A Conversation With Hugo Kruger

Yesterday, I had the pleasure of speaking with Hugo Kruger on a few topics including the lack of purification of “viruses,” what keeps the myth alive, the problems with computer models/statistics, and other areas related to the “virus” lie. It was a nice experience and I enjoyed the chat. I hope you will be able to come away with something of value from the conversation. You can find it through these two links:




Update: Sadly the YouTube censorship team decided we were misinformation… 🤷‍♂️

Hugo has plenty of other very interesting and well-done interviews over at his homepage and I definitely recommend checking out his work. He has some insightful views on what the world is currently facing and you can easily find information of value from his work.


You can find some of Hugo’s excellent articles here:




  1. Great conversation! One thing I feel you didn’t mention in relation to the idea of a testdemic, is the fact that the definition of so called disease and the validity of the test to identify the cause is a completely circular argument. How do you know which person, with which symptoms to test when those symptoms are identical to flu, for example. This is why the only way to propagate the idea of a new disease is with the existence of a so called new cause, aka the virus.
    And as David Martin pointed out, there was nothing new about the supposed virus. All the elements which were claimed to be new had been patented since the first sars faded from the msm.

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    1. Yes there is much I wish I had gone into further detail on and ways in which I would have improved my answers. I’m still trying to figure out how to convey what I want to say in interviews. I am much more comfortable when writing as I have time to reflect and think about what I want to say and I can edit and refine my message. When answering live, it is a different process that I am still working to figure out. I’m a work in progress at the moment. 😉

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      1. You are doing a great job Mike! I don’t think people realize how challenging it is to do video/audio interviews unless you have had lots of experience. I really admire the work you are doing! Censorship is a badge of honor these days. I see they already pulled the video on youtube.

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      2. Thanks so much for the kind words and support Julie! Answering live is much more difficult than I imagined but hopefully it should get easier with practice. I am too used to the being able to slowly reflect and write and the way the brain processes the information live is a completely different pace that I am not used to yet. I’m sure it will get better…either that or people will stop requesting interviews. 😉


      3. Mike, the first thought that came to mind is: Quiet in the peanut gallery! Keep up the great work. It is so imperative and humanity needs your voice! Sending much love, admiration, but most of all, gratitude! Write more, interview more!!!! People can listen to interviews and multitask. It’s very efficient!

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      4. Thank you for the very kind words and support! I greatly appreciate it. I will be posting an audio interview tomorrow and have other interviews coming up. I’m still figuring out how best to present the info in interviews. It’s a different beast than writing posts. I hope it provides some useful information. 🙂


  2. One thing I do to help make the switch from writing to speaking is practice explaining these things to a friend or family member in my mind, though out loud.

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  3. Also, you mentioned that “they” know there are no viruses, but I think if you extend that logic to all fields (genomics, climatology, economics, banking, agriculture, education, etc.) I think it becomes less plausible. It seems to me there must be a division of labor. All the medical industrial complex (MIC) planners need to know is that “there are plenty of flu viruses to pin the label pandemic on with statistical manipulation and media.” And all the planners above them need to know is that “the MIC can ensure a pandemic narrative happens as long we ensure media and gov and academia cooperate.”

    They probably know there’s something dodgy about it, but in general if they knew everything they wouldn’t look like crap like Gates does 🙂

    Some surely know vaccines are not what the stories say and don’t vaccinate their kids, but that’s just one area. It doesn’t seem like they would be experts in every field. Some even might get all the medical stuff but still think the Federal Reserve is crucial, or that climate change is a substantial problem even if it’s being exaggerated. One thing the elites do seem to know, judging by how they educate their young, is that modern schooling is bogus. They send them to elite private schools where they learn all about how power dynamics, elocution, goepolitics, and other politically useful skills.

    I’d like to know what the known elites do when they get cancer, etc. That would tell us a lot. I bet they aren’t doing water-only fasting and rest, for example. And then dementia… I don’t think they are near having all the answers. If they did, they wouldn’t leave their health solutions to private services, because some things benefit too much from the technological gains of broad market availability.

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    1. I believe those in the top positions know the scam while those below them may know half-truths or are unaware. There is definitely compartmentalization going on to keep people from knowing everything.


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