A Dialogue With Brecht Arnaert and Michael Wallach on The “Viral” Delusion

Today, I had the pleasure of speaking with Brecht Arnaert and Michael Wallach about Michael’s amazing docu-series The Viral Delusion as well as many of the fraudulent practices involved in the pseudoscience known as virology. Along with the docu-series, we discussed the issues with the meaning virology has assigned to the term “isolation,” the problems with the cell culture technique, the troubles with using electron microscopy to identify “viral” particles, and many other topics. It was a great time and I am hopeful you will be able to take something away from this conversation.

Brecht Arnaert interviews Michael Wallach and Mike Stone: “Why virology is a pseudo-science”

Dear friends,

Just finished a great interview with Michael Wallach and Mike Stone on the reasons why virology does not pass the scientific test: there is no empirical evidence that the object of study even exists, the definitions used are fully idiosyncratic, with no explanation for the difference in meaning in regards to normal, colloquial language, and the failure to comply with the most basic scientific requirement – reproducibility – is presented as an extension of the theory, the so-called “variants”.

To quote Goethe: “None are more hopelessly enslaved than those who falsely believe they are free.”

Please help Mr. Michael Wallace to spread this very important message by going to http://www.theviraldelusion.com and to register for the five part-documentary. The first episode is for free, and you can get the four other episodes for only 11,99 USD. A small price to pay for the most decent information on the net.

Please also support the blog of Mr. Mike Stone, who has done a great job sorting out all the confusion surrounding this topic, and has collected the best arguments against the germ-theory on his blog http://www.viroliegy.com. Personally, I do not think the 5000 virologists are lying, but that doesn’t detract from the value of Mikes blog: it debunks the illusion just as well.

Please share this video with anybody who would like a good introduction to this debate, and hopefully, one day we may all leave this dualist, materialist, positivist paradigm, and find ourselves at the bar in the new, energetic, holistic, negativist paradigm. Do not despair: truth will out!


Brecht Arnaert

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About Brecht:

Brecht Arnaert currently does research at the Departamento de Ciencias Sociales , King Juan Carlos University. Brecht is specialized in the metaphysics of economics – the role implicit assumptions play in explicit methodology. He is Editor-In-Chief of www.macrotrends.be, a Brussels-based financial newsletter, trying to apply the Austrian Business Cycle Theory to investing. His current project is ‘In Defense of Extreme Subjectivism – The case for a paradoxical foundation of Austrian Economics’.

You can find more from Brecht at his Twitter page:


He also has published research which can be found here:





  1. Sometimes, when I say to someone that virology is a fraud, I have this answer:”So, are you believing that all virologists in the World are involved in the conspiracy? that’s not possible!” But for these arguments are really simplistic. In fact, at the base of the pyramid, in most of the case, like all the other fields of “Science”, virology is like a cult. The Church of Virology. The adepts of this cult learn at the Universities the right ceremonies and rituals in order to evoke these entities in their labs, to exorcise and defeat them. So they have something to worship and to be afraid of. They really believe in their rituals. I think that this kind of people are the majority. They are the lab monkeys. And in most of the cases they receive a very low salary. They really BELIEVE in Science. Like all the mystics and the ascetics they are willing to all these renounces for the ultimate Good of “Science”.
    As you go up to the top of the pyramid the virologists motivations change substantially. These are the career, money, funding (from Bill & Melinda), fame, and for all of these reasons they are prone to do anything, science is their last interest! These are the lab prostitutes. You can find them as Heads of laboratories or research institutes. Above them there are politicians, finance and pharmaceutical companies that tell them what to do in order to get funding, become famous and earn a lot of money. It is almost the same in all the other fields of medical research. I say this because of my personal experience, because I worked for some years in an institution for cancer research. But in my laboratory all the lab monkeys were aware of the fraud. When I started working with them they taught me a lot of things. They told me how the various laboratory bosses agree to mention one the fraudulent paper of another boss only to get prestige and funding. Because if a fraudulent study published in a peer review journal is confirmed by another fraudulent study done by another laboratory apparently it seems a good job but it is not like that. “Maybe they’ll find out after 50 years that it was a fraudulent job,” they told me. When our boss came back from “scientific” Conferences around the world he told us how beautiful were the tourist resorts he visited, how beautiful it was skiing. My colleagues were all tired of working in that laboratory doing meaningless research for a miserable salary. In the end they have all changed their career and I also looked for another job.

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    1. I’m glad you and your colleagues were able to see the deception. Science, or what is called science these days, is definitely akin to a religion. A dark one. In order to advance, one must sell their soul. Fraud is built upon fraud in a vicious cycle and any science that disagrees with the mainstream narrative is buried and censored. The people at the top are monsters fully aware of the evil being perpetrated on humanity.


      1. Agree, at the very top there is knowledge of fraud, obviously the Rockefeller operatives who moved to take over all the teaching of medicine and public health in higher education knew what they were doing when they eliminated traditional medicines.

        And there is within the resistance also a problem of celebrity culture. People are so used to following celebrities that they continue doing so even when they think they are resisting the mainstream, and hence parrot celebrities like Doctors McCullough, Malone and Cole, RFK Jr and Steve Kirsch, who are totally wedded to virus/germ theory and the fundamentals of mainstream science, even if occasionally reaching different conclusions, pushing “alternative treatments” and “repurposed drugs.”

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      2. Yes, people like the ones you mentioned are in place to keep those questioning Germ Theory to stay within the framework of the lie. They are controlled opposition for sure.


  2. Another home run, Mike! Got a couple of points.
    1. Regarding the people falling over in Wuhan in early 2020: quite a few of those were staged, you can see the people tilt their heads and reach out with their hands to brace themselves before hitting the ground.
    2. Regarding the Spanish Flu as being the result of shock induced by the end of the war. Back in 1967, i went to the library at my school to look at microfilms of the New York papers from the last few days of 1917, so as to see how the media covered the story of the extreme cold wave which hit New York right then, temps dove to -13 deg F, second lowest ever, way below zero for several days, i was wondering if history could repeat itself as 1967’s weather seemed very wild (and in fact we did see temps dive below zero in January ’68). And the lead stories, besides discussing the weather, were also mentioning the on-going Spanish Flu. Thus, this event began WELL before the end of WWI, 11/11/1918.

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    1. Thanks Jeffrey! I agree with both points you bring up. The people falling or lying dead in the street was straight up fear porn (for lack of a better term) propaganda to sell the dangers of the “virus” from China. I also agree with the weather being a factor in the Spanish flu. I’m writing an article currently on the 1957 and 1968 “Asian” flu “pandemics.” My guess is that you may find unusual weather in 56′ or 57′ as well. Researchers in the past knew that more severe weather happened with extreme shifts in temperature. We have seen some crazy weather the last few years. In Iowa, we constantly shift from warm to cold back and forth. We had a thunderstorm with tornados a few weeks ago and the next day we had snow. This manipulation of the weather is certainly a factor in disease.


  3. Any virologist, physician, researcher, biologist or scientist who are proponents of viral or germ theory will not see the absurdity of the isolation procedure. I would argue that the only possible explanation is that they’re secretly bound by oath to serve a satanic agenda, a kind of controlled opposition. They’ll act as if they’re anti-establishment when they’re really protecting it. Their function is to prevent the ultimate truth from being exposed to the masses at any cost. This would include people like Dr. McCullough, Dr. Malone, Robert Kennedy, Dr. Vernon Coleman, Dr. Judy Milkovich, Dr. Dolores Cahill, Del Bigtree, Joe Rogan. Fauci of course doesn’t even bother hiding it. There is simply no way that they just have a different opinion on the matter.

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    1. I agree that many of the faces out there promoting the “virus” lie are controlled opposition. I imagine some are stuck in cognitive dissonance but those in a position of power and influence are fully aware of the fraud being perpetrated on us. Some are willing to take the money and prestige and look the other way while others actively promote and participate in spreading the lie.


  4. Any virologist, physician, researcher, biologist or scientist who are proponents of viral or germ theory will not see the absurdity of the isolation procedure. I would argue that the only possible explanation is that they’re secretly bound by oath to serve a satanic agenda, a kind of controlled opposition. They’ll act as if they’re anti-establishment when they’re really protecting it. Their function is to prevent the ultimate truth from being exposed to the masses at any cost. This would include people like Dr. McCullough, Dr. Malone, Robert Kennedy, Dr. Vernon Coleman, Dr. Judy Milkovich, Dr. Dolores Cahill, Del Bigtree, Joe Rogan. Fauci of course doesn’t even bother hiding it. There is simply no way that they just have a different opinion on the matter.


  5. I want to say thank you! Im a nurse. I attended faithfully to the current cult. One thing I can say is that it took THIS total nightmare to happen before I actually had the time, or took the time to investigate the foundations of the false temple.. Im sharing it with everyone.. I bought the series.. VERY well done.. Thank you again.. I am ready for new discussions of how to begin real healing. I have no more fear. from the monsters I belived in.. except now the one ones propagating the continuation of their dogma.. cult leaders are more dangerous than any disease..

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    1. You are very welcome! 🙂 I am happy to hear that you were able to look beyond your training and see this fraudulent pseudoscience for what it is. It is very liberating to not fear the invisible. I agree the cult leaders are the real danger. We need to keep hammering the message home that there is no actual science nor any logic behind virology/germ theory. Even if it is just waking them up one person at a time. Eventually, we will be the majority as once you see the lie, you can not unsee it.


  6. A former client of mine (functional health) is a biological scientist and I learned a lot working with him … One question he posed was ‘where is the test for. spike proteins in people?’ . Not PCR, not antibodies, just a straight up test for a glycoprotein? Neither of us can yet find one.

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    1. Exactly. And you won’t. From what I have looked into, the existence of the spike protein is as fraudulent as the “virus” itself, which is obvious once one realizes no “coronavirus” was ever properly purified/isolated. If the “virus” has never been shown to exist, the spike protein has not been shown to either.


  7. I really enjoyed the interview. The point the host made about variants being an excuse for non-replication is spot on.

    However, something bothers me about the mention of German New Medicine. The idea that we have to abandon looking at the material world just because virology is a pseudoscience feels off. This to me is the wrong lesson to take from the story of modern medicine’s misapplied reductionism and scientism.

    The right lesson is that you do it right: if using reductionist science, follow the scientific method (control experiments…), and also realize that reductionism is a very poor tool for studying extremely complex natural systems like the body – except when there are single artificial factors to look at that can be added and removed, such as junk foods, vaccines, drugs, pollution, lack of sleep, chronic stress, lack of sunlight, or lack of exercise.

    Yes shocks and other stresses are a major factor in disease, but it’s in fact reductionist to shoehorn all explanations into that mold. In fact we have very good and simple explanations for why stress makes people sick. For one, stress stops digestion, cleaning, and repair processes to ready the body to fight or fly. This is an onerous burden to bear many times or especially continuously throughout the day.

    As a lens, sure, you could say that a psychologically fully healthy person would automatically dislike the taste of junk food and automatically seek out daily exercise and sunlight, etc. But that doesn’t take much away from the fact that you can easily show that vaccinating people, even if it doesn’t shock or traumatize them, reduces their health level ceteris paribus. Same with fluoridating their water or replacing butter with trans fats in their stir fry or their croissants.

    I feel it’s a seductive theory that draws in those who haven’t really thought about the broad sweep of physiology and haven’t done much personal experimentation and observation of other people.

    The answer to pseudoscience is not anti-science, but properly done science that respect its own limits. Science’s useful role in health is strictly limited to identifying what is unnaturally hindering the body and removing or compensating for it. Science will never figure out how to heal a wound better than the body can, but a properly done science can figure out how to remove unnatural factors hindering wound healing. This is useful because most of us live highly unnatural lives.

    But the limitations of science and the fallacies of materialism do not throw open the door to woo and theories based on scant anecdotes. It’s fine and great to go with nature and think holistically, but if you have pretenses that we need a scientific explanation, you cannot just reject the basis of science and say toxins/material doesn’t matter or only matter if we know about them or some such thing. That’s a belief system, maybe a useful one, but it shouldn’t be confused with science and theory.

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    1. I agree completely. I am not discounting GNM but the evidence I have seen (primarily testimonials) has left me unconvinced so far. I am not denying the mental factor plays a big role in disease. However, GNM seems to go too far and focuses almost exclusively on it while discounting toxicity/poisoning and other environmental/physiological factors. Whereas Germ Theory has swung too far to the material side, GNM has gone too far into the mental side IMO. I feel that Terrain Theory is closest to the truth but even then, some people go too far with it as well. Ultimately, like you said, it’s a belief system and people are looking to replace the old one with a new one, regardless of whether there is proper scientific evidence validating the new beliefs.


  8. Mike, that was another fantastic interview. I share your skepticism about German New Medicine. Lanka is a true-believer in GNM just like Mercola is a true-believer in viruses. (The ugly truth is someone may be 100% right about one topic and 100% wrong about something else.) I saw an interview with Del Bigtree in which he acknowledged germ-theory may be wrong but he said it was easier to use germ-theory arguments to fight against the COVID narrative. Unfortunately, the vast majority of doctors are in the virus cult.

    The elephant in the room is what’s really in the clot shots. The alternative media is full of stories about graphene oxide/nanotech in the shots. Perhaps the spike protein and mRNA narrative in the “vaccines” is a total PSYOP.

    Keep up the great Work!

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    1. Thank you for the kind words! While I believe there is a strong mental component to health/wellness, I fear GNM swings too far to that part of the equation while minimizing other factors. I have yet to see any solid evidence verifying the claims. Everything has been based on testimonials. I would like to see some solid evidence that adheres to the scientific method. I have yet to see any, granted I have not looked very hard yet either.

      You may also be right about the spike protein/mRNA narrative being a psy-op. If the “virus” has never been purified and isolated, you can be sure that the spike protein has not been either. The whole concept of DNA is built upon faulty science as well. It is fair game to question every aspect of the official narrative.


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