The Viral Delusion

When I first started uncovering the “virus” lie, a huge influence on my journey was Brent Leung’s House of Numbers documentary. He interviewed people on both sides of the HIV=AIDS debate which showed the stark contrast between logic (those who questioned the HIV paradigm) and delusion (those who continued to believe in the lie). Through very thoughtful and effective questioning, Brent was able to get some of the top virologists to tear down the lie themselves. Beyond that, the documentary introduced me to people like PCR inventor Kary Mullis, biophysicist Eleni Papadopulos-Eleopulos, and Electon Microscopy pioneer Etienne De Harvin. Their statements, along with those of other highly credible professionals, helped to dispel the illusion that HIV was some invisible deadly sexual predator waiting in the wings for the right victim and was instead a figment of the imagination of a fraudulent pseudoscience known as virology. Leung’s documentary was a spark that I needed at just the right time which helped fuel me on my own quest for truth.

For those in need of a similar spark or looking for an excellent 5 part docu-series breaking down the scam in the same vein as House of Numbers, Michael Wallach’s The Viral Delusion will be a perfect fit for you! I have known Michael and his intent to make this series for almost two years now. I know that Michael is passionate about exposing the “viral” pseudoscience we have been led to believe in our whole lives. He has been on a similar journey of discovery throughout the past few years, ultimately coming to the realization that all is not right in the medical industry. What started off as a series of interviews quickly morphed into a documentary which transformed into the docu-series.

The first episode detailing the fraud of “SARS-COV-2” is currently available for free to those who sign up on the site. It clocks in at nearly 2 hours and 30 minutes and is chock full of amazing content including interviews from incredibly brave individuals instrumental in exposing the lie such as Dr. Tom Cowan, Dr. Andrew Kaufman, Dr. Stefano Scoglio, Dr.’s Sam and Mark Bailey, and many others. It is an amazingly well-executed look into the “SARS-COV-2” scam. If you like the first episode (which I definitely imagine you will), the remaining four episodes can be purchased for only $11.99, which is a steal if you ask me. I binge watched the whole series which is at least another 6 hours of content and I couldn’t possibly recommend it more highly.

I want to point out that I am not involved in any way nor am I being paid to advertise Michael’s docu-series. I was absolutely blown away by his work and the amount of excellent content contained within. I believe this is a great series to learn from and share with others who remain unaware of the scope of the lie. I also feel it is important to support Michael’s work as it is obvious that this project is a labor of love. Everyone involved in the production of this series deserves our thanks and gratitude for doing their part to get this information out to the general public in any way that they can. In this day and age of extreme censorship, it has not been easy to spread awareness. Please take the time to watch the first episode and if you enjoy it, support Michael and everyone involved by purchasing the rest. I believe you will not be disappointed.

Presented below is the trailer for the docu-series as well as a sneak preview interview by Dr. Sam Bailey with creators Michael Wallach and Diarra Leslie. I have also provided the episode titles along with their descriptions from the site. You can click on the link at the end to watch the series. I hope that you enjoy The Viral Delusion as much as I did and that you can take away some valuable information from this project. Please raise awareness and share this series with others. We must all do our part to awaken the masses. Together, we can break the delusion and end the lie once and for all.

The Viral Delusion Trailer

Sneak Peak: “The Viral Delusion”

Episode One: The Tragic Pseudoscience of SARS-CoV-2

When doctor Andrew Kaufman began reading the first virology papers out of Wuhan in December 2019, he was shocked to discover that the scientists had come nowhere close to proving that a new virus had emerged… yet saw the media and authorities already claiming a viral pandemic was on it’s way. 

In this extraordinarily revealing opening episode, a group of biologists, chemists, doctors and journalists take apart the SARS-COV-2 narrative piece by piece – from the non-isolation of the virus, to the hidden problems with purported photographs of the virus, to the claims that it has been genetically sequenced, to the invalidity of the PCR “covid-test.” From the treatment protocols for COVID to the assumption of its transmission, Episode One unpacks the science of the claims that changed the world – in which these doctors and scientists make the case that every single claim the authorities made about the so-called SARS-COV2 virus has been based not on evidence, but pseudoscience.

Episode Two: Monkey Business: Polio, Measles And How It All Began

How did it all begin? How could the scientific establishment have possibly gotten so big a story so wrong? Everyone knows the story of Polio…or do they? What from that story is actual history and what is medical marketing? How did a small branch of the scientific establishment come to convince the world polio was the result of a virus and not from environmental toxins? Learn what the actual experiments were upon which this theory was based – and how shockingly unconvincing they are. Discover too how the medical establishment’s efforts to squeeze the symptoms of polio into a virus model formed the very foundation of modern virology, and how that commercially successful model has steered modern science ever since, evidence be damned. 

Episode Three: The Mask of Death – The Plague, Smallpox and The Spanish Flu

What about Smallpox? The Spanish Flu? The Black Plague? Go back, back, back in time to examine the claims and counter-claims as to what truly caused these deadly epidemics. Are the rats of Europe innocent? Turns out they have to be… And in that discovery we see how the superstitions of our time have clouded the eyes of “science” to avoid the most obvious of insights about disease. 

Episode Four: AIDS, The Deadly Deception

AIDS. It was the defining epidemic of a generation. But it was also the coming of age for many leading scientists and doctors who came to realize that blaming the illnesses known as AIDS on a virus was not only unsupported by science, it was downright nonsensical. What were the true causes of the many illnesses labelled AIDS around the world? How many suffered from their misdiagnosis? How the scientific establishment fell into the deadly AIDS delusion is crucial to understanding the pandemic, and health, today.

Episode Five: Sequencing The Virus, Without The Virus

With the rise of computing and genetic research in the 90’s the virologists go high-tech. They move away from experiments altogether and into genetic modeling – but do the models have any connection to reality? The wonders of genetic sequencing have been pointed to as the proof of virology’s explanatory power – but when the claimed sequencing of SARS-COV2 is put under the microscope, has the game changed from the realm of science, to science fiction? What’s really going on the claim of genetically identifying the SARS-CoV-2 virus is made?



  1. I agree with every word you say here. I have watched all 5 parts and 11.99 feels like I am stealing from Michael. This is worth so much more!!!!! Priceless, really, in terms of the importance of the information. Humanity needs to watch this film. Please, everyone, watch it and share your experience with others. That being said, it is a very potent red pill experience. Michael Wallach doesn’t pull punches, and the implications are staggering and heart wrenching. So it isn’t for everyone, not yet anyway. I can see how it could be too much emotionally for some people. But those folks won’t be attracted to it. If you know people who are showing cracks in their armor, though, this film will wake them out of their stupor for sure. It’s so well done. Michael deserves an award for this film. Dr. Cowan and others are very highly recommending it for good reason. It’s a must watch.

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  2. Have watched the first 3 parts. The amount asked to view the entire series is indeed a steal! Needs to be spread around as much as possible. Thanks for giving this project the attention, Mike!

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  3. I’m just watching the first episode of the documentary The Viral Delusion. it is really done very well, congratulations to all those who have contributed to it.
    I don’t know what is the situation in you country, but here in Italy both the mainstream media and the “alternative” media are full of propagandists who push the viral theory about SARSCOV2 alongside the Germ Theory.
    So, both the mainstream and alternative sheeple are mainly driven emotionally by fear and massive propaganda. Especially the so called “alternative” media heavily attack those few researchers who tell the truth about the fraud of the viral theory.
    Most of the people who follow the “alternative” media are brainwashed by gurus who scare them with the story of bio engineered virus leaked by the Wuhan laboratory. When I try to discuss with these people, almost all the time they answer me by saying “No, you are wrong! Don’t you know that Nobel prize Montagnier found out an Hiv sequence inside the SarsCov2 bio-weapon virus!”, but most of the time they don’t even know what a RNA sequence is! They just believe in this story because they blindly believe in the Authority, the Nobel Prize, the Great Scientist! Like the Pope!
    At the end the tragedy is that in Italy the “alternative” people watching the “alternative” media fear porn videos about the bio-engineered Monsters are much more scared than the classic covidiots watching the mainstream media propaganda.
    Sometimes I tried to send them some articles, studies, videos, etc. about this virus fraud, but after a while they send me a message telling me:”Hey, Montagnier said that vaccinated people can be affected by AIDS! He says we should test the vaccinated people for the HIV virus!”
    And when I try to explain why the viruses has never been isolated in human, the sheeple reaction is mainly an emotionally driven reaction: they don’t even try to read the papers I send them, they are too difficult for them to understand! They just reply with trite phrases like these:”I and my colleagues had a really bad flu in 2020, are you denying that it was Covid?” or somethings like this:”my grandfather lost the sense of taste and smell for the first time in his life, sure it was because of Covid! Are you denying these symptoms?”, or “The “Covid exists because I felt very tired for three weeks this year”, or “I tested positive and after one day my girlfriend also tested positive, we both had fever, are you denying that was a contagious virus?” or “Haven’t you seen what happened in Bergamo?” (Bergamo was the main hotspot of the so called covid deaths) etc…
    So every time it’s hard to explain them that, for example, “the lost of the sense of taste and smell” is not a typical “Covid” symptom. Alternative media have also been very responsible for creating the false narrative of Covid alternative treatments. They say to you that if you test positive and maybe you have just a bit of fever you must take a lot of treatment as soon as possible, like hydroxycloroquine and ivermectin, antibiotics, anti-inflammatory, etc. otherwise you will die! You have to fight the Wuhan laboratories Monster as soon as possible! And later, when the people submitted to this treatments naturally heal because they had just a bit of fever associated with a positive fraudulent test, then these people will be the first to believe and disseminate the Gospel of Whuan monster defeated by these great alternative treatments.
    It’s really hard, but we must continue to disclose the truth. Given this situation, all sources of real information on viral fraud are vital. I really thank you for your website Mike. I just hope that this information does not remain in a niche as happened for AIDS. The so-called democracies have very effective methods in suppressing vital information without having to suppress those who spread them. Simply a fact for many is not considered true until it appears on TV.
    In Italy we have two great italian researchers, Stefano Scoglio and Fabio Franchi; they did a lot of research about the viral fraud. For example here you can find some news about Franchi’s research: Italy’s National Institute of Infectious Diseases Lazzaro Spallanzani has no record of SARS-COV-2 isolation/purification, by anyone, anywhere, ever
    Stefano Scoglio is one of the co author of VirusMania book and you can also see him in the Viral delusions Documentary. The main difference between them is that Stefano Scoglio almost completely supports the terrain theory, instead Fabio Franchi still seems to believe in some infectious agent. But Franchi was also the first doctor in Italy in having reported the AIDS fraud.
    Here you can find his 1998 paper about the HIV fraud, also translated in english:

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    1. Thanks! I love Dr. Scoglio’s work and have followed him throughout this “pandemic.” I am excited to see so many people contribute to fighting this “viral” narrative. We have people doing blogs, podcasts, films, documentaries, youtube/bitchute videos, memes, etc. They may be able to (temporarily) censor some of us but they can not silence all of us. The more people who speak out and share the information, the better chance we have of destroying this fraud once and for all.

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    2. The whole enterprise of institutional science needs to be culturally brought low. As long as people revere anyone or anything dressed in a lab coat as clergy they are lost. The people need a new religion and citizen science as back in the 1800s and before needs to return. They need to start questioning or at least follow more decentralized and pluralistic set of gurus (as most people are simply wired to be sheep).

      I feel like memes like Seed Oil Disrespect* are key pieces. AIDS dissenters stayed niche because it was “freaks and geeks”; even having some of the most highly regarded scientists (several Nobel laureates in relevant fields and one of the world’s top virologists) didn’t do it because it’s easy for institutional science to circle the wagons. Part of this will and must be cultural, even at the religious level because institutional science (and socialism where it doesn’t belong: in large populations) has become the religion of the masses.

      * (not very awake to medical fraud but seems culturally effective at stopping the vegetable oil disaster)

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  4. I found episode one to be executed quite poorly. The sound mixing is poor, with background noises and music overpowering the speakers. The speakers themselves fluctuate in volume to an excessive degree. The voiceover is muddled and hard to understand. There is very little explanation of important points like isolation, cell culture, and kochs postulates for newcomers yo the subject. The way the speakers are edited together makes them sound unprofessional and scattered, plus the camera angles used are unflattering. Overall the entire thing comes across incoherent with the way it is edited. If I were trying to give the subject and those speaking a bad look, this is close to what I would produce. House of Numbers, Terrain, and anything by Spacebusters are far suprior films on the subject. Won’t be purchasing the other episodes if this is the quality.


    1. I’m sorry you disliked it. I think Michael did a great job, especially for someone who has never made a documentary before. Is it perfect? No. Are there errors and areas I could nitpick? Yes. However, I do believe it is effective at conveying the neccessary information and message. It is another option for people to chose from in order to expose the “virus” lie and/or to learn from. It is nice to have the other options such as HON, Terrain, and Spacebusters. The more the better IMO.


  5. I was already subscribed to the Viral Delusion. But thanks to you, Mike, I’ve now seen the House of Numbers. Also realizing that I had seen various clips of it but it never occurred to me that there’s a whole documentary. I think it’s fascinating to say the least. Thanks a lot for the pointer!

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      1. Papadopulos (may she rest in peace) appears to believe that retro-viruses other than HIV have been isolated and characterised….I wonder where her evidence for this came from? Surely the issues in characterising HIV are present for all putative viruses? Also she didn’t accept that putative viruses may be damaged by ultrafugation, which seems presumptuous. As far as the electron microscopy goes, the German expert reveals clearly how subjective the analysis is….not to mention the issue of artifacts…oh, I did….Listening to all the virologists leaves me reeling at how such “clever” people can hold to circular arguments and could not even describe clearly what purification and isolation consists of….


  6. Spacebusters? Sounds like a movie in the making. I am already 100% convinced that we are being jobbed by big pharma and the medical mafia. That has been going on for well over 100 years. The entire medical system is based on fear…the fear of getting terribly sick and then dying. Well, with big pharma, in many cases, you are going to die sooner. I will likely check out this documentary.

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  7. Absolutely fantastic film although the background music was at most times extremely loud and unbelievably annoying … I’m debating whether or not to purchase the other 4 in the series … I would love to watch them however if the background music is as annoying as part 1, I don’t know if I could get through 4 more … has anyone watched them … can anyone comment whether or not this is the case?

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    1. I know there is music in most of them. However, I believe episode 4 on AIDS had no music. I remembered thinking about that as I watched it as it seemed odd to me that the music was absent after the first three.


  8. Thank you Mike for all that you do. I’ve listened to many of crowe’s podcasts, read cowan’s book, and much more but you seem to cut right through the heart of the scientific jargon they like to hide behind. it can still be a bit thick, but I like that you include the studies themselves and debunk them at every point so I can convince my friends and family that these con artist virologists are just that.

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    1. Thanks for the kind words and support! I’m glad that this blog has been beneficial. I find that breaking down and using virology’s own sources/evidence against it is the best approach. I try my best to break this stuff down as simply as possible but sometimes the things they do and the leaps in logic are so far out there and muddled with so many unproven theoretical concepts and ridiculous jargon it gets difficult to simplify at times. However, I will continue to do my best to point out the absurdity of it all. 😉


  9. Who did the terrible audio on this video? Different rooms, different microphones, and unmatched volume levels between edits, all that makes it very difficult to watch. And the “backround” music is too loud and mostly innappropriate. If you want to be taken seriously then SORT THE AUDIO OUT!


    1. I’m not sure. The sound quality didn’t bother me much but I do know there were complaints and that they were working on improving it. This is their first ever docu-series and even though there are things we could nitpick, I thought they did a great job with it.


  10. I just finished this incredibly well done and thorough video series. Probably the most important videos in the history of movies, exposes one of, if not the biggest lie ever told! The crazy part is all the information needed to debunk the lie is out there on government websites. Hence the massive censorship by the big tech platforms, the only way to keep the scam going is to silence those who know and hide the truth.

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    1. Also when I search for the viral delusion on google, this website and the paradigmshift website don’t come up. Had to use duckduckgo to find.

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    2. Yes, “The Viral Delusion” is an excellent series and does a great job laying out the evidence against Germ Theory. You are absolutely right that the information is out there for anyone to see. They just have to be willing to look first. This is why I continue to use the mainstream studies and words of virologists against them. It is impossible for virologists to argue against their own. 😉

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