to sacrifice (replace) consensus with individual sovereignty, we are much better poised to discern the difference.

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    1. Thanks, I agree completely. Quotes are a powerful tool and the wisdom can help to open eyes. I really enjoy the older quotes showing that even back when this all started, there was an opposition to the insanity that was sadly drowned out by the special interests.

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  4. Shamelessly stole 23 of these for FB, fyi, the Mullis PCR one got flagged. Cowan’s Santa Claus quote was hilarious, but Hillman’s was the real killer, I hope you get in on his work and make a highlight reel of sorts, as it applies to viroliegy. I found 3 of his pdfs on Z-Library.

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  5. Great list for use in social media skirmishes.

    The one about Mullis inventing the PCR test are flagged because he invented the technique and wouldn’t condone using it as a test.

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    1. Yes, I think these quotes can definitely be useful in that setting. They flag Mullis because it destroys their “test.” They can’t have the normies hearing the inventor claiming it is being misused.


  6. Off-topic, but here’s a fascinating video about Luc Montagnier’s water memory research. Cowan highlighted this research in his “Truth about Contagion” book. Could DNA teleportation via EMF (NOT viruses) explain “infectious” diseases? Arthur Firstenberg already claims EMF explains influenza.


  7. Mike, we spoke about Andrew Saul in email. There are some good quotes (as well as much else) on his website. Just scroll down the home page.

    Example: “The medical profession (is) a conspiracy to hide its own shortcomings. No doubt the same may be said of all professions. They are all conspiracies against the laity… (U)ntil there is a practicable alternative to blind trust in the doctor, the truth about the doctor is so terrible that we dare not face it.
    George Bernard Shaw, “The Doctor’s Dilemma,” 1906

    (I think Shaw also wrote about doctors in his own voice, as it were, outside of fiction. Can’t say I agree with him about vegetarianism, but there again, he did live to 94… )

    Best wishes,
    Mike E.

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  8. Amazing site! Thanks for all the legwork. When you know, you know.
    Like many others, I learned the hard way. I had some troubling health issues a few years back that landed me in hospital and which resisted easy diagnosis. It was an opportunity for enormous personal growth, realising that what I was going through was accumulated stress, poor nutrition, hypothyroidism and longstanding thiamine deficiency. NONE of that was considered or suggested by the doctors, and in fact, every intervention they made ended up increasing my suffering, putting me in danger, or being completely unnecessary. We live in a ridiculous world, when you think about just how many poor souls have been needlessly maimed or killed by the unbridled stupidities of western ‘medicine’.

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    1. Thanks for the kind words Jeremy! I’m sorry to hear about the hard road to the truth that you experienced but sometimes these situations are blessings in disguise. My own journey was difficult but moreso due to what I witnessed about the care of my loved ones. There were moments in my own personal care, especially regarding blood pressure, chronic pain, and vaccination, that also helped to wake me up to state of the medical fraud. Once you see it, you can not unsee it.

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