Drinking Snake Venom With the Fakeologist

Last night I had the privilege of speaking once again with the Fakeologist. We discussed the snake venom theory proposed as if it were a fact by Dr. Bryan Ardis. This unsubstantiated speculation has taken the Truther community by storm which has led to very smart people unfortunately falling for the sales pitch and buying the snake oil from the snake oil salesman. While I have now spent more time than I ever thought I would on the subject of snake venom, it was a very fun conversation which included other interesting topics as well. I hope you are able to come away with some insight from this discussion!

FAK519-Mike Stone of viroliegy.com

In case you happened to miss my article on this snake venom topic, you can read it here:




  1. There is an obvious correlation between the supposed anthropogenic climate change and the Germs Theory. Some Italian activists think it’s a beautiful thing that our Germs based healthcare system destroys people’s lives while it enriches pharmaceutical industries. In fact, after all, these pharmaceutical industries are doing a great job in saving the Planet from that “parasites human beings”, they say.
    The queens elderly eugenicist German husband, Prince Philip Mountbatten, alias Philip Battenberg was quoted as saying: “The elderly are useless eaters” and “In the event that I am reincarnated, I would like to return as a deadly virus to solve the overpopulation problem”. Is seem that Germ Theory fits the bill. If you believe in the maltusian ideology. But not for the real existence of viruses. Viruses don’t exist. So, the elitist, instead of viruses, are killing us through pharmaceuticals company drugs. Think about it! HIV-AIDS fraud has allowed the Germs based healthcare system to kill hundreds of thousands of useless eaters through the administration of unnecessary lethal drugs like AZT. A real success in saving the planet! Like covid19. If you believe it. I believe instead that all those who claim that giving real wellness to the people (TERRAIN) is against nature because the planet will explode in a catastrophic way (because it can’t sustain the weight of too many people ecological footprint) are making just a wild and unsubstantiated claim and they are just maltusian dogmatics. The C02 man made catastrophic climate change is simply a fraud. They calculate it just with the same fraudulent fictional computer models that they use in virology.
    I had sent you same comments about this fraud but for some reasons they have been blocked. However there is a a lot of material about this fraud, like here: https://truthseeker.se/political-topic-of-climate-change-is-a-fraud/

    However to all those who are convinced that human beings are parasites I recommend this: Voluntary Human Extinction Movement :The Voluntary Human Extinction Movement (VHEMT[A]) is an environmental movement that calls for all people to abstain from reproduction in order to cause the gradual voluntary extinction of humankind. VHEMT supports human extinction primarily because, in the group’s view, it would prevent environmental degradation. The group states that a decrease in the human population would prevent a significant amount of human-caused suffering. The extinctions of non-human species and the scarcity of resources caused by humans are frequently cited by the group as evidence of the harm caused by human overpopulation. ”https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Voluntary_Human_Extinction_Movement
    Do you thik that Fauci is part of that?

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    1. I fully recognize that the climate change issue is cynically being weaponized by TPTB, because their MO is to never let a crisis — organic or manufactured — go to waste, but i get the impression that the consensus at Viroliegy is that there is no anthropogenic climate change dynamic at all, as with the virus.

      Am I correct in that?

      I’m a fundamentalist who believes in the KISS principle. Without an atmosphere their is no metabolic life on planet earth. We all surely agree that it is the ‘greenhouse’ effect of the atmosphere that enables the hydrological cycle that supports metabolic life. And we all surely agree on the particular gaseous molecules that contribute to the ‘greenhouse’ effect.

      Can you guys please tell me what I’m missing here?

      Is there a Reason-based Earth climate model that has supplanted the ‘greenhouse’ model that I’m not aware of?

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      1. Not me. ” the climate change issue is cynically being weaponized by TPTB, because their MO is to never let a crisis — organic or manufactured — go to waste,” 100%. In fact, climate chaos (what i prefer to call it) is FAR worse than TPTB are letting on. That’s because their proposals for dealing with it will do absolutely nothing except enrich themselves. We can’t keep on poisoning the planet and changing the chemical composition of the atmosphere (please don’t tell me how the amounts are small, tiny changes in a situation of precarious balance can mean huge differences) without dire consequences, but stopping such practices will collapse the system which TPTB run and which enriches them.

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      2. I believe that there is climate interference going on through geoengineering. The chemtrails seem to be altering weather patterns and either interrupting and/or enhancing storms. Beyond that, I can not say. I have seen evidence that they can control and direct the weather. I am uncertain on that and would need to continue to look into it. I do believe that their activities are altering our weather unnaturally.

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      3. Thanks Mike. When it comes to geoengineering I take the broad view in that all Large Public Works Projects are examples of it; anything beyond, say, community longhouses lol is in my mind where terraforming begins because necessity is not only the mother of invention but also of virtue. How’s that for austere? Taking up space, in the local ecology, that goes beyond the necessity to thrive under natural law is where the hegemonic zero sum game begins and love ends. Needs vs wants. This ties-in for me with fossil fuels because the use of them is obviously in service of wants and not needs. These fuels are the quintessential example of humans trying to fruitlessly fill their spiritual void with the material *stuff* from an extraction economy. And when done on a global scale my patterning of natural law tells me in no uncertain terms that, given the zero sum dynamic, doing so will eventually upset the earthly dynamic equilibrium in a major way, and the reliable data seems to be bearing that out.

        Yeah I never looked into the HAARP or whatever weather mods issue. Cloudseeding and chemtrails (primarily for dimming) are a given for sure.

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      4. I agree chemtrails and cloudseeding is going on and that this definitely affects our health and environment in negative ways. There is no possible way it wouldn’t but people try to either ignore and/or minimize the impact. I’m not sure if it is cognitive dissonance and they want to convince themselves these trails are harmless as they feel powerless to stop them. Whatever the case may be, these trails need to be addressed and air pollution as a whole needs to be resolved if we are to achieve our best health. I definitely need to research HAARP more. I have seen some good evidence but I just have not devoted the time or attention to really have an informed opinion yet.

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  2. Excellent appearance, Mike. The segment after 30:00 made particularly good points, re the amount of venom needed which would easily exceed the amount of venom all the world’s snakes could produce, the venom not being activated by drinking it, vs it being injected, the “cure” for snake venom being worse than the bite, the nonsense re the monoclodal antibodies which Ardis changed his tune on to suit his new sales pitch,…… It is sad that this got any mileage in the “resistance” community, But then, look how much of it is still stuck believing in Covid, test and death statistics, the contagion myth. Hope this interview is a good antidote, your article sure was.

    One thing: the stuff about 33 was interesting, but seriously, water changes from ice to liquid (or vice versa) at 32 deg F, not 33. 🙂

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    1. Thanks Jeffrey! I’m glad that you found the discussion useful. 🙂
      The 33 calling card is definitely interesting. The ice to liquid was the first I had heard of that connection to it. Sometimes it’s a stretch but they definitely like to leave the 33 calling card around in many events/reports/places. Disney/Hollywood is full of it and the number pops up in many news stories. It’s a well-known Freemason number due to their 33 degrees of Freemasonry.


      1. If you flip one of the 3’s over left to right, and combine with the other, you get 8, the infinity symbol sideways. FDR, a committed globalist, became president in 1933, the globalists have been in firmer and firmer control since.

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  3. Another great piece of info, thanks. 33 years was the common theme for the Netflix show, The Dark from Germany. It started out kind of interesting but progressively grew to become too complicated by season 3….like the ever changing covid narrative. For sure, none of the statistics can be trusted and certainly nothing from the CDC, FDA, AMA, NIH or big pharma should ever be believed. Until there is a verified, standardized and accurate testing method, there can never be any accurate virus stats. Or, a pandemic for that matter. So, that means it’s all a big pile of cowflop.

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  4. Mike,
    For the best info on climate manipulation, weather warfare, solar radiation management, go to geoengineeringwatch.org with Dane Wigington

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  5. Mike, that was another excellent interview. I’m sick and tired of COVID too but it’s not going away unfortunately. This is probably the lull before the storm i.e. Shanghai-type lockdowns may be coming here soon. Let’s all try not to get killed in the next few years!

    Your previous article on snake venom was also very informative- especially the part about the “treatment” being worse than the original ailment. Syphilis is associated with insanity (e.g. Howard Hughes) but a common “treatment” used to be a mercury-based compound. Mercury, of course, can cause insanity!

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    1. Thanks CK! I agree that unfortunately this will not go away anytime soon. People thought it was but Walensky admitted that they would only be giving us a break. They will not let a good “crisis” go away that easily.

      I also agree with you on Syphilis. The neurological symptoms were due to mercury. They still list it as a stage of Syphilis yet it does not occur “naturally.” Syphilis also was reclassified as AIDS. They are the exact same collection of diseases. When AIDS was created, Syphilis pretty much went away. Cases have dropped nearly 90% since 1990. They love to rename and reclassify diseases in order to sell more toxic treatments and make it appear as if current treatments are working.


  6. This made me wonder about all “antidotes.” Should one really take Prussian blue if cyanide poisoned?

    On allergies, it seems to be a combination of long-held toxicity and poor barrier function. I can pretty easily turn my pollen allergy on and off by consuming a snack of wheat then stopping for a few days. After more fasting I imagine the wheat snack won’t be sufficient. A famous faster says he was diagnosed with 57 allergies before he started, and now has none.

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    1. Haven’t gotten to any fasting stuff. Seems like it would be a good idea to load up on building blocks before a fast for things like sealing up the leaks.


      1. Should be all the necessary nutrients in fat reserves, for most people. This isn’t recognized by nutrition science because they think a whole bunch of other nutrients are necessary that are actually just needed to deal with grains. All the mainstream physiological findings are based on civilizational diets.


      2. Right, if we’re talking about healthy people wanting to fast in order to optimize the evacuation of chemicals. And body fat is the preserve where we store and segregate nutrients and toxins respectively. But if we’re talking about people with chronically leaky guts then they’re probably not storing a surfeit of quality nutrients don’t you think? Natasha talks about how you need a good three years of healthy living in order to be ready to responsibly have children. What that amounts to is what the sporting world would call a loading phase. Just seems like a nutrient loading phase for a leaky gut and brain fast wouldn’t go amiss.


      3. Certainly there’s variation in quality of fat stores, though the body is remarkably effective at working “miracles” if given the chance. I would definitely recommend at least a few months of healthy living before fasting, unless in an emergency.


    2. Exactly. It has me questioning any “cure” as well. Perhaps the best cure in most instances is to allow the body to heal itself naturally. It is definitely an area I want to explore more.


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