Science, Pseudoscience, and The Germ Theory of Disease – Dr. Jordan Grant

At the end of April, Dr. Jordan Grant gave a remarkable 2-part lecture breaking down the various philosophical issues related to our modern healthcare system. He deconstructed the germ theory of disease and brilliantly showcased why it is based on pseudoscience rather than natural science. Dr. Grant has been at the forefront of calling out virology for its inadherence to the scientific method and he has pinpointed the many logical fallacies surrounding the germ theory fraud.

I have been anxiously awaiting the time that I could share his presentation with you. If you know Dr. Grant, you would understand why. I am fortunate enough to call Jordan a friend. We crossed paths at the beginning of this pandemic through the Infectious Myth Facebook group created by the late David Crowe. From reading Jordan’s conversations with others in our group, I immediately realized that this was a man who carried a wealth of knowledge and he was someone from which I could learn a great deal from. He may not realize it, but Jordan has been a mentor to me in various ways and I am grateful for all of the knowledge I have gained from our conversations. My hope is that you are able to come away with many nuggets of wisdom from this excellent series! At the very least, you will learn one thing you may have never known that can kill a guinea pig. 😉

Oh no!

The Philosophy of Modern Medicine

What Makes Us Ill and How Can We Optimize Health? The modern medical-industrial complex has its focus on drugs and symptom suppression. It is a “sick care” system. We need to understand this philosophy and then empower ourselves with information on true causes of “illness” in order to better understand ways to optimize our health.

The Philosophy of Modern Medicine – Dr. Jordan Grant (2022 Conference) – Delivered 04/30/2022 – Dr. Jordan Grant – Berean Bible Church –

Science, Pseudoscience, and The Germ Theory of Disease

For over 150 years, the “germ theory” of disease has dominated mainstream thought regarding many illnesses. Is this theory scientific? Are there holes in the paradigm? We will explore what “science” means, first and foremost, and then apply that to dogmas surrounding contagion and infection.

Science, Pseudoscience, and The Germ Theory of Disease – Dr. Jordan Grant (2022 Conference) – Delivered 04/30/2022 – Dr. Jordan Grant. – Berean Bible Church –

If you are interested in joining the Infectious Myth Facebook group (there are a few due to censorship) to converse with Dr. Grant and many other amazing like-minded people, you can find us here:

Infectious Myth Group 1

Infectious Myth Group 2

Infectious Myth Group 3

Go ahead, make his day…


  1. Thanks for more supporting information. Discussing what is true scientific method opens up a whole new ball of wax. I am more weary of modern stone age medicine than ever. It is becoming apparent that most of medicine is purely based on thin air, non-existent theories and hocus-pocus.

    I don’t buy the idea that the doctors and practitioners are not culpable. They are the people on the front lines and directly making decisions supporting this nonsense. Either they just go along with big pharma’s dictates or they stand up and begin questioning the whole virus theory shebang.

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    1. Thanks Tom! I agree most of modern medicine is non-existent theories and hocus-pocus. Sadly, many have been tricked by illusions.

      I also agree that many doctors and practitioners are culpable, whether knowingly or unknowingly. It is a case of severe indoctrination that is hard to break free from. Fortunately, there are many like Dr. Grant, Dr. Kaufman, Dr. Cowan, Dr.’s Bailey’s, Dr. Corbett, etc. who can see the problem and are speaking out. We need more brave practitioners to step forward.

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  2. What a great presentation! Measured, thoughtful, logical. So glad it was captured on video. I will be watching and listening to it again. Thank you for posting it Mike!

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    1. You are welcome Julie! Jordan has an amazing way of presenting information in a clear and concise manner and he cuts directly to the heart of the matter. I was anxiously awaiting the time that I could share his presentation with everyone! 🙂


  3. I’ve only dipped into the first.
    There are fundamental beliefs and definitions in individuals and as cultural inheritance that frame all that proceeds.
    Trying to communicate that to those who currently identify in and perceive through such beliefs is exactly the issue we meet when trying to reach a virologist (professional or lay believer) with the serious proposition of its non existence – or at least with there being no basis in empirical reality to support its claims.
    Among other ‘companioning guides’ I find A Course in Miracles one of the most clear expositions of the nature of a breakdown in communication running as a masking defence against disclosure to lack of foundation.
    The primary healing is the undoing of fear as a basis for denial, attack, conflict, sacrifice, & masking defence in substitution for love of life. The body is not credited with a creative will, but the confusion of levels in a split mind has assigned part of its own will to external conditions, symptoms and projections – just as many do regarding a pathogenic hijacking virus.
    A Course in Miracles primary invitation is to the opening of conscious relationship with the ‘Holy Spirit’ – which is given us as the means of reintegration to an underlying wholeness we have dissociated from by mis-taken identity, in lack-based judgements by which we seek adjustments to a sense of self and world in conflict.
    A Course in Miracles holds the ego of self image as a clinging to limitation, division and control, that uses the body – including its sickness and frailty – as its most powerful defence against our truth in Spirit – which is beyond the body but blesses all that is true within our miscreative errors – such as to renew and repurpose from a mind set for ‘getting’ to a mind for giving and receiving as one.
    The Miracle is thus any witness to love’s reality, such as can be recognised and share in even an instant of willingness. The healing or awakening is not at all what the ego would gladly engage in as a reflection of its own sense of becoming, and so like all that it takes on the form of – operates a reversal – not least by first making sickness real and then seeking to solve it.
    The judgement that locks us into reaction operates as if we already know and thus do not pause to ask and listen or wait on answer to reveal.
    I have had many occasions for quoting the Bible to the current revealing/reset of a covert identity:
    “And WHO told you you were naked?” said the Lord.
    Taking ‘naked’ to its root of a self-consciousness set in dissonance that is driven to mask in mutually agreed definitions or ‘groupthink’, is then naked in the light of being – now associated with a self-dissonance or self-wrongness that can attach and associate itself with anything and everything – until released.
    Complete healing back to God is then associated with total loss of self and world, and so the attempted compromise between love and fear that becomes their reversal, when we fear & hate to love and yet love to hate (in the mask of false virtue by which to mitigate or escape blame and penalty).
    The gift of the Holy Spirit is the stirring in our being of the freedom to ask and receive answer truly, as distinct from the questions framed by and for the masking over unowned or denied conflicts.
    Because healing is release from fear, those who are not ready to receive meet an accommodation that allays fear through mediations that join with a patient’ current beliefs such as to take a step from fear set in self-conflict towards release of conflict.
    Gaslighting is always a self-attack or else it wouldn’t draw a corresponding reaction.
    In sketching FROM the Course’s terms can seen abstract or unworldly. But its application is always specific.
    There are other guidances for wherever we that witness for integrity of being and function.
    Joy is our function as the freedom to be who we are rather than self-evasions that lead us unto WHO we are not! Spirit is the Context in which realignment to heart in health is restored as a place to live FROM – instead of a goal set in some OTHER moment to GET to or attain.
    A pathological or negative appreciation of life sets gratifications in self illusion as the drive for a fulfilment that is gone even as it seems to be had. The bottoming out of an addiction is the ‘Prodigal son’ theme. I find this a better metaphor than the ego-alien adventure of being trapped under a predatory and alien Power.


  4. good evening. I am a DDS from Italy. I have been knowing pleomorphism, terrain theory and all the related topics for 20 years now. I am trying to inform my colleagues, especially physicians, about this stuff. I am producing at the moment a documentary about the contagion scam.
    listening to jordan grant’s presentation, I see that he has plenty of articles about the trials done to infect people with measles, scarlet fever, etc. so not only with spanish flu. in the video he says he would like to share these references with anybody interested.
    well I am interested. so if you please would like to give me jordan’s contact, I would ask him to share the references. or, eventually, if he preferred to write me, this is my email address:
    congratulations with your useful site and best regards

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    1. Hi Andrea, thanks for the comment! I spoke with Jordan and he has your contact info. He said he will find the resources and get them to you. Thanks for doing your part in helping to spread awareness of the fraud! 🙂


      1. Thanks Mike. Asked for your friendship on fb. I see we Have a friend in common, Alessio. Hè was my guest in one of my documentaries.
        Ciao, andrea

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      2. Hello Mike,
        I too would like to get the references Jordan is mentioning. As we are a team of activists in France wishing to communicate broadly on this issue. And be backed by scientific data is a must.
        My email address is
        Warm regards


  5. Thanks Mike
    Always looking forward to the posts.Great approach .

    “It is decisive to understand in virology ie,
    When?Why?and Who? was it? Dr Lanka

    May want to check out ‘What biology is not!
    I wish i was as optimistic as Dr Lanka but I still see so much apathy and deliberate ignorance.
    It is basic and anyone with secondary school science should be able to understand what has been happening in science. One has to wonder if schooling is just about dumbing down, rewarding memorising at the expense of using thought and logic.

    Little will change long term and the nonsense will just keep repeating itself unless the understanding changes and people do not get out of their apathy, deliberate ignorance and start questioning . Is it science or not?
    Majority are just stuck in superstitions and believes , regurgitating and recirculating pseudoscience.
    The times we are experiencing is a culmination of a culture of apathy, corruption , incompetence , legalised fraud and coverups .

    Most constitutions seem to include the fundamental human rights, so having new rules and laws is not the real problem
    The real problem is people adhering to them and ensuring they are respected and the people in power are checked and held to account otherwise the system cannot work . At the moment they have card blanche and are getting away with murder while the thankful people are grateful as ‘it could have been worst.’

    But the majority not only just tolerate the ‘scientific ‘ lies and the fabricated pandemics and fabricated theories for ‘climate’ change , but participate in the lies as it ‘works’ , even take part in building their own slavery and self- harm – see scientists and medical staff producing the Frankenstein science and the harmful treatments and vaccines and even taking the poisons themselves, they even believe their own false believes and lies.

    Any sensible idea that helps with health and pollution ( as oppose to ‘ climate change’ , maybe can get zero Carbon if we all just stop breathing) gets suppressed unless it generates money for the self chosen .
    An obvious example the industries just keep polluting with every possible chemical, pesticide , spaying with chemtrails and tell people just become vegan and stop using straws in drinks but create billions of trash from useless mask and gloves discarded everywhere including the rivers and ocean and people still believe these creeps in power care about the environment.

    No-one is checking , people with responsibility are above law , do not adhere to them and do not ensure that they are respected .
    Often the excuse for any change seems to be it is human nature, it always have been like this.

    And for humanity to get out of this mess a real change is needed, a leap out of the good/ bad understanding of biology and our reality, a liberating understanding out of centuries of inherited superstitions and beliefs that has generated such self destructive and irrationality driven by deliberately generated pathological fear and propaganda.

    What Biology is not! Dr Stefan Lanka*1i44d5x*_ga*MTIzMTkzOTQ4OC4xNjI1NzM1OTcw*_ga_T49FMYQ9FZ*MTY1NTk3ODQwNy4xMDUzLjEuMTY1NTk3ODQ0OC4w*8w82xm*_ga*MTIzMTkzOTQ4OC4xNjI1NzM1OTcw*_ga_T49FMYQ9FZ*MTY1NTk3ODQwNy4xMDUzLjEuMTY1NTk3ODQ0OC4w


  6. These videos are so good! I usually don’t have any time to watch videos or listen to podcasts, but I am really glad I made time for these. It seems that I still need a lot of reminders that viruses are not real, it’s so easy to let the mainstream drag you back into delusion, but Dr. Grant provides a very good way to defend against that with the question, “How do I know what I know?” and the excellent reminder of what science *really* is and how to recognize pseudoscience.

    I can’t thank you enough, Mike, not just for opening my eyes in the first place to this deception, but for providing week after week materials that help me understand more deeply what is happening here and keep me from slipping back into delusion.

    I am currently reading Tom Cowan’s “The Truth About Contagion …” another eye opener!

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    1. You are very welcome Ginger! Jordan is amazing at breaking things down in simple, clear, and concise manner. I’m trying to get him get out there more, or even team up on some interviews with me. We have joked about doing a podcast sometime. 🙂

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  7. I’ve had this page up since you posted it. Watched part of the first video and will get back to it eventually. I shared it anywhere I can.

    What I really wanted to say is that while being a part of the Infectious Myth group since it started and following the various posts and replies on it, I got to feel I knew something about the people there. They are very smart and knowledgeable. I like smart people! I suspected that Jordan was a doctor before he even came out, (as far as I know). He never at the start used the title of Doctor, but I was sure he was. In any case, I enjoyed the to and fro of discussions, the learning that took place for me, and the humor. I got quite a few chuckles out these open debates–facts and opinions shared. Kudos to you all and to Mike for this blog. It is great!

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    1. Thanks for the kind words and compliments! 🙂 I love the IM group. It is definitely a collection of very smart people and it is exciting to hear different views/opinions. 🙂


  8. Thanks for those great vids. I’ve actually watched most of them now. His depiction of the scientific method is much more familiar to me now.

    Would you help me? Sorry to burden you further. Someone else asked for the references to the failure of germ theory he says in his second talk. Could you let me know how to get that info too? He says “contact me for them,” but I don’t know how.

    Thank you.

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