Closing the Book on Gain of Fiction with Dr. Tom Cowan

Last Friday, I had the honor of joining Dr. Cowan for a conversation on the mess that is gain of function research. We attempted to make sense of the scarytales that we are currently being sold by those in the mainstream media as well as by some prominent voices in the health freedom movement. While it is interesting to delve into the pseudoscientific methods utilized in these studies, we must understand that these GOF studies are simply nothing but a distraction. To even be able to manipulate “viruses” in a lab, the “virus” in question must be proven to exist first. As we have shown over and over again, this has never once been the case in over a century. What we are left with is the same fraudulent unscientific experiments which have been used to generate frightening headlines in order to terrify the population into submission. Hopefully this conversation will help to shed some light as to what this research involves while serving as a reminder that there is no need to even entertain GOF studies until virology can share evidence adhering to the scientific method supporting the existence of any “virus” first.

Today, we have Mike Stone from Viroliegy. Mike writes brilliant pieces, I must say. They’re extremely well researched and well presented. Recently, he wrote one called “Gain of Fiction.” I thought it would be good to let Mike go through exactly they’re doing in these gain of fiction experiments. I think it will help people understand exactly why it’s fiction.

I also want to share Dr. Cowan’s webinar also from last Friday that does an excellent job of shutting down this fictional narrative:


In this webinar, we discussed lab-created “viruses,” including the new Boston variant.

I have included Dr.’s Sam and Mark Bailey’s excellent “Virologie Nights” video here as well. As usual, they do a masterful job pointing out the absurdity of it all:

Virologie Nights

The “Gain of Function” narrative is reaching all new heights. Boston University claimed they engineered a “virus” with an 80% lethality rate. But what actually killed these poor mice?

Let’s have a look at some of the “fear-porn” promoters of these stories and why they are leading people astray with pseudoscience.

Virologie Nights

For easy reference, here are the two articles I have done on this topic:

Gain of Fiction

It’s Gain of Fiction Story Time with RFK Jr. and Friends!

Hopefully, with all of this information, we can finally turn the page on this story and put this gain of fiction novel right where it belongs.



  1. A war mind seeks gain of function from anything and everything.
    When it became apparent that biological ie germ or virus based weapons failed to work, the switch to toxic agents or radiative exposures that could pass off as an ‘infection’ and be ‘leveraged’ by crafted or planted hype, the ability to run the ‘biological weapon research’ as plausible defence against Others using ‘pathogenic’ weapons maintained COVER for ‘dark research’ without the normal checks and balances of accountability to law, under pretext of national (or global) security. IE as a masked agenda that also spins off viotech corporations offering ‘solutions’ to fears cast to or flagged as ‘contagious’.
    The GoF for a destructive agenda working for plunder and control worked from the fear and belief in contagious and deadly pathogens cannot be underestimated. So look past the cheap satisfaction of ‘disproving’ but one facet of a mindset that IS a masked agenda wreaking sickness, pain, loss and death under ‘medical’ functions.

    The ego, of a self taken in image, masked and distanced for its survival runs GoF as its survival. That is it seeks to assign to itself attributes that boost its sense of self – as well as divert the negatives of such a usurping as guilting of others, so as to gain from another’s loss.
    What is our true function as wholeness but joy in being?
    What is the usurping (dys) function of a split sense of self but to mask over the split so as to present a face of control that passes off as real to others, so as to avoid conflicts, and also to operate secret thought and intent behind a social mask.

    Unless the underlying context is taken into account the ‘modelling’ of our thought assumes self-interest to align in a common good. But which ‘self’ is actually being asserted and protected?

    A sense of self-conflict can drive fear of fear to seek a comfortable definition or diagnosis by which to be ‘made safe’ in thought, regardless being hindered from healing or even poisoned and killed under standard of care.

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  2. An example is the bio-genetic research using ‘virological narrative model’ as its justification for developing applications to ‘transfect’ synthetic proteins into living cells. That the virus narrative is unfounded doesn’t stop the development of its shift from real but unfounf agents to to a genetically defined construct from which every kind of spinoff can be ‘developed’ out of Rorschach blot experimentation – not just as the marketing of ‘genetics’ but the intent and attempt to create a man-made hack using hydrogels, nano tech and RF. GoF is the seedbed for this ‘development’.
    Again – regardless of whether ANY of it actually works is secondary to hyping investment, directing research and using it to launch platforms through which to manage or feed from a captive revenue stream. By the time the damage shows up, others are left holding the can, or an other variation of deceit is generated to divert and capture attention.

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      1. The foundation stone (sorry ;-p) of all this provenance and adaptation of provenance ..must be habeas corpus (bring me the body) ..If they cannot produce the body (virus) than anything subsequent and surrogate inadmissible.

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      1. You’re welcome. I feel for a reintegration of apparently separate or even conflicting ‘levels or layers. If we recognise the pattern, in ourselves, and release it, we are equipped to recognise it in any instance rather than unravel each now variant as if it is novel 😉


  3. Excellent appearance, Mike, i do wish Cowan would have left you more alone to do the presentation, but still went well. 🙂

    And a bonus indeed to see Cowan’s video about “lab-created viruses”, sure shredded that narrative, showing it ultimately leads to Jeffrey Sachs’s proposal for the WHO to take over all research. Yep, what a great idea from a member of the Bilderberg “Pandemic” management team.

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    1. Thanks Jeffrey! I would have loved to have touched on how they utilize GOF to drive the fear-based narrative a bit more. I should have also stated it more effectively that these studies are entirely irrelevant as they assume the “viruses” the researchers are “working with” as usual. Once you see cell culture in the methods, that’s all you need to know. The rest does not matter. 😉


    2. The vaccine cartels have no intention of giving up their control over the ignorant masses. They will never participate in any forum, tests or procedures to determine the truth about viruses. They will punish any of their own who break ranks. They will do whatever is possible to silence their opposition. The truth must be told and the vaccine psychopaths must be openly resisted and condemned.

      “The G20 has issued a formal decree promoting vaccine passports as preparation for any future pandemic response in its final communique. Indonesian Health Minister Budi Gunadi Sadikin, speaking on the matter on behalf of the G20 host country, had earlier in the summit called for a “digital health certificate” using WHO standards. . .”

      “Article 24 of the final G20 declaration begins, “The COVID-19 pandemic has accelerated the transformation of the digital ecosystem and digital economy . . .”

      And then leads into to the following statement later in the section: “We acknowledge the importance to counter disinformation campaigns, cyber threats, online abuse, and ensuring security in connectivity infrastructure.”

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  4. Great interview .and down to earth approachable people.honest and no pretence.👏

    I will never get how anyone who is capable of using thought and logic cannot figure out something so basic ie gain of fiction.

    If B, C, D is based on A and A has been proven to be false it automatically ensues that B, C, D is false., primary school stuff.

    I found this article , well written.

    Scientific “Proof” is a Myth: The Limitations of Science and the Medical Paradigm

    ( was a link in on more biotech


  5. Perhaps they should be called gain of toxicity experiments? It is possible that they are creating the illusion of contagion by spaying and injecting hydrogels and nlp nano tech? It seems that many reported illness can be explain by the exposure to nanolipids. What I’m trying to explain is epidemic pattern we saw in early 2020. Some of it was was the fake tests but you did have many excess deaths especially among the elderly in Italy, New York, and New Jersey.
    There is twitter account “Ethical Skeptic” which documents the apparent connection to “Covid infection” rates and spraying of fields with various fertilizers and pesticides.
    We know it isn’t viruses that causing the problems but we know these GoF research is related to nanotech and other chemical warfare experiments. Does anyone know if they were spraying stuff with the hydrogel and nanolipid tech around the areas that had excess deaths and very high “infection rates”?

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    1. Hard to know if any statistics are true.
      There are , also, too many factors involved eg. age of the population in the area( eg.more flu jabs and medications) , local social conflicts etc.

      We always look for material causes only ,but often there is a combination of circumstances eg. populations living in fear which trigger collective biological conflicts .

      Can be a collective resolution of a biological conflict -see GNM, mentioned somewhere , apparently happened in Mexico, symptoms attributed to swine flue when they got a new president there was new hope , a collective relief in the population that crime rate will decrease. Same after wars.
      A lot of symptoms , according to GNM, manifest in the healing phase

      We know there was an increase in death with the lockdown in certain areas and there are various reasons ( an article that came out at a time , even those who assume there is a virus, a virus that even speaks different languages-see article.)
      And a friend pointed out at the time that Greece has an ageing population but few nursing homes ( elderly ghettos ) . In 2019 they rolled out rollout new flu shots late 2019. And in another video , in China they made 6 jabs in 2019 compulsory with the rollout in Wuhan. , the virology research area.

      Eg. Why you may have gotten some localised excess death even one assumed a fictitious ( computer generated) existed.


      As heard this interview when it was posted, , recalled statistics mentioned at around minute 18 .

      World death rate – number of people per 1000
      ( see l

      In 2020 when the alleged pandemic started is ~ 7.6 people / 10000

      2021 ~ 7.64/1000
      2019. ~ 7. 57 /1000

      So it is always the same

      In 1980’s , even early 2000, 2009 it is 7.9, 8, 8, 8 , 9 , 10

      Go back to 1950 almost 20 people/1000 so almost 3 times as many.

      So if there is this deadly pandemic and all these people are dying why did we not see it in the mortality rate?
      why are they lower than the previous years
      Where is the pandemic before 2017 that had higher death rate.
      People do not ask those questions.

      Another trick .

      Test cannot detect any such thing as a ‘virus’ ( as there is none) but are looking for tiny genetic fragments and if amplify them enough times you make de nove sequences and you can find anything in anyone.

      Hospitals were giving these corpses a PCR test at 40 cycles which is going to create a 98% fake genetic match to what it is testing for and for given extra money for it.
      And they wrote they died with covid , not from covid .
      Hospitals paid to mark patients and the death certificate with covid on it to hype the numbers.

      Another scam , eg flu every year they reset the ‘flu ‘ stats
      With covid count it is still running so it looks scary as it is a total of over 2.5 years and not yearly numbers so it all looks more scary and everyone, especially the media go with the story


      World Death Rate .

      Looked up growth rate % to make sense of the graph and data so assume it is part of monitoring and predicting population growth.

      Population change is governed by the balance between birth rates and death rates. If the birth rate stays the same and the death rate decreases, then population numbers will grow. If the birth rate increases and the death rate stays the same, then population will also grow.

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    2. Don’t forget that they put a lot of people on ventilators, killing them. Hospitals would get extra money for putting people on vents. These would all be marked as covid deaths, of course.

      I remember reports of nurses giving patients deady cocktails of drugs to do ‘the kind thing’ if they thought they wouldn’t make it… even though many of them would have.

      Inevitably, some accounts were made up from people wanting attention. Read this and tell me it doesn’t sound like some narcissist’s ego-stroking fantasy:

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      1. Yes!! Do you remember?'t-Cause-Of-Symptoms:1 – people were tested with unscientific and completely idiotic tests driven into a completely unnecessary fear and panic – came through this to the hospital(mainly elderly) and were killed with an aggressive ventilation (what a too fast and too aggressive ventilation can cause is frightening – also by fear/panic people can get respiratory problems and especially older people were put into a tremendous fear and panic by the media 2020(which was completely unfounded!!)Ventilator-Induced Lung Injury ) and also with drug experiments!!!! And in my opinion, THAT was done arbitrarily and on purpose!

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  6. Hey Mike, could you leave your thoughts on the disease called tick-borne encephalitis, supposedly caused by the “tick-borne encephalitis virus” (TBEV)?


    1. Hi Dag, I haven’t looked into tick-borne encephalitis yet but as with any “viral” cause, there is most likely an environmental toxin associated somehow. It has the usual non-specific symptoms and does not need a tick to be present as it is said to be brought on by the consumption of food in cases:

      “Tick-borne encephalitis (TBE) virus is spread through the bite of an infected tick. Occasionally, TBE virus can spread to people through eating or drinking raw milk or cheese from infected goats, sheep, or cows.”

      Sounds like a bad case of food poisoning.


  7. Mike you need not go to all this trouble to disprove the GOF/Lab Leak claptrap- a better tactic is to agree with the lab leakers and tell them it is cause to celebrate. We now know that their pet projects are only capable of taking out octogenarians with multiple comorbidities who are abused in the medical system through massive doses of toxic pharma pills, neglect and direct assaults on the lungs through ventilators.

    So if one can avoid these iatrogenic assaults then the deadliest of the deadly lab leaks can’t impact you making the other GOF bandits innocuous little fellars we can simply pat on the head and tell to go outside and play nice with their fellow virii.

    I have an associate who is wedded to the lab leak concept. When I pointed out that in only 15 of the 51 states (DC) was their notable increases in death rates in Spring 2020 illustrating that the virii was not so transmissible or deadly AND I pointed out the above fact this excellent researcher agreed with all that I was saying asserting himself that 90% were in fact killed by hospital/care home assaults/neglect.

    I also mentioned the lab leak theory is tough to defend considering this virii floated over Iran. Pakistan, Iraq etc. doing no harm but hammered N Italy (but not S Italy) and then skipped over the rest of Europe and headed to Elmhurst hospital in NY.

    He still couldn’t get off this lab leak belief and touted this new version of the GOF theory which I guess is called “Swarm theory?” that asserts this was a “targeted” GOF experiment and the amped up virii hits hard right at point of release but burns out after 5 generations or something like this.

    This impacted the other 10% in his view in such places as N Italy.

    I believe this latest version of lab leakage is being put forth by JJ Couey et al?

    I didn’t have the heart to tell him he was heading into the esoteric and once you have to dive deeper into convoluted explanations this should tell you your original “theory” is at best sketchy if not altogether baseless.

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  8. Where is the evidence of the elusive virion breaking down in cell culture? These particles are supposed to infect the cell, replicate and escape to infect other cells. If the virion escapes at the moment of cell disintegration then at what point does it breakdown to release its RNA or DNA. It would have to breakdown upon its alleged takeover of the ribosome, at which point the ribosome would begin to manufacture more virions. When does the ribosome cease to produce virions? Why would ribosome failure not produce incomplete RNA or DNA sequences or even disordered sequences. How would one know the exact length of the sequence (or its true source) from fragments of RNA or DNA taken from the culture and assembled. How would one know which of the numerous possible assembled sequences was in the original virion?

    Images produced from electron microscopy (EM) show what are claimed to be fully intact virions. Where are the images of damaged virions releasing their RNA or DNA?

    What are called virions have never been analyzed to determine their internal composition. Why is this if there are so many of them and they can be seen on EM images?

    Ribosomes have never been proven to exist. They are artifacts produced by the EM process. The EM images show dead lifeless material that cannot manufacture virions or demonstrate the process in action.

    The whole concept of viral infection is pure fantasy.


  9. Oh good. It’s working now.

    This is off topic and I didn’t know where to post it. This is your latest article, so I thought I would post it here.

    On Jeremy Hammond’s website, for the purposes of discussion, I am pretending to believe that viruses exist. My ‘nick’ is tomdalton62. And, after he banned you, I asked Jeremy Hammond a question. It is here:

    I wonder if he will have the guts to answer it with a Yes or No answer? lol.


      1. Yeah, I saw that! 🤣 He admits that organisms the same size as “virus” particles, like exosomes, are in there. By default, Jeremy has now admitted other proteins, microvesicular bodies, small bacteria, prions, apoptotic bodies, etc. are also within the sample. Thus, it is not purified. Great work! 👍


    1. Hi Tom,

      I’m not sure why the WordPress comment secrion messes up. It sent your responses to spam. It is frustrating but I retrieved them now. Thanks for backing me up on Hammond’s article! You got him to divulge more there than I could. I see he has yet to respond to your latest comment. I am conversing with Jeremy on Facebook at the moment as he obviously did not want his readers to see his ineptitude. I will have more to say on this in the near future. 😉


      1. Oh. That’s OK. I’m glad you have seen my posts on his website. I did not like the way he treated you there. OK. I am off to get some fish and chips now. Catch you later.

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      2. Hammond has replied again. He kind of admits the sample is not pure this time.

        (I thought I should post this message twice because WordPress didn’t like my message last time.)


      3. While I can’t speak on Hammond specifically, what I’ve noticed is the defenders of the faith *never* have anything to pull out of their hat. They end up going down disappointingly like paper tigers.

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  10. As this has become the next debate.
    There is a brilliant article in German, the pdf has a translate feature but Nl posted it they are working on an English version.
    Explains exactly the virology fraud.

    Peter McCullough interprets cellular structures as “viruses”!
    NEXT LEVEL analysis refutes Peter McCullough’s proof of virus existence

    ➖ No virus isolation
    ➖ No biochemical characterisation and genome sequencing
    ➖ Not a single documented control experiment
    ➖ Cellular structures are misinterpreted as viruses

    Just as an aside, the publication makes no claim at all to demonstrate a novel and pathogenic virus!

    This article shows how we at Next Level – Knowledge rethought work:
    -first-class researched
    -scrutinised down to the last detail
    -scientifically presented

    NEXT LEVEL platform: knowledge rethought

    to the article ( German)

    Source: deepL :



      “ The laboratory technician is told that the test kit contains one or more proteins exactly corresponding to the shape of the microbe. If the laboratory technician would think about it, he would realize that under the appropriate conditions the form of the proteins could not correspond to that of the claimed microbe, because the proteins are no longer in their natural environment. This is called denaturation of the proteins.

      According to the delusional logic of compulsion, these secret proteins are then called “antigens”. Against which the antibodies can be detected. The test kit also contains: e.g. dyes and substances that serve to produce a “positive” signal for reproduction. The apparatus, into which the whole thing is then placed, is calibrated again with substances whose composition is kept secret and which are monitored by the Paul Ehrlich Institute.”


      1. Viral surface proteins are said to bind to cell receptors. These are the proteins against which antibodies are said to act, if I understand this correctly. Are they claiming to create a duplicate of the viral surface? Wouldn’t that require having isolated the virus first? As far as I know no receptors have ever been detected on a cell membrane.

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  11. It would be nice if people started their critical research with the basic theories of evolutionary materialism…
    „To the popular mind, any manifestation resulting from any cause will appear wonderful if there is no perceptible connection between cause and effect. For instance, through the means of wireless telephone speech is carried to opposite points of the globe. To the vast majority this must appear miraculous. To the expert who is familiar with the apparatus and sees it in his mind’s eye the result is obvious. It is exactly as though visible means existed to which the impetus is transmitted.

    As I revolve in my mind the thoughts in answer to your question I find the most wonderful thing is the utter aberration of the scientific mind during the last twenty five years. In that time the relativity theory (Albert Einstein), the electron theory (J. J. Thomson), the quantum theory (Max Planck, Niels Bohr, Werner Heisenberg, Erwin Schrödinger, Arthur Compton, Paul Dirac, Wolfgang Pauli), the theory of radioactivity (Marie Curie) and others have been worked out and developed to an amazing degree. And yet probably not less than 90 per cent of what is thought today to be demonstrable scientific truth is nothing but unrealizable dreams.

    What is ‘thought’ in relativity, for example, is not science, but some kind of metaphysics based on abstract mathematical principles and conceptions which will be forever incomprehensible to beings like ourselves whose whole knowledge is derived from a three-dimensional world.

    The idea of the atom being formed of electrons and protons which go whirling round each other like a miniature sun and planets is an invention of the imagination, and has no relation to the real nature of matter.

    Virtually all progress has been achieved by physicists, discoverers and inventors; in short, devotees of the science which Newton and his disciples have been and are propounding.

    Personally, it is only efforts in this direction which have claimed my energies. Similar remarks might be made with respect to other modern developments of thought. Take, for example, the electron theory. Perhaps no other has given rise to so many erroneous ideas and chimerical hopes. Everybody speaks of electrons as something entirely definite and real. Still, the fact is that nobody has isolated it and nobody has measured its charge. Nor does anybody know what it really is.

    In order to explain the observed phenomena, atomic structures have been imagined (Quantum Mechanics), none of which can possibly exist. But the worst illusion to which modern thought has led is the idea of ‘indeterminacy’ (ex. Uncertainty Principle: W. Heisenberg, E. Schrödinger). To make this clear, I may remark that heretofore we have in positive science assumed that every effect is the result of a preceding cause.

    As far as I am concerned, I can say that after years of concentrated thought and investigation there is no truth in nature of which I would be more fully convinced. But the new theories of ‘indeterminacy’ state this is not true, that an effect cannot be predicted in advance.

    If two planets collide at certain time and certain place, this is to the student of positive science an inevitable result of preceding interactions between the bodies; and if our knowledge would be adequate, we would be able to foretell the event accurately.

    But in the spirit of the new theories this would simply be an accident. ‘Indeterminacy’ introduces into the world of inert matter a principle which might virtually be compared with the universal illusion of free will.

    Of course, there is no such thing. In years of experimenting I have found that every thought I conceive, every act I perform, is the result of external impressions on my senses.

    It is only because the vast majority of human being are not observant sufficiently that they live in the illusion of perfect choice and freedom in their thoughts and actions. And if this holds true even in the most complex and involved manifestations of human life, it holds true with the same force in all the world of matter.”

    –Nikola Tesla
    “Great Scientific Discovery Impends.“ The Sunday Star, Washington D.C., May 17, 1931.


  12. deepL translate

    ICIC- Dr. Reiner Füllmich, Dr. Mike Yeadon & Dr. Shimon Yanowitz: SARS-CoV-2 does not exist and probably no spike protein either.

    🗣 Reiner elaborates: Even gain-of-function seems to be just for fear-mongering (sic!)

    NEXT LEVEL TEAM started the ball rolling and will end the viral fairy tale.
    📌Fact 1: No purified isolate exists.
    📌Fact 2: No documented control experiments exist.

    NOTE: This applies to all constructed pathogenic viruses❗️.

    Arne Burkhardt & team also demonstrably performed no control experiments to claim a spike protein. It does not exist.


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