Discussing the “Virus” Lie with Patrick Timpone

For anyone tired of reading my words and for some reason desiring to hear me speak them out loud for 2 hours, this post is for you. I had the privilege of being on the Patrick Timpone show on One Radio Network yesterday to discuss the fraud known as virology. It was a really nice experience and Patrick was a very thoughtful and engaging host. I very much appreciated the opportunity to have been able to participate in this discussion. I hope you find it interesting!

Link to the replay:

Patrick has a ton of great content on his site on various topics related to health and wellness and many other relevant topics as well. He has interviewd Dr. Cowan, Dr. Kaufman, Dr. Lando, and many others. Patrick has a radio show every weekday from 9 AM to 11 AM Central. I highly recommend checking his site out and tuning in regulary!

Link to Patrick Timpone’s homepage:




  1. I’m glad for you that your work is being appreciated. Dr Sam Bailey mentioned you on one of her recent videos too. I hope things like this helps you see that the work isn’t fruitless or just a frustration. You may have the confidence and devotion to the truth that you may not experience the negativity within yourself. Regardless, well done!

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    1. Thanks so much! I am highly motivated to keep going so don’t worry about frustration knocking me off my game. If I help even one person see the truth, it will all be worth it. As always, I appreciate the support! 🙂

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    1. Thanks! I was worried I didn’t articulate things as well as I wanted to as it is much easier when I am writing to think about what I want to say and edit myself. My hope was that it was all coherent. 😉


  2. It actually has a nice ring to it if you say it vahy-ro-lahy-jee, accent on the ro, in any case, well done and congrats on joining the rarefied ranks of virus dissidents.

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    1. Thanks, I appreciate it! It was a tad nerve-wracking at first. I was not sure what to expect and the fact that it was live didn’t help my nerves but I got more comfortable as it went on. Patrick was a great host and made it easy on me. 🙂


  3. Agree on Dr. Grant. I recall seeing him in an interview talking about Kary Mullis work. A good sigh of a critical thinker is finding incoherence in things you broadly agree with. Kary was clearly onto something when he was looking for HIV papers but he perhaps hadn’t looked as deep into viruses and other diseases for example and he did believe viruses caused other diseases. I’m confident if he were still around today, he could be persuaded into lot of what we all have come to understand, learn and unlearn.

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    1. Dr. Grant is awesome! We talk about this stuff with another friend of ours almost daily. The conversations we have always challenge the perceptions I’ve held, and to me that is a great thing.

      I agree, if Mullis was around, he would not have been quiet about the way PCR has been used. The timing of his death is quite suspicious.


    1. Yeah, it was a nice time! I have never done any interviews before, especially a live one so it was a tad nerve-wracking but Patrick was a great host and made it easy on me. I really enjoyed the experience! 🙂


  4. Great interview, and I can see why the John Wick avatar now. Something very similar in your facial structure, despite the different hair, etc.

    Some comments from Timpone and viewers reminded me that there’s an uncomfortable paradox in most of the virology skeptic world that would be great to patch up: frequently the argument goes in two vaguely incompatible directions, one being “stop blaming germs for your illness” and the other being “illness is detox.”

    If so-called contagious illness is always just detox and detox is always good, there’s no reason to blame *anything* for such illnesses. Even if “viruses” existed and caused detoxes, there would be nothing to fear anyway; you’d simply avoid flying snot particulates when you had important social obligations coming in the next few days, and you’d hire a sick person to cough on you when you wanted to take a painful by powerful health retreat for 3-7 days. (Some kind of Dial-a-Flu service, or pre-packaged fluish snot to snort.)

    In other words, the only consideration would be convenience – is now a good time to suffer through a deep cleaning, or do I want to delay it until next week or longer? A bit like taking your dog to the pet wash, just more prolonged (and perhaps more unpleasant, depending on the dog…).

    It’s subtle, but in the messaging and phrasing I see a need to carefully specify that the illness itself is done by the body on purpose; the root cause is what you want to address, and indeed the illness is itself the very best response to the root cause (in addition to stopping the inputs, such as junk food).

    Were a particle breathed out from person to person that triggered the body to start that process, it still wouldn’t be scary. At least no scarier than getting a big zit on your nose the day before a hot date. That’s a detox one prefers to happen when sitting at home alone for a few days.

    So we are ultimately in the peculiar position that we could almost accept that “germs make us sick” with little issue if we took them as merely a trigger for the body to carry out a deliberate and beneficial process, as that would kill all germ fear (other than the fear of being inconvenienced).

    However, certainly virology still must be debunked, because that debunking is an important buttress for the “illness=detox” argument. The idea that “viruses” exist is very distracting when making the “illness=detox” argument, but once you realize there’s no such thing as a pathogenic “virus” it becomes a lot easier to see why a cold could be a cleaning and why we would have failed to notice this before. (A third piece that helps one see this is to understand how and why fasting/resting works.)

    Colds and Their Benefits by Haruchika Noguchi explains the dynamics of illness as detox, the miraculous process called influenza, but people inevitably ask about the mainstream story of the “immune system” doing battle with “viruses,” and that’s where understanding that virology is pure quackery comes in.

    If the world understood how the body cleans itself (illness and fasting/rest) and that virology is nonsense, the pharmabeast would at last draw its final breath.

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    1. Thanks for the compliment! I actually picked John Wick because FB pissed me off with their continued censorship. It was my way of saying “I’m not going to stop.” 😉

      I think it will take a paradigm shift for most. In order to left go of Germ Theory, they must accept that the detox is beneficial and to trust the body to heal itself. Too many people get scared and attempt to “help” the body alpng through various toxic medicines. If they were let go of fear, allow the body to do it’s job, and avoid as many sources of toxins as possible while resting, they would see how things actually work while the body heals. It will take a leap of faith for many. My goal is to tear down the fraud as much as possible in order to help them take that leap as soon as possible.


  5. Ugh people still think that there was a pandemic.
    2020 total deaths in line with previous years in most countries
    2020 average age of convid death around life expectancy in most countries
    This is all despite the harmful treatments they were doing!

    So WHAT SICKNESS? ITS LIKE ANY OTHER FKIN YEAR! 2021 is higher and younger aged deaths, because of the jabs… and 2022 possibly too…

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    1. Absolutely! No pandemic and deaths pretty much in line. There may have been some increase from the iatrogenic deaths due to invasive and unessecary treatment caused by the fear of the “virus” but that seems to be it.


  6. By the way, Cowan and Kaufman should apply the scientific method on their water and sound and energy stuff. Right now, I find it ironic that they could question beliefs in virology by conducting control experiments but fail to do that with the structured water (yeah, I’ve read the papers years ago- it’s half assed)…. etc

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    1. I have yet to really delve into the water and sound stuff but I agree completely that the scientific method must be applied to all theories. People are too quick to provide unproven alternative theories to replace the ones being debunked. This is not necessary and can be a hindrance.


  7. Jim West also thinks that pollution is also very relevant. He states Virology protects industry from toxicity liabilities. It facilitates industrial exploitation.

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    1. I think he is definitely spot on with that assessment. The “virus” lie protects the interests of these big corporations poisoning us and then profiting off of us with their products. Beware those who create the disease and then sell the cure.

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      1. I suspect it was Virology that was used by Big Parma to threaten World Governments to comply with the demand of blanket indemnity or face the risk of taking the blame. The same MO is being used in the “Climate Change” scam as is being used in the vaccine scam. Ultimately the Corporations benefit. The use the politicians in Governments to drive their profits and promise a share in the form of party contributions a reward for success.

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  8. I suspect Swine flu was such a case, possibly protecting a polluting swine farm that was sickening nearby residents. Zika, AIDS in Africa, ebola, and some other stories seem designed in large part to cover up pollution and even vaccine damage itself.

    With such a perfect contraption of smoke and mirrors that almost no one even thinks to doubt, it must be very tempting to call virologists in for all manner of get out of jail free cards.

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