A Matter of Trust

“Tell a lie once and all of your truths become questionable.”


Dr. Stefan Lanka. Dr. Tom Cowan. Dr. Andrew Kaufman. Dr. Sam Bailey. What do these four people, at the forefront of the “No Virus” movement (if we can call it that), have in common besides a tireless quest to present the truth about the fraud of virology? They do not claim to be something or someone that they are not. Each of these doctors have credentials and work experience that can be easily verified. They have all worked hard to gain our trust by being open and honest regarding their professional backgrounds. In spite of this, each of them have had their names run through the mud by mainstream media outlets and alternative news sites in attempts to discredit and debunk their work. Fortunately, these professionals have each been able to stand tall in the face of inaccurate, misleading, and erroneous allegations made against them due to the fact that they all have nothing to hide. While they have each faced the adversity and proven their detractors wrong while coming out stronger for having done so, that does not appear to be the case for relative newcomer Poornima Wagh.

I did not want to write this as I really do believe Poornima Wagh has been through a smoldering ring of fire as of late. Sadly, it is an inferno that she seemingly created for herself through her own actions. In any case, it is not my intent to pour on the metaphorical lighter fluid and fan the flames. However, due to the response that I have seen to the vetting of Poornima, I felt that it was necessary to present the case for why it was imperative that Poornima’s claims and credentials were ultimately verified. I want to also ask those who found themselves under the spell over the last few months to use this unfortunate situation as a much-needed wake-up call in order to re-evaluate those that they view as trustworthy. It is easy, especially during these challenging times, to look for and cling to a savior, the expert in shining armor ready to slay the legendary “viral” beast. When one seemingly steps out from behind the shadows, it is easy to push aside and abandon all critical thought and healthy skepticism in order to latch onto the savior with welcoming and open arms. However, if one takes a moment to step back and view the savior with the same discernment and logic that led them to see through the “viral” delusion in the first place, they will many times see that these saviors are sadly not who they claim to be. Unfortunately, it appears as though this trust that was easily given by many may have been entirely misplaced in Poornima Wagh.

As with Brian Ardis and his snake venom presentation a few months ago, Poornima Wagh burst onto the scene and took the “truther” community by storm in early July with an engaging presentation debunking virology on the Regis Tremblay podcast. Proclaiming herself as a virologist with 2 simultaneous PhD’s (one in virology and the other in immunology) from the prestigious London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine, Poornima had the impressive credentials which immediately made people take notice and listen. It didn’t hurt that Poornima also announced that she led a monumental study that contained the very evidence needed to not only prove “SARS-COV-2” did not exist but also that virology and germ theory were a complete fraud. She also promised future presentations debunking PCR, masks, and the vaccines as well. A dual PhD virologist seemingly coming out from nowhere with the very evidence needed to shut down this lie once and for all almost seemed to be too good to be true.

Poornima did deliver on the promise of the follow-up slide-show presentations. In fact, a lot of the information that Poornima presented during her three appearances on the Regis Tremblay show was factual and did a great job illustrating the faults in germ theory, virology, and the health response to this “pandemic.” She shared information from many sources, including some of my own, which makes this a very difficult article for me to write. While there were many truths in the information Poornima shared, there were certain elements that stood out from a factual and scientific standpoint that undermined her credibility as someone with dual PhD’s in virology/immunology and 20 years of lab experience. While I do not want to belabor technical errors as I am sure I make them myself (granted, I do not claim to be a virologist), there were erroneous statements made by Poornima about methods used by virologists which she should have known better than to make.

As a quick example, during her most recent presentation with Dr Wai-Ching Lee, Poornima made two alarming statements related to the cell culture process that a person with her position and experience should not make. She claimed in this slide under # 2 that both Vero cells and HeLa cells are cultured together with the lung fluid taken from a sick patient:

This is false as different cell lines (such as monkey kidney cells and human cervical cancer cells) are never mixed together with the lung fluid and then cultured.

In the following slide with # 4, she stated that trypsin is added during the culturing process:

This is another erroneous claim as trypsin is used after the cell culturing process takes place in order to detach the cells from the cell culture flask, often in the case of passaging the cells to a fresh vessel. Trypsin is not added in during the actual culturing of the “virus.”

There were other errors and questionable statements that Poornima made throughout her interviews and presentations that raised red flags for many of us watching on the sidelines. As I said, it is not my intent to pile on Poornima regarding these points. However, they were ultimately crucial as they served as evidence to us that Poornima may not hold the required credentials and experience that she claimed to possess. Due to these growing questions and concerns, it was felt that it was time to address these issues with Poornima in order to properly vet her.

Missing PhD’s and Thesis


“Anybody asking about my credentials, here are my credentials, you can check them out…and…you can give these colleges a call and I’m sure they can help you out with this.”

-Poornima Wagh

As can be seen by Wagh’s statement, she openly invited anyone doubting her credentials to verify her claims by calling the colleges she said she had attended for themselves. That is exactly what investigative journalist Eric Coppolino did after a 45 minute pre-interview with Poornima raised even more questions than answers. While I will not rehash his story, (you can read it here), I want to provide the responses he received regarding Poornima’s claim of aquiring two PhD’s in virology and immunology in just 3 years using one thesis (a phenomenal and unrealistic feat) from the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine:

“The London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine has checked in with the following statement this morning from their press office: “Nobody by the name of Poornima Wagh has obtained a degree from our institution.” We have also received a second confirmation from Roger Watson“I have it from the dean of Faculty of Infectious and Tropical Diseases at LSHTM, Alison Grant, that nobody of her name has obtained any degree from their institution.” Update Thursday, September 1: The London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine has confirmed: “Nobody with the last name Wagh, including as part of a hyphenated surname or as part of a surname containing the letters in that order, has obtained a degree from this institution.”

The very school that Poornima claimed to receive her dual virology/immunology PhD’s from stated that they have no record of anyone by that name or any variations thereof having ever attended nor receiving PhD’s from their institution. Searches for Poornima’s thesis paper, which would have been a requirement in order to attain the PhD’s and would be public record, came up fruitless. In other words, Eric (along with the help of Dr. Kevin Corbett and Roger Watson) did exactly what Poornima asked any of her doubters to do. He checked with the institutions and found no record of her attendence, PhD’s, nor her thesis. Needless to say, this is a major red flag that was in dire need of resolving in order to establish some semblance of trust in the professional background Poornima presented.

Update: I have had a few people question why Eric Coppolino was able to receive information about Poornima Wagh not attending LSHTM without her permission. I decided to follow-up with LSHTM to find out. It seems that due to Poornima claiming affiliation with the institution, they were able to release this info about her non-attendence under special circumstances.

The 1,500 “SARS-COV-2” Samples Study

The above three slides are all from Poornima’s first presentation on Regis Tremblay’s show.

Another aspect of Poornima’s story that caused alarm for many of us was her extraordinary claim of having led the testing of 1,500 “SARS-COV-2” samples from southern California and finding nothing in them at all, just cellular debris. According to Poornima’s recounting of events, she was contacted by her P.I. in April 2020 to do the testing of 1,500 “SARS-COV-2” positive samples as her university had received a $1.5 million grant from the NIH to find and isolate “SARS-COV-2” from these samples. Poornima insisted that she was reluctant to take on the project as she knew that she would find no “virus.” However, after continued prodding by her P.I., Poornima agreed to perform the procedures but only upon the condition that she were allowed to do the process her way “as a pathologist” adhering to Koch’s Postulates. Upon finding no “SARS-COV-2” in any of the 1,500 samples as well as being unable to make any ferrets sick with the materials, her P.I. requested that Poornima and her team of 20 lab members repeat the entire process all over again, for a grand total of a three times. The results remained the same that no “SARS-COV-2” existed in any of the samples and no animals became sick. Alarmed by these results, the P.I. reached out to 100 differemt labs around the country to see if they could recreate the findings as well. Only 6 labs responded, 5 in California and one on the East coast. All labs followed the exact same protocols as laid out by Poornima and found the exact same results as well.

This led to a contentious meeting with the CDC’s Robert Redfield who demanded that, regardless of the findings, they all needed to state that “SARS-COV-2” was found within the samples. According to Poornima, her lab refused to follow along and attempted to publish the results as they were. There were numerous unsuccessful attempts with over 21 different journals, the last occuring in Oct. 2021. During this process of attempting to get the study published, the FBI raided her lab in April 2021 and confiscated everything. Poornima claimed that 5 members, including herself, kept digital and paper copies of the study and have continued the search for a publisher ever since, currently seeking publication in India. Apparently, two members of her team committed suicide under suspicious circumstances and according to Poornima’s interview with Eric Coppolino, her P.I. mysteriously died a few days before they spoke.

Needless to say, this story is incredible, and if true, it would be the death knell not only for “SARS-COV-2” but also for the pseudoscience known as virology. In fact, when many of us heard these claims, we were excited by the possibility that the No “Virus” Challenge was unnecessary as the proper controls and procedures that we wanted to see were already carried out by various labs and completed. However, upon closer examination of Poornima’s story, there are serious red flags which cast even more doubt about her credibility.

Over the course of this pandemic, a nearly identical version of Poornima’s story has made the rounds over social media, even being “fact-checked” numerous times. This version of events tested 1,500 “SARS-COV-2” positive samples and found mainly Influenza A along with a smaller number of Influenza B within the samples rather than “SARS-COV-2.” This particular narrative was credited to various people, including a seemingly fictional Dr. Derek Knauss as well as a very real Dr. Robert Oswald who denied any involvement. Even Partick Gunnels, who recently debated Steve Kirsch over the non-existence of “viruses,” was credited as the virologist after he read the story on YouTube. In order to show the striking similarities between Poornima’s story (right down to the dual virology-immunology degrees) and the previous version which has circulated at various times, I am providing the words attributed to Dr. Derek Knauss from April 19, 2021:

“A clinical scientist and immunologist-virologist at a southern California laboratory says he and colleagues from 7 universities are suing the CDC for massive fraud. The reason: not one of 1500 samples of people tested “positive” could find Covid-19. ALL people were simply found to have Influenza A, and to a lesser extent Influenza B. This is consistent with the previous findings of other scientists, which we have reported on several times.

Dr. Derek Knauss: “When my lab team and I subjected the 1500 supposedly positive Covid-19 samples to Koch’s postulates and put them under an SEM (electron microscope), we found NO Covid in all 1500 samples. We found that all 1500 samples were primarily Influenza A, and some Influenza B, but no cases of Covid. We did not use the bulls*** PCR test.’

At 7 universities not once is COVID detected

‘When we sent the rest of the samples to Stanford, Cornell, and a couple of the labs at the University of California, they came up with the same result: NO COVID. They found Influenza A and B. Then we all asked the CDC for viable samples of Covid. The CDC said they can’t give them, because they don’t have those samples.’

‘So we came to the hard conclusion through all our research and lab work that Covid-19 was imaginary and fictitious. The flu was only called ‘Covid,’ and most of the 225,000 deaths were from co-morbidities such as heart disease, cancer, diabetes, pulmonary emphysema, etc.. They got the flu which further weakened their immune systems, and they died.’

‘This virus is fictitious’

‘I still need to find one viable sample with Covid-19 to work with. We who conducted the lab test with these 1500 samples at the 7 universities are now suing the CDC for Covid-19 fraud. The CDC still has not sent us a viable, isolated and purified sample of Covid-19. If they can’t or won’t, then I say there is no Covid-19. It’s fictional.’

‘The four research papers describing the genome extracts of the Covid-19 virus never managed to isolate and purify the samples. All four papers describe only small pieces of RNA that are only 37 to 40 base pairs long. That is NOT a VIRUS. A viral genome normally has 30,000 to 40,000 base pairs.’


Update: Bill Houston, who wrote a very good article breaking this Poornima situation down, had previously uncovered this reply on a forum apparently from Poornima 2 years ago:


As can be seen, Poornima claims that she isolated Influenza A/B from the samples which aligns her story exactly with the Derek Knauss/Robert Oswald story that had stated the very same thing. That is, until Poornima changed it to no “virus” having been found within the samples whatsoever.

The striking similarities between the stories of Poornima and Derek Knauss and Co. were a huge red flag. This nearly identical tale attributed to various people over the last year-and-a-half has popped up numerous times yet there is no verifiable information that these studies and events ever took place. This leads to one of two possible scenarios:

  • Poornima is finally giving us the real version of these events.
  • Poornima copied this story and incorporated it into her own after having read it.

Taking into consideration that Poornima has seemingly not been honest about her PhD’s, it leads one to conclude that the most likely scenario is the latter.

Worldwide Vaccine Investigation

The above 5 slides relate to Poornima’s current worldwide vaccine investigation. https://www.bitchute.com/video/6uY601hwZIId/

One of Poornima’s most recent unverified claims is that she is currently engaged in a worldwide investigation into what is really contained within multiple “Covid” vaccines. She stated that the investigations have so far uncovered that all of the vaccines contain essentially the same ingredients (just in varying quantities) which includes lipids nanoparticles, trillions of reduced graphene oxide particles, and an assortment of heavy metals. Not a single vaccine contains mRNA, even the Pfizer and Moderna injections. Poornima listed 18 scientists stationed in various parts of the world collaborating with her in this endeavor yet she has not provided any verification beyond that. I have it on good authority that, while Poornima claimed to have 2 scientists in New Zealand, no one in NZ is working with her which casts a shadow of doubt upon the whole operation. When we include the unverified claims regarding the questionable vaccine investigation with both the missing PhD’s and the apparent plagarism of the lab story, this confluence of highly suspicious information needed immediate clarification from Poornima. However, this sadly was not meant to be.

If I’m a fraud, then I’m a fraud. I’m gonna go down with that. That’s fine. That’s fine. I’m sorry Regis, maybe you are disappointed in me.

-Poornima Wagh

Regis did invite Poornima back on after Eric’s article so that she could defend herself from the evidence presented against her. While I was not expecting anything different than what ultimately transpired, there was a part of me that had hoped that maybe this was just one big misunderstanding and that Poornima would somehow come through with documentation proving that she did in fact attain 2 PhD’s from LSHTM. Maybe she would present her thesis paper and provide availability to anyone anxious to read it. Perhaps she would give a small taste of the methods section from the monumental study debunking “SARS-COV-2” and virology that she was looking to publish independently in India. A part of me was pulling for her to give us something. Anything, really.

Unfortunately, all that was given was an inaccurate portrayal of the events that transpired. Poornima stated that this was an attack against her based on our collective ego. She continued to falsely claim that Eric grilled and interrogated her. Poornima stated that she was harassed (which is untrue as can be seen by Christine Massey’s release of our e-mails with her here) and she even threatened legal action. When pressed by Regis if she would allow him, someone whom she considered a friend, access to her school records in order to clear this situation up once and for all, Poornima said that she would not let Regis nor anyone else see this evidence. Throughout the 42 minute interview, Poornima oddly and repeatedly referred to herself as a fraud while trying to defend herself against this perception and even apologized to Regis for disappointing him. It is hard to make the case that these were not the words of someone with everything to lose and nothing to gain by verifying the accuracy of her professional background and education. For someone who originally seemed open to being vetted, Poornima ended up not being agreeable to it at all.

This unwillingness to be vetted is a major concern when a person has made some extraordinary claims that are in need of being verified. Please note that had Poornima never claimed to be a dual PhD in virology and immunology, had never claimed to have led a ground-breaking study disproving all of virology, and had never claimed to be working with 18 labs across the world dissecting the vaccines, the need to verify her background would have been unnecessary and the focus would have been solely on the information she presented. However, Poornima made her credentials and her expertise central to her own credibility by making such bold statements and tying it into her own personal story and presentations. Extraordinary claims demand extraordinary evidence to back them up and so far, Poornima has delivered nothing to verify that these claims are in fact true. If we accept these claims as true without investigating them, then we are doing a disservice to ourselves and everyone else. I had reached out to Poornima after Eric’s article but before her last interview with Regis to explain this to her and to see if she would accept another chance to get together to talk and clear the air:

Hi Poornima

This is Mike from ViroLIEgy.com. I wanted to reach out as it seems things have become a little contentious between you and others within an email group I participate in. I understand from some communications that you felt grilled by Eric in his pre-interview and also threatened by inquiries into your past education, work experience, and credentials. It is unfortunate if our communications with you have come across in such a manner. No one wants to claim you as a fraud and we are in fact holding out hope that the work you have done is legitimate as it would be a great boost to our collective cause.

Please understand that our attempts to vet you are based upon obtaining verification before promoting your work. As you have set your credentials and experience as a central component to the credibility of much of what you present, we need to verify this before we would be able to jump on board. We want nothing more than to come together as a unified front. However, there are some definite questions and concerns we would love to address with you and resolve in order to move the conversation forward. Please do not see this as a threat or attempt to discredit/defame you as that is definitely not the intention. We really need to be able to verify as much as we can as we would be doing a disservice to ourselves and everyone else without doing our due diligence. I hope that we can all get together and discuss this in the interest of becoming a united front. Thanks for understanding and also for promoting my blog in your presentations. It is greatly appreciated. 🙂


Sadly, I never heard back from Poornima. However, as she stated in her latest interview with Regis, Poornima is right in that she owes us nothing. Even though she agreed to it, Poornima does not need to meet with us. She does not need to verify herself for us. She does not need to explain her motivations to us nor to anyone else. This was entirely voluntary and was never a requirement. However, doing so would have been a great way to foster a relationship of trust between us as well as with anyone else who listens to her. It would have laid a strong foundation that could have been built upon going forward.

Speaking for myself, I wanted to believe in Poornima. I wanted to promote her presentations. I wanted another ally in this fight. I wanted very much to proclaim that the necessary control experiments that could serve as the final nail in the coffin of virology were already completed and ready to be shared. I understand the strong desire to believe in someone. I understand the promise of what Poornima represented and the hope that she inspired. I understand also, that as one of the messengers who is shining a light on the cracks in the foundation of her personal story, I will be blamed by those supporters who are angry for dashing the promise she embodied. However, as I stated in my email to Poornima, I would be doing a disservice to myself and to everyone else if I did not do the due diligence of helping to vet her information properly. We owe it to ourselves to always ensure that the information we receive and share is accurate, and with Poornima, determining this accuracy was heavily tied to having her verify her credentials. Without the PhD’s, her whole story falls apart.

In the end, it all comes down to a matter of trust, which is something that is earned and not given. It is built by the integrity and the honesty of the other person. It is based on the consistency of telling the truth. If trust is earned and that relationship is ultimately broken, it is a difficult thing to repair and rebuild. Thus, it is of the utmost importance that those who are presenting valuable information to the public regarding the fraud of virology are shown to be trustworthy by demonstrating themselves to be consistently honest and of the utmost integrity.

In my own personal example, I try to be as open and honest about myself as possible. I am not claiming to be any more than I am. I have no problem if someone decided to call my college and ask if I actually obtained a degree in Exercise Science. I have absolutely nothing to hide and I feel better being upfront about who I am. While I have spoken about my educational background, it does not enhance nor detract from the information I share. It is not essential to my writing about the foundational flaws of virology as this information stands on its own and is in no way tied to my background. Anyone looking into my background will never be able to gather evidence that I lied about who I am as I value honesty above all else. If, for some reason, I did lie and it was uncovered, this information would rightfully be used against me, showing a dishonest person who has stained everything he wrote. Sadly, it would also be used to paint anyone saying similar things as myself in a negative light as well. For example, this is how Steve Kirsch is using this situation with Poornima to attack us “virus deniers” in a recent blog post:

“Eric Coppolino found exactly the same thing Jessica did: she’s a total fraud. This is why Poornima was so camera shy.

He wrote a brilliant Substack about it.

What we still don’t know is why she is fabricating all this stuff.

I have the same problem with any of the leaders of the “virus denier” movement. Tom Cowan, Sam Bailey, Mark Bailey, Andrew Kaufman, Jon Rappoport, and others are all camera shy. There’s a reason for that: they would be exposed as frauds in minutes.”

Being exposed as dishonest would break a hard-earned chain of trust that has been established by myself, my colleagues, and those who have come before us. It is a chain that needs to remain unbreakable for those who will come after us. This is bigger than any one person as we are all links in this chain of transformational information.

In order to ensure that this chain remains unbreakable, we must establish that those who are attaching themselves to it are trustworthy as well. To do so, we must determine if that person is truthful. A great way of doing so beyond verifying records is to ask ourselves how we would respond if we were to find ourselves in a similar situation. If I was a dual PhD in virology and immunology, I’d be estatic to flaunt that information for anyone to see as, like it or not, it would make me more credible in the eyes of many. I would not shy away from providing this evidence if asked, especially if I was involved in a groundbreaking study and I needed to sell my own credibility in order to get more eyes on this research. If I was having trouble getting my study published and I knew this information was of vital importance as it could potentially end this fraudulent field once and for all,  I would create my own website and self-publish. I would also share the study with those who have a large audience in order to disseminate this information far and wide, especially if I felt that my life was potentially in danger due to a previous FBI raid and several mysterious deaths to my team members and P.I.

What I would not do if I was in this position is state that anyone can look into and verify my background and then get angry when someone finally does so. I would not back away from answering detailed questions about my groundbreaking study, my extraordinary story, nor my varied work history. I would not continue to look to publish my study in medical journals after numerous unsuccessful attempts to do so. I would not attack those who are my potential allies who were trying to vet my story by doing what anyone with common sense would do by asking for verifiable proof. If I was accused of lying about my credentials, I would not go on to do an interview defending myself where I do not provide the evidence in question. I also would not refuse to verify for the host that my credentials actually exist. Most importantly, I would not repeat that “I am a fraud” over and over again and apologize to the host who introduced me to the world at large for disappointing him. I would never accept the label of a fraud and I would fight to reclaim my credibility.

We must all ultimately determine for ourselves who we view as individuals that we can trust. We must always seek to verify the information that we receive by looking at the evidence for ourselves and judging it based upon its merits and our own personal standards. If we are to look at the facts relating to this unfortunate situation, what we find is:

  • The LSHTM stated that no records exist of anyone by the name of Poornima Wagh ever attending or receiving two PhD’s from them.
  • Poornima’s reluctance to verify and share any evidence of her PhD’s, her thesis, or her studies.
  • The lack of any corroborating evidence for any study being performed looking at 1500 “SARS-COV-2” samples and finding no “virus.”
  • No evidence of any raid by the FBI.
  • No evidence that Poornima is working with 18 other scientists around the world dissecting the vaccines.

These facts alone are enough, if my opinion, to break the chain of trust with Poornima. However, is it enough for anyone else? That is a personal question and one that we each need to evaluate for ourselves in order to answer. However, it is absolutely imperative to remember that for any individuals whom we hoist up into a position of influence, we must know for a fact that they are indeed who they say that they are and that they possess an honesty and integrity of character that will always shine through. We need to ensure that when someone comes along making amazing claims, before we put them into the spotlight, we slow down and verify that they are who they claim to be and that the information they claim to have actually exists.

At this fork in the road, there really are only two paths that can be taken, and the decision ultimately resides in Poornima. In light of the evidence supplied by the LSHTM, if the information was somehow inaccurate and Poornima does indeed have evidence of her two PhD’s and her schooling there, she really should come forward with this evidence in order to put this issue to bed. It would also be wise to at least present some evidence relating to the monumental study involving the 1,500 “SARS-COV-2” samples as well as anyone who can corroborate that she is actually working with various labs around the world looking into the vaccines. At least some verification of her claims is required in order to reestablish the chain of trust.

The other option, if it ultimately does turn out that Poornima was dishonest about not only her credentials but also the research that she was supposedly involved in, is to simply come clean and apologize. While the trust would be broken and the damage to her credibility would be severe, it is a massively important first step towards repairing what was broken. If Poornima desires a voice in this movement, it is absolutely necessary to work towards rebuilding that trust.

What is sad about this situation is that Poornima has shown that she has a very good knowledge base and she is obviously gifted at doing power point presentations. She was able to capture the attention of many as she has a way of presenting information in an easily digestible manner. If she did lie about her credentials as well as her work, it was absolutely unnecessary as she did not need that false facade in order to be a voice in this movement. All she needed was to be herself, whoever that ultimately is, and present accurate information to the public. Would she have captured the attention of so many so quickly without the 2 PhD’s and the groundbreaking studies? Probably not. However, while it may have taken a while longer to find an audience, her natural charm and style would have found a way to reach those seeking this knowledge. In the end, we would have witnessed the arrival of a powerful ally in this fight irregardless as to whether she was a virologist or not. Now, we may never know what could have been.



  1. Thank you for writing this. I only saw one of her interviews and believed her. I don’t know after reading this. One thing stood out as wrong was her suggesting everyone take mega doses of Vitamin D.

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  2. For Science, so-called real official credentials from the System are just as harmful as false credentials. It is the actual official credentials from the System that are the basis of the manipulation of the masses who blindly trust the System’s “experts” and “specialists”… just because the financiers, politicians and militarists have given them some credentials in which they recognize them as authorities scientific. Unfortunately including Lanka, Cowan, Kaufman, Bailey and several others like them are blindly believed by almost all so-called anti-vaccinationists who do not believe in the existence of viruses, precisely on the basis of their so-called official credentials as scientists that they have received from the System… even though none of the so-called virus-disputing scientists ever provide any kind of direct, uninterpretable, repeatable evidence by which they claim to believe in the existence of all the other so-called submicroscopic particles: amino acids, proteins, nitrogenous bases (purines, pyrimidines), pentose sugars (ribose, deoxyribose), phosphate groups, nucleotides, nucleic acids (RNA and DNA).


    1. Blindly believed eh?
      You can state that, you can believe that – but it isn’t true.
      Yes there are many who accept what they are told by those they choose to trust without a full understanding in any field or issue including those trained to official qualifications.
      The issues I see are false or unverifiable claims and statements revealing a lack of claimed expertise in the field.
      The main issue is that anyone running on false claims can be weaponised to smear the whole issue.

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    2. The onus is on those who claim that something does exist to put forward their scientific evidence. If their evidence is faulty, all anyone else needs to do is point out the flaws in their evidence, which is exactly what Mike, Lanka, Cowan, Kaufman, Bailey and several others having been doing… brilliantly.

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    3. This is an interesting observation you have. If I understand your point correctly you are saying that accepting the credentials from an institution that promotes lies in order to substantiate a truth is somewhat questionable. Do I understand you correctly on this? You are quite right to question the existence of things that cannot be seen but I don’t know what you would accept as proof that they do exist. I would like to touch upon one other point, which concerns what I would call an ideological concept, and that has to do with the idea of a corporation. Do you believe that corporations are real? If so why do you believe they’re real and what evidence can you present that proves their existence. I would also like to point out that colleges to some extent are corporate bodies, just like a business. They are corporations concerned mainly with providing the service of education. So I think my question would also extend to them. In addition, is it possible for an institution to erase someone’s credentials? You know how some individuals are given new identities when they testify against criminals. These individuals are provided with credentials which are just as real as those provided to the people who actually acquired their credentials in a real manner.


      1. I appreciate the care in your comment.
        The split mind of a human being is in our capacity to align in mutually agreed beliefs and definitions as our chosen or defended ‘reality-experience’ or distortion.
        This is another way of saying we are the extension of free willing Creator – with the caveat that a will set in Self-contradiction cannot know its own nature or freedom, but will protect a falsely split sense of self, life and world, set in defiance to war under the belief that the split must be kept hidden. Hence the intensity of the oath by which to evade Disclosure against Living truth feared as total loss of face, of control and of a world and life set thereby.
        The opening quote of an emailed article today is a great example:

        “To be SoulBOUND is to have your soul bound with others with a blood contract, drawing on each other’s essence to protect against the servants of Nagash, the God of Death.” — WARHAMMER

        (I’ve yet to properly read it but it looks to describe a manmade basis for ‘legitimacy’ that claims authority by ‘resisting evil’ (evil is at root an outcome of miscreating or mis-thinking – hence Jesus warned against identifying in its frame by resistance!).
        For myself the ‘virus’ projection is part of a breadcrumb trail to the ‘foundations’ of self and world – which is to say to the exposure of that which lacks true foundation so as to be undone as a source or basis for living and being.

        The nature of a reversal by projection or casting out of a split as IF the get rid of it, sets the pattern for the evolution of problems to ever more complex and unworkable ‘solutions’ that only repackage conflict to seem workable, buy time and contract by recoil from an Infinity at Rest as a timelessness within all that is – as it is.

        if I wasn’t sharing in the agreements by which a world subjugates and denies life even to death as its reset, I couldn’t post this contribution. The key is a shift of purpose, A world made to hide in, becomes a world gifted for awakening at the heart. By a shift of perspective already given to a willingness to receive that rests on freewilling, not on terms & conditions set externally.


    4. “…are blindly believed by almost all so-called anti-vaccinationists who do not believe in the existence of viruses, precisely on the basis of their so-called official credentials as scientists that they have received from the System…”

      I can only speak for myself, but i have never *blindly* believed any of them, and accepted what they stated strictly upon the merits of their arguments and their data. Poornima Wagh made her PhDs her meal tickets as to her credibility, and these degrees were a big reason why she was so eagerly embraced by those who brought on her to be interviewed. SHE is the one who made a big deal of thsee credentials and her alleged expertise.

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    5. Valid point.
      I cannot believe the ignorance and delusional thinking of people with multiple qualifications as many seem to lack basic thought and logic , ie . fundamental thinking .
      I do not trust most of them, majority are just indoctrinated in BS-ology and have perfected telling stories accepted as truth on the back of their titles and credentials . And it seems that majority even believe their own falsehoods and lies.

      The other problem with many critics that they consolidate the transhumanist agenda . I cannot see transhumanism possible in biology., it is a false theory, no one can play ‘god’ .
      You had the alchemist in the old days attempting to produce gold.

      Why do people not just call out the nutcases like Harari . Kurzweil , etc. but waste time with science fiction self-assembly technology in vaccine vials, graphene oxide, some of the claims put out by La columna and a few others.


      He has the right idea but has a few inaccuracies eg. assumes the embryo model is valid.

      30 min

      You Want Lies And Nonsense? Then Ask The ‘Experts’



      1. Hi PC, I nearly had a big fall out with some UKC commenters on this subject. I’m gonna step away from there for a bit. I miss your insights in the UKC forum.


  3. The situation presented in the article highlights a painful truth: that even the anti-vaccinists who dispute the existence of so-called viruses still have beliefs based on the words of so-called scientists with credentials from the System… not at all on direct, uninterpretable and repeatable evidence.


    1. The conundrum that you sketch extends to words and meanings, So my assertion is the need for a grounded reference point from which to correctly identify illusions. or to put it another way, to discern what is from what we make or made of it and run with as if truth INSTEAD of true. For in a sense I see a mind is phished by its own image and imaginations to be-live’ a life that is ‘made up’ and given social boosting by conspiring to unconsciousness of the source, the nature and the life that moves us – whether we accept it or see it through a glass darkly.

      My sense of a reintegrative healing from conflicted illusion to truth that unifies is of bringing what we made to the reference point of an ‘uncarved block’ of stillness and awareness of which all motion springs. Then it is not up to me to judge or determine true and false but it is up to me to recognise and accept what I am shown or what reveals itself directly. My experience of accepting truth is of stepping stones of willingness that allow a maximal alignment to truth within the current consciousness, so as to transform an masking unconsciousness to a vehicle of conscious participance – ie to know and share joy in being without getting in my own way by a mind of grasping or control..

      Ultimately I see that our physical senses are mapped in symbol.
      The atom as various models posit may not exist. But its original idea is of an infinitesimal and indivisible particle.. We now have a sense of particle as interactive energy field effect, not so different from a disturbance in the Ether, that has been usurped by ‘space’ and ‘time’ as the Matrix of an external Universe.- that is not God-Creation, but our modelling or thinking set as Gatekeeper.


    2. The mind is an interpretive action. The only evidence that is prior to interpretation is awareness of existence without qualification.
      Seeing or perception is always a selective interpretation, that always judges between and gives weight or discards accordingly. the basis for the selection is set by purpose. What you want to see or do NOT want to accept, will set the rules and filters for your result, such that what you want to believe or have the experience of, is a self-reinforcing decision or will. That our will is done is cast in shadows by the wish to NOT know the hatred in our heart, and below that, the love that we are– that would undo what we hold dear as a ‘special love’ or protected and exclusive sense of self-creation.


  4. When you ask for direct, uninterpretable and repeatable evidence proving the existence of a so-called submicroscopic particle but in return you get all kinds of justifications but not what you ask for… this is proof that there is NO such thing as direct, uninterpretable and repeatable evidence to prove the existence of any of the countless purported submicroscopic particles.


  5. What an unfortunate affair, that adds a compelling twist, kind of like a soap opera! Way to drum up interest is what I think! And, about 18 minutes in she tells an obvious and very telling lie—one’s university transcript may very well be private, I don’t know for sure, but one’s credentials from a university are public domain. Everyone who has ever written a thesis for a master’s or above, this is in the uni library and available to all.

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  6. What you are stating is verifiably false in many regards. I am writing this not as someone that agrees with Poornima’s views on science or virology in whole, but as someone who sees the many contradictions you all make. The Gang’s behavior is deplorable.

    Like Bill Huston, you can’t even articulate what damage she did. You all damaged yourselves through your own vile and vicious attacks on her and others. She was right in her email to Massey—by attacking her as you have, you have damaged yourselves beyond repair. No one else is to blame. This was inevitable because you all lack integrity and moral uprightness. You are sitting there trying to convince others that Massey and the ‘Gang’ are upright, when they have done nothing but connive and plot to attack, not only me but others.

    As is noted in Poornimas defense with Regis and in the emails between you, Massey, and Poornima, it is apparent she was being set up to be swamped publicly on Kaufman’s show by pretending to be her friend. She obviously had better sense. The Gang, especially Coppolino and Huston have stated blatantly incorrect things about Poornima, including false suggestions and paranoic ‘theories’, which were mostly all wrong—regardless if she is embellishing her credentials or not.
    Your ‘investigation’ is certainly not thorough, and most of it was last-minute scrambling. Even after your claimed so-called lengthy investigation, I found links you all had not discovered, and if you had, they were not made publicly known. I make this known in my Substack article on this matter – ‘Poornima Indirectly Exposes the ‘Gang”.

    Coppolino completely misstated in his latest article what Wagh said in her phone call about RNA and supernatant. It’s all there for anyone to hear. She never stated those phrases during the phone call in the way Coppolino suggests in his articles. Poornima sounded very forthright and honest about her knowledge in the call. She clearly has knowledge and experience in microbiology. From the beginning of the call, it was clear in his audible demeanor that Coppolino was out for the attack from the very first words out of his mouth. His tact throughout the call was unbecoming of a professional journalist, period, and continues to be.
    The fact that you do not address Coppolino’s past firing from his jobs, and why that might play a part in his false reporting, is quite telling. Be consistent.

    Those like Huston and others in the Gang dishonestly claim they do not want to hurt and humiliate Poornima, and meanwhile call her a pathological liar, fraud, and imposter. I find that incredibly backhanded and dishonest coming from dishonest people themselves, as well as unnecessary.

    It is incredibly bad optics to be attacking people in the vicious way you all are—and vicious is indeed the correct term. It is downright wrong, and you will get back what you give many times over. If only you all applied this energy to someone that truly deserves it. Poornima, to my knowledge, has attacked none of you. You can sit there and write till you’re blue in the face, but your investigation is being done by a group of banditos who are hellbent on destroying others at any cost with no regard to truth in general.

    Lastly, you are judging her based on a few seeming errors, when none of you writing these articles are yourselves even microbiology literate and make errors every time you write your articles trying to ‘debunk’ science. She obviously has some experience as a lab tech or she wouldn’t be able to answer the questions posed to her so succinctly. You didn’t ask her any of this privately—you mainly asked her in the public square, recorded her phone calls without permission, and then released it to the public, then publicly lambasted her with sleazy articles when she didn’t kowtow to your every demand.

    Are you sure trypsin is not ever used during the culture process? Let’s find out.

    “It has been found that 1000-fold more bovine rotavirus is obtained when trypsin is incorporated in the maintenance medium and allowed to remain throughout the growth cycle.” – “Although the present paper deals exclusively with the effect of trypsin on bovine rotavirus, it might be found that low levels of this or other enzymes could enhance the growth of other virus types.”
    – Journal of General Virology – Volume 40, Issue 1 – ‘The Effect of Trypsin on the Growth of Rotavirus’ – July 1, 1978

    The damage is done, and it wasn’t Poornima who did it, whether she’s stretching the truth or not.

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    1. @Jeff Green
      “I found links you all had not discovered, and if you had, they were not made publicly known.”

      What links did you find? What links were not made publicly known?

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      1. Nowhere I claimed what is a shape of earth as a whole.

        And yes, your cognitive standards are abysmal because you believe in imaginary things.


      2. “Nowhere I claimed what is a shape of earth as a whole.”

        Improper grammar.

        You’ve stated on this website:

        “I am waiting for your undeniable evidence of your globe earth here – [links to Facebook]” – July 17, 2022 at 6:52 pm

        “Are you claiming that Earth is spherical?” – August 3, 2022 at 8:20 pm

        You’re a flat-earther.


      3. ““Nowhere I claimed what is a shape of earth as a whole.”

        Improper grammar.

        You’ve stated on this website:

        “I am waiting for your undeniable evidence of your globe earth here – [links to Facebook]” – July 17, 2022 at 6:52 pm

        “Are you claiming that Earth is spherical?” – August 3, 2022 at 8:20 pm

        You’re a flat-earther.”

        I do not care about your or your master usurpers-parasites’ grammar.

        I have not stated such a thing on any FB page. That is why you can’t prove it. LOL

        And you are a glober who can’t substantiate his own claims.

        So here another nail to your coffin:
        “What globers can’t do:
        – directly measure an actual physical shape of Earth bit by bit as a whole by using one reference fixed point in 3D space of our reality,
        – get to a distance far enough to see a visual shape of Earth as a whole and assess it from different angles,
        – prove gravity by directly observe it or experiment on it,
        – verify local two dimensional visual effects in the sky for what they are and how they occur,
        – send anything beyond the atmosphere.
        What globers do:
        – commit logical fallacies,
        – create a meaningless pile of assumptions,
        – claim victory without providing any undeniable evidence,
        – practice clownism.”

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      4. @Jeff Green

        LOL, you protect your substack with censorship of valid questions which expose you.

        Hypocrisy at its finest.


    2. I don’t see damage to anything real.
      Lies are vulnerable to exposure.
      The Wagh presentation lacks credibility in its own basis of claim – nothing else it says need be engaged with.
      That the mind can be induced to witchhunt for blame is the mind that wants damage and blame to hold grievance as power over simply sharing in the true of open dialog.
      You can have a gaslight for a mind, but only at cost of setting hate as the ‘other’ and yourself as IF the judge.
      If Wagh is real, she has every opportunity to reveal a true basis for claims, as well as respond to various technical points that are at variance with knowldedge of the field of claimed expertise.
      The name ‘poormina’ is itself an appeal to sympathy for victim. Why wouldn’t the ‘Empire strike back’? That is to say why wouldn’t a vast propaganda machine act to deny a public awareness of disclosure of a lack of substance or foundation for a primary means of possession and control – in its terms?
      Like imaginary but asserted viruses, the presentation of a personal claim can be set in false appeal, hyped threat and ‘pre set reactions’ that are the weapons the story is made to deliver.

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  7. @Nike, my above post was in response to your 3:41 post, but it didn’t post after your comment. I must have messed up somehow.


  8. I find Nike ‘s comment has some validity.
    I have only recently started to question if electrons even exists .Most of what Dr Lanks says makes sense but one has to wonder his EM photos of giant viruses and how much is real.


    6 min.

    A clip of Erich Fromm discussing two mechanisms of escape: destructiveness and authoritarianism.

    Today you have the manipulation of man by signals.
    Automaton conformity.
    Can an individual really do a good job in determining if he is a victim of a signal system or really acting as an individual ?
    It is difficult as every individual has a resistance against seeing he is an automaton
    We want to have the illusion that we live by our free decisions

    How many people are automatons?
    Covid showed that close to 90% people are signal automaton, virtually overnight as if at a switch of a button they put muzzles , subjected themselves to a totally BS 100% false test and many even took toxic jabs for a non existent computer fabricated ‘virus’

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    1. “Simply put, Heisenberg’s Uncertainty Principle states that it is impossible to know both the exact position and the exact velocity of an object at the same time. However, the effect is tiny and so is only noticeable on a subatomic scale.
      Werner Heisenberg (1901-1976) was a German physicist who helped to formulate quantum mechanics at the beginning of the 20th century. He first presented the Heisenberg Uncertainty Principle in February 1927 in a letter to Wolfgang Pauli, then published it later that year.
      Light can be considered as being made up of packets of energy called photons. To measure the position and velocity of any particle, you would first shine a light on it, then detect the reflection. On a macroscopic scale, the effect of photons on an object is insignificant. Unfortunately, on subatomic scales, the photons that hit the subatomic particle will cause it to move significantly, so although the position has been measured accurately, the velocity of the particle will have been altered.
      By learning the position, you have rendered any information you previously had on the velocity useless. In other words, the observer affects the observed.”



      Some interesting comments.

      Good old einstein eh what a hero. put there to keep anyone studying and producing free energy suppressed replaced Aether with dumbed down monkey quantum physics Smartest brain in the world need to be preserved in a museum hailed as a hero of all planet of the apes academia.


      Just so we’re clear. An “electron” cannot be seen nor can it be measured. If you study scientific epistemology you’ll inevitably discover they are essentially making things up as they go. We’ve got electrons, we’ve got photons, we’ve got glueons etc etc. All of which are the figment of imagination.




      1. PC

        In one comment you say that you are starting to question if ‘electrons’ exist. (Electrons are a standardized object modeling for holigraphic reactivity.) In the next comment you say that ‘electrons’ are figments of the imagination.

        Did you change your mind in the time that elapsed between the two comments or is your second comment reflective of you getting carried away in the heat of the moment. I’m asking for the record.


      2. Electra was Greek for Amber and the scientific exploration of charged fields and discharge events from Bacon onwards coined the term electric as a result of the electrostatic qualities of amber and other materials.
        Various models were postulated for electrical activity that mapped relational ratio of charge-pressure differential or voltage, current as charge flow rate. resistance, and also magnetism and impedance.
        The models mostly worked but various anomalies and extra factors had to be worked around. The model of the atom as a nucleus with electrons orbiting cannot be true in a literal sense if the same electrons ‘orbit’ different nuclei.
        But some quality of ‘spin’ is used that holds qualities of angular momentum that can be observed by its effects.
        So whether a quanta of charge or ‘electron’ exists is second to the observable and reproducible effects of charged bodies and interacting fields through various mediums.
        Insofar as a model has practical application deemed as of service, is obviously serves purpose – regardless whether flawed, or partial and limiting. For the spotlight conceals more than it reveals.

        The current era seems one of deconstruction, such as to undermine and demonise to destroy or invalidate… without having anything to put in its place.
        Perhaps a lot of this is in reaction to “You Have Been Lied To” – & by inference have been suckered to invest belief and identity in false thinking. I would add a caveat that anyone basing their thinking in reaction to being lied to, is still sucker for false thinking UNLESS including the fact of buying into lies but masking over that fact with anger to push out blame without any real waking to responsibility. BUT… we all learn in the midst of mistakes, so there is no shame in our starting place as a willingness to truly know or open to knowing what the false masked over or blocked from awareness.

        If qualities had no translation to quanta, we would have no world to experience as feedback to thoughts that carry such qualities, no consciousness of development as a process of change, motion and unfolding meaning. However our current thinking are set in a model of a physical causation that conditions or programs a psyche believed to be IN the body rather than through it Excepting in its self-assigned function of telling reality what it is or ‘judgements’ that frame the interpretation and experience of a seemingly physical world.

        Charge domains and differentials are no less evident in our psychic boundaries, communications and relationships. Action reaction cycles can persist over time as shifting roles of victim and victimiser or ‘oneupmanship’.
        So we are in the midst of a field of information that we could observe if not suckered by its narratives of dramatic tension and release?
        Why do we ‘tell lies’ instead of giving a true with-ness?


      3. Will not waste my time with some taken out of context comments and misinterpretations .
        Anyone who has some function braincells can figure out the obvious.
        Not sure what your game is reante as have not seen one useful contribution from any of your comments..


    2. Lanka discovered what at the time was thought to be a marine virus – wholly benign or symbiotic. Later reclassified not as a virus – more like spores. So if you have only a snip, you are missing the picture there.

      I appreciated the Fromm vid – he has something to offer our condition. But the way of true learning is within the terrain of our own experience or result, as a questioning that tunes receptively for answers.
      The ‘posit’ that we are animals as well as a self-awareness seeking to transcend, escape or control (as well as indulge) instinctual urges is one frame of looking at a a split mind. As Fromm says, it is difficult to question what we WANT to believe is our free agency even if its is compliant to internalised structure of ideas and beliefs of which we are unconscious or enacting subconsciously. Creating maps and models can serve insight but can also limit and therefore block or distort and have destructive effects – especially as personal convictions of self-certainty set in its symbols and thus manipulated by its signals.

      When I was young I was protective of my own thought system relative to the ‘reality’ I had broken away from or lost to deeper experience. That meant I couldn’t listen to anything that ‘threatened’ my emergent beliefs, and so was quick to attack or invalidate what seemed to be an ‘enemy’ or false teaching.
      Perhaps that is not wrong in its time because we have to live from what we are choosing to accept so as to make it our own. Then we live the territory and can share the essence in other frameworks as well as recognising others who share life through different ways of framing or thinking.
      As for ‘people’ – I return again and again to ‘its takes one to know one’ because the mind by which we see automatons can set us in the same. While the willingness to see past the masking behaviours extends a living freedom that may only be potential – yet is true – while the masquerade can entrance the mind to judgements that always cut both ways. But the belief we can tell reality (of others and world) what to be or do runs a tragic futility from a momentary winning streak.

      Intellection cannot know, but can serve the desire to release the blocks to knowing. And as we all know the mind can run ahead in its own spin to a sense of disconnection, lack of support and adversity or opposition.

      I invite holding the issues in focus rather than engaging in the dynamics of personal conflict – that are always intra and interpersonal both. Except of course when running authoritarian, or destructive as vengeance against a life set in dis-appointment. 😉


  9. How many of those with degrees would be willing to admit and accept publicly that in the field of true knowledge degrees are devoid of any real value, and that those same degrees are only the certification of the fact that in the Faculties they have been trained to be “parrots” and “monkeys” of the System, on the basis of which they were hired and paid to promote lies and deceptions as true knowledge to fool the masses into worshiping Scientism as their savior god?

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  10. The fact that hypothetical atomic and molecular particles, as conjectures never confirmed by direct, uninterpretable and repeatable evidence, are taught by so-called scientists as indisputable existential truths, and the fact that people accept this as logical and rational, although no one has ever produced direct, uninterpretable, repeatable evidence for the existence of atoms and molecules… says it all that there is no science in the so-called Science of men… but only delusions of which almost all people are in love with.

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  11. Jeff coming with a big chip on his shoulder and a powerful comment upthread, and finishing with a flurry. Looking forward to Mike’s response regarding culturing methods. 🙂

    Organizational stupidity knows no bounds, that’s for sure. We all know what happens when teenage boys get together in testicular restlessness and roam the streets together. Shit happens with safety in numbers. Threats of one sort or another are perceived. Punishments meted out. Mike playing to his strong suit in the nicest of good-cop roles, claiming that trust has to be earned yet ignoring that his deconstructionist ethos is incapable of earning any because while saying no to lies is not untrustworthy, it also does not earn trust which is a positive growth dynamic. There has to be a there, there, for trust to earn. Earnings are lived experiences.

    Poornima taking the scientific flat-earthism I rode-her-for here, to the next, next level: flat-earthing her own bio. Eat your heart out kordelas kordelas, man of of no backbone.

    Looks like the flat-earth psyop has more than one function. Stacking/nesting functions is what they do baby. They’re so good at farming people now they’re using permaculture principles and pathways.

    If you’re participating in organizational stupidity, they’ve won, because all formal organizations exist to further the organization first. By definition.

    I busted Poornima’s balls for her flat earth horseshit views because the truth matters first. Her flat-earthing her bio just kinda makes me like her more lol because the truth is that credentials don’t mean shit and her performative art(ifice) highlights what we already know which is that the ‘terrain’ Club/Gang, here, loves it’s own credentialism, and excessively, because it leverages their financial parasitism, their financial authoritarianism to which bourgeois bohemians can captively bond themselves to by simply opening their wallets, while the truth how in one ear and out the other because multitasking and the truth do not go hand in hand.


  12. In my view, it is telling, that military doctor Merritt said, the interview with Wagh(whatever her real family name) would be her most important one.
    I recall Wagh said that Hydrogel is in the injections, no news to those who know what is going on, but the DARPA cat was out of the bag “officially” on a military doctor interview..

    Could it be Wagh is also affiliated with the military and thus lies about her credentials? In my view, she does have some training.
    Is she on the side of truth? I don not know, but the overall picture is, she went beyond fraudulent virology and did some rightful spanking of quantum physics.
    The “photon” is more or less the equivalent to the alleged “virus” particle, pure imagination and wrong interpretation. particle cult also here. That was from my point of view a plus.

    I think there have been attempts to take over the narrative, to control it. After all, “covid” has been a military run psyop, with DARPA in the background, and lots of veterinarians, and shills, like Malone or McCullough.

    My problem with this entire affair is, Coppolino is not a guy I would trust, and his own credentials do not suggest to me he is trustworthy either.

    On biology and lab I rely on Lanka, who vetted himself for 2 decades now by his actions. He did two excellent lectures on Biology recently. Sadly only the first part has been subtitled yet.
    Highly recommended.

    part 1: Biology as it is not
    part 2: Biology as it is


  13. Regarding the Eric Fromm video clip. He was an elite semitic urban propagandist. Any truths he offers about modern sociology lay in service to a greater lie; the first thirty seconds of that video is the central sociological lie of centralized separation trauma – that man, with his unique self-awareness, is inherently frightened into (civilizational) separation by that very uniqueness, and therefore must essentially bend the rest of Creation to his will in order to reunify.

    The civilizational impulse was an anomalous one. There’s nothing inherent about it. It just also happens to be the dominant impulse. Duh.


    1. The means by which Transcendent unified field as awareness opens experience of separation or distancing, and masking–set in defences for its continuity, is self-attack.
      So in principle Fromm offers a means to recognise the victim and victimiser trick that projects attack externally while unconscious of its own. A patter of reversal that is increasingly revealed in our ‘civilisation’.
      The idea of fragmentation driven to regain wholeness under Cain or King is well put in the following wisdom:
      Humpty Dumpty sat on a wall,
      Humpty Dumpty had a great fall.
      All the king’s horses and all the king’s men
      Couldn’t put Humpty together again.
      Is it not interesting to not that this is the means by which an insilico virus is composited from indeterminate and unrelated fragments?
      No one walks the world in armature but has fear stalking at his heart ~ A Course in Miracles. This is to say that all who are identified by and locked down in the body and world are set under terror by fear not just of death – but of loss of the body as mask and distance from love. Hence the lockstepping in covert ID seeking or claiming ‘special love’. Perhaps the first self-contradiction/attack!
      I don’t write to tell anyone and your path is your freedom.
      But the attempt to bend reality to a false or oppositional ‘will’ sets its own entanglement in lies – or curriculum to unlearn.

      BTW on my laptop I am signed in via twitter so binra is me – though my prose is probably obviously recognisable. I’m not into persona boosting or giving focus there. But there is a personal sense of connection or intimacy in sharing resonance – which I see as a gift of the Spirit through our focus and engagement in life and world. This undoes the conviction in separation or masking and distancing. mask becomes more transparent. Let there be light.


      1. There is no such thing as disembodied love that we can know of, brian, if indeed that’s what you’re suggesting. Reality is embodied holography. Outside of Reality there is nothing that can be known, other than that a creator must exist because something (reality) cannot come from nothing.

        For the human, the embodied, holistic Collective Love in situ — in vivo — is high functioning animism. And civilization is a cell culture. Therefore, without animist Love the civilized cannot see in vivo Love like it can see it’s own cell culture separation trauma through the dissociative magnification lenses. In order to really see it you have to be it, but wanting it does give you glimpses of it in your mind’s eye.

        In times of war let the armature be rhetorical. Let the robust terrain be our true, fearless armature. Let the initial fear of weakness outgrow itself in ‘moral’ rearmament. Animism is the original (apolitical) conservatism. So as to conserve the natural law in the ecology by restraining the fearful weaponizing of human self-awareness (hyper-metaconsciousness).


      2. Body as a mask is not embodiment of love – but of distantiation to a masking over love. Did you see I said ‘through a body’ rather than in a body.
        Communication (love) is already the case but a body used to hide in is also used to block or attack Communication.
        The body of light is a subtler level and one can portray us as having many bodies or levels – that are all really one and one with their source.
        So the claim to be embodied is likely the ego or usurpation its actually disembodied thinking set in a world of objects and bodies. But the teachings coming through are calling for the embodiment of the movement of our being, not the packaging and repackaging of disembodied thinking, as models, opinions or identities set by emotional contraction to body-as-limit.

        The transparency of everything, including the body, to love is a shift of perspective – not a change in reality.
        (I don’t have to use the word love but there is nothing in this world that can represent the light in and of which a world arises to behold).
        The means to filter and block the light is a selective focus in conflicting thought, purpose and results. A split mind cannot wholly embody or create, but extends the projection of its split as its experience of conflict, set in limitation, division and denial to the point of unworkability.
        THEN light is allowed into a mind that recoiled from its own Light according to its capacity to receive, abide and balance its consciousness.
        The ego identifies with its body for what it can get or ‘get rid of’.
        This is not embodiment but misuse of native function for promise of gain set in self illusion, so as to become a stakeholder to our own destruction.


  14. I notice that a lot of the comments are about the concept of credentials being equal with authority. There’s the “appeal to authority” falicy which is the argument that “ABC must be true because such and such a source says so”. Appeal to authority is a falicy because supreme authority lies in reason, observation and experimental results. A credentialed person still has to provide citations for anything he or she writes if he or she wishes to publish what is written anywhere that is reputable. Credentials do not permit someone to appeal to one’s own authority. What credentials do accomplish though is proof of having studied what has been written on a be topic in great depth. This does count for something. You can argue that studying is not the same as knowing but you can’t get to knowing without the step of study.

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    1. I agree with this but with the proviso that what started out as curiosity and imagination subjected to rigorous and often intense scrutiny and contested interpretations or conclusions, becomes a body of presumed authority with its own institutional ego of self-protective bias against re-visiting what it now regards as its sacred canon or foundations – and which are then managed and airbrushed to bolster such ‘authority’. Just look at Koch and Pasteur.
      So what constitutes study or research?
      The willingness to question fundamental assumptions is NOT part of any academic or corporate training for qualification.
      The entrainment of a mind by perceived authorities as entitlement or elite membership is to some degree inherent to any complex specialisation.
      The nature of an Establishment is not merely money or power but the investment in a personal and collective sense of control set over fear or pain of loss which, as a result is not truly acknowledged, faced, addressed or healed – such as to effectively run as ‘dark or hidden’ agenda in Others – while internalised conditioning or trained bias in our self.

      Without languages of reference to specific facets of our experience of reality, we cannot share its unfolding as our personal and collective development of conscious significance and appreciation. My sense is the theory and the terrain or territory interact. No amount of study can substitute for experience, and no amount of experience in itself can constitute wisdom – which is the application of knowledge that includes recognising we cannot definitively know. Else we drop into story as an active ignorance running blind convict-ion.


  15. I wanted to believe Poornima. I really did, just like Mike and probably everyone else did. If her claims were true about her double PhDs and the studies she participated in, viroliegy as a field of study would have been destroyed. Now, those of us promoting truth that pink unicorns dont exist have to contest with people saying we’re full of it because of her.

    To be honest, that might have been the plan from the start. If what Eric found was true that she has a Liberal Studies degree and NOT a finance degree, we should also be questioning her motives for doing what she did. Liberal Studies degrees in 99.9% of cases means SJW far left woke garbage, and thats how so many of these fools managed to get themselves installed into places like gaming, Linux, and various other “communities” to usurp them and take them over for themselves.

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    1. I look to accept that which gives true witness to life instead of wanting to believe anything that boosts an identity set in conflicted witnesses and deceits running as true.
      No one – no matter how qualified – will ‘destroy’ virology.
      History has many examples of exemplary people who are leaders in their field being cancelled, stonewalled, smeared or rendered persona non grata when challenging an actively defended and supported narrative. As well as many who were people of integrity even if not winners of prestigious awards or set high in the echelons of an establishment.

      The ‘thud’ experiment could be said to have destroyed psychiatry – but instead of disappearing it reset itself as a medical (sic) chemical model that has had even more destructive effects than arbitrary assignments of disorder based on collectivised opinions of ‘experts’.

      Getting rid of the symptom does not address the cause, and so it restates itself in a different guise that has ‘learned’ defences against being vulnerable to such ‘experiments’ as revealed the scam.
      Likewise virology itself mutates, currently hiding in genetic obfuscations, while expanding through biomarkers to asymptomatic and animal vectors that increase control over livestock or pets as well as access to nature, while degrading ‘human stock’ to live experimental biological & psychological assets. All running on collectively invested beliefs that were ‘wanted’ in their inception but became baggage and burden to an unwillingness to question or challenge a socially supported personal reality. (We may not feel socially supported but enforced exclusion and isolation will reveal how much connection we take – even from what we oppose, resist or judge against)


  16. start at 44 mins. Whistleblower Poormina talks about Voting Machine Fraud etc in 2012 US Election.
    Quote : ” Poornima has worked as a financial and revenue analyst in the private, public, non-profit and banking industries for over 16 years.” http://www.witts.ws/121/
    As we know, just 8 years later, she is now an expert in a different field, with 20+ years experience & in charge of a research staff of 20

    everyone I point this out to, insist she was working part time in Labs during her ” Banking Revelations ” period !

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    1. Yes, her timeline seems way off. It was one of the first red flags for us. How does someone earn two PhD’s in 3 years on one thesis? Where was her lab work when most of her work history is related to the financial sector? None of it added up and sadly, Poornima would not clarify.

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      1. Hello,
        I (Martin / copixmedia) am from Germany and got the link to Mike’s blog yesterday from the lawyer Anthony Brink (SA), whom I met about 20 years ago together with Dr. med. Matthias Rath (NL) in Grimmen / Germany, because he was at that time very researching in the HIV-AIDS controversy with the South African President Mbeki. For about 30 years we have been investigating the background of the New World UN Order (NWO) in Germany and have held various lecture events in Northern Germany e.g. also with Dr. rer. nat. Stefan Lanka. It was about HIV-AIDS, bird flu and swine flu… and the real non-existence of viruses.
        Since 2020 we are working against “Corona”, assuming that this whole scenario is just a “false flag operation” in the area of responsibility of DARPA (Pentagon) and mainly serves as a catalyst to transfer the population to the NWO with great losses.
        I would like to contribute an observation to your discussion. Please do some research if you can find the dissertation / doctoral thesis of Prof. Dr. Christian Drosten. He is in the FRG something like Santa Claus with a bag full of funny colorful viruses…. all of course highly dangerous, deadly and with sharp spikes. He appeared since 2020 quasi “around the clock” every day in the NDR radio podcast and splashed his CoVid-19 fear ampoules over Germany…!!!
        This guy allegedly has 2 professorships funded by the Quant Foundation (BMW). Anyway, it was interesting that some people couldn’t find his PhD thesis – which he claimed to have written about 19 years ago (!!!) – anywhere. After various high-profile inquiries, they released a few pages with a table of contents of the dissertation and announced another, later publication.
        There have been similar cases by the dozen in recent years in the German Bundestag among politicians in key positions…. A membership for the agents of the Church of Babylon of Rome in the World Economic Forum (WEF) seems to be more important than a completed degree or a self-written doctoral thesis without fraud. We at copixmedia see this as a pattern of how the Pope Knights and agents of the Church of Rome are working for the establishment of the One Man Pope World Government (Ultramontenism & one world) on the ruins of all nation states.
        For research I recommend you the contributions of Dr. David Martin on the background companies of the “operation warpspeed” such as ANSER (US). He has good videos on the net, especially on the patent entanglements of Fauci & Co. since about 1990.
        Here I send you a link, so you can see if I am a little bit “real”…;-)
        Best regards from Germany…!


  17. After the last 31 months, what ever little trust I had for just about anything has vanished. There are now so many people in positions of some kind of power and influence that have ulterior motives so as to make themselves exempt from any truth or trust. I is difficult to live without trust, but these times are becoming more difficult to stomach and survive in by the day.

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    1. Perceived self interest operates from strategies of perception-response that can and does usurp our right mind when triggered. The true meanings are corrupted by our accepted currencies of thinking’ so the word ‘trust’ is itself no longer trustworthy unless you stand in truth as its extension.
      Replacement of trust with contracts or bargains is a long running corruption.
      The result of which is to have everything backwards.
      How can you expect trust if you don’t extend it? BUT how can you give what you don’t accept for yourself?
      Which is not to say you don’t trust yourself, so much as running a shifting sense of reality that cannot be trusted.
      When the ‘world’ fails us, we are thrown back on our own resources – which we may not have awareness of because we’ve been running on a ‘world’ that set us in sleepwalking dependency?


  18. It’s a sad article to have to write, disappointing. But I respect the consistency in your approach, the way how you use actual quotes rather than interpretation as evidence. In the end, it’s more about what is said that who said it; if it’s true, it’s true and if it’s not it’s not. But life is such that people lacking integrity will use any sign of failure to buttress their arguments, which only shows the weakness of their arguments. In the end, people come and go. Everything dies. But the truth will remain. All we can do is keep striving for it. Thanks for your great work.

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  19. You missed the most obvious scenario: Poornima was given her script. They make it so similar to the other stories because they enjoy toying with us like a cat does a mouse.

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  20. A third possible scenario is Poornima was given her script. They make it so similar to the other stories because they enjoy toying with us like a cat does a mouse.

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    1. That is definitely a plausible scenario WS but it seems she actually copied the exact same script and then changed it. This reply on a forum is apparently from Poornima 2 years ago. As can be seen, Poornima claims that she isolated Influenza A/B from the 1500 samples which aligns her story exactly with the Derek Knauss/Robert Oswald story that had stated the very same thing. That is, until Poornima changed it to no “virus” having been found within the samples whatsoever:

      “Lisa Warren
      6tSdponsusorehd ·
      Shared with Public
      I posted a comment saying we need to STOP calling it Covid because even the CDC and WHO admit they never isolated the virus. They called everything covid, Diabetes, heart Attacks, strokes, cancer etc. that’s were they got their false numbers by not reporting any other deaths than covid. Here is a reply from my comment on a post. Lisa Warren
      Highlighted reply
      Poornima Wagh
      24 minutes ago
      @Lisa Warren Yes it IS the FLU. I’m a virologist/immunologist. We tested 1500 supposed covid positive samples (in the form of lung aspirate (fluid)) from various S. California emergency rooms and hospitals in our lab. What we ISOLATED was Influenza A and B. We did not see any Covid. So yes, proof positive that they’re just calling the flu, Covid. Covid is a fictitious virus for complete control of society through fear and for the Davos Economic Forum’s GREAT RESET and they want you to take the depopulation vaccine with the mRNA and scyncytin 1 protein. Don’t wear the mask, don’t take the useless PCR test, do not socially distance and definitely DO NOT take the vaccine. Just live your life normally. Period.”


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  21. Poornima Wagh’s statement to Lisa Warren ( about influenza A & B viruses ) appears to be dated 31 Jan 2021. – put mouse over the ” 2 years ago ” date

    Other researchers say — she started at the Lab April 2020 and ended there Sept 2021 having run her tests 3 times ( all claimed )

    Not looking good on the truth !

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  22. Derek Knauss ( Not a Doctor ) could R be his middle name ? see his email. Knauss has written 1,830 articles below
    This must be the ( pen?) name used by one of the many contributors to this newschat ” Prepare for change “? ( possibly NWO funded??? ) It seems to draw its articles from facebook, Twitter & social media etc & anywhere/everywhere .



    All Patrick Gunnels is doing here in this infowars video above, is reading from the same postings as I am now enclosing below. Patrick perhaps deserves an apology ? it is the video-maker who is deceitful.




    Date above is Dec 8 2020, So both could be from P.W. ?? Mr Gunnels is cleared ???


  23. Patrick Gunnels is not pretending to be Dr Derek Knauss. He perhaps needs an apology ? In this Infowars video below, he is simply reading an article ( also linked below ).  You can see the screen reflected in his glasses.
    In this particular video here, the Infowars emblem has been removed from the bottom RH corner. I am certain that the original introduction has been deliberately edited out to mislead and the video’s title is deliberately wrong. All to incriminate Gunnels ? 
    This may have been clipped from Alex Jones Infowars in Feb 2021. Has anyone got an original copy ? There is also a deliberate attempt to make this video date be April 2021 or later



  24. Patrick Gunnels is not pretending to be Dr Derek Knauss. He perhaps needs an apology ? In this Infowars video below, he is simply reading an article ( also linked below ).  You can see the screen reflected in his glasses. In this particular video here, the Infowars emblem has been removed from the bottom RH corner.I am certain that the original introduction has been deliberately edited to mislead and the video’s title is deliberately wrong. All to incriminate Gunnels ? This may have been clipped from Alex Jones Infowars in Feb 2021.Has anyone got an original copy ?There is also a deliberate attempt to make this video date be April 2021 or later



  25. Patrick Gunnels is not pretending to be Dr Derek Knauss. He perhaps needs an apology ? In this Infowars video below, he is simply reading an article ( also linked below ). You can see the screen reflected in his glasses. In this particular video here, the Infowars emblem has been removed from the bottom RH corner.
    I am certain that the original introduction has been deliberately edited to mislead and the video’s title is deliberately wrong. All this to incriminate Gunnels ?
    This may have been clipped from Alex Jones Infowars in Feb 2021? Has anyone got an original copy ?
    There is also a deliberate attempt to change this video date to be April 2021 or later


  26. Sorry, I am unabable to get links to post,

    Who is Dr Derek Knauss ?
    If he really exists, he can be found here as Knauss D.R.
    Not a doctor, but a writer, with 1,831 postings, Including one 3 days ago.

    Search for : Derek Knauss
    on the ‘ Prepare for Change ‘ website
    Seems a strange website too !

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      1. HEY MIKE, she’s in PUBMED. Maybe you all should have looked there first.
        She worked in an oncology lab. Try spelling the name PURNIMA as per INDIAN spellings which often vary in English. She is in there for her oncology lab work. She has at least worked in a lab and she should have been heard out. As far as I am concerned you are all shown up and you have lost credibility. You’re ignoring what is the jab while people are dying from it. You’re disgusting.
        Purnima never got a fair hearing. I don’t think we know the whole truth and yeah, your group is losing credibility and I will make sure it does. I would like to have seen what would have happened if you losers with your idiotic CIA disrupter Coppolino had. not interfered.
        You guys are not ready for prime time. I didn’t even read your pablum here.
        We’ve located her in PubMed. See if you can do it.


      2. Hi Sattva, you located the wrong woman. That is a completely different person by the name of Purnima K Wagh. The other woman is Poornima S Wagh.

        Poornima even mentioned that they are two different people here (about 35 min mark):

        Please do a better job of researching before accusing others of doing a bad job.

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    1. If you go on the Prepare for Change website, try to find :
      ‘ I’m a clinical lab scientist, C19 is fake, WAKE UP AMERICA ‘
      dated 9 January 2021


  27. Dear friends,
    I (Martin / copixmedia) am from Germany and got the link to Mike’s blog yesterday from the lawyer Anthony Brink (SA), whom I met about 20 years ago together with Dr. med. Matthias Rath (NL) in Grimmen / Germany, because he was at that time very researching in the HIV-AIDS controversy with the South African President Mbeki. For about 30 years we have been investigating the background of the New World UN Order (NWO) in Germany and have held various lecture events in Northern Germany e.g. also with Dr. rer. nat. Stefan Lanka. It was about HIV-AIDS, bird flu and swine flu… and the real non-existence of viruses.
    Since 2020 we are working against “Corona”, assuming that this whole scenario is just a “false flag operation” in the area of responsibility of DARPA (Pentagon) and mainly serves as a catalyst to transfer the population to the NWO with great losses.
    I would like to contribute an observation to your discussion. Please do some research if you can find the dissertation / doctoral thesis of Prof. Dr. Christian Drosten. He is in the FRG something like Santa Claus with a bag full of funny colorful viruses…. all of course highly dangerous, deadly and with sharp spikes. He appeared since 2020 quasi “around the clock” every day in the NDR radio podcast and splashed his CoVid-19 fear ampoules over Germany…!!!
    This guy allegedly has 2 professorships funded by the Quant Foundation (BMW). Anyway, it was interesting that some people couldn’t find his PhD thesis – which he claimed to have written about 19 years ago (!!!) – anywhere. After various high-profile inquiries, they released a few pages with a table of contents of the dissertation and announced another, later publication.
    There have been similar cases by the dozen in recent years in the German Bundestag among politicians in key positions…. A membership for the agents of the Church of Babylon of Rome in the World Economic Forum (WEF) seems to be more important than a completed degree or a self-written doctoral thesis without fraud. We at copixmedia see this as a pattern of how the Pope Knights and agents of the Church of Rome are working for the establishment of the One Man Pope World Government (Ultramontenism & one world) on the ruins of all nation states.
    For research I recommend you the contributions of Dr. David Martin on the background companies of the “operation warpspeed” such as ANSER (US). He has good videos on the net, especially on the patent entanglements of Fauci & Co. since about 1990.
    Here I send you a link, so you can see if I am a little bit “real”…;-)
    Best regards from Germany…!


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