Going to War on Virology with Jerm Warfare

Yesterday, I had the honor and the privilege of being on the Jerm Warfare podcast hosted by Jeremy Nell. We covered many topics which Jeremy highlighted in his own post:

“Mike Stone runs viroliegy.com, easily the most powerful and persuasive critique of virology, that I’ve come across.

I’ve chatted to a number of great minds on the topic of viruses, such as Tom Cowan and Sam Bailey, and find myself convinced by their arguments.

In our conversation, Mike covers

  • why virology is pseudoscience;
  • what viruses are;
  • the problems with definitions;
  • direct evidence versus indirect evidence;
  • Koch’s Postulates and why they matter;
  • the rejection of the Scientific Method;
  • isolation and purification;
  • genomics and genome sequencing; and
  • the Rockefeller funding behind virology.

You can watch our interview here:

Mike Stone on the virology lie

If you are unfamiliar with Jeremy’s work, I highly recommend checking out his site as it is chock full of amazing content…and cartoons! I used to love Garfield and Peanuts when I was a kid and his amazing art style and brand of humor immediately conjures up warm childhood memories while providing excellent and insightful social and political commentary. Here is a little about Jeremy in his own words:

“Jerm Warfare is the convergence of many years of my cartoons, podcasts, commentary, and debating ideas.

I am a cartoonist, podcast host, and talk radio host.

My real name is Jeremy Nell, but I am known as ‘Jerm’.

I began my career as a cartoonist in late 2005, after being retrenched from a boring job in the mobile technology sector.”

“Cape Town is my home, but my work has appeared globally in multiple languages, across a wide range of publications from newspapers to magazines to textbooks to newsletters to websites.

In short,

I have drawn thousands of cartoons;I have published two books; andI have won a few awards.

I no longer work in the mainstream (or legacy) arena. This is both by accident (being fired everywhere) and by design (choosing to go my own way).

Which means that I am now independent.”

Please check out more of Jeremy’s wonderful work and content here:




  1. Thanks, Mike. Not a criticism, just a note, i wish you two had spent a touch more time on the “sequencing” matter (David Rasnick says it well in The Viral Delusion, it’s actually “assembling”) People, even “resistance” folks, seem to think the SARS-COV-2 genome was actually found inside inside patients and identified. Yes, a full genome. 🙂

    This was someone on FB castigating me for talking about the lack of evidence of a certain alleged virus. This is illustrative of the problem.
    Jeffrey Strahl you cannot prove there is no evidence for this ‘virus’ or any other virus. it doesn’t matter what nooz article you site with whatever specious claim. you’re completely off track. viruses are NOT detected by ‘isolating, blah blah blah’. that’s the bullshit straw man the ‘terrain’ psyop pushers are claiming must be done which is not at all necessary since dna analysis is much more accurate…

    • 23h
    Jeffrey Strahl
    MC : Explain how this analysis is “much more accurate.” Or indeed accurate at all. I will summarize it here, show us where i am wrong.
    All the tests, PCR and antigens, are testing for a certain genetic code which a computer model has deemed to be “the virus” and to alleged antibodies which target it. How was the model obtained? The original one, upon which other ones have been based (and called “variants of”) involved lung fluid from one patient in Wuhan suffering from non-routine pneumonia. The fluid was then inserted into a soup of ingredients, including nutrients and antibiotics, and the mixture was spun hard (centrifuge). (this involved periods of processing). Numerous small segments of genetic material were spotted in the mixture, each with a particular sequence of nucleic acid base pairs (some segments of course duplicating to a certain extent), these pairs are either type A, C, G or T, in some order, e.g. A, G, G, C, T, A, G……… which would already be different from G, T, C, G,A,G,A,….. These are translated into comparable computer codes, i.e. strings of 0s and 1s. Code segments with fewer than 150 pairs are taken and a special computer program matches end sections them while assembling a very long sequence, around 30,000 pairs. This is like going into a room full of many, many pieces of paper with words typed on them, each only 5-10 words, all come from a bunch of books which have been shredded, and then assembling a book out of them, a book which has never seen before. This is NOT “sequencing.” That’s what was done to known genomes, such as the ones for a human and for a cat, the full genomes are broken down into their respective series of A, C, G, T base pairs, and the order determined.
    Around a million possible long sequences were determined by the program to exist, and out of those was chosen one which was closest to SARS-COV-!, from 2003, because it was already assumed that a coronavirus was responsible. There is no proof whatsoever that the segments joined to create this virus (create it in the computer, that is) even came from the same organism. The match was 87% correct. Well, a human genome and a cat genome are… 90% the same. And moreover, SARS-COV-! was itself assembled via a computer program, was never actually physically found in any person’s discharges. None of these alleged variants have ever been found in an actual person, these have all been created on a computer drive via doing the same chemical procedure and subjecting the results to the same computer analysis, i.e. they were mathematically assembled on a computer.
    And thus, the tests have been calibrated not with actual viruses, but with what the CDC itself admitted were “contrived specimen.” This procedure is incredibly unscientific. It’s horrendous that it hasn’t been deeply questioned as to vilify. What does it mean to test positive or negative when the test itself has not been validated? This is like the authorities testing women to see if they were witches, and people objecting on the grounds that the tests may be inaccurate.I’m sure you know such tests were administered in US colonial times.

    • 23h
    Jeffrey Strahl you’ve simply repeated what andrew kaufman and tom cowan made up. nor has anything they’ve claimed which you’re repeating been corroborated. there are many published papers which used collected samples from actual patients with dna identified as ‘sars cov-2’, and so what? the cdc was caught lying about the numbers of deaths so there is no way to determine if ‘sars cov-2’ is even something to worry about. going on and on about proving whether it exists or not is unnecessary and hysterical. it’s nothing to worry about. the JABS are the ONLY concern anyone should have. they don’t help and they definitely have been shown to HURT people. period…

    • 23h
    Jeffrey Strahl
    MC: you have failed to address any of the points raised, instead you tag it with “Kaufman and Cowan made up.” Dave Rasnick, PhD in biochemistry, who worked on the human genome project, has made the same points, as have many others .
    “published papers which used collected samples from actual patients with dna identified as ‘sars cov-2’, ” How was the DNA identified as “SARS-COV-2″ at the time of collection? The collection was for the purpose of identifying the alleged virus, so you are saying they identified it before they actually even assembled the virus and figured out what it was? Intact DNA? Do you realize that this alleged virus has no DNA, only mRNA? Do you realize how nonsensical this argument is, that it amounts to circular reasoning?!! In a beginning college math class, you’d get an F on a test if you tried using circular reasoning to prove something, with a suggestion that you drop the course till you learn to not use circular reasoning. Which published papers are you putting forth?”
    He never answered, just called me names and blocked me.

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    1. So terrain theory is a psyop according to him because all you need to know is to avoid the jab and all you need for that is to know the numbers are jiggered? What a shallow analysis.

      That may be sufficient to avoid this jab, but what about all the rest. What about all the other medical boondoggles. What about all the other “scientific” swindles out there? What about learning to master your own health and think for yourself? What about convincing others who see the numbers are jiggered and the PCR is not a test but still fear “manufactured weeruses”? There’s so much more to win here.

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      1. You nail it, ClaiFire! People like him boggle the mind. Consciously or not, he’s acting like a thug for the controlled opposition.

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    2. Awesome responses Jeffrey! You took him to town which is why he ran away. 😉

      Yes, I agree that I did not do a good job explaining the genome. I think you are spot on and I appreciate the constructive criticism. It is an area I need to constantly refresh myself on as genomics is a mess of a field and trying to explain it can get complicated. I need to come up with a nice routine explanation that I can offer. Thanks for the feedback! 🙂


      1. You are very welcome, Mike. And thanks for the compliment. I mostly just condensed Dr Cowan’s explanation. Great idea re “nice routine explanation.” I’m sure you can work one out. Maybe also do one with Eric Coppolino and David Rasnick, this appears to be a stumbling block on the way to many people’s understanding of the entire process.

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    3. AE911truth vs Wheredidthetowersgo?

      Jeffrey siding with dustification. Me too!

      It all depends on how radical a critique of society and civilization one is prepared to commit to. 😁


      1. I side with dustification? Where did i say that? I communicated a lot with Judy Wood at one point, got frustrated with her passing off every single problem i brought up with the idea as “disinformation,” be it photos of numerous large steel beams from the towers at the site, the general matter of WTC7, the lateral ejections of large steel beams, many of which impacted buildings hundreds of feet away, filmed “squibs,”…….

        But it’s interesting that you bring up 9/11, because MC’s rebuking of me in that thread reminds me of being on a big 9/11 email list two years after the event and having people attack me and several others because we were bringing up the WTC physical evidence and pointing out Mike Ruppert was still standing by the very first official explanation for the towers coming down, that the fires melted them, a version that had long been repudiated by the official story.


      2. Sorry Jeffrey it was merely a playful analogy I was making. AFAIK, I have never met you before online, so knew nothing about your 9/11 interpretation which, from your comment, sounds like the (‘grassy knoll’ controlled opposition) controlled demolition interpretation. No offense! 🙂

        ‘Dustification’ starts from the very simple, reason-based premise that once we are willing to open our minds fully, what we see on the videos is very, very obviously not what the controlled demolitions of buildings with explosives looks like. Judy Wood does not have the copyright on any interpretations beyond this primary observation, though she’s obviously the den-mother of this view.

        The large beam ejections and “squibs” objections are both strawman arguments. Strawman arguments are often the province of disinfo wars so I understand her frustration if she felt like you weren’t willing to meet her halfway by earnestly attempting to see what she sees; to see beyond the power of suggestion. They are strawmen because they imply that claiming dustification *must* necessarily mean 100% dustification, and ‘squibs’ *must* mean explosive charges when ‘squibs’ are also consistent with dustification because both electron-stripping itself is an explosive disintegration process and given that 100% of the material was obviously not dustified, gravity was still at play and air needed somewhere to go, and fast.

        The dust clouds were not mere pulverized concrete. They were clearly highly-ionized pyroclastic plasma clouds which is exactly what you would expect. There were two independent reports of the warm clouds lifting a person up off the sidewalk and carrying them a considerable distance (“over a block” in one case) before setting them back down again. These clouds were proportionally far, far more voluminous than what you see in controlled demolitions, and with much different characteristics. WTC7 also produced these clouds when she came down even though it does appear that she was ‘pulled’ because she fell like a pulled building unlike 1 and 2. Best conclusion? A combination of the two: weakened by DEW to a subcritical phase and pulled, in order to muddy the waters. Opening one’s mind fully in whatever endeavor means egolessly going wherever the patterns may lead. As the great 21Pilots song lyric goes, ” I don’t know where I’m going but I can hear my way around.”

        Opening your mind completely is the key to 9/11, otherwise the set-up, the misdirection play, will get you, because it’s just a parlor trick presumably carried out with a fancy pants, classified, stealth technology that pure Reason dictates *must* exist because no other explanations are plausible. It’s not that big a deal to think that because even though it’s invisible, it has nowhere near the destructive power of nuclear weapons so it doesn’t change the arms race overall. It’s just a niche, covert weapon when deployed, but it’s not covert after the fact. So it’s tactical use is very limited. Limited, basically, to industrial sabotage. Think of all the industrial sabotage that has been going on around the world lately. The Beirut explosion looks to me to be the biggest example I’m aware of since 9/11. There was a particularly telling video that they played whackamole with for awhile there. A windshift caused a nearby smokestack plume to blow just into line of sight as the DEW beam was deployed as the detonation device, and the edge of the plume pulsed. Telling. Conclusive? No of course not.

        These DEW weapons technologies, I’m guessing, we’re most likely reverse engineered from UFO propulsion technology. I’m comfortable saying this because I have seen something in the sky that cannot be explained by Earth- industrial activity. And I have read the book “Unconventional Flying Objects” by Paul Hill who explains convincingly why positron-electron annihilation- powered antigravity forcefield propulsion, and near-lightspeed interstellar travel do not break any *known* laws.

        The same dynamic applied to the ‘planes.’ planes did not fly into the buildings, obviously. Because planes do not disappear into WTC towers as they were constructed. Very obviously they don’t. Because they can’t according to reason. Best guess for the ‘planes’ is missiles mounted with daylight 3D projectors, and but there are other plausible explanations, too.



      3. They may have gone with the combo on WTC7 because they needed redundancies built into 7 which hosted a CIA station for starters.


      4. Replying up here since i can’t reply to your response to me.
        “‘squibs’ are also consistent with dustification because both electron-stripping itself is an explosive disintegration process and given that 100% of the material was obviously not dustified, gravity was still at play and air needed somewhere to go, and fast.” Wrong. Electron stripping is “explosive”? To the point that large steel members and all sorts of debris are ejected at high speeds? And gravity causes lateral motion? Nothing left to do but 🙂 🙂 🙂 That is all i have to say, but it’s alright.


      5. Jeffrey it is said that initially the native Americans on the eastern seaboard could not see at all the European ships arriving when they were still a good distance from shore. The had no frame of reference for watercraft being visible at such distances.

        The amount of TNT required to explode a tower like that (though it wouldn’t look the same, it would be more chunky and less dusty, and the steel would not explode, ) would probably range from 100.000 tonnes to 1,000,000.


      6. Last i looked, AE911Truth was not claiming that the entire WTC takedown was with TNT, not remotely, never did so. Straw man. This time i am definitely done.


      7. I’m well aware of that. The reason I brought up the TNT is because you talked about the beam ejections and I talked about the explosiveness of electron-stripping, which raised the fact that those towers were exploded but not by thermal explosion. The (nano) thermite argument that AE911 folks does not explain those buildings behaving like they did. I merely brought up the TNT to compare what it would have to take to blow those towers to smithereens with conventional explosives, in order to express to you the amount of energy released by breaking atomic bonds. So I wasn’t straw-manning. You weren’t interested in listening.


  2. Hey Mike, I’ve been watching you for some time now and looking at this site for lots of information to help my own learning of this fraud of viroliegy.

    I didnt know where i should put this but I thought you would be VERY interested in this article I found a couple months ago from here in Japan (I’m American btw).


    This is all about the Vero cell lines that are used (and have been used since the 1960s). I did a video on it for my bitchute channel but I’m not here to plug my own stuff. I just wanted to share this paper with you because there are some very important things stated here (the paper was published in 2014):

    1. The funding of the paper came from the National Institute of Infectious Diseases (NIID, the Japanese NIH) and the Takeda Science Foundation. The Takeda science foundation was started in 1963 by Takeda Pharmaceuticals, the largest Drug producer in Asia. The Chief Medical and Science officer at Takeda at the time of the paper was Tadataka Yamada (died last year), who worked for 5 years at the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, and also for Glaxo Smith Kline as head of Research and development. His main area of “expertise” was in vaccines, specifically the Deng Fever and Norovirus jabs. He was also involved with the Clinton health initiative and also head of Internal medicine at Michigan University.

    2. The paper itself states that they are testing different Vero cell lines for how well they get infected for use in “pharmaceutical products.” From my understanding, this paper proves that they use Vero E6 cells in “vaccines,” which would mean that the entire cell culture soup they make to claim they found a “virus” is exactly what they use to produce jabs, and not limited to the Fake chinavirus jabs either.

    I randomly found this paper a couple months ago when looking into some cell culture papers or something and once i got around to reading it, the redpills started flowing. I hope its of use to you since it seems to be a buried paper that no one has seen before.

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    1. Thanks for the paper! I appreciate it and will give it a read. 🙂 I’ve been meaning to delve into the Vero cells more. They do use the cells in vaccines and admit that trace amounts of animal (or host as they call it) material will be present in the vaccine. While not about vero cells, this is from the newest monkeypox vaccine which shows that the chicken embryo material used will remain:

      “JYNNEOS is a live vaccine produced from the strain Modified Vaccinia Ankara-Bavarian Nordic (MVA-BN), an attenuated, non-replicating orthopoxvirus. MVA-BN is GROWN IN PRIMARY CHICKEN EMBRYO FIBROBLAST (CEF) CELLS suspended in a serum-free medium containing no material of direct animal origin, HARVESTED FROM THE CEF CELLS, purified and concentrated by several Tangential Flow Filtration (TFF) steps including benzonase digestion. Each 0.5 mL dose is formulated to contain 0.5 x 108 to 3.95 x 108 infectious units of MVA-BN live virus in 10 mM Tris (tromethamine), 140 mM sodium chloride at pH 7.7. Each 0.5 mL dose MAY CONTAIN RESIDUAL AMOUNTS OF HOST-CELL DNA (≤ 20 mcg), PROTEIN (≤ 500 mcg), BENZONASE (≤ 0.0025 mcg), GENTAMICIN (≤ 0.163 mcg) AND CIPROFLOXACIN (≤ 0.005 mcg).”



      1. Wow they admitted they put gentamicin in the jab, which just lends more evidence to them actually using the cell cultures from the labs in the jabs. And people wonder why they are getting sick when getting stabbed with kidney-toxic anti-biotics :/

        “GROWN IN PRIMARY CHICKEN EMBRYO FIBROBLAST (CEF) CELLS suspended in a serum-free medium containing no material of direct animal origin”

        Is it just me or arent Chick embryo cells from animal origin? LMAO

        They also mention its a live jab, which means they got HEK293 cells in em, but they dont mention that in the insert. Figures.

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      2. Dude, “serum-free medium containing no material of direct animal origin” is only referencing the culturing medium and not the bird cells that are being cultured. The quoted statement is redundant in that serum as a cell culturing medium *is* animalian blood plasma whereas the serum-free formulation is synthetic, but presumably the grammatical redundancy is in there as a science-related point of emphasis because not having blood plasma as the medium reduces the variables which is good science.


      3. Regarding gentamicin. Firstly, it’s a trace amount compared to the usual dose, which amounts to the cost of doing business. If one ‘does’ antibiotics then who cares?

        Secondly I have previously proposed here that the regular vaxxxes are laboratory cultures dominated by classes of exosomes (‘viruses’) associated with the symptomology in question, and that they established the classes of ‘viruses’ (corona, etc) by intensive, triangulatory process-of-elimination.

        In particle-based evolutionary proteomics, organisms unconsciously communicate all manner of things across their multicellular bodies including specific detox messaging (exosomes). It stands to reason that body fluids generated by a symptomology would have many messages for such fluid generation. The virologists separate the wheat from the chaff not by physical isolation but by the proportional representations (of various classes of viruses) in the PCR results. And then comparing those results with the results from other symptomologies.

        This process of elimination yields samples of class-dominant exosome samples to one degree or another but this is not the cell culture. The cell culture is the cells serum-free medium plus the sample plus the food plus the poisons, with the purpose of the custom culturing being to further amplify the same symptomology (that was in the body) in the petri dish, so as to encourage the cells to make more of the ‘same’ exosomes. When accomplished they filter as best as possible, add adjuvants, and inject.

        The synthetically cultured exosomes getting delivered alongside toxic adjuvants teaches the intelligent but innocent body to associate those exosomal detox messages with self-harm, so the intelligent body decides that that particular disease pathway is a poor choice for future detoxes, so refuses to produce that class of exosomes. The body is effectively lied-to. This is to the degree that a vaccine does work on any given individual. Though I’m aware of the counterarguments, I believe the circumstantial evidence is strong that all things considered they do work to varying degrees.


      4. Or…they are creating nothing more than cellular breakdown by poisoning the cells and the particles labeled exosomes/”viruses” are nothing more than cellular debris or possibly even artefacts created through the fixing, dehydrating, staining, embedding process the sample goes through before imaging. 😉


      5. I’m not talking microscopy here, though. I’m talking genomics. I know that doesn’t help with you, my friend but that’s what I have to work with. 🙂

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      6. “Exist” and “exist as claimed” are two different questions. The first is self-evident: even Mullis would say the PCR is making intelligent readings of chemical compounds. The second is irrelevant: we know that they don’t exist as claimed ‘viruses.’

        The classifications hinge on correlating symptomology with the quantitative results from sequencing the sea of genetic material in the culture and running it through their algorithms. Computers are their friend just as is the internet ours.

        Claiming ‘viruses’ from this process is totally illegitimate — hence this blog — but getting such qualitative results that enable them to perform their vaxxxine voodoo means that there’s a proven method to their madness if one believes that these shots are capable of suppressing future symptomologies to a degree. As I said, it looks that way to me.


      7. It seems important to understand what small scraps or threads of logic may creep into the scientifically barren world of virology like little shoots of green the cracks of some concrete jungle, if any.

        However, do we actually have any solid evidence that vaccines “work” even to for example stop poxes from expressing in children (not a good thing, but it’s something), and then still are we sure it’s not explainable by merely poisoning the body with the right toxic cocktail (much like mercury was used for centuries to stop “syphilis” (another nebulous label for a variable cluster of symptoms) and many other symptoms)?

        A similar question is whether a positive PCR “test” run at a sufficientally low cycle threshold is correlated with anything at all, or correlated with anything besides general high detox rate, or correlated with any kind of specific type of detox. It’s not doing what they say, that’s for sure, but a missing piece is to be able to say definitively whether, for each thing these “scientists” do, it’s a total crapshoot or it actually ever draws on or stumbles on some tiny scrap of medical relevance, and if so exactly how much and of what nature. The argument for “no, never, none at all and it’s just pure dice rolls or simply doing tests that show unhealthy or currently detoxing people are unhealthy or currently detoxing, which is much easier to detect in other ways” is that the goal of these researchers is overwhelmingly to meet the needs of a special interest machine with a fooling system that can smoothe over endless amounts of arbitrary nonsense making it look like meaningful scientific solidity, rather than to actually ever contribute to anyone’s health.

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      8. That’s pretty much what this theory proposes though isn’t it – poisoning the body with the right toxic cocktail? The rightness being the linking of the adjuvants to the symptomology with a custom tagging system. How else can one customize toxic cocktails to a broad range of symptomologies if the adjuvants used and delivery methods are similar across all a vaccines. Are they similar?

        As to solid evidence I guess it would be easiest to look at smallpox since it’s supposed to not exist anymore and does have a well-documented and fairly well/somewhat differentiated symptomology from the other poxes. Have there really been no small white poxes around for 40 years? I don’t know. What else might have disappeared in the global terrain instead of a proposed global suppression of the symptomology. Has a particular acute skin detox of (particular?) fat-soluble toxins been suppressed or is it no longer necessary? Or is it in fact still existing but it’s truthful reporting suppressed?

        My instinct says it’s information suppression one way or the other. I think coodinated, total global suppression of smallpox cases would be unlikely to be successful. Especially now when people like us have made the trek all the way to our parents’ garages to retrieve our x-ray specs and are pretty much only taking them off when we go to sleep.


      9. The symptoms formerly known as smallpox still exist. They have been given different names over the years such as chickenpox, monkeypox, measles, shingles, herpes, syphilis, or any of the other skin eruptive diseases presenting similar symptoms. They are all varying stages of the same detoxification process, just repackaged, relabelled, and resold.


      10. It’s not really all that hard to poison people in the right way. Mercury was called a panacea for the reason that it seemed to work on almost everything. There are very few diseases where it would even be clear a vaccine “worked” or didn’t (to stop specific symptoms), and even with the most obvious ones like seasonal flu, where the efficacy even by their own reports is meager, they can get away with it through their many rescue devices, like, “The virus has mutated.”

        On smallpox, have you read the bevy of articles here on the poxes? It seems the labels and the observed symptoms have little to no consistent correlation.

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      11. Thanks. I have not read them, no, just the pox articles of the last week. I take it your saying the injected poisons done the right way just generally cause the body to move the new poisons up to the top of the ‘Departures’ board. Wouldn’t that keep the vaxxxed from getting colds even? I’m having difficulty wrapping my head around the dynamics here of adjuvants in and of themselves suppressing symptoms. I guess I haven’t looked at the adjuvants properly. I figure that mercury worked like a crude antibiotic in killing the anaerobes that were eating the necrotic lesion tissues and thereby suppressing the healing function.


      12. Mercury and aluminum have a wide range of effects on the body, especially the nervous system that probably is key to coordination of many such processes.

        Stopping people from having colds (or just tending to) is one effect I’d also expect from these toxins until they’re relatively safely socked away in fatty tissue. What the other toxins in vaccines may do, and what that whole toxic cocktail may do in concert, is going to be a hard question to answer, and then there’s the further issue of whether adding any biological matter actually changes anything or is just for show.

        The vaccine efficacy studies are so shot through with problems, the disease definitions are so flimsy, and the brainwashing of healthcare workers and the general public so complete that I don’t really see that any efficacy would ever be needed in order to sell the product.

        If an ineffective product can be sold to almost everyone easily, the motivation to actually engineer some product that has some kind of efficacy (even if it’s actually an efficacy that we here know is counterproductive to health in the end) seems not to be there.

        This is how we get fields that aren’t just 98% useless, but 100% useless. They get good enough at fudging that fudging becomes the path of least resistance; actual discovery is hard enough, but even harder when the whole field is entertaining a bunch of false notions at its core and has equivocation baked into its culture so that the path of least resistance is the evergreen choice.

        I’m familiar with this sociological pattern because modern physics theory follows the same mold; there’s not a single useful or insightful thing in it. Not even a single term in the field is well defined. It’s remarkable in its scientific barrenness, managing not to advance our understanding of the world even a little bit, not even by accident. Virology may or may not be the same, but I wouldn’t be surprised if it is the same.

        That is to say, there are indeed ways for thousands of very smart people all over the world to come up with exactly nothing over the course of a century of dedicated work. It’s therefore not that convincing to me to argue in the vein of “smart people have worked hard at it so although they are wrong there must be something they got right somewhere” — not that that’s necessarily what you meant to imply.

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      13. Great, thanks for the continued feedback. Vaccines as general and perhaps broad-spectrum masking agents of routine disease and contributor to chronic disease, that confer great authority upon the industry. Disaster capitalism.


      14. While I’m sure Mullis wouldn’t disregard his own process, he did state that the underlying concepts are hypothetical:

        “People don’t realize that molecules themselves are somewhat hypothetical, and that their interactions are more so, and that the biological reactions are even more so.”


        They are stories created in an attempt to explain lab-created chemical reactions.


      15. You know he was stoned while saying that. And hanging out with brian steere who was stone cold sober because he was gifted a natural permahigh. “It’s all just object modeling, brian.”

        Holographic Reality itself is object modeling. That’s what Applied Consciousness (AC) is, consciousness applying itself to the local energy field. Reason-based object modeling by the metaconsciousness is simply an highly-evolved, nested, recursive function of the AC Mother (culture) holography. It’s the AC Mother — the intelligent body — standing in front of the looking glass and recognizing itself.


      16. Whether Mullis was stoned or not is irrelevant. He was spont on. It is all hypothetical. There is no proof in the existence of these molecules.


      17. I’d actually actually trust Kary Mullis’ stoned takes on issues. Think about all the musicians that were high as kites back in the 60s-80s and they wrote some of the most profound and classic music of all time. i’d say that the drugs helped them, and we dont even know if Kary Mullis was high when he came up with the PCR. Wouldnt surprise me if he was 😉 But just because someone is stoned doesnt mean that it should automatically disqualify that statement from being true or any less reliable.

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      18. Exactly! And in fact, Mullis was high on LSD at the time. 😉

        “The moment of discovery, as Mullis described it in his memoir, seemed psychedelic. “Lurid blue and pink images of electric molecules injected themselves somewhere between the mountain road and my eyes,” he wrote. Later on, in a BBC interview, Mullis wondered, if not for LSD, would he have been creative enough to have invented PCR? “I don’t know. I doubt it. I seriously doubt it,” he said.”



    2. I’ve so often found searching Japanese sources to shed important new light on medical matters that I do it almost as a matter of course now. The language barrier and culture barrier makes it another world, an alternate reality where the solutions to unsolved mysteries are out in the open.

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    3. Dude

      Care to narrate the flow of the redpills, or just link to your bitchute video if it narrates the flow? And link to it even if it doesn’t?



      1. Heres the first video i did on it:
        Then here’s the follow-up dealing with the information about Yamada:
        And you’ll notice that I’m fluent in Japanese and it was VITAL to getting all the info about Yamada as his obituary on Takeda’s official website wasnt posted in English as far as I can tell.
        Also, thanks to Robert O Young posting some Christine Massey data, I was able to go into an “isolation” paper from last year.
        Then through this paper, I found the original Japanese “isolation” paper that surprised me in its actual citation of the Drosten PCR and Zhu papers (going through all of the papers outside Japan that I know of from early 2020, not one of them source the January 23rd Drosten PCR fraud paper):


      2. I thought my post went through but it disappeared for some reason.

        Here my video on the vero cell line paper, I make sure to point out how many times they mention “vaccines” or “pharmaceuticals”


        Then my addendum video where i go looking into Yamada:


        Then I did this video going into an “isolation” paper that I found through Robert O Young’s website, where he cites Christine Massey as the source:


        Then through the above “isolation” paper, I found the original Japanese “isolation” paper from March 2020 (the Matsuyama paper):


        Now I need to warn you i dont hold back on “naughty” words in my videos and I am far more normie to this stuff than Mike is, and my original plan was to make these videos in Japanese to explain it to the most asleep people in the world but I got REALLY fed up one day and dragged out the Enders paper and went head first into this stuff LOL


      3. My channel on bitchute is “Ankokukishi.” I posted a couple times the links but the post didnt come up so I’ll just name it here.

        The videos you want to look for are my Viruses dont F’ing exist, and its the Vero cell line video for the vaccine stuff, and the video for the Takeda top guy Yamada is called “Former Chief medical science officer of Takeda Pharma”

        Then I have 2 videos talking about the “isolation” papers in Japan.

        I did do one in between all of those that was comparing the Wu and Zhou papers since I hadnt seen anyone point out the academic fraud committed in the references.


      4. @Clarifire

        So you know that the name Ankokukishi is from FF4, based 🙂

        Although the picture I use for the account is the cover of the book “Black Knight” which is a Side story for the Record of Lodoss war 😉


      5. This suggests to me you’re one of a rare breed who was attracted to Japan for things like this but stayed long enough and was committed enough to the language to reach a point where you can do important research that leverages your familiarity with both the English/英語圏 and Japanese spheres. Are you on Telegram or anything?


      6. @reante

        Sorry about the multiple posts, the posts didnt appear right away so I multi-posted by accident :/


      7. Looks like some new shit has come to light, Dude. 😀 Mike here is extremely easy going. I’m actually not sure I’m ever going to get kicked off this blog. Coming in that’s always the assumption.

        Liked by 1 person

      8. I try to allow discussion uncensored unless someone gives me a reason to block due to violent threats, spamming, or consistent derogatory behavior. Luckily that has never been the case in the near year the blog has been around. I think much can be gained from discussion even if, and maybe especially when, there are differences of opinion. I’m not looking to create an echo chamber here. 😉


      9. @clarifire

        I am on minds and gab



        I dont use telegram because of the requirement to connect it to a phone number.

        Oh and if you wanna know my long drawn out story about why i studied japanese, I made a video specifically about that:



        You can pick whether you wanna watch it on Bitchute or Odysee (I have it on theytube but I’d prefer to get more traction on alt-tech 😉 )

        Liked by 1 person

    4. Replying here due to WordPress oddities, but I took a stroll around your content. Nice work on the J translating. Now I have some Japanese content to link people to besides jimakudaio and Purple Pearl or trying to explain everything myself. If I’m ever passing through town I’ll give a holler. Seems like 90% of Japanese don’t wear the masks because they’re scared of disease but because they’re scared of being criticized. Or because they got used to not doing half their makeup. That helped me not be as disgusted by it.

      I was overjoyed when I went to a restaurant tonight and found all the staff (kitchen and wait staff, all 8 staff members) were proudly maskless and there was no 消毒液 at the entrance anymore. Hope that trend continues.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. I lost a lot of respect for jimakudaiou. I mean I am the enemy of the allopaths, but there is a specific doctor, Takahashi Toku, who i know personally, that Jimakudaiou is actively trying to get dirt on to make him look bad. Total drama crap. As much as I hate the allopaths and ANY doctor who promotes the lie of “viruses,” destroy them with facts, not with underhanded crap.


      2. That’s unfortunate. I haven’t kept up on his feed recently largely because he seemed focused on fighting people, but I appreciate his massive efforts so far in making content available to a Japanese audience. The language barrier is truly a curse and a blessing.

        You might be interested to know that 整体 (for English speakers: Seitai, Japanese chiropractic type adjustment and medical philosophy) is based on the works of Haruchika Noguchi, starting with the old book 風邪の効用, which says colds and flus are good for you and completely harmless if not messed with.

        Nothing about “viruses” but it conveniently leaves no place for pathogenic microbes whatsoever.


      3. @clarifire

        Really? I should look into that. Maybe Ill drop by a bookstore later this week and take a look, see what I can find.


  3. Speaking to Clarifires point, vaccination can become tautology. Diseases that have been ‘eradicated’ by vaccination are renamed. acute flaccid paralysis is one example, for polio. You can still get HPV with the vaccine, but it’s an allegedly weaker version of the disease. David Crowe recounted a doctor diagnosing him with german measles despite presenting regular measles, because he had had a measles shot prior.

    a lot of this stuff is by deception at the top and people who don’t understand it following orders. I won’t deny it’s possible, but I seriously doubt any vaccines prevent symptoms of disease.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Agreed. They continually repackage, relabel, and resell the same symptoms of disease. It creates the appearance the vaccines are successful while allowing the same symptoms to persist under a different name.


    1. Are you referring to this study?

      “Graphene Nanomaterials-Based Radio-Frequency/Microwave Biosensors for Biomaterials Detection”

      If so, I have not. I will check it out. Thanks for the kind words and support Julie! 🙂


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