Blindsided by Rabies with Michael Wallach on the Skeptico Podcast

A few weeks ago, I was invited by Michael Wallach, the director of the amazing docu-series The Viral Delusion, to join him as a guest on the Skeptico podcast. It was an interesting experience to say the least. We were under the impression that the conversation would be focused on the gain of function/lab leak theories as well as HIV and we had prepared ourselves to discuss these topics. However, the conversation instead took a detour when the host, Alex Tsakiris, changed the focus to rabies instead, an area he felt was left unexplained by those of us stating that “viruses” do not exist. He presented us with a graph showing statistics of rabies cases declining with the use of vaccines. Unfortunately, at the time that we were interviewed, Alex was unable to provide us with a source for the information that he shared with us. Neither Michael nor I had ever seen this graph before, however it really wasn’t the issue as vaccine statistics do not prove a “viral” cause.

Unfortunately, the rabies graph became the bulk of our time on the show. Michael Wallach did an excellent job explaining the problems with the lack of evidence behind the rabies “virus” as well as the fraud of Louis Pasteur. I wanted to chime in more to help out (not that Michael needed me to) but sadly Alex was not really interested in what I had to say about the subject. You can view our conversation with Alex on the Skeptico podcast here:

Michael Wallach, Rabies, Damn Rabies |561|

As I was unable to speak much on the topic with Alex, I want to present some information here that may help to answer his questions as to why rabies cases appeared to decline as the vaccine was introduced. However, before addressing the graph, the first thing that needs to be understood is that at no time has a rabies “virus” ever been properly purified and isolated directly from the fluids of any animal nor any human and then proven pathogenic by adherence to the scientific method. In fact, as he performed his experiments in the 1870’s and 1880’s, Louis Pasteur provided no theoretical basis for the vaccination of rabies as he admitted that he had failed to isolate the microbe that was presumed responsible for the disease. He also massaged and manipulated his data in order to justify his claims as to the success of rabies vaccination. Pasteur was a fraud who was more concerned with fame and prestige rather than performing valid scientific research. I wrote about his unethical practices involved with the early rabies research as well as how the rabies vaccines actually produced the severe neurological symptoms often associated with the disease here.

Later attempts to propagate the “virus” in the 1950’s, which were claimed to be successful, were done in hamster brain and kidney cultures. Interestingly, it was noted that no cytopathogenic changes, the very criteria used by virologists to claim ‘viruses” are present within these cultures, occured whatsoever.

doi: 10.3181/00379727-98-23997.

Even by the CPE standards used by virologists as a measure for the successful isolation of a “virus,” they had failed to “isolate” rabies in their cultured samples. As no rabies “virus” has ever been scientifically proven to cause the disease, there is no basis to claim that the symptoms associated with rabies are caused by a “virus.” Still, in spite of being given this information, Alex continued to focus on his graph as if the effect credited to the vaccine was somehow proof of a “viral” cause. However, one can not look to an effect in order to claim a cause. This is a logical fallacy known as affirming the consequent. It is often stated like this:

In other words, if rabies is caused by a “virus,” the vaccine will lower cases. The cases declined with vaccine use, therefore rabies is caused by a “virus.” Obviously, this is not a logical statement as there are many variables and factors unaccounted for that could lead to the appearance of a vaccine having a positive effect on rabies cases. It should also not need to be stated that just because a vaccine appeared to work does not mean that the cause of rabies was a “virus.” A rabies “virus” must be scientifically proven to exist first in order to be tested for as the cause of the symptoms of disease associated with it. This has never been done.

We therefore must ask ourselves a very important question:

  • Did the rabies vaccines really cause rabies cases to fall or are there other potential reasons for the apparent decline?

Let’s try to answer this by looking at the graph Alex provided on the air. Fortunately, I was able to find the source for the image. It came from the CDC’s own data from the Morbidity and Mortality Weekly Report in July 2019. The study was titled Vital Signs: Trends in Human Rabies Deaths and Exposures — United States, 1938–2018.

As usual, cases in both humans and animals dropped well before the vaccine was introduced.

What we can find out is that rabies cases were exceedingly rare over the entire graph period, with only 588 cases of human rabies reported in the United States from 1938 to 2018. In fact, there was a sharp decline in rabies cases a few years prior to the mass vaccination of dogs in 1947, which is often the case when looking at the decline in disease before the introduction of vaccination. Of course, the vaccine is given the credit even though the cases were well in decline beforehand.

So what could have caused this sharp drop before and after vaccine introduction? If you have looked into the decrease in diseases claimed to have been caused by other “viruses,” it is easy to spot a certain trend. Often times, the symptoms of disease claimed to be declining due to vaccination are reclassified either as a new or related disease caused by a new or related “virus.” Smallpox was rebranded as chicken and/or monkeypox, polio became acute flaccid myelitis, syphilis morphed into AIDS, influenza transformed into “Covid,” etc. etc. etc. This trend of rebranding and relabelling the same symptoms of disease as either new diseases or similar ones can easily be seen with rabies and the rabies-related “lyssaviruses.” While the rabies “virus” is considered a “lyssavirus,” there are numerous other “viruses” under this same heading that are considered “rabies-like viruses” that do not cause rabies per se but instead “rabies-like” disease:

Rabies and Rabies-Related Lyssaviruses

“Closely related lyssaviruses circulate among bats in the Eastern Hemisphere, and can cause an illness identical to rabies. Rabies vaccines and post-exposure prophylaxis can provide some protection against some of these viruses, but not others. Rabies-related lyssaviruses can be found even in countries classified as rabies-free.”

“Information about rabies-related lyssaviruses is currently limited to a small number of case reports and a few reports of experimental inoculation; however, the illness 
appears indistinguishable from rabies. Bats may either have mild or no clinical signs and survive the infection, or develop severe neurological signs and die.”

According to the CDC, these rabies-related “viruses” include:

  1. Lagos bat
  2. Mokola “virus”
  3. Duvenhage “virus”
  4. European bat “virus” 1 & 2
  5. Australian bat “virus”

This is a nice convenient scapegoat which allows a country to declare itself rabies-free even though the same symptoms of disease still persist. For example, in Austraila you will find disclaimers such as this:

According to Austrailia, they are rabies-free even though the same symptoms of disease persist within the country. These cases are blamed on the Australian bat “virus” which is claimed to cause a “rabies-like” disease. Quite convenient, right? However, what if the classification system for these “lyssaviruses” were to change? Would a country that is considered rabies-free lose its illustrious status?

Lyssaviruses and rabies: current conundrums, concerns, contradictions and controversies

“With increasing ICTV debate toward unification of virus taxonomy based on genetic distances, in the near future there may be a re-classification attempt, in which all phylogroup I viruses are segregated into one species (for example, Rabies lyssavirus?) and all phylogroup II viruses are segregated into another. Of course, such re-classification would miss important characteristics used for species demarcation at present and may have potential socio-economic or bio-political consequences for certain areas. For example, some places where RABV is not thought to circulate, such as in Australia or Western Europe (but where other lyssaviruses are present among bats), might lose their self-defined “rabies-free” status, on the basis of viral taxonomic re-organization, creating greater confusion, with potential public health, veterinary, or economic repercussions, if suddenly recast into the same disease status as Africa, Asia and the New World. Arguably, the term “rabies” appears to garner greater weight and seriousness than the less familiar designation “bat lyssavirus”.

The loose definitions allow countries such as Austrailia to claim rabies-free status even though the disease still persists there. If the definition and/or classification changes, so to will their status. This is similar to how America is allowed to claim it has been polio-free since 1979 while there are cases every year of acute flaccid myelitis and other polio-like diseases which present with the same sets of symptoms. We could easily relabel those polio-like diseases as polio and lose the polio-free designation.

While the same set of rabies symptoms can be blamed on the closely related “lyssaviruses,” they can also be blamed on unrelated “viruses” and conditions that are said to be caused by different “viruses,” bacteria, genetic abnormalities, and even poisons.. For instance, animals can be diagnosed with distemper instead of rabies. These two diseases have often been confused for one another as the symptoms are indistinguishable:

Raccoons – distemper and rabies

“Canine distemper in raccoons starts slowly, with respiratory infections then they develop pneumonia. In the final stage of the disease, the raccoon may begin to wander aimlessly in a circle with bizarre behaviour as a result of brain damage. Many of these symptoms are similar to rabies – which can only be determined by laboratory testing.”

What is canine distemper virus in dogs?

“CDV is a highly contagious paramyxovirus that affects dogs and wildlife including raccoons, skunks, grey foxes, and ferrets. This virus is closely related to the human measles virus, and can lead to respiratory, gastrointestinal (GI), and central nervous system (CNS) problems. CDV is often confused with other infectious diseases, including rabies, because the organ systems affected and clinical signs are similar.”

Canine Distemper: Ensure Your Dog is Protected

There are many other diseases such as encephalitis and different neurological disorders which are also said to mimic rabies in animals. Even poisoning is stated to mimic the severe stages of the disease:

Diseases that can look like Rabies

“Encephalitis is one condition that can look somewhat like the early stages of rabies. In this condition, with is immune based in most dog breeds of dogs, the dog’s own immune system begins to attack the brain. The result is a dog that may be confused, appear to stagger and bump into things, or even a dog that seems very disoriented and lost even in familiar settings. The dog may also have temperament changes and may snap at owners or become very agitated when they have previously been calm and friendly.”

“Canine distemper is another disease that may be mistaken for rabies since the symptoms are so close to being the same. Even wild animals such as raccoons, foxes and coyotes can have distemper that can even further confuse the issue. Since it is still a highly contagious disease it is essential to get your dog to the vet if he or she has had any contact with wild animals or other dogs that seem to be disoriented, have a discharge from the eyes or nose, paralysis and stumbling types of movements. Typically the wild animal will be non-threatened by human presence, which in itself is a sign of abnormal behavior. It is important to realize that distemper, unlike rabies, cannot be passed from an animal to a human. However it is important to stay away from any animal that appears to have any symptoms similar to rabies or distemper.”

“Other neurological conditions, some which are fatal and contagious and some that are strictly a result of a genetic or inherited condition can mimic the early signs of rabies. In rare cases animals that are poisoned and those with neurological conditions can exhibit the same signs as advanced stages of rabies including paralysis, drooling, sensitively to light and sound, dramatic changes in behavior and even refusal to eat or drink.”

As can be seen from the above three sources, canine distemper and other diseases such as encephalitis can be confused with rabies due to the identical nature of the symptoms. These diseases still persist within dogs and other animals while rabies, or at least “dog rabies,” has been said to have been eliminated from the US and other countries. In other words, the rabies label is no longer applied upon diagnosis even though the same symptoms of disease circulate in animals within the country.

This merry-go-round among the same symptoms of disease does not stop with animals either. There are many conditions in humans that also mimic rabies. These diseases are outlined in this final source:

Beware: there are other diseases that can mimic rabies:

  • Diseases that can mimic encephalitic rabies:
    1. viral encephalitis (i.e. Japanese, eastern equine, West Nile)
    2. delirium tremens
    3. acute substance intoxication (i.e. cocaine, amphetamines)
    4. acute psychoses
    5. bacterial meningitis
    6. cerebral malaria
    7. post-rabies vaccination encephalopathy
    8. bite of an elapid snake (i.e., cobra)
    9. tetanus
  • Diseases that can mimic paralytic rabies:
    1. polio
    2. Guillain–Barré syndrome
    3. botulism
    4. diphtheria
    5. bite of an elapid snake (i.e., cobra)


Rabies? Or Zombie bite…?

In Summary:

  • Louis Pasteur admitted to not isolating the agent presumed to cause rabies
  • In the 1950’s, attempts to isolate the “virus” in cultures of hamster brains and kidneys were deemed successful despite the lack of observing any cytopathogenic effect (CPE)
  • Many “viruses” that are said to be eliminated or controlled through vaccination were rebranded and relabelled as either similar diseases caused by related “viruses” or new diseases caused by new “viruses”
  • Regarding rabies, closely related “lyssaviruses” circulate among bats in the Eastern Hemisphere and can cause an illness identical to rabies
  • Rabies-related “lyssaviruses” can be found even in countries classified as rabies-free
  • The illness associated with these rabies-related “lyssaviruses” appears indistinguishable from rabies
  • Some places where rabies is not thought to circulate, such as in Australia or Western Europe (but where other “lyssaviruses” are present among bats), might lose their self-defined “rabies-free” status, on the basis of “viral” taxonomic re-organization,
  • This would create greater confusion, with potential public health, veterinary, or economic repercussions, if they were suddenly recast into the same disease status as Africa, Asia and the New World
  • The term “rabies” appears to garner greater weight and seriousness than the less familiar designation “bat lyssavirus”
  • Canine distemper is a rabies-like illness in animals
  • In raccoons, it starts slowly, with respiratory infections then they develop pneumonia
  • In the final stage of the disease, the raccoon may begin to wander aimlessly in a circle with bizarre behaviour as a result of brain damage
  • Many of these symptoms are similar to rabies – which can only be determined by laboratory testing
  • Canine distemper is often confused with other infectious diseases, including rabies, because the organ systems affected and clinical signs are similar
  • It is mistaken for rabies since the symptoms are so close to being the same
  • Even wild animals such as raccoons, foxes and coyotes can have distemper that can even further confuse the issue
  • Encephalitis is another condition that can look somewhat like the early stages of rabies
  • The result of this brain swelling is a dog that may be confused, appear to stagger and bump into things, or even seems very disoriented and lost even in familiar settings
  • Other neurological conditions, some which are fatal and contagious and some that are strictly a result of a genetic or inherited condition can mimic the early signs of rabies
  • In rare cases animals that are poisoned and those with neurological conditions can exhibit the same signs as advanced stages of rabies including paralysis, drooling, sensitively to light and sound, dramatic changes in behavior and even refusal to eat or drink
  • In humans, there are many diseases which mimic rabies:
    1. Diseases that can mimic encephalitic rabies:
      • “viral” encephalitis (i.e. Japanese, eastern equine, West Nile)
      • delirium tremens
      • acute substance intoxication (i.e. cocaine, amphetamines)
      • acute psychoses
      • bacterial meningitis
      • cerebral malaria
      • post-rabies vaccination encephalopathy
      • bite of an elapid snake (i.e., cobra)
      • tetanus
    2. Diseases that can mimic paralytic rabies:
      • polio
      • Guillain–Barré syndrome
      • botulism
      • diphtheria
      • bite of an elapid snake (i.e., cobra)

For some reason, people seem to think rabies is a “gotcha” for those of us claiming that “viruses” do not exist. This disease is thrown out as proof that vaccines are effective and that because of this, the “virus” must therefore exist. However, a big problem for anyone championing rabies as proof for the existence of “viruses” continues to be the lack of any purified and isolated “virus” particles coming directly from the fluids of a rabid host. Louis Pasteur openly admitted to failing to meet this burden of proof even though he subjected animals and humans to experimental injections. Attempts by researchers in the 1950’s to propagate the “virus” in tissue and cell cultures did not produce the characteristic cytopathogenic effect said to be necessary in order to determine if a “virus” is present in a culture. Thus, there is no scientific proof for the existence of the rabies “virus,” even by virology’s own standards.

As the rabies “virus” can not be shown to exist, any data relating to a decrease in cases due to a vaccine which is then used as proof for the existence of a rabies “virus” is entirely irrelevant. There are many reasons to doubt case statistics as these can be easily manipulated and massaged in order to create whatever narrative is desired. It can be seen that the same symptoms associated with rabies still exist today as there are many other diseases either said to be caused by rabies-related “viruses” or completely unrelated “viruses” that share the exact same symptoms associated with rabies. These diseases are more commonly diagnosed in areas where rabies is said not to be circulating. It is very apparent that virology loves to rebrand and relabel the same symptoms of disease as multiple “new and different” diseases in order to create the perception that the treatments work. This is why places like Austrailia get to claim to be “rabies-free” even though a rabies-like disease said to be caused by a rabies-like “virus” still exists there. This lowers the cases as the older diseases are claimed to be either eradicated and/or under control due to “successful” vaccination campaigns and thus they are not looked for as a diagnosis. There is no way that these statistics can be trusted when the definitions and labels of what is or is not rabies seemingly changes at will.

In any case, the rabies statistics are a moot point. Until someone can provide proof of the purification and isolation of the particles assumed to be rabies directly from the fluids of a rabid host which were proven pathogenic in a natural way, these case numbers are utterly meaningless. The conversation with Alex on the Skeptico podcast should have never even reached vaccination statistics unless he provided a paper showing the evidence for the existence of a rabies “virus” first. Unfortunately, while Michael did an admirable job defending our position, we were not prepared for the graph and did not get the chance to look over the data and present our counter-argument. Hopefully we can get the chance to go on again and discuss the issue in further detail in the future. However, if not, this response will have to suffice.



  1. You guys got victimized because you come from a (‘luddite’) position of weakness that will only ever exist at the margins.

    The position of strength fights (industrial) fire with fire: ‘viruses’are obviously just exosomes, which are subcellular disease communication bodies. When a ‘rabid’ dog bites a person, it has high concentrations of ‘rabid’ exosomes in its saliva because licking (itself mostly) is a powerful way of transmitting the communication of ‘rabies,’ so that a more-highly coordinated healing can take place in the trillion-fold eukaryotic cellular culture that we call ‘dog.’

    When ‘rabid’ ‘dog’ bites ‘human,’ and ‘human’ be similarly weak due to shared chronic destitution of the local Terrain — thanks to civilization — injected exosomes plus the intensely shared psychospiritual encounter (fear-anger bonding) between two closely co-evolved species under the right circumstances may result in a similar symptomology in the ‘human.’ Tipping points exist.

    We’re talking about a linkage system here, with the exosomes being the brake fluid in the line running between the master and slave (cylinders). You can’t get something from nothing. AND viruses do not exist. 🙂

    You ‘luddites’ get victimized because you reject truths that scare you.

    Rabies ‘vaccines’ are cultured ‘rabies’ exosomes injected into people such that their intelligent bodies are forced to associate that exosomal class with trauma, due to the adjuvants that accompany the cultured exosomes they call “attenuated virus.” These are cultured exosomes with lipid membranes soaked in fat-soluble poisons… This forced association causes the intelligent body to suppress future production of these exosomes, which amounts to the allopathic culture’s standard operating procedure of future symptom-suppression (future healing suppression).

    And what IS a poison-soaked exosome? Well it’s what they call a virus of course. A Trojan horse. Vaccines are trojan horses.

    This is fighting fire with fire.

    Don’t think we didn’t notice the host, here, calling you guys flat earthers, and more than once. I told you this was coming. And whether I played the role of human polymerase in catalyzing it or not is irrelevant because in the internet age skeletons do not stay in the closet like they did in olden days. Tom and Andy are not going to be happy with being publicly called ‘flat-earthers’ of the Terrain while having actual flat-earthers in their Club.

    Tom and Andy and all you all in The Club are ‘flat-earthing’ the Terrain out of self-interest in exactly the same way as the luddites only selfishly opposed industrialism when civilization suddenly was working against them instead of for them. They wanted their nice, cushy little established, agrarian OT Capitalist lives back. Sounds a lot like today’s ‘resistance’ movement now doesn’t it?

    The Terrain is anti-civilization, obviously, because civilization is anti-Terrain and pro-terraforming.

    If you guys want to be bigshots in the national socialist engineered reformation coming our way (to be led by Tulsi Gabbard) then dropping the flat-earth bullshit, and dropping the anti-exosomal (‘flat-earthing’) of the Terrain is the way forward, because exosomes are the missing link in the linkage. Zach Bush is way better positioned than you guys.

    BTW, if it seems like I’m trying to help you guys I’m not. I’m just on a hill glassing the valley, watching a herd of flatlanders, as a hobby I guess. Helping you in this context would be hurting you. Any advice I’d give would just be to walk away.


    1. We were not victimized in the slightest. As I said, Michael did a great job defending the position. It was definitely unfair of Alex to present us a graph with no source/context and ask us to explain it away. That seemed like a set-up. But as I said, it is irrelevant as there is no proof of purified/isolated rabies “virus.”

      “Rabies ‘vaccines’ are cultured ‘rabies’ exosomes injected into people such that their intelligent bodies are forced to associate that exosomal class with trauma, due to the adjuvants that accompany the cultured exosomes they call “attenuated virus.”

      Yeah, you literally have zero evidence for any of this. Again, great story, but back it up with evidence that adheres to the scientific method showing exosomes exist and function as you believe.

      “BTW, if it seems like I’m trying to help you guys I’m not.”

      Throwing out your own pet theories and criticizing flat-earthers was definitely not seen as any help by me, so no worries there. 👍

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    2. “Vaccine adjuvants are chemicals, microbial components, or mammalian proteins that enhance the immune response to vaccine antigens. Interest in reducing vaccine-related adverse effects and inducing specific types of immunity has led to the development of numerous new adjuvants. Adjuvants in development or in experimental and commercial vaccines include aluminum salts (alum), oil emulsions, saponins, immune-stimulating complexes (ISCOMs), liposomes, microparticles, nonionic block copolymers, derivatized polysaccharides, cytokines, and a wide variety of bacterial derivatives. The mechanisms of action of these diverse compounds vary, as does their induction of cell-mediated and antibody responses. Factors influencing the selection of an adjuvant include animal species, specific pathogen, vaccine antigen, route of immunization, and type of immunity needed.”

      You can inject adjuvants and get an immune response without cell breakdown material such as exosomes. This is because the body recognizes them as non-self and reacts to get rid of them.

      Injecting dead cell debris into the body probably will not cause an immune response because the body gets rid of dead cell debris all the time.

      They added adjuvants to the culture products used in vaccines because they did not get an immune response without them. That is the point of adjuvants and demonstrates the stupidity of the whole process.


      1. Yeah the numerous adjuvants have numerous mechanisms of action. And some mechanisms act apart from toxifying the cultured exosomes. Glue sniffing gets you high in part because your body has to get amped-up to deal with the fast-acting intoxication route that is ‘huffing.’ I notice this amped-up reaction myself sometimes when working on farm equipment and the related chemicals. This is analogous to the more water-soluble adjuvant mechanisms of action not designed to saturate the exosomes themselves.


      2. And, George – exosomes are not “cell breakdown material.” They are not debris. They are whole, subcellular bodies manufactured by the cell for communication purposes.


      3. “exosomes are not “cell breakdown material.” They are not debris. They are whole, subcellular bodies manufactured by the cell for communication purposes.”

        OK Reante, you made the positive claim. Now please provide evidence that adheres to the scientific method which backs up your claim.

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      4. No, my asking you is for you to back up your positive claim. If you are going to state something as true, you should be able to back it up with the evidence that led you to this conclusion. It is very telling that you can not do this and that you would rather resort to excuses in order to avoid the question.


      5. All the times we’ve dead-ended in our conversation because you refuse to use your intelligence to pattern simple truths. I know you know what I’m talking about.


      1. Thanks for participating David. Not enough participation around here.

        You’re looking at it wrong. If symptoms (‘disease’) are healings according to Terrain Theory — and they truly are healings — then exosomes are evolutionary healers (vehicles for proteomic healing communications). If the recipient organism is in no need of healing, the exosomal messages are ‘read’ and not amplified to neighboring cells, because without the need for healing the healing message is not relevant. We’re just talking about biofeedback here. Allopathic (opposition to the suffering that healing entails) culture inverts that natural dynamic.

        You do agree in healing communication don’t you? After all, that’s the reason we’re all here in this commentariat, to participate in healing communication.

        Do you see now?


  2. “Unfair.”

    There’s no crying in baseball Mike. As if you guys haven’t seen the industry’s vaccine graphs before. You seen one you seen em all.

    You were only caught off-balance because you were out of balance. The Truth is never out of balance. The conclusion is that you guys have more work to do, and I’m not talking about having more time to come up with a better rabies schtick and going back on this dude’s show cause he done gotcha already. This is part blowback for ‘the challenge.’ You guys are probably 5pc of the ‘resistance’ and you’re trying to ‘flat-earth’ the other 95pc into the Truth, and without the missing link (exosomes) it looks every bit like gaslighting because in ‘flat-earthing’ the Terrain you can’t even defeat the plausible deniability that their ‘vaccine effectiveness’ charts present. All you can say is, “oh they just call it something else now,” and “oh they didn’t use the scientific method,” or, worst of all, “the trend had already started to decline before the vaccine was introduced,” lol. That’s not good enough. You need to explain the allopathic vaccine parlor trick because though we can’t know how effective that trick is, the reason-based, watertight evidence for it in heliocentric reality is more than sufficient to defeat the plausible deniability that you currently can’t get at.

    If you don’t cotton-to, and wield, the whole truth, then their high-level evil will use more truth than you in service of their future falsehood that co-opts the Terrain as part of the Green Wing of their national socialist platform, thereby rendering you ‘flat-earthers.’


    1. “There’s no crying in baseball Mike. As if you guys haven’t seen the industry’s vaccine graphs before. You seen one you seen em all.”

      I was not upset that we discussed the graph. However, if Alex is going to present evidence, it should be sourced to make sure it is legitimate and it should be seen in context of the study it comes from. Before the interview, Alex provided us with articles and topics he wanted to discuss. This study was not among them.

      “You were only caught off-balance because you were out of balance.”

      Did you watch the interview? We were not caught off balance. Michael did a great job representing our position. Sure, it would have been great to know ahead of time that Alex wanted to focus on rabies. It seemed very sketchy to send articles and topics to discuss beforehand and then for him to present on air an unsourced graph to us that was not among the sent items to discuss.

      “All you can say is, “oh they just call it something else now,” and “oh they didn’t use the scientific method,” or, worst of all, “the trend had already started to decline before the vaccine was introduced,” lol. That’s not good enough.”

      If you read what I wrote, the main argument against the graph is the lack of purified/isolated rabies “virus.” Without this evidence, the graph is irrelevant as is trying to explain it. In any case, what makes the explanations I did provide invalid? They are far more plausible than your exosome theory.

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      1. “if Alex is going to present evidence, it should be sourced to make sure it is legitimate and it should be seen in context of the study it comes from. Before the interview, Alex provided us with articles and topics he wanted to discuss. This study was not among them.” That’s downright unethical. Reminds me of a CE final i took, the instructor gave us 15 problems ahead of time, said 8 of them were gonna be on the final. NONE of them were. He wasn’t there, he sent his TA to administer it, and he had not seen the final till he opened his packet right in the exam room (a big hall), exactly as he was ordered to do. Not that stuff like this bothers people like Reante very much. 🙂

        You guys did well, considering, i however would have hammered him on his use of a graph to prove a virus, and his statement that the virus had been isolated and the vaccine developed out of that.

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      2. Yes, I wish we could have focused more on the lack of purification and isolation of a rabies “virus.” It seemed Alex did not want to hear any of that.


      3. Mike, What I have noticed is that the success claim off a vaccine is always made based on the downslope of the bell curve when what ever it is that they are vaccinating against is petering out. The graph you showed from the Vital Signs: Trends in Human Rabies Deaths and Exposures shows exactly the same.

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  3. Great work and putting your point across.
    A graph is not science but we live in a society of graphs and statistics

    The huge problem is the scientific illiteracy even among the so called ‘scientist’ and medically trained.
    As someone mentioned , if you throw 100,000 apples and one does not fall to the ground the observed gravity is false.

    So maybe would be good in interview first to remind people what is science.


    Dr Jordan Grant takeaway
    Science , Pseudoscience and the Germ Theory of Disease- Dr Jordan Grant
    ( 2022 Conference)

    Science does not
    deal with ‘what is ‘questions.
    shape of objects
    how good a medicine works – statistical studies.

    Science deals with the cause of a natural phenomenon.

    People talk about science and many do not have a clue what the scientific method is.

    In Biology / Medicine
    Systematic Review
    Randomised Control Trials
    Cohort Studies
    Case Control Studies
    Case Series, Case Reports ,
    Editorials, Expert Opinions

    None of this is scientific, it is all observation and statistics, it is not science.
    This is what most physicians and academics think is science.
    They can be useful eg. sometimes best one can do is statistics as opposed to trial and error but it is not science .


    Rabies could be explained by some biological shock trauma that the dog may experience and one of it was the cruel experiments that caused the biological shock and the symptoms.
    And am sure same happens in real life ,maybe that is why stray dogs are more likely to manifest rabies symptoms as live in a tougher environment.

    A post .

    “ GHK Testimonial:
    Our dog Blanca, the cause of chickenpox:

    Blanca is now seven months young, playful, yet cautious when playing with children. She changed her needle-like milk teeth months ago.

    Our youngest son is two years old and plays, fights, argues, and cuddles extensively with Blanca; they are a perfect match.

    Constantly Blanca challenged us to play by biting our feet or hands, but so carefully that there would never have been even a scratch. Also, our little one always understood this as an appeal to play, but he was never afraid of her and always accepted this appeal to play.

    About two weeks ago, however, there was once a minor injury. Our little one came to us and showed us a noticeable scratch across the palm of his hand. He came to each of us several times and showed us the injury he had received from playing with Blanca.

    The scratch was not yet fully healed when we noticed red dots on our son’s body, which were becoming increasingly numerous. Hands and arms, feet and legs, popo, and mainly on his backside, but not on his face, chest, and belly. The red dots were so obvious and numerous that we could no longer go out with him among people, because everyone diagnosed him spontaneously with chicken pox, and everyone was afraid of contagion. Television does its job perfectly.

    For two days, we puzzled in vain about what could be the separation conflict causing all these red spots since his mother is with him all day. Suddenly we noticed that our son now reacts differently to Blanca’s invitation to play. This light biting was suddenly no longer a request to play for him but a reason to complain and defend himself. Suddenly he didn’t want Blanca’s kind of invitation to play at all, and his behavior was different.

    Since he had suffered this scratch across the palm of his hand, visible for several days, he wanted to be separated from Blanca’s teeth. Blanca’s teeth were track now, which can also hurt; accordingly, he wanted to be separated from the teeth.

    Not from the dog in general; he still likes to cuddle, play and fight with her. He even counts daily whether all teeth are still present with Blanca, but as soon as she asks him to play with them, the game is over for him. Every touch with the teeth a punctual separation conflict.

    After we realized this, it took us two days to get Blanca out of asking to play with her teeth, especially with our son. Since then, the red dots became less every day, until after one week, they disappeared completely.

    As we were told several times, anyone who does not know GHK would have spontaneously diagnosed chickenpox. But those who know GHK know that there is no such thing as contagion. Every symptom has its cause, so what does he want to be separated from?

    Some observation was enough to recognize what he suddenly didn’t want anymore, Blanca’s teeth. The scratch on his palm also coincides with the appearance of the first red dots.

    As before, our son still loves dogs. He goes to any dog, no matter how big, and pets them. But he has no red dots now because Blanca keeps her teeth with her.”

    When it comes to treatment working , I assume it applies to animals too.
    So assume it is the the same in dog, works in some dogs and not others, trial and error.
    Maybe the dogs would have healed without the medication.

    “ All medicine is designed to make you more comfortable, suppress symptoms without addressing the real cause .”

    How do SBSe behave when taking a drug?*39bajm*_ga*MTIzMTkzOTQ4OC4xNjI1NzM1OTcw*_ga_T49FMYQ9FZ*MTY1OTU1MTc1MS4xMTY5LjEuMTY1OTU1MTc3MS4w

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  4. As Alex Tsakiris just presented unsubstantiated assumptions, beliefs and superstitions to claim there is rabies.

    Looked up on rabies in GNM.

    “Epileptic seizures that occur with “paralytic rabies” are caused by a motor conflict of “feeling stuck” evoked by the bite of an animal. Animals often suffer also a bite conflict (“not being able to bite” the opponent) showing a dropped jaw due to the paralysis of the jaw muscles.”


    There was also an article about vaccination .

    A study on vaccinations for dogs
    Animal lovers insist that animals are more sensitive than humans. Animals react faster and more directly to things that are bad for them. Animals react more promptly to vaccinations. Horse owners react extremely upset after the experience of two years of compulsory vaccinations for show horses. This is because horses are getting diseases that were known to be caused by poisoning before the introduction of compulsory vaccination. The stud owners are in a dilemma. Because an unvaccinated horse is not admitted to the tournaments and a vaccinated one cannot participate in a tournament because of the vaccination problems.
    What is obviously not possible with humans has been done with animals, especially with dogs.

    For her book: “Canine Health Census Vaccine Survey” Catherine Ó Driscoll researched vaccination problems in dogs. The study began in October 1996 and a questionnaire was developed with the assistance of Christopher Day, Jean Dodds DVM, and Dr. Viera Scheibner. The questionnaire was advertised in Dog World Magazine and people were asked to complete it. At the time of publication, 607 vaccination problems were reported among nearly 2678 dogs.
    This represents more than one fifth of the population. The main interest of the study was to determine if there was a temporal relationship between the illnesses and the previous vaccination. The rationale was that if no correlation between vaccination and disease could be established, the dogs’ illnesses would have to be evenly distributed in the period between two vaccinations.
    The percentage of illnesses should then not exceed 25 %. In fact, the evaluation of the

    reporting forms shows that 55% of the diseases occurred in the first three months after vaccination. This means that the incidence of disease was more than twice as high in the first quarter of the year after vaccination
    . In detail, the following breakdown emerged from the study:
    Cancer- 31% within 3 months after vaccination.
    Cramps- 63% within 3 months after vaccination
    Meningitis- 75% within 3 months after vaccination
    Heart disease- 26.8% within 3 months after vaccination
    Kidney damage- 40.5% within 3 months after vaccination
    Paralysis- 52% within 3 months after vaccination
    Abdominal paralysis- 64.7% within 3 months after vaccination
    Liver damage- 47% within 3 months after vaccination
    Impaired concentration of the dog – 68.4% within 3 months after vaccination Autoimmune disease – 54.8% within 3 months of vaccination. If vaccinations had no effect on the reported diseases of dogs, the disease rates would have to be around 25%. This is the case for heart disease, which is the only disease reported.
    Dogs that contracted the diseases they were vaccinated against: Hepatitis- 63.6% within 3 months of vaccination.
    Parainfluenza- 50% within 3 months of vaccination
    Parvovirosis – 68.2% within 3 months after vaccination distemper – 55.6% within 3 months after vaccination Leptospirosis – 100% within the first 3 months after vaccination.
    Here, the baseline value of the disease should be set at 0 %, since the
    vaccination should protect against the disease
    The vaccination was supposed to protect against the disease that it triggered in the reported dogs within three months.


  5. My wife had a rash on her face. She went to different doctors and got three different diagnoses. Well, one day the dog got to licking her on her face and the dog wouldn’t stop. The dog was pretty aggressive about wanting to lick her face, so she let him do it for a little while. This went on from day to day for about a week. And guess what? The rash disappeared!

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    1. That’s the opposite of rabies. Life is beautiful.

      One of our livestock guardian dogs busted a salivary gland on a bone and uninterrupted saliva kept draining into his kneck. He stopped eating and drank just a little bit, and he laid low. Throat swelled up real bad with saliva. He started getting redness and broken skin in one spot. Just when he started to have labored breathing from the pressure and I thought he was in real trouble and I was gonna have to cut him he naturally opened up two holes in his neck, one the size of a silver dollar and another the size of a dime and drained that fluid out all over the house. Then he was ready to eat again and we fed him our stock of elk ground and cougar broth for about a week. We were fortunate to have had those uncommon to us foods at just the right time. That one hole was gaping – huge – but with beautiful pink jagged skin all around the edge. It took him about a month to close the big hole.


    1. Actually, I had never heard of Alex nor his podcast before. Michael asked me if I would join him to discuss GOF/HIV on this guy’s show and I agreed. In hindsight, I probably should have looked into his show beforehand. I know Alex said he would have us back on in the future but I kind of doubt he will. 😉

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  6. Oh, so Cowan gets it directly then, huh? Well if Cowan blows it off by thinking there’s no substance to that pejorative then he’s not a serious thinker even if the pejorative is coming from someone who also isn’t a serious thinker. And Mike shouldn’t have gone on Alex’s show to be a sitting duck, had he known about Cowan’s encounter, anyway. Sez this here ole gossip, from the peanut gallery.

    The Club is willing to take its lumps because every player knows that bad press is better than no press don’t hate the player hate the game lol.


    1. I had never heard of Alex nor his podcast Skeptico before agreeing to do the show. I did it because Michael Wallach asked me to join him and I respect Michael a lot. I definitely should have looked into this podcast beforehand but things were rather busy at the time. I would still have gone on even if I had known about Alex’s encounter with Dr. Cowan. I am not afraid to talk to those who disagree with me. You should know this by now.


      1. No sure man, that’s why I love you Mike you got balls. Nobody keeps reante around this long after the lines in the sand have been drawn. I agree, so you should have still gone on Alex’s show had you known about Tom’s similar experience, and been ready to stick it to him. (Looks to me like Mr Moneybags KK isn’t doing his managerial duties justice. Fool the Club, twice, KK, and it’s shame on you lol.)

        A guy like Alex could stab you in the back while shaking your hand. And he did, by catching you out with a graph showing a parlor trick that you refuse to understand the true nature of, so were caught off guard. By refusing to accept that vaccines are capable, one way or another, of some level of fairly specific symptom suppression across whole populations, you weaken your case and start to look out of touch.

        Anyway, when the going gets tough the tough get going.

        Germ Theory is a one-trick pony that preys on near-universal separation trauma. It calls beneficial microbes, both aerobic and anaerobic, pathogenic when they want and beneficial when they want. And it calls beneficial ‘viruses’/exosomes pathogenic when they want and beneficial when they want. It’s as simple as that, and biology 101 exposes the trick.

        You guys got yourselves in the weeds with this scientific method stuff. That’s an ill-advised, undermanned offensive right there. Take a mulligan and stick with home defense.


      2. “By refusing to accept that vaccines are capable, one way or another, of some level of fairly specific symptom suppression across whole populations, you weaken your case and start to look out of touch.”

        With rabies, the vaccine is given before symptoms ever occur. There is no symptom suppression. In fact, like many vaccines, the rabies vaccine causes the symptoms it is supposed to suppress. I outlined this previously in my Louis Pasteur article:

        The other thing you are ignoring is the fact that there was never a good correlation between animal bites and the development of rabies symptoms. That is also outlined in the above article.


      3. Thanks Mike. Vaccines are intended to be given before symptoms. That’s why they’re intended as FUTURE symptom suppressors, right? That’s why they’re allopathic. Allopathic etymology by definition is “opposition to suffering.” Kinda like Buddhism. People of the terrain know that suffering heals.

        You can see why they love their vaccine technology so much – they love being in control of the future. That’s civilization for you. Plow so you can control next year’s food. Divert rivers so you can control next year’s food. Draw borders so you can control next year’s labor market. Vaccinate so you can control the labor force’s feelings of security, and whatever they lack in true results they make up for with sophistry.


      4. Yes, vaccines are supposed to be given in anticipation and well before one is “infected.” In the case of rabies, it is after one has been bitten and supposedly “infected.” However, there are no symptoms at the time they are treated. The very symptoms seen afterwards are associated with the vaccine.

        Again, per Geison in the article I linked previously:

        “In any case, MOST VICTIMS OF RABID ANIMAL BITES COULD FOREGO TREATMENT WITHOUT EXPERIENCING ANY UNTOWARD CONSEQUENCES IN THE FUTURE. Since all forms of treatment yet devised or contemplated for rabies are applied BEFORE ANY SYMPTOMS BECOME MANIFEST, AND SINCE ALL CARRY SOME RISK OF THEIR OWN, a special ethical problem is created in the treatment of rabies. To be sure, all therapeutic or preventive measures involve some degree of uncertainty and all carry some risk of harm.”

        “If rabies vaccination is THEREFORE UNLIKE ORDINARY VACCINATION, so too is it unlike ordinary therapeutic measures. These are undertaken for the immediate sake of an individual in whom disease has already become manifest. As such, they have created relatively few ethical problems-even when they amount to a form of human experimentation. In vaccinating the victim of an animal bite against rabies, by contrast, ONE CAN NEVER BE SURE THAT THE SUBJECT OF TREATMENT HAS IN FACT CONTRACTED THE DISEASE. And one can therefore never be sure WHETHER THE TREATMENT IS EVEN  POTENTIALLY BENEFICIAL TO HIM OR TO ANYONE ELSE.”


      5. Not supposedly infected. Potentially infected. There are no symptoms (and unlikely to be any) because they go get shot up right away after being bitten. I had to break up my dogs from fighting a few years ago — longest two minutes of my life felt like an eternity — had puncture wounds on my arms my wife wanted me to go get a shot right away, hell no, and that was when I still believed in viruses and germs. I knew they were very healthy dogs tho.


      6. “There are no symptoms (and unlikely to be any) because they go get shot up right away after being bitten.”

        This is exactly the same “logic” they use for flu and “Covid” vaccines. If you get sick after vaccination, you may have been worse had you not received it. If you remain symptomless, it’s because the vaccine worked and protected you. Neither of these scenarios is provable and are completely fabricated. In fact, as shown with the rabies and many other vaccines, it is the toxic vaccines which cause disease rather than suppress disease.


      7. Obviously you’re preaching to the choir but I will aver that just because they cause disease doesn’t necessarily mean they don’t suppress other (target) symptomologies does it? They’re masking agents. Clarifire would say they mask by causing the body to put healing on hold in order to deal with the insult, and I say that is true but that’s not necessarily the only masking they do. We’ve been over this many times. Just because I’m the only person who seems to be saying this doesn’t mean that it doesn’t stand to reason given their technological capabilities (which you don’t believe in).


      8. Am I preaching to the choir? Sometimes it is hard to tell. We don’t know if vaccines suppress symptoms or not. There is plenty of evidence that they cause symptoms they are meant to prevent. Certain medications and treatments definitely appear to suppress symptoms. However, as vaccination is done prior to any symptoms, there is no way to tell that anything is suppressed, especially when many still come down with the exact same symptoms (or worse) that are supposed to be suppressed.

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      9. Yes vaccines are interesting. They lace cultured exosomes with poison in order to prevent the intelligent evolutionary body from participating in the particular adaptive trait (healing symptomology) that that exosome class represents. It a dark, dark voodoo of ‘internal medicine’ as they consider it. They’re messing with evolution; as I said, they like to control the future; forced devolution is real thing; animal domestication is a real thing; look at human physiology compared to 20,000 years ago; in your video appearances you have to rest your head on your hand most of the time and I’m not above that either, but the point is that we need to fight back in the other direction despite ourselves and make no mistake, it’s a herculean task to turn around devolutionary forces because evolution is an ecology-wide team effort.

        The reason why vaccines can cause people to come down with the same symptoms that they are trying to suppress is obvious and openly acknowledged by the industry, with the caveat that the acknowledgement is deceitfully framed in ‘viral’ terms. With an ‘attenuated viral vaccine’ people are, despite the toxic lacing, still receiving a cultured, very specific exosome-bomb (an unnaturally amplified synthetic evolutionary/proteomic message) so we shouldn’t be surprised if bodies respond differently to that cocktail depending on individual adaptivity – and some of them prioritize the presentation of the exosomally-catalyzed symptomology over detoxing the adjuvants, or if some of them can multitask and detox the adjuvants while presenting the adaptive symptomology.

        And I say catalyze because we are again talking about the primordial soup here. Exosomes are primers in the primordial polymerase chain reactions that are the drivers of adaptivity.

        It seems to me that if I was to take a vaccine I would be really down on myself if I didn’t display the target symptomology because even though they are still synthetically cultured exosomes, in and of themselves the manufactured nucleic acid formations are all-natural; farmed (domesticated) but still all-natural. Even the fully-synthetic mRNA vaccine acid formations are molecularly identical to natural exosomes in the same way that the synthetic urea in urea fertilizer is molecularly identical to urine. I emphasize these biochemical truths which brian and me have debated before more than once, because they run contrary to Vitalism orthodoxy. I know how appealing Vitalist philosophy is — and it absolutely contains esoteric, QUALITATIVE truths — but it is thoroughly New Age (not holistic) when it comes to the FUNCTIONAL truths of synthetic (manufactured) biology all around us all the time. Even if (misguidedly) don’t believe in GMOs, that juicy organic summer tomato has been synthetically bred, by human enslavers, to such a degree that we wouldn’t even recognize its deep ancestor as ever worth cultivating. And that’s certainly true of the grains. Qualitatively the modern grains take all that they can from the soil and give as little back as they can; their Vitalistic grade is an F. Yet functionally here they are, dominating Life on this planet as almost pure Takers, because we humans have the Haber-Bosch process at our disposal.


      10. “They lace cultured exosomes with poison in order to prevent the intelligent evolutionary body from participating in the particular adaptive trait (healing symptomology) that that exosome class represents.”

        Please tell me you have a shred of scientific evidence supporting this statement. If not, once again it is pure science fiction.

        “It seems to me that if I was to take a vaccine I would be really down on myself if I didn’t display the target symptomology because even though they are still synthetically cultured exosomes, in and of themselves the manufactured nucleic acid formations are all-natural; farmed (domesticated) but still all-natural. Even the fully-synthetic mRNA vaccine acid formations are molecularly identical to natural exosomes in the same way that the synthetic urea in urea fertilizer is molecularly identical to urine.”

        Again, you are claiming that synthetic exosomes are molecularly identical to “natural” exosomes. It also seems that you are lumping exosomes and “viruses” together as one entity. For any of what you said to be true, the “natural” exosomes/”viruses” would have needed to have been properly purified and isolated first in order to determine the molecular make-up. As I have shown repeatedly in the past, this has never been done.


      11. A couple of the main aluminum adjuvants are fat-soluble, and the exosome membranes are fats, therefore we can scientifically know that the exosomes are saturated with the adjuvant.

        Genetic determinations of specific exosome are made via batch sequencings of density gradient bands in combination with the exhaustive patterning methods of process-of-elimination. I’ve been over this many times with you. You don’t get to go down this road, Mike, because it’s spherical in nature.


      12. “A couple of the main aluminum adjuvants are fat-soluble, and the exosome membranes are fats, therefore we can scientifically know that the exosomes are saturated with the adjuvant.”

        No, we do not know this scientifically as exosomes have never been scientifically (i.e. adherence to the scientific method) proven to exist and function as you claim. You are perpetuating pseudoscientific theories.

        “Genetic determinations of specific exosome are made via batch sequencings of density gradient bands in combination with the exhaustive patterning methods of process-of-elimination.”

        You need to have first purified and isolated exosomes and separated them from everything else in order to get genetic determinations. You know full well that this is impossible as they admit complete purification and isolation of these particles is impossible. There is no way to be able to tell where or what the genetic material is coming from within a mixed population.


      13. You’re not thinking Mike. You’re running an automated program. That’s what makes you act like an automaton. Flat-earth resurgence is one of the ways in which the Pharisaic culture is persecuting traditionalist Christians. You guys need to redpill your way out of that before you do anything else. Newsflash: virology is not your top priority.


      14. It’s pretty clear that I’m the only one who has been doing the thinking between the two of us and I’m also the only one who has shown my homework demonstrating why I believe what I believe. You have done no such thing and continue to offer up excuses to cover up ignorance.


      15. Where is your proof of those exosomes you are talking about?
        What way do you observe directly all occurring processes on all vital nano levels?
        How do you know what nucleic acids are and what processes they participate in?
        Have you seen Earth as a whole from different angles?
        Have you been in alleged outer space?
        What is your proof of outer space?
        How do you study structure of matter on nano levels?
        How do you validate indirect method without reference material?

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      16. You don’t get to ask spherical questions. But if you want you can formulate a counterargument to my recent response to volpoe.


      17. You are not in a position to dictate anything here.
        All claims your presented are still unsubstantiated by you.

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      18. “(Looks to me like Mr Moneybags KK isn’t doing his managerial duties justice. Fool the Club, twice, KK, and it’s shame on you lol.)”

        It is so amusing that all your arguments are debunked by everyone here.


  7. Diagnosis… is the first fundamental deception of any lying form of medicine. By means of the so-called diagnosis, doctors can invent any disease at any time and cover up any iatrogenic act… especially now, after the biological and medical pseudo-sciences have appeared: microbiology, laboratory medicine, virology, genetics, immunology and molecular biology.

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    1. Yup, that’s why they call it the fog of war. Wars of attrition are basically heavy duty fog machines with which they can keep campaigns running for generations, until the job is done. They’re running into a terminal fuel supply crisis though thank goodness. I know you guys don’t wanna believe that either.


  8. Alex apparently was never taught that correlation does not prove causation, he was trying to do so with this graph. I personally would not go back to Alex’s show, the guy has no ethics, giving you a list of items he’d use and then bringing up something else.

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    1. Exactly! I lose respect when people try to play games. I have no problem discussing rabies but if he tells us to look at some studies related to other topics and then does not bring them up and instead focuses on something else entirely, that is when I have a problem. It was definitely unethical.


  9. Rabies, tetanus, Lyme disease, typhus, plague, etc….nonsense. False medical diagnoses. There are no diseases… I mean… more diseases. Moreover… there are no infectious-contagious diseases. There is only one self-healing condition of the body… which doctors and people call “disease” and which can be confined, predominantly, to a certain area of ​​the body. There is only a certain limited number of harmful factors, of which microorganisms and hypothetical viruses are not part: – negative emotional experiences; – chemical, metallic, mineral, biological toxins; – artificial electromagnetic fields; – physical and intellectual overwork; – chronic insufficiency of night sleep; – quantitative and/or qualitative undernutrition; – exposure to bad weather; – iatrogenic; These harmful factors act on our being by unbalancing and depleting the vital energy flows that circulate through the body’s tissues and organs, altering or degenerating tissues and organs, and loading the body with toxins and catabolic waste. These harmful factors are the reason why our body must switch to the self-healing state manifested through unpleasant symptoms, in order to rebalance and restore its vital energy flows, to cleanse its tissues and organs of toxins and catabolic residues and to be able to restore or regenerate tissues and organs. So, regardless of the area in the body where it can be concentrated, predominantly, the disruption and depletion of vital energy flows, the accumulation of toxins and catabolic waste and the modification or degeneration of tissues and organs… the being switches to one and the same self-healing process manifested by unpleasant symptoms… self-healing process that is called “disease” by doctors and people.


  10. If you have any infection from bacteria after a bite there is a chance of getting extreme scurvy if not addressed plus a cytokine storm from the immune response using up your vitamin C.
    Scurvy causes serotonin syndrome with excessive sweating, excessive saliva, overheating, difficulty swallowing once the saliva runs out and hallucinations since serotonin gives you brighter vision similar to LSD, panic attacks etc if you have too much.
    ‘Mild symptoms, which include nervousness, insomnia, nausea, diarrhea, tremor, and dilated pupils, can progress to moderate symptoms such as hyperreflexia (increased reflexes), sweating, agitation, restlessness, clonus (rhythmic muscle spasms), and ocular clonus (side-to-side eye movements). Patients with severe symptoms should be referred to the hospital immediately; severe symptoms include temperature greater than 38.5°C (101.3°F), confusion, delirium, sustained clonus or rigidity, and rhabdomyolysis.’
    Rabies could always have been negligence in addressing scurvy.


      1. Hi Reante, I’ll leave some pointers as a bite can cause sepsis so you can see how I am thinking. In Australia years ago there was a Greek/Australian doctor called Archie Kalokerinos who used intravenous sodium ascorbate for sepsis as well as snake bites and general infections causing fever in outback patients, he was working miles away from emergency departments.
        With a snake bite the venom causes serotonin syndrome.
        ‘Sepsis can start with infection by bacteria, a virus, fungi or protozoa. The initial infection can be anywhere in the body, like in the bladder or abdomen (the gut), or in the chest, or even on the skin. With sepsis, the body’s immune reaction to the infection causes a large inflammatory response which makes things worse, not better.’

        Any infections should be treated in my opinion with vitamin C and possibly vitamin B6 to absorb ‘free iron’ as vitamin B6 between 100mg and 200 mg a day prevents siderosis and is the most missed vitamin for preventing anemia, the others are folate from vegetables and B12 from meat. If I saw high iron levels in a patient with infections then that to me is a big alert to the bacteria or fungi using the iron as a nutrient to replicate.
        So you start with vitamin C to help the immune response since immune cells use so much vitamin C, the vitamin C also absorbs the iron, vitamin B6 is generally missed and if you had a vegetarian a B12 supplement goes in straight away and if it someone who eats meat but has low veggies then they get told they should eat some fresh vegetables or take folate to absorb the iron into red blood cells before the pathogens get the iron first.

        ‘Patients with sepsis have low concentrations of antioxidants, including ascorbic acid, and also have increased concentrations of markers of free radical damage. Although ascorbic acid is a potent antioxidant, it can act as a prooxidant by promoting iron-catalysed reactions. We measured baseline total vitamin C and bleomycin-detectable “free” iron levels and ascorbyl radical concentrations before and after intravenous infusion of 1 g ascorbic acid in patients with sepsis and healthy control subjects. Vitamin C concentrations were decreased in patients compared to healthy subjects (p < 0.0001), and "free" iron was increased (p < 0.002). Preinfusion ascorbyl radical concentrations were not different in patients and controls. Postinfusion ascorbyl radical levels increased in both controls and patients, with larger increases in healthy subjects (p < 0.0001), suggesting suboptimal basal vitamin C levels and increased scavenging of a constant oxidant pool by ascorbate in the controls. In the patients, who were all vitamin C deficient, infused ascorbate was rapidly consumed, either via the promotion of redox cycling of iron or as a result of radical scavenging. This study demonstrates markedly different handling of infused ascorbate in patients with sepsis and healthy subjects, and further studies are needed to elucidate the relative anti- and pro-antioxidant mechanisms of ascorbate in patients with raised "free" iron levels.'
        Ascorbyl radical formation in patients with sepsis: effect of ascorbate loading 1996

        One last interesting thing to note is that Melinda Suchard from South Africa's immunology research has released a study into how the body flicks the macrophage immune response to an M2 polarization mode when vitamin B3 supplies become low.
        Vitamin B3 and vitamin C rapid depletion as well as vitamin B6 will easily cause mental effects as well as nerve effects mimicking the same sort of things seen in rabies and if sepsis is the main cause again we looking for the 'single cause' theory when it should be regarded as a cascade of deficiencies with bacterial or fungal infections and the wrong interventions.

        Nicotinamide pathways as the root cause of sepsis – an
        evolutionary perspective on macrophage energetic shifts


      2. Thanks Cal appreciate it. So correct me if I’m wrong but what I get from what you’ve presented is that the tissue damage from the bite causes anaerobes to proliferate because they are eating the dead tissue, which is a toxic process (‘infection.’) if the person has an unstable metabolic profile the anaerobes can be aided by positive feedback loops and hit a systematic tipping point of ‘runaway infection’ whereby death of the ‘human’ organism begins to outpace its life, and sepsis takes hold.

        The serotonin syndrome may be both scurvy related as well as trauma related (PTSD). That all makes biochemical sense to me, along with my more radical proposal that dog ‘scurvy’ exosomes related to its advanced liver disease (stemming from its cooked, highly processed, grainfed, garbage franken-rations, that result in a breakdown of vitamin c distribution) are injected into damaged ‘human’ tissues capable of amplifying them (mRNA are primers for the primordial polymerase chain reactions) due to their own similar malnutrition. Injected into the exact tissues that suddenly become the intelligent body’s top priority. The body sends vast resources to that area in order asess the nature of the damage which includes sampled accountings of mRNA transmissions, they enter blood plasma and get more widely distributed.


      3. Hi Reante, thanks for noticing and the reply.
        Vitamin C is so overlooked it gets a bit farcical.
        The basics as I see it are you get a bite, there will be bacteria that are a problem in a deep tissue wound that can then reach the blood arterial system and spread.
        Macrophages are also the first line defence in throwing things like peroxide and nitric oxide at any infections to burn out the bugs, the macrophages also need to burn out the damaged tissue and then replace it with collagen.
        In cell signaling for remodeling or tissue repair you have Th1 t-cells to tag damaged tissue which M1 macrophages go in to mop up, and Th2 t-cells which signal M2 macrophages move in to pour in collagen on, so remember the concept of macrophage polarization since the immune system is also involved in tissue repair. In my opinion most immune activity is involved in removing damaged cells and replacing it with structural integrity.
        One thing to note is that low supplies of vitamin B3 will flick the immune system into the collagen mode so the bacteria or fungi may be missed by macrophages as the body is conserving B3 simply for NAD energy conservation. COVID actually has an aspect where hypoxia seems to be caused simply by low vitamin B3 supplies in patients as an aside.
        Vitamin C is also vital for collagen synthesis so you need supplies of vitamin C plus proteins like lysine to repair collagen damage. Low protein is likely to affect mental health too.
        This is a short piece on Linus Pauling’s concepts of arterial disease requiring ascorbate.
        The Collagen Connection

        Macrophages or white blood cells use enormous amounts of vitamin C, I will show examples.

        ‘To test whether ascorbic acid might be involved in the antioxidant defenses of inflammatory cells, we studied ascorbate uptake and recycling by quiescent and lipopolysaccharide-activated RAW264.7 murine macrophages. These cells concentrated ascorbate 100-fold in overnight culture, achieving steady-state concentrations of more than 10 mM at extracellular concentrations of 20-100 muM.’
        ‘Dehydroascorbate, the two-electron oxidized form of ascorbate, was also taken up and reduced to ascorbate by the cells. Dehydroascorbate reduction required rapid recycling of GSH from GSSG by glutathione reductase. Activation of ascorbate-containing macrophages with lipopolysaccharide transiently depleted intracellular ascorbate without affecting GSH.’
        Macrophage uptake and recycling of ascorbic acid: response to activation by lipopolysaccharide 2005

        ‘In this paper, we show that it is indeed ascorbate that completely protects plasma lipids against detectable peroxidative damage induced by aqueous peroxyl radicals and that ascorbate is the only plasma antioxidant that can do so. Plasma devoid of ascorbate, but no other endogenous antioxidant, is extremely vulnerable to oxidant stress and susceptible to peroxidative damage to lipids. The plasma proteins’ thiols, although they become oxidized immediately upon exposure to aqueous peroxyl radicals, are inefficient radical scavengers and appear to be consumed mainly by autoxidation. Our data demonstrate that ascorbate is the most effective aqueous-phase antioxidant in human blood plasma and suggest that in humans ascorbate is a physiological antioxidant of major importance for protection against diseases and degenerative processes caused by oxidant stress.’
        Ascorbate is an outstanding antioxidant in human blood plasma.

        ‘Evidence is emerging that parenteral administration of high-dose vitamin C may be a beneficial adjuvant therapy of severe sepsis and septic shock. An excessive inflammatory response indeed enhances metabolic turnover of vitamin C. As a result, patients with severe sepsis often have very low plasma vitamin C levels that sometimes enter the “scurvy” zone (7). In animal models of sepsis, intravenous ascorbate rapidly and persistently improved capillary and microcirculatory blood flow, decreased microvascular permeability, and attenuated inflammation. Vitamin C also restored endothelial barrier function, prevented apoptosis, and exerted antibacterial effects.’
        Adjuvant vitamin C treatment in sepsis—how many oranges a day keep (vasopressor-dependent) septic shock away?

        So vitamin C and B3 are first call interventions for any infection with out of control inflammation
        I think I mentioned that some B6 is probably needed to help get the iron away from any bacteria or fungi and into the red blood cells before they have a party on the iron.
        I have been saying since April 2020 that the big thing that sticks out like dog’s balls in COVID is scurvy as well as vitamin B3 for hypoxia which when depleted will cause loss of NAD for energy plus the immune system switches on IDO enzymes which then cripples the immune response because the body is conserving B3 so cells can breathe.
        I use about 3 x 500mg for B3 for asthma each day plus a lemon in juice once a day or cheap vitamin C chewable tablets as back.
        I worked self-serve checkouts though every lockdown over here in Australia surrounded by up to 8 trolleys and 16 people all day and don’t know if I ever caught ‘COVID’, actually I think the big epidemic we have in Australia right now is caused by strep.
        I also got sacked for not getting the COVID jab despite the last sick day being in 2020 for a stomach bug, before I left a quarter of my co-workers on checkouts had been off sick with CoughID as I call it and I was getting called up to cover their shifts.
        I might be onto something with B3 but it is too simple and cheap.
        I will leave a couple of the B3 and vitamin C links for the COVID concepts as it all overlaps.
        The first thing the regulators did here in Australia is warn people about taking lots of vitamin C for CoughID, it is farcical. (:

        These are B3 pointers, just as important in sepsis, in fact high dose B3 was used by orthomolecular doctors for treating schizophrenia so that may be a pointer to preventing serotonin syndrome because schizophrenia is more or less serotonin syndrome all the time.

        ‘Definitive antiviral properties are evidenced for niacin, i.e., nicotinic acid (NA), as coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19) therapy for both health restoration and prevention, to the level that progression of COVID-19 pathology may follow as an intrinsic function of NA supply. This detailed investigation proposes thorough disentanglement of how the downstream inflammatory propagation of ensuing severe acute respiratory virus 2 (SARS-CoV-2) infection can either be prohibited or reversed upstream out the body to expeditiously restore health with well-tolerated dynamic supplementation of sufficient NA (i.e., ~1-3 grams per day). Culmination of this research leads to realization of the potentially ubiquitous therapeutic and preventive powers of NA against inflammatory disease, in general.’
        Sufficient Niacin Supply: The Missing Puzzle Piece to COVID-19, and beyond?

        “It is important to mention that various studies have shown that in animal models with bleomycin-induced lung injury, vitamin B3 (niacin or nicotinamide) is highly effective in preventing lung tissue damage. It might be a wise approach to supply this food supplement to the COVID-19 patients.” Mar 2020
        COVID-19 infection: the perspectives on immune responses.

        B3 or the use of Nicotinamide would stop this which is a cytokine storm if PARP gets low and hypoxia.

        “CoV infection also induces a severe attack on host cell NAD. Overexpression of one induced enzyme, PARP10, is sufficient to depress host NAD. Gene expression and pharmacological data suggest that boosting NAD through the nicotinamide and nicotinamide riboside kinase pathways may restore antiviral PARP functions to support innate immunity to CoVs…”
        Coronavirus and PARP expression dysregulate the NAD Metabolome: a potentially actionable component of innate immunity

        ‘Hypoxia/re-oxygenation (H/R) injury is an important cause of heart failure and results in a critical metabolism dysfunction. In this paper, the cytoprotective effect of the nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide (NAD) precursor nicotinamide was evaluated using an in vitro model of cardiac H/R injury’
        Protection effect of nicotinamide on cardiomyoblast hypoxia/re-oxygenation injury: study of cellular mitochondrial metabolism!divAbstract

        COVID-19: NAD + deficiency may predispose the aged, obese and type2 diabetics to mortality through its effect on SIRT1 activity

        NAD+-Consuming Enzymes in the Regulation of Lung Immune Responses

        Nicotinamide abrogates acute lung injury caused by ischaemia/reperfusion

        And these are a few ascorbate pointers for CoughID, you could look at the cytokine cascade in COVID as exactly the same as rabies when you take the missing nutrients into account.

        This is how much vitamin C COVID patients have.

        ‘To our knowledge, this is the first study to analyze the levels of vitamin C in patients with SARS-CoV-2-associated ARDS. Our study revealed that vitamin C levels are undetectable in more than 90% of the patients included. The mechanisms of this significant reduction in vitamin C are uncertain. We hypothesized that several mechanisms, such as increased metabolic consumption due to the enhanced inflammatory response, glomerular hyperfiltration, dialysis, decreased gastrointestinal absorption, or decreased recycling of dehydroascorbate to ascorbic acid, may be involved.
        Moreover, vitamin C may have implications for treatment of COVID-19-associated ARDS. Indeed, one preclinical study showed that vitamin C increased resistance to infection caused by coronavirus. Moreover, other clinical studies that included surgical patients and patients with pneumonia showed encouraging results in terms of decreased incidence and severity of lung injury and mortality.’
        Vitamin C levels in patients with SARS-CoV-2-associated acute respiratory distress syndrome

        An old account of scurvy here, just because someone is surrounded by doctors and nurses wrapped in plastic and pumped full of oxygen with machines with some experimental drugs in a drip doesn’t mean the effects of scurvy are any different in patients.
        Scurvy is sudden death in the 21st century still.

        “After a few months at sea the first symptoms would appear: an awful lassitude, with terrors and depression, followed by a rash which oozed blood from hair follicles on the body and legs, and by swollen joints. About a fortnight later the gums would swell, bleed and rot, and the teeth would become loose and fall out. Suppurating sores might develop on the body, and the bones would be racked by a terrible pain. As often as not, men with scurvy would suddenly drop dead as they dragged themselves about their work.
        Strangest of all, old, healed wounds would reopen like a ghostly vengeance.” A SCURVY BUSINESS

        ‘The COVID-19 (SARS-2-Cov) pandemic, first reported in Wuhan, China, is now spreading to many continents and countries, causing a severe public health burden. Currently, there is no vaccine or specific antiviral drug for this deadly disease. A quick, deployable and accessible, effective and safe treatment is urgently needed to save lives and curtail the spreading. Acute respiratory distress syndrome (ARDS) is a key factor of fatality. Significantly increased oxidative stress due to rapid release of free radicals and cytokines is the hallmark of ARDS which leads to cellular injury, organ failure and death. Early use of large dose antioxidants, such as vitamin C (VC) may become an effective treatment for these patients. Clinical studies also show that high-dose oral VC provides certain protection against viral infection. Neither intravenous nor oral administration of high-dose VC is associated with significant side effects. Therefore, this regimen should be included in the treatment of COVID-19 and used as a preventative measure for susceptible populations such as healthcare workers with higher exposure risks.’
        Can early and high intravenous dose of vitamin C prevent and treat coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19)?

        “The patients who received vitamin C did significantly better than those who did not get vitamin C,” he said.
        “It helps a tremendous amount, but it is not highlighted because it’s not a sexy drug.”
        New York Hospitals Treating Coronavirus Patients With Vitamin C

        Hope it gives some ideas.


      4. Awesome, Cal. Sorry you got fired. Appreciate your downwardly mobile job choice given your thinking abilities. Have you considered janitorial work? 🙂 The agreed to no vax/no testing before I accepted the job, in exchange for me coming in only after all the kids have gone home.

        I’m having a good time getting on top of the innards of your super comment, which has been particularly relevant to me since a month I had after all these years got a little to comfortable running the chainsaw near my lower legs and followed through on a cut too close to my pants and the chain grabbed on my pants and pulled into my leg and swiped two nice, clean parallel gashes a few inches long and almost half an inch deep. Just in front of the side of my Achilles fortunately – between it and my shin bone. Caught one artery, applied pressure for 5 mins then spent the next 20minutes cutting wood. Wasn’t going to let a little mishap keep my male pride from finishing out the fuel tank. Been fun watching it heal. The scabs which were initially below sea level got pushed up and are now about a quarter inch tall like two tabletop mountains. All I did was two rounds of hot epsom salt soaks for what that was worth. It took some energy out of me the first week for sure. And the second week was hay bucking and stacking week, and after that was done I laid low for a few more days. My wife says the smell of death down there is finally receding.

        Like I said I’m getting on top of your comment. New material for me which is fun. You may find my synthesis to be a little too far out there into the ‘terrain’ or maybe you won’t, but hopefully my conclusions are further grist for the mill.

        I’ll respond further in the current thread on rabies but probably not til tomorrow. Just wanted to check in here and say thanks.


      5. Hi Reante, experiment with Bromelain for wounds, it breaks up fibrosis, is a blood thinner so OK to use after a wound has healed and it also acts like an antibiotic. Goes well with Lysine to fill the holes with collagen and B3 to get blood flow in. All 3 are good wound fixers with vitamin C


      6. Thanks Cal that’s kind of you. We’re at 45 degrees north and I just can’t see myself buying pineapples or supplements. I just believe in being an animal that works hard and eats right and let’s the chips fall where they may. As I like to say a body that works wants to work. Obviously I take a hands off approach with my livestock so pampering myself wouldn’t be right. I’m looking forward to seeing the scar. The scab is loosening at the edges now.

        Regarding natural ‘antibiotics,’ I acknowledge that if an injury is severe enough the anaerobes can reach a tipping point where the toxicity from their anaerobic activity can create a positive feedback loop of runaway ‘infection.’ The red Man always used to remark upon how bad the white man was at dying. Cheating death — as in downright cheating, to avoid taking full responsibility for one’s life – is a very real thing. It’s why people do any number of selfish things. When the red Man defeated the Europeans on the battlefield, as they invariably did, they couldn’t understand the cheating that began. Instead of honestly accepting their defeat as human beings, the Machine just sent more waves of expendable young men at the indians. And they went assymetric and targeted the buffalo too. All because the gone-civilized white man’s archetypal fear of death had long gotten the better of him and caused him to compulsively mete out that fear of death on those who did not have it. Fear and loathing be bedfellows.


      7. Hi Reante in my opinion Bromelain is the most important unused compound that beats all other drugs in effectiveness apart from plain old vitamin C.
        A few years ago I had surgery and as I use Bromelain to stop serious skin reactions I stopped as you avoid it before and after surgery due to blood thinning.
        3 weeks after surgery the wound became infected, it was a few days before Christmas so knowing doctors would be away I just started bromelain again and the infection was gone in about 2 to 3 days.
        I know it is cheap in the UK, here in Australia the bottles sell for 40 dollars and I don’t hesitate to keep a supply despite the cost, worth knowing.
        I only know 3 people who survived cancer and 2 are still using Bromelain after I told them about it.
        Medicinal Uses
        Clinical studies have shown that bromelain may help in the treatment of several disorders.


      8. Thanks Cal for sharing. I don’t doubt its medicinal properties. Natural supplements are important bridges to health. The short section on wound healing, a little ways down, is a good little synthesis of your talking about superoxide and my talking about the larger aerobic-anaerobic barrier function. It’s clear to me that working bodies are extremely resistant to injury. And it’s axiomatic to me that bodies that work WANT to work, and that supplementation goes unused in working bodies and over supplementation in marginal bodies creates dependency, and dependency creates functional degeneracy (use it or lose it). What’s the threshold of oversupplementation? Only a high-level body awareness like Clarifire has obviously developed can probably know that, but that creates a catch-22 for the marginal body, because high-level awareness requires high-level functioning, which lies beyond the margins.

        Building is hard.


  11. No one has isolated, purified and visualized in 3D any hypothetical amino acid or hypothetical protein, removed from the living body and placed on a glass slide. Moreover, no one has isolated, purified and visualized in 3D any hypothetical amino acid or any hypothetical protein while in the living body.
    In reality, there is no DIRECT, UNINTERPRETABLE and REPEATABLE evidence of the existence of any particle in the sub-microscopic realm. All so-called particles (structures) in the submicroscopic realm exist only at the level of never-confirmed conjectures… just like atoms exist only at the level of conjectures, never proven.
    “People don’t realize that molecules themselves are somewhat hypothetical, and that their interactions are more so, and that the biological reactions are even more so.”
    – Kary Mullis

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      1. Shocks trigger a conflict phase in which symptomatic expression is suppressed. So in this sense any triggering conflict can delay or block reintegration, rebalancing and renewal.
        ‘Hanging’ conflicts or perpetuating reiterations of conflict can effectively suppress healing functions. This on many levels.
        Fear-triggering as a means of preventing us coming into our ‘right minds’ (healing dissociative masking behaviours).
        But my key point is that sympathetic nervous response is suppressive to give focus to fight or flight. GNM notes that the healing phase begins when the conflict is ‘resolved’ or released. Which is it can ‘reset’ itself as an interpretation of symptoms as attack.

        On top of these interactions are purposes that any illness serves the one who becomes sick. There are as many ‘reasons’ to be sick as sick people. Which is to say generalisations are not true universals but we can be fooled to think we know and coagulate into official or mainstream presumptions.

        Fear of our own thoughts runs fear of contagion.


    1. I haven’t been able to refind it but read of a filled stadium in the USA where some got a ‘stomach bug’ – ie nausea and vomitting. It was announced on the tannoy (I think this in the early days of PA systems) that the cola was infected and not to drink it – on which the stadium was filled with vomitting cola drinkers. At some point after, it was discovered that it was NOT the cola – but if I recall, some sandwich or burgers.
      The point is the nocebo effect of the experienced belief of being poisoned is its OWN toxic shock.
      I don’t seek to pretend or support the defence of so called vaccines as harmless, safe or helpful, but that mind is always active, and science should do its utmost to become conscious of its activity of shaping or framing results that SEEM authoritative – because if its on the PA system its official!
      I also see fear working all sides of every conflict, to reset a contract from life set conflicted, into control identity.


  12. I quote:

    Basic intelligent tasks, which are so easy for most humans to do and so easy for writers to include in a script, have proven to be profoundly difficult for computers. Simply put, being human is a lot harder than it looks. Alan Perlis once quipped:„A year spent in Artificial Intelligence is enough to make one believe in God.”
    If there is one single lesson to learn from 60 years of research in AI, it is that humans are profoundly complex creations, beautiful in their ability to be flexible, insightful, and innovative.

    The Psalmist expresses this as follows:

    For you created my inmost being;
    you knit me together in my mother’s womb.
    I praise you because I am fearfully and wonderfully made;
    your works are wonderful, I know that full well.
    – Psalm 139:13,14


    1. Yeah AI is a joke. A hoax. Because metaconscious intelligence grows out of — and is the culmination of — the primordial polymerase chain reaction. Silicon data storage in parallel — no matter how exhaustively compiled — is structurally incapable of discovery which is the root of intelligent patterning.

      Without discovery there’s only automation. Part of the purpose of the AI hoax is that civilization wants the labor force to be devolved automatons incapable of discovery, and the AI hoax subconsciously reinforces the lie that true, objective discovery (epignosis) doesn’t exist outside of the marketplace.


  13. volboe,

    just noticed this comment from the virus challenge thread:

    like i said it’s very simple… they tell us that the circumference of the globe is 40,000 km, they also tell us that the globe rotates once every 24 hours… right..? well, 40,000 ÷ 24 = 1,666.66666 km/h (great number..!) now just think a little bit and a little light will shine, which is getting bigger and bigger… it’s just an example, there are thousands. ..”

    (david I also just noticed your having congratulated me. Thanks!)

    volboe, in presenting me with this retarded challenge, your subconscious is crying out for help. That’s a good thing because it means you’re not too far gone like KK.

    The circumference of the earth isn’t exactly 40,000 km. Well, maybe it is somewhere, since the circumference is variable, but it’s not at the equator which is what you’re referencing. So your luciferian math is reaching and juvenile.

    As to the rotational velocity of the earth – welcome to reality! It’s easy to understand with reason-based physics, and for the exact same reason that light can travel across the universe without dimming at all or slowing down: things (the earth) moving in a true vacuum don’t experience resistances of any kind. The centrifugal forces don’t apply because centrifugal forces, as ‘oppositional’ derivative forces to gravity are ultimately dependent on gravity for their existence, and in a true vacuum, massive objects (objects with mass) have no mass relative to the massless vacuum which does not ‘do’ mass, and therefore no centrifugal force can be generated by a massive object spinning in a vacuum. Ladies and gentlemen we’re floating in space, very fast, and spinning while we float, yet we feel none of it because we are just holography. It’s WHY we are holography, because nothing else would work.

    Holographic reality is energy animated by that which animates energy (Consciousness/Spirit/Mystery). Part of what hat C/S/M does is spin energy in order to make the holograph vumetric in nature. CSM creates eddies of energy by spinning its own embodied/holographic gravity (sourced from the dark matter field) against the gravitational resistance of the dark matter field, which creates centrifugal force in opposition to the centripetal force. Polarity.

    There’s dark gravitational resistance underneath the earth spin dynamic that enables the ‘projection’ of the earth hologram but inside this separatist dark resistance does not interact with the holographic product itself, which is why there is no holographic centrifugal force accompanying earth rotation in the vacuum of space.


    1. Same cell culture crap as usual:

      “To assess this potential, EVs derived from diverse cell lines were imaged using two-photon FLIM in this proof-of-concept study to quantify their NAD(P)H fluorescence lifetime repeatability and heterogeneity, examine their functional characteristics, and better understand the relationship between EVs and their parent cells.”

      “Cell culture
      MDA-MB-231 triple-negative human epithelial breast cancer epithelial cells (ATCC HTB-26, Manassas, VA), were primarily used to produce EVs to allow for comparison with previous work with nonlinear optical imaging22. Additionally, U-87 MG human glioblastoma (ATCC HTB-14, Manassas, VA), and J774A.1 mouse BALB/c monocyte/macrophage (ATCC TIB-67, Manassas, VA), cell lines were used to diversify the EV samples used for examination of FLIM capabilities. MDA-MB-231 and J774A.1 cells were grown in a complete phenol-free Dulbecco’s Modified Eagles Medium (DMEM, Gibco, Waltham, MA) supplemented with 4 mM L-glutamine, 10% heat-inactivated Fetal Bovine Serum (FBS, GE Healthcare Life Sciences, HyClone Laboratories, Logan, UT), and 1% streptomycin-penicillin antibiotic solution (PSA, Thermo Fisher Scientific, Waltham, MA). U-87 MG cells were grown in a complete phenol-free Minimum Essential Medium alpha (MEM alpha, Gibco, Waltham, MA) supplemented with 10% heat-inactivated FBS (GE Healthcare Life Sciences, HyClone Laboratories, Logan, UT) and 1% PSA (Thermo Fisher Scientific, Waltham, MA). All cells were maintained at 37 °C in a humidified 5% CO2 incubator. Cell concentration and viability protocol and measurements for selected experiments are available in Supplementary Note 3 and Supplementary Table S4.”


      1. They cannot help themselves when it comes to making cell cultures. It’s instinctive, in their genes you might say! Optical microscopy (photon microscopy) cannot imagine at the 10 to 100 nanometer range due to the diffraction limit. This method however does use photons to image. I am still reviewing the process to determine if it proves the existence of exosomes in cell breakdown. The method does not seem to be destructive like electron microscopy is, which is due to both the preparation and the imaging with electrons.


      2. Photons are a mental construct.
        In this method fluorophores are added to specimen and there is no reference material for such visualization nor it is a direct real time observation of occurring processes.

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      3. Photons as light particles are a mental model, but light is observable to light sensors. Part of our breakdown of reason is because everything is reduced to a mental construct, hence the ‘post truth’ manipulation of identity set in or from such constructs.
        The nature of a field is non physical excepting as it interacts with something particular, that then gives form or shape or energetic qualities to the physical.
        I note that our forebears regarded the eye as a beam that went forth and not just as a passive receiver. Likewise the notion that what comes OUT of our mouths corrupts, rather than what goes in – relating to personal and cultural definitions whereby we both give and receive meaning.
        But light is EMF – in truth the whole spectrum, not just the visible to our eyes.
        Biophotons are a ‘thing’ in that they are measurable and have measurable effects or exchange with themselves – as interference pattens and with bio-chemistry – such as the effect on structured interfacial water shown by Pollack with universal implications at all scales.


      4. Nowhere I stated that we can’t see an effect caused by something. But what processes occur between is another thing.
        Because you measure something, it does not mean that you understand what occurs.
        Speculations, assumptions, correlations, associations, fairy tales, declarations are not undeniable evidence.
        What is a biophoton? Has anyone directly observed all vital occurring processes with it or experimented on it as an independent variable?
        Pollack is making assumptions too but it is not bad if it gives him direction for further studies.


      5. I recommend Gerald Pollack’s book ‘The Fourth Phase of Water’ as an example of empirical science at its best.
        Quite apart from that its ‘ordinary’ findings have extraordinary implication and application.
        You can reproduce the experiments yourself.

        My point was to dismissing light because ‘photons’ were considered a mental construct.
        Light can be measured as IR radiation from another body directly to your senses we call it radiative heat. I cant immediately quote examples of biophotonic or biological use of light as energy and information – but I have no cause to believe that electromagnetic principles stop acting within biology when they are everywhere else apparent.

        The specific application of seeking to measure with photons is not my main point here. That involves complexities in practice and in interpretation.


      6. I know who Pollack is and what he does.
        Cause and effect experiments or tinkering with things by trial and error do not explain what processes occur between.
        Also nowhere I dismissed what level of brightness is as we visually perceive it.
        The thing is what really know about it.
        We associate effects with measurements. It is a different thing than knowing all vital occurring processes and using this knowledge to validate a measuring method.
        Energy is another mental construct only.
        My point is that we should categorize and present things as they really are.


      7. The quality of knowledge you point to has nothing directly to do with scientific knowledge, excepting that what Is, and knows being, serves to attune & align all experience through self-extension.
        Processes are temporal sequences of change or motion. This depends on memory and comparison of object realities.
        Pollack seeks questions by which to prove his initial interpretation or thesis wrong and generates experiments to test presumptions to ‘know’. Your designation of scientific method as ‘tinkering’ renders your intentions unclear.
        I didn’t mention brightness either but measuring devices for EMF are not tinkering with cause and effect. Relationships of thermodynamic forces and states are expressed as ‘laws’ because they are applicable under all known conditions. The nature of electrodynamics – as in plasma physics, is more akin to chaos – except it isn’t chaos so much as order from or within apparent chaos.
        Everything is happening at once. We are not going to ‘describe it’ but open points of view or perspectives that all exchange with and reflect in each other. Consciousness as experience of.
        What CAN you really know, when everything ABOUT a thing is not the thing itself known directly? What do I NEED to know (at least in the moment of a need to know it) is a practical synchronicity. Life is to be lived not predictively defined for purposes of control, but we CAN also live that – and meet our feedback or consequences.
        At most fundamental level, we know by fruits, consequence, result or feedback. But if we don’t WANT to know we distort our interpretations so as to seem to know our own privately adjusted ‘reality’ that must seek social reinforcement of agreement to operate as a masking reality for those who choose/accept it as theirs.


      8. FYI my knowledge is based on logic, scientific method and shared human experience through 5 senses.
        Also tinkering with to see what happens is not science.
        And I did not ask what processes are but told you that cause and effect does not explain all vital processes which occur between.
        Again I already told you that scientific method and tinkering are two different things.
        Pollack is doing both.
        I mentioned brightness because this is what we sense. If you call it light, then describe what lights is. And if light causes EMF or if it is associated with EMF only.
        Descriptions and laws are not science. And I did not ask you about scientism.
        Also I did not ask you about how our reality functions as a whole.

        There is a reason why I present things as they are.

        Agreement is a part of scientism. I rely on the best cognitive standards we have, i.e., logic, scientific method and shared human experience through 5 senses.


      9. Your ignorance of Pollack’s work is too great to engage with.

        You state that: “cause and effect does not explain all vital processes which occur between.”
        This is a meaningless statement. Between what?
        Light IS electromagnetic radiation. Visible light (to human sense) is a narrow frequency band within EMF.
        I write to the attention of any interested reader, so I freely expand or extend contextual or relevant points as I see them.
        Communication is a relational willingness.
        Unless there is such willingness, communication breaks down and that fact IS communicating as valid feedback.

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      10. LOL
        I did not ignore anything by categorizing things as they really are, i.e., facts, assumptions, correlations, associations, declarations, speculations, fairy tales, etc.
        It is meaningful statement because made up stories about occurring processes are not proven facts.
        Prove that light is EMF and not association/correlation with readings of something.
        All I see is that you do not like being criticized. Perhaps your own ballooned ego is your enemy here.
        BTW I already told you that I am familiar with Pollack’s work.


      11. Yes, your arguments were criticized.
        Yes, I have offered critical engagement.
        And for your ballooned ego you won a participation trophy-a medal made of potato.


      12. By your resort to ‘ego’ you make an ‘argument’ when there was none, and lose it all by yourself!
        You make clear what your priority is. As I said you have your reward.
        Statements that make claims something is so, do not make so.
        Demanding ‘proofs’ can be used to avoid dialogue while engaging the target in futility, for nothing is accepted by such a defence excepting it can be turned or used against the target.
        The actual target is communication itself, for in the light of communication, contradictions becomes obvious as a block to truth. This does not ‘prove’ darkness exists, but it does prove light is not forced on the minds of those who make darkness to hide or die in. There is a process of relational communication by which willingness is uncovered as the conditions that no longer block truth.
        I don’t set the conditions for communication, but I recognise futility of giving life to a blind futility that simply repeats itself.


      13. Yes, I mentioned ego as you seem to perceive yourself as intellectually superior to others.
        Yet when challenged you start throwing temper tantrums.
        What is clear that you confuse yourself by the way you categorize things.
        I am sensitive to those who use eristics and mental gymnastics which you do.
        My priority is clear. It is about looking for the truth.
        Yours is a speculation and presentation conclusions based on the former as facts.
        “Statements that make claims something is so, do not make so.”
        LOL What did you mean by that?
        There is no problem with communication and no one is obliged to babysit you.
        The masses are brainwashed and indoctrinated. Thus they follow a stronger dictator brainlessly.


      14. Seeming is all the difference between truth and illusion.
        Asserting that I am engaging in temper tantrum is your claim about me based on what seems real to you, but as you are also a seeker of truth, you may also look at your premises and not just at what you thought was so.
        Using communication as a weapon for personal agenda is what I might call a communication breakdown, but those engaged in it believe they are making perfect sense or are at least perfectly justified by judgements asserted as facts.

        I have absolutely no idea of what you wanted of me, challenged or argued, because you haven’t made it clear to me at all, so the whole thing is a non starter.
        But when you dismissed photons and so much else as merely ‘constructs’ I made a point that I felt worth making. Perhaps you only felt criticized or dare I say ‘attacked’. But I didn’t criticize you or your right to your view. I still have no real idea what those views are.
        If you seek for truth, do you assume you lack it or that it must be somewhere else?
        You indicated that you sought truth that could be directly known without constructs in between. I indicated that that is a spiritual purpose. It is my experience that ‘know thyself’ serves as a basis to engage with the world from a new perspective, but not at all from a superior self-specialness – which is exactly the condition of an active ignorance mentioned here recently.
        So maybe things are not what they seem?
        Despite the mass of tendencies to react as if they are?


      15. Do you want to establish the same definition of each word with me to make sure that we are on the same page?
        Eristics and mental gymnastics do not work on me. And many trash talkers found out about it.
        So get to the point.
        If you are still clueless, then read my previous comments again.
        I categorized photons as they should be.
        Also I already told you how I look for truth. I am not lost in verbosity as you are.
        I told you what I indicated, so do not present something which I did not say.
        Like I said before, you are lost in your own drivel. Perhaps you should establish cognitive standards and verify your knowledge by using them.
        Are you sure you want to continue this exchange?


      16. What exchange?
        I haven’t recognised anything you said, and by your own account you only see a justification to pour derision and scorn on anything I say.
        I have the measure and the nature of what I offered, as you do your own gifts.
        Blessings on your day!


      17. I already told you that eristics and gymnastics do not work on me.
        And I accept your acknowledgment of you being wrong.


      18. Just listen a moment to what you are saying?
        You need to be right?
        You need me to be wrong?
        You claim to seek truth!
        Would you recognise that you are found in it?
        Or attack what doesn’t fit your search criteria?
        I have no intention of working on you!
        That’s entirely YOUR responsibility – whoever you may seek to use for blame.


      19. You should state right away that all you want to do is talking about rainbows and unicorns.
        If you do not like that I accurately categorize things, then it is your problem.


      20. Looks like you’ve got your version of me in order then!
        Rainbows now used to groom gender dysphoria in kids, and spiked proteins replicate the genie’s wish. Have a good day!


      21. You may believe you got it from me, but I didn’t give it to you!
        This much is clear to me, we speak from radically different premises and so there isn’t a channel of communication open between us at this timing.
        This is increasing the case in a fragmenting humanity. I believe in freedom of will, even if we use that to mask and lockdown in judgement of self in other.
        So I accept that others are making their own choices even as I live mine.


      22. I do not use beliefs. You presented yourself through your comments and I described it. This is what I got from you.
        You create illusory problems and expect to be babysit.
        To me, an ideal system is based on antidegenerative principles.


      23. It was a joke kordelas kordelas.
        Without belief you have no thought system, no consciousness to align or organise self, world & other. So you may believe you don’t use beliefs.
        Give me one example of a problem I presented and expected to be babysat – which means what exactly?


      24. Is your text about a joke an excuse? Do you want to save face this way?
        Nope, I do not use any belief. I have chosen the best cognitive standards there are out there.
        Also you do not have a clue about what consciousness is and how human brain works.
        The example is a communication problem where you expect that everyone has to adapt to you.


      25. Hahaha,
        I already told you before that eristics and mental gymnastics do not work on me.
        But keep going. We will see who will wear out who here.


      26. The term ‘communication’ is often used for an exchange or transmission of information between separate or individual parts. But Beneath this are resonant patterns within a whole.
        The idea of recycling breakdown products is part of physics, as with biology. So ‘cell debris’ is not necessarily ‘junk’. Nor is intelligence ‘in’ the cells, the debris or the organism or indeed planetary biome, but Is the field of which all else takes form and function.
        So for my part Communication is a subset or selection within Communion. But a pathological idea of separation from wholeness ‘thinks’ through the lens of fragmenting and fragmented self-assumption such as to generate artefacts that it then seeks to ‘make sense of as its world.
        Humpty Dumpty sat on a wall,
        Humpty Dumpty had a great fall.
        All the king’s horses and all the king’s men
        Couldn’t put Humpty together again.
        But in this metaphor the fall is into a division and dissociation that no longer recognises life, for it presumes to separate from actions so as to assume itself the initiator or cause, in a characteristic reversal that then seeks to control or usurp function to mental modelling set over reality made blind thereby.
        Exosomal communications like our own, are not limited to packets and particles, but express and embody the underlying nature of one – which is itself indivisible. The idea of creating something out of nothing is the nature of a forgetting of everything one, and one in everything.
        To such a seeming, oneness is called a void, a zero-point or a field of relativity. For it is prior to thinking or thinging of a world projected and reflected.
        What reveals reality is truly shared basis for life and thought.
        What seeks to make real, is a private bubble or construct.
        These two are the balance points of a focus in motion.
        We are creators in our own realm of idea-extension and experience, but we do not and can not create our self, but only an exo-somal representation.
        I looked up soma and found it interesting to read the first few examples:
        Greek thought set it as and in the body, Hindu as the vital force or cosmic energy.
        Scientific Medicine locked down in cells!

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      1. I never made a blanket statement claiming all cell culturing is bad. That is a rather ridiculous assumption on your part. However, the cell culture process used to “isolate” exosomes and “viruses” is total crap and does not lead to purified and isolated particles. It is a mixture of toxic substances along with human and animal waste material.


      2. Interesting. I would have thought as a Christian you would be opposed to children conceived in antibiotics-laced petri dishes. I most certainly am.


  14. On the topic of ‘viruses’ in animal
    myxomatoses in rabbits

    “Yet we don’t need an “infectious virus” to explain myxomatosis. During the 1950s, myxomatosis was intentionally introduced in Australia, France and Chile to control wild European rabbit populations. Brought to these countries in the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries to serve as a food source, and having few enemies, these rabbits bred like . . . like rabbits. . . and soon overwhelmed the countryside, eating every green thing in sight. Did scientists kill them off by introducing pure isolated virus or even “virulent” virus into the rabbits? No; they introduced fleas.21 The fleas dutifully bit the rabbits and myxomatosis followed, killing off huge numbers. Blood-sucking insects like fleas, mosquitoes and ticks contain an enzyme called apyrase in their saliva, which prevents platelet aggregation (clotting) at the site of the bite. Apyrase keeps the blood liquid until the insect has had its fill. In animals that are breathing bad air in overcrowded warrens, are undernourished due to scarce food (including clot-promoting vitamin K in green fodder) and then are bitten many times, the enzyme can overwhelm blood-clotting capabilities and act as a poison. In short, fleas and mosquitoes are one of nature’s ways to control overpopulation in various species of animals, and they do it by poisoning them.

    Likewise, we don’t need to call on “infectious viruses” to explain human diseases like TB in the Inuit or cholera among the Chinese. Nutrient deficiencies, crowding and filth are perfectly capable of causing suffering and death without the help of “viruses.” Finally, are researchers seeing “viruses” in their swabs and isolates, or helpful exosomes which multiply in situations of stress and disease?“


    1. PC

      Nice find. Looks Iike Tom Cowan believes in exosomes as healing messengers, too.

      What do you make of that, Big Mike? Have you had ‘the talk’ with him yet? The birds and the bees? The fleas?


      1. Oh, Mike. From that article, Cowan also clearly believes that exosomes can be isolated seeing as how he used that ‘chickenpox’ photo as an example of how isolation photos should look. He also clearly believes in the utility of EM. And genes of course.

        Is Tom Cowan believing in unicorns and fairytales, Mike? Surprised that you would have a working partner who disrespects hard science like that. How do you justify that?


      2. Why must I believe everything Dr. Cowan believes in order to work with him? Dr. Cowan has regularly changed his opinion based on new evidence, as anyone who is intellectually honest should do. Does he still believe in exosomes? I do not know. He has recently questioned DNA and cells. Feel free to ask him. As for the chickenpox photo, after speaking to a friend of mine who interviewed him, Dr. Cowan admitted that he was mistaken about the particles being properly purified and isolated.


      3. No need to strawman-it Mike. Obviously you guys don’t have to agree on everything.

        Looks like Cowan’s intelligence is operating on a low frequency and he’s just following (catering to) the disembodied new age gravy train. He’s undoubtedly making the best money of his life right now.


      4. By mischaracterized my questioning the ethics of your willingness to scientifically partner with someone who believes that unicorns are scientific. By suggesting that that questioning is irrelevant to ethics, which obviously it’s not. The conflict of interest in your scientifically working alongside a unicorn believer would be obvious wouldn’t it?

        It would be like me working alongside a flat earther on a revolutionary, holistic theory of gravity.


      5. “Is Tom Cowan believing in unicorns and fairytales, Mike? Surprised that you would have a working partner who disrespects hard science like that. How do you justify that?”

        Dr. Cowan may have different beliefs than me. Not shocking. However, according to your comment, I have to either believe what he does in order to work with him or justify why I am working with someone who potentially believes differently? That seems to be the intent behind your statement. I am not strawmanning, I am interpreting your words. You never said anything about ethics. You asked me to justify working with someone who may believe differently than myself.

        So again, do I have to believe exactly what Dr. Cowan believes in order to work with him?


      6. Ethics/’spirituality’ is an understood component — underpinning — of every conversation between truth-loving people…

        No, you don’t have to believe exactly but you do need to believe (ap)proximately or you could just as well work alongside virologists…

        Always have to pull teeth with you Mike.


      7. Dr. Cowan and I agree on many things with the main importance being in the non-existence of “viruses.” We do not have to align on everything in order to work together. I regularly speak with and work with people who do not align 100% with my beliefs. There is nothing unethical about doing so as we come together on common ground.

        The reason it seems you need to pull teeth with me is because you are trying to catch me in a gaff or conflict of interest but I will not let you do so. You can keep trying but you will not succeed.


      8. Coming together in truth is ethical. ‘Coming together’ on common ground is a euphemism for power-seeking organizational stupidity masking as ethics. I call that unethical as in, apart from ethics. I think most people, in all honesty, feel that way, Mike. Even all religions agree on that.


      9. Lol. Common ground is coming together on some truths – in partial truth. Tom gets to bring his unicorns onto the common ground and you get to bring your flat earth onto the common ground, with the understanding that there’s no accountability. That’s politics for you, baby, rather than the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth so help you ‘god.’


      10. You are playing games Reante. Dr. Cowan and I agree on the lack of “viruses” as well as the lack of purification and isolation of these entities. We do not need to agree 100% on every aspect, including whether or not exosomes exist. I do not know his current position on exosomes but it is not relevant to us working together to show that “viruses” do not exist. Your ethical standard seems to be that we must be 100% aligned to work together. Even though you stated Dr. Cowan and I do not need to agree 100%, the intent in your comments seems to be that it is unethical for me to work with him unless there is a 100% agreement. You can not have it both ways.

        So again I will ask, why must I agree 100% with Dr. Cowan in order to work with him? The truth we have in common is far greater than any POTENTIAL disagreements.


      11. The terrain always comes first dude. You don’t share the terrain then you ain’t playing by Dunbar’s Number any longer. You don’t play by DN and you’re nothing but a phony. But what do I know I’m just a catcher in the rye.


      12. I’ve noticed a certain trend with you Reante. When you know you’ve been caught making baseless and contradictory accusations/criticisms, you begin to speak vague gibberish, just as you are doing now with this comment. 🤔


      13. one worthwhile thing reante brings up is that just because something is pseudoscientific doesn’t mean it isn’t true.

        the rest I could take or leave. for all the rants about optics and strategy reante rarely bothers to make his ideas easy to understand.

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      14. Science cannot define truth, but can serve as an honest instrument for uncovering a true account.
        I see pseudoscience as ‘masking non science as science’ but it became a pejorative ignorance as a claim to moral virtue.
        This pattern is where communication breaks down to ‘save face’ or indeed to ‘save the invested model’ of power set in competing ‘rights’ taken from the loser, to elevate the winner.
        There are no winners in a battle of wills, but love of truth is the first casualty – else war would have no way to enter its host and replicate.


      15. Luke. I dare say it is worthwhile to always remember that Life got on just fine without the nihilistic anthropocene age and mass extinction that was wrought by the Scientific Methodists lust for mechanizing physics and biology. You win the award for understatement of the day even though it’s just getting started.

        The content of what you call rants are social formulations of Character. Yet you focus personality. Focusing on collective character is even more important than bringing down Scientific Methodism down a few dozen notches, because without character we can’t hold ourselves accountable to the truth in the first place now that we’re a quarter of the way through the second Century of Self. Culture is everything, and it starts with radical honesty. If you don’t like that then you need to learn how to love it despite your Self.

        If there’s anything I say that you don’t follow then just ask for clarification. There are no stupid (earnest) questions. I’m well aware of the downside of my delivery style. Just ask.

        And feel free to contribute yourself without fear. Mistakes are how we learn. I continue to make every mistake in the book. Once!


  15. The study of the theoretical exosome can’t confirm the existence of virus particles. But it will not stop them from saying that viruses are exosomes-like particles. It would be better for them to demonstrate cells dying from a natural process (without adding chemical ingredients) and then analyzing the byproducts. This method should adhere to the law of the conservation of mass. If the exosomes are found it still does not prove that they existed in the cell or were in the cell in the state they are found while the cell was fully alive.

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      1. I start reading and meet every kind of claim – that I am unwilling to accept or even invest in as plausible due to the nature and complexity of lies being propagated as normal currency of thought. The injections do not contain the aptly named spike protein, but as SAID to transfect cells, hijack their DNA to then produce the S-protein – which is entirely a GoF product – that is – NOT derived from any actual found virus isolate. So WHAT IS being measured or ‘tested for’ as ‘S-protein’? Is it part of natural processes but assigned to the actions of viruses or man-made hijackers?
        IS it being measured or are the ‘tests’ for biomarkers another trick by which to conjure up, mutate or eradicate according to the parameters and working definitions?

        I am inclined to Hamer’s view of cancer – and see the poisoning of both minds and bodies as the suppression of the body function, such that healing phase is blocked (not least by interpretation of symptoms as an ‘attack’ of disease).
        There are details to Hamer’s findings that require study, but in general, breast cancers correspond to child-conflicts or fears. Ovaries (and testes) to (loss conflict of loved ones.
        I don’t ask for belief here, but find credible explanation for cause at a deeper level of relational existence than a reductive material machine-existence by which we successfully mask out or discard and denigrate our heart and minds to a slave status that of course reproduces as our social order!


      2. ‘the real dangers in the vaccines are the nanoparticles and adjuvants, not the mRNA.’

        ‘ There are currently four different fat-soluble substances in nanoparticle size in all Corona gene vaccines. One of them is polyethylene glycol, PEG. It is known that this PEG can develop an extremely high allergic potential.’

        ‘ Since the gene and even the cell theories have been completely refuted, [5] the alleged genes in the Corona vaccines cannot cause any genetic damage to our alleged genetic material. Our chromosomes are in a constant state of change and reconstruction and therefore cannot be genetic material. ’

        “ The toxic ingredients, the nanoparticles, are mainly responsible for the rapid damage caused by the gene corona vaccinations. The all-clear can be given for the false claims that the “genes” in the vaccines and an immune system supposedly running amok would cause damage in the future. What causes long-term vaccine damage, however, and often only after weeks and months, is, as with all vaccinations, the so-called “psychosomatics”: when the act of vaccination itself triggers a trauma, a “biological conflict”. The build-up and degradation processes triggered by this usually only become visible after weeks or months.
        But if the act of vaccination immediately causes a change in character, aggression (often against the mothers because they bring their children to be vaccinated), autism, mania, depression, bed-wetting, etc., this proves that the act of vaccination in itself has triggered a “trauma”, i.e. a biological conflict. The physical consequences that are triggered in parallel with this change of nature, e.g. always digestive problems in autism, are often only noticed weeks or months after the vaccination act, but are real vaccination damage in the sense of real biology. However, if the vaccination damage does not occur immediately, it is not recognisable from the point of view of “purely material biology&medicine” and is therefore systematically not recognised.”*ay09tt*_ga*MTIzMTkzOTQ4OC4xNjI1NzM1OTcw*_ga_T49FMYQ9FZ*MTY1OTcwOTg3OC4xMTc1LjEuMTY1OTcxMDAxNC4w


      3. Nice comment brian.

        “I am inclined to Hamer’s view of cancer – and see the poisoning of both minds and bodies as the suppression of the body function, such that healing phase is blocked (not least by interpretation of symptoms as an ‘attack’ of disease).
        There are details to Hamer’s findings that require study, but in general, breast cancers correspond to child-conflicts or fears. Ovaries (and testes) to (loss conflict of loved ones.”

        I don’t doubt the correspondence yet I firmly believe that adequate nutrition and detoxification cycles will surely keep cancers in check. Form follows function.


      1. because if they didn’t the in situ, everpresent saprophytes would wake up from dormancy when cell tissue oxygenation got low enough and ruin the independent variable.


    1. Interesting comment on analyzing the sample for conservation of mass, though I don’t believe that this law of physics could be applied to biological systems in a petri dish. Firstly I don’t see how they could properly measure and account for dynamics like heat transfer/loss. Secondly how would they even accurately measure mass across the system?

      Regarding proving whether exosomes came from the cells: where else could exosomes come from?


  16. I don’t buy their theory about the spike protein either. They’re explaining what they see happening through their understanding of how the body works. What they see is cause and effect. Their efforts to explain the mechanism don’t hold water. But the point that there is an increase in the incidence of cancer since the rollout of the injections cannot be ignored.

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    1. I completely agree with you in there being destructive effects to the so called vaccines and of the corporo-pharma protected germ theory. But I also expect such forces to reset their service as control narratives under ‘spiked proteins’ genetic damage, and a purge of ‘bad pharma’ by the ‘Jim’ll fix it’ solutions representing ‘Good Pharma’.
      As a survival instinct, it must seek to regroup or ‘reset’ narrative control or be disclosed under a light of communication.
      Masking against feared truth has to weaponise the lie.

      We may see this in those who assert or push lies, but without a demand there would be no takers. Waking into a ‘world of lies’ is potentially mind-breaking. But it opens the way to ask of and receive truly, instead of engaging within lies that set seeming truth by ostensibly opposing an evil while sharing
      Mind-breaking is also called psychotic. Mind control is also called hypnotic.
      I think this is all about fear because it is all about love.


  17. Recently, Joe Virion was convicted for murder. He was found guilty of the homicide of his cellmate. However, no bullet was found and thus there was nothing to match the rifling in the weapon they recovered at the scene. The autopsy revealed the body had an exit wound but no entrance wound. The prosecution told the jury that it was a new and remarkable kind of bullet. The prosecution also told the jury that the gun was placed in Joe’s hand to see if it would fit his hand, which, of course, would mean he was capable of firing it. After that, they tested the gun for Joe’s fingerprints and obtained a match. The prosecution then explained that the evidence was incontrovertible that Joe had murdered his cellmate. The jury agreed and Joe was found guilty in spite of the fact that there was no entrance wound, no bullet and planted evidence. Have you ever heard a story like that before?

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  18. Anyone ever do any research on syphilis? Some of what I’ve read about this bacterial agent seems a little disturbing. Here’s a few notes from articles I’ve been studying.

    Syphilis is a sexually transmitted disease (STD) caused by the bacterium Treponema pallidum. It is transmitted from person to person via direct contact with a syphilitic sore, known as a chancre. These sores can be found on the genitals, vagina, anus, rectum, lips and mouth. – NIH

    “Currently, cases of possible syphilis are commonly investigated using the treponemal serological tests T. pallidum IgG chemiluminescence immunoassay (CLIA) and the T. pallidum particle agglutination (TPPA). The nontreponemal rapid plasma reagin (RPR) flocculation test is used to assess disease activity.Sep 20, 2021”,used%20to%20assess%20disease%20activity.

    Long-Term In Vitro Culture of the Syphilis Spirochete Treponema pallidum subsp. pallidum

    “Investigation of Treponema pallidum subsp. pallidum, the spirochete that causes syphilis, has been hindered by an inability to culture the organism continuously in vitro despite more than a century of effort. . . ”

    A Brief History of Laboratory Diagnostics for Syphilis

    ” . . .The year 1906 saw a major breakthrough in laboratory testing for syphilis when Austrian-born American immunologist Karl Landsteiner, who had made a splash in the field of hematology just a few years prior with his discovery of the ABO blood groups, along with his dermatologist colleague Viktor Mucha, introduced the use of dark-field microscopy to detect the presence of syphilitic treponemes in infected specimens.

    This new technique was an important advance but ultimately proved to have significant limitations. Direct detection via microscopy works reasonably well in primary syphilis with sensitivity of approximately 80%, as high numbers of treponemes are often visible in tissue specimens from the chancre. However, darkfield sensitivity declines as the infection progresses and can also decrease if the patient has been treated with topical antibiotics. Additionally, this microscopy method cannot be used to visualize treponemes in specimens collected from the mouth, as the mouth harbors many species of non-pathogenic treponemes that are morphologically indistinguishable from T. pallidum, resulting in false positive results.

    Treponemes may also be observed in specimens collected from non-oral mucosal lesions and condylomata lata (secondary syphilitic lesions that are usually smooth, moist, and flat). Nasal discharge specimens from newborns with snuffles (syphilitic rhinitis) collected from congenital syphilis cases are often teeming with treponemes, which can also easily be visualized with a dark-field microscope. . .”

    “In spite of recent advances in in vitro cultivation of TPA (Edmondson et al., 2018), routine laboratory cultivation of this pathogen directly from patient samples is not yet possible. Therefore, most of the information on TPA genetics comes from genome sequencing studies, where DNA was isolated from bacteria propagated in experimentally infected rabbits.”

    ‘The complete genome sequence of Treponema pallidum was determined and shown to be 1,138,006 base pairs containing 1041 predicted coding sequences (open reading frames).”

    Any opinions?


    1. What specifically are you seeking to know?
      Opinions may add noise to the signal.
      If you don’t really have a question, how will you recognise your answer?
      As you sow, so shall you reap!
      Life is not a sexually transmitted disease, but can be framed that way by self-violation and guilt set irrevocable by denial. Trauma can and does express through the body as a mask and as a dump for unhealed conflicts, but the body can as easily serve communication for the healing of mind such as to release body from loveless abuse set as substitution for love lost.
      If you give power to external ‘authority’ it defines you in a masking over true authority that will act out as a mutually reinforcing themes of conflict, until a willingness to question rises before the presumption to know.


  19. PC, another great find. Do you know when Lanka wrote this? If it’s recently then it looks like he might be lurking here and sourcing ideas about nanoparticles dynamics from the creative commons shall we say. The only problem I would have with him sourcing from reante is if he just cherrypicks reante’s creative commons ideas so as to ‘enrich’ his paradoxical New Age bullshit that says molecules exist but not nucleic acids. The dude is a kook and he might be cherrypicking truth out of self-interest, which is fraudulent behavior.

    Did he write this after I elucidated the hypervolatile, maximized surface area-to-voume, offgassings-nature of the four-part nanolipids, and posted the Forbes article? Had he written about this before?

    Inquiring minds want to know, FTR. Because reante is all for sharing truth on the creative commons but reante is opposed to his shit being fraudulently co-opted.

    Thanks for letting me know.


      1. “reante, no one takes any ideas from you”
        Prove that no one takes any ideas from reante 😉


      2. If you support reante claims, then the burden of proof is on you. As far as I know reante has not presented any original idea of his/her own or anything brilliant.


      3. you made the claim bro’, now back it up with proof or admit you are wrong (isn’t that what you normally say)


      4. nah, that’s just another one of the little sub-routines your fragile automoton personality reaches for as a comforter to pretend to itself that you’re still smarter than everyone else, even though you’ve been caught in your own miserable trap.

        You claimed: ‘no-one takes any ideas from reante’. That is the claim I am challenging, not what you are attempting to twist my words to.

        Now Prove It, or stfu.

        Live by your own petty standards, or continue to demonstrate yourself as a fraud.

        Or you can just admit you don’t know and could be wrong, it really doesn’t hurt 😉


      5. Like I said before you want to play stupid games, then you will win stupid prizes, bozo.
        And you have nothing on me.
        So STFU your brazen mouth.
        Or prove that reante created novel ideas and people steal them from her/him.
        BTW I like wearing out clowns like you on social media platforms.
        “Pride comes before the fall.”


      6. ‘my words’ should be ‘your words’… but it’s the same words since it is a direct quote 🙂


      7. Bozo, you forgot one thing. Eristics and mental gymnastics do not work on me.
        So try harder next time.
        You are my prey from now on. LOL


  20. „You never change things by fighting the existing reality. To change something, build a new model that makes the existing model obsolete.”

    – R. Buckminster Fuller
    „You can’t change the way people think. All you can do is give them a tool, the use of which will change their thinking.”

    – R. Buckminster Fuller


    1. Is the perversion of this the ‘giving’ of ‘tools’ by which people frame their thinking so as to change it to serve another purpose than their own, without their even knowing it?
      Just as a “global village’ idea tools an elitist agenda of techno-feudalism – without the social contracts that enabled feudalism to hold order?

      Existing beliefs running as reality are serving purpose no matter how subconsciously buried or obfuscated in complexity such purpose runs. Lockdown of the mind against fundamental change protects a self set in grievance against reliving the conflict that now shapes it into its future, to reiterate the same patterns unwittingly.

      Reconnecting what we think or accept into our mind with our result, releases the investment in blame as the escape goating of an intolerable but mistaken responsibility that splits the mind against itself as its own pathogenic nemesis.

      So I would celebrate that you think as your capacity for choice from which you can align a greater freedom of being not more nor less than yourself – which is not so much a work in progress as the freedom (& true responsibility) to alight and align in the unfolding of idea that resonates true to who you can free willingly accept, appreciate and understand yourself being part of, one with or sharing in.

      Bucky is on my reading list. I’ve only read references so far.


  21. Why do you still let this reante idiot comment here? People of his sort shouldn’t be debated with, but ignored.


    1. Be careful when you ban people from speaking. The vaccine cartel uses the same tactic. Years ago I had a ton of information on AOL Hometown – years of work – and they wiped it out in one day. Some people agreed with it and some didn’t. But at least while it was up people had a choice. I used to edit Wikipedia, but whatever I put there was quickly taken down if it went against whatever the colleges teach to students.


    2. As I see it, Mike exercises his freedom to engage in posts to his blog. Part of this is to be seen to be willing to engage in critical dialogue honourably. But baiting into endless distraction to personal smear or insinuation is a means of degrading the blog function. Intentionally or otherwise.

      Discernment is a discipline worthy of training the mind because the resort to deny or misrepresent another can leak out as a breakdown of communication masked by unfounded or ungrounded judgements that reveal more about the one who accuses than the ‘target’.
      This includes temptation to react to perceived ‘attacks’ by attacking back.
      Don’t feed the troll is deep wisdom, but is immediately lost to the pejorative accusation of another as ‘troll’.

      I choose not to accept mal-intent dressed as forms of communication.
      A false sense of liberal tolerance allows deceiving intent to destroy from within, under claims of ‘freedom’ that it masks in as a means to undermine or destroy it.

      Supporting the conditions for life needs recognise the blocks and distortions that usurp relational awareness with rulesets running subconsciously as mind-controlled identities.

      Schopenhauer’s list of ‘tricks by which to win arguments’ was intended to expose and educate. But it is studied as a manual for acquiring the arts of deceit.
      Here is just such an example of normalised decontextualisation – of the list itself:

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      1. Well said
        Reante is a reminder of the kind of people and madness we have to deal with and face every day in the real world. Waste of time engaging with such people , an unnecessary distraction.

        “We never knew an ignorant person yet but was prejudiced.”

        If you had made the acquiring of ignorance the study of your life, you could not have graduated with higher honor than you could today.”

        “If you think knowledge is dangerous, try ignorance.”

        His ignorance covers the world like a blanket, and there’s scarcely a hole in it anywhere.”

        One should be gentle with the ignorant, for they are the chosen of God.”

        ― Mark Twain

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      2. There is a post-modern use of the mind that can claim a sense of virtue from taking the fact of being lied to, as a basis to no longer trust the use of mind for communication as a dialogue.
        This is sometimes referred to as an inability to think, in terms of a consistent purposeful endeavour. I don’t feel to judge the persona of another’s acquired strategies for living, but to evaluate what is shared as to its nature. An antii-rational identity is raised against a sense of treachery and betrayal regarding that which made rationality a god of rules running joyless and destructive machinery against true disclosure.

        Twain was one of the Illuminati of his era. On dropping into Tesla – who was also feted by rich and famous – he expressed interest in one of Tesla’s current electro-theraputic inventions – with a mind to take one to impress the many women he met on his travels. On trying it, he experienced an extremely rapid onset of intense bowel movements such as to barely reach a toilet in time. He decided not to take one to try out on his ‘ladies’.

        What we think to know can and often does run as active ignorance. And of course we are the last one to know it. A spotlight hides more than it reveals. The specific is truly addressed within its context or relational gestalt. Otherwise any specific error can result in false generalisations that then set a false context of interpretation and an inability to find communication, relationship or rest in a fundamental peace of being.


      3. PC

        brian’s comment to which you replied, “well said,” and went on to criticize me (which is fine of course) did not say what you thought it did. it was not a criticism of me nor was it necessarily a defense of me (though on balance between the two I would hazard to say it leaned towards the latter) so much as it was a circumspect offering.

        I notice that you declined to say when Lanka’s piece was written. We’re I to copy and paste both what I wrote about the nanolipids and what Lanka wrote, the echoes would be seen by everyone here to be remarkably clear. He also mentioned fat-solubility. Is that new, too?

        Again, I only have a problem with abuses of the creative commons; if Lanka is using ‘my’ insights in order to directly undermine ‘my’ other equally true insights (that the vaccinal mRNA is obviously an exosome bomb, whatever the efficacy of it may be), and beyond that calling the exosome-bomb insight “dangerous,” is a super-low character thing to do.

        If Lanka does Lurk here or was otherwise made privy to some of my insights that he then put to use, and he was a real fucking man, he would thank me for the insight (he wouldn’t have to ask me if he could use it because I don’t own it) and present his plan to use the insight in service of an argument that weaponizes ‘my’ insight in service of his (false) attack on the existence of ‘gene therapy’ and his calling “dangerous” ‘my own’ argument that BOTH the ultravolatile nanolipid formulations AND the exosome bombs are real. That way he could honor the origins of ‘my’ insight by defending it’s use in his argument that stands in direct opposition to the context of the origins of the insight. ‘Win’ or ‘lose’ his defense against ‘me,’ in front of all of us, he then has the social justification to do as he pleases. This is the animist, egalitarian dynamic where taking something for your own selfish purposes doesn’t happen without consequences because everyone knows everyone and pretty much everything that’s going on. This is BOTTOM-UP reality. If Lanka did use my insight against itself — against ‘me’ (against the stacked functions of the mRNA vaxxxes) — then we’re looking at the same type of behavior that Thomas Edison made a career out of, right? And I realize this is a small instance on Lanka’s part, if indeed it’s even the case, but it still matters.

        My maternal grandfather was a military inventor working in Churchill’s ‘toyshop’ during the war. He solely credited for inventig the limpet mine. He was like me (to put it backwardly), no interest in business, my mother grew up poor after the war. He invented Velcro in his basement and submitted the patent to London and they turned him down. That’s military disloyalty for you. Two years later a swiss man with English financiers invented Velcro and the rest is history. Obviously I consider that a blessing in disguise for the family and myself but my grandfather still had to live with the cutthroat theft and the disloyalty, and that matters in and of itself. Something of his experience obviously filtered down to me because Life is beautiful like that.

        Why is it that none of the Club want to come and outcompete my ideas that they disagree with. What is it with famous people being such pussies? Is it because they’re petty emperor’s without clothes? It’s the money isn’t it?

        Why are all these ‘challenges’ money challenges that basically makes it so that they’re never going to happen in the first place? How about Lanka — candidate for greatest living terrain theorist — roll on in here to defend the thesis of this paper. How about he defend his flat earth view that nucleic acids don’t exist which would necessarily mean that Kary Mullis was a pathological lying sack of shit for ‘inventing’ the PCR test when according to Lanka’s logic no such test can exist.

        If he wrote this recently, it’s is not at all delusional to think this is a rearguard action against reante. Obviously everyone in the Club is following this commentariat now. Why? Because fame -renown – has a funny way of killing your creativity, right? This is axiomatic. So does overspecialization. You tell me, PC, who else is making discoveries right now in the terrain subculture? Who else is REALLY patterning? I would say Clarifire is one. I would say on the esoteric level brian is another. Jeff Green is starting to echo some things I’ve been saying and he acknowledged as much to me and I think that’s just great. I’m hoping Jeff that you start branching out more instead of doing trench warfare in defense of your calling endogenous enzymes ‘viruses.’ Or seeking approval from dishonest men like Steve Kirsch. Trench warfare is necessary sometimes but being pinned down in the trench for too long will mess with your head and your heart and that would be a waste of great potential because you are a discoverer.

        I feel my time here is drawing short. Mike you can feel free to tell me if, based on page views or whatever, the number of people suggests to you that more than 150 people are probably reading through these comments. I have no interest in groups larger than that. Indeed I consider it to be wrong.


      4. George and Jo are into discovery. Nike’s obviously into discovery. A lot of people are just looking for somewhere to virtually belong and don’t want that boat rocked. A lot of people go through life statically settling for things. Organized human settlements are walled, imperialisms in nature, and they emerged only when humans chronically failed in following the dynamic truth patterns of their local ecology. Settlements can only ever behold provincial ‘truths.’


    3. Sometimes i’m just a bull in a china shop. If that’s ever a problem for anyone here it’s only because they like fine china shops more than bulls when earthenware is energetically much more healthy for you than the hard boundary that is glass vitrification, and you can make it yourself.


      1. You add a unique flavour to the soup, call it ‘salty’ if you like, but I personally find it stimulating in a most agreeable way. This comment section is a rare treat in the internet cafe, and without the salt, the menu would be rather less attractive. Please don’t leave just yet.

        I also enjoy Mr Five Senses, he’s funny 😉


      2. Virus believers like you and reante have nothing to undeniably prove any alleged bio virus.
        But keep misleading yourselves.


      3. Appreciate that david. It can’t be that rare a treat though seeing as how you still haven’t managed to catch up lol. reante will be gone a week before you even know it. That’s a fate worse than death.


      4. “Virus believers like you”
        Like I said, you’re funny and make me laugh, thanks 🙂


      5. “reante will be gone a week before you even know it”

        I’ll survive… and there’s nothing to catch (up on) 😉


      6. Damn, hate this WP comments thing where you can’t edit once you press that button.

        I was going to edit to say that you guys are obviously way ahead and there’s not much chance I’ll be catching up this lifetime. I’m content Wombeling along at the back though, maybe I’ll stop and do some fishing on the way 😉
        Please leave the light on for me 🙂


  22. Just as Religions, delivered to the masses by the servants of the System, are NOT a higher manifestation, full of knowledge and understanding, of Faith in the existence of God and His promises… in the same way… neither are the Sciences, delivered to the masses by the servants of the System, NO represents a higher manifestation, full of knowledge and understanding, of the Existence in which we live.


  23. In normal life (outside of the social media platforms) it is each individual’s decision to decide if they want to communicate with someone or not. If you are a proponent of the U.S. Constitution than according to the first amendment you should let people speak their mind regardless of what you think about them. Some forums give an option to ignore people and many people use that option. Even then they make their own decision to do that.

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    1. Sorry you got blindsided Mike. After reading your post I have come to the following conclusions.

      Correlation Does Not Imply Causation: 5 Real-World Examples

      When you see a correlation it should cause you to consider if there is a real cause and effect or just the illusion of one. They often use charts to justify the use of vaccines. First they claim there is a disease, then they graph the incidence of it. Next they introduce a vaccine and graph the uptake of injections. If the incidence of disease starts to decline after the introduction of the vaccine they say the vaccine caused the decline. But what if they hadn’t introduced the vaccine, could it have declined regardless? And how was the data compiled, were all of the cases really the same disease? Were the methods of diagnosis and testing the same in all cases? Was the time of the incidence reported correctly for all cases?

      But none of this really matters because the cause of the disease must be identified first. Only at that point can the correlation be considered in terms of cause and effect. Without proof of cause all you have is a coincidence and coincidence doesn’t prove anything.

      This is the same argument you hear from the people who claim vaccines are safe and effective when presented with a correlation between the rollout of vaccines and an increase in death and injury. (Not to mention they blame the increase on the alleged disease, or a variant, or a breakthrough.) It’s all right for them to use the argument, but not you.

      However, since the virus theory has been debunked we can ascertain the motive behind the rollout of the Covid vaccines.

      First they had to create the illusion of a new disease. They did this in various ways. Primarily through the use of remdesivir, midazolam, ventilators and starvation. Seasonal flu was even misdiagnosed as covid. Some say the flu vaccine contained graphene oxide that interacted with 5G to create additional sickness in densely populated areas.Addionally, air pollution in the industrial cities in China may have contributed to the illusion of a new disease.

      They reinforced the illusion with the faulty PCR test, which they used to “validate” the existence of the alleged virus as a global threat. The ignorant masses were no match for the masters of deception. They yearned for the vaccines with an insatiable appetite. The Supreme Court certified the MRA injection as a vaccine, although it had formally been designated as gene therapy and not a vaccine. Apparently all you have to do is change the definition of a word and then you can throw precedence and the laws of evidence out the window.

      So at the very least, there is a small group of people who knowingly perpetrated a fraud will malicious intent. And now the only question to answer is “cui bono?”

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      1. I see the context for the covax scam (& others) as controlled demolition of a structural and economic breakdown with the intent to reset a new era on the basis of the old control mindset and thus BY the established Insiders of the Establishment – which runs behind the scenes through various fronts, institutions and organisations.
        Who benefits?
        In terms of the measure of the world, those who seek wealth and power while dumping toxic consequences away from themselves onto others, world and future, would seem to benefit as a new class of masters set over expendable tools and assets. I don’t share their measure or any sense that they will find any satisfaction there.
        From a spiritual view, I see the ego running on borrowed time against exposure to lack of substance, it demands sacrifice of truth in life that self-illusion can run. But this is self-destructive and must run out of capacity to hold its inverted order – hence disintegration and with it, all that feeds on destruction accelerates the process.
        One of the reasons I look on the world this way is because I can relate within my own sphere of responsibility to the themes acted out by others, such as to reintegrate or undo conflicts rather than persist the attempt to eradicate the ‘adversary’ or those associated with causing evil outcomes.
        I also see the seed of a truly new era in the uncovering of healing truth that lies were made to hide by offering masking protection against disclosure to fear, pain and loss.


      2. Thanks, it wasn’t too bad but it was rather annoying. If an interviewer is going to be upfront about the intentions of the interview as well as the subject matter to the point of sending articles/studies to discuss, I feel that the conversation should stay focused there. Taking it down an unintended path with a study that was not supplied was a very dishonorable thing to do IMO.


      3. The behaviour fits with being set up to be cast in a poor light, wrongfooted, open to errors that can be used against you. It also goes with the territory.


      4. yeah brian it’s a controlled demolition alright. I don’t get the impression that you see the controlled demolition as necessary. Or am I mistaken?

        Civilizations collapse because they can no longer afford to grow. They collapse when entropy exceeds empire. It’s only natural that the many managers of a collapsing civilization will collude in the name of controlling the collapse: building the empire was founded on genocides (and ecocides) in the first place so why should even bigger, cataclysmic genocides (controlled demolition of the population) surprise us on the way down. Their reasoning is that if they don’t do it, everybody will probably die because of the chaos, and I see that that reasoning is sound, as unethical as the controlled demolition is.

        This why we call the situation a predicament.

        If they don’t execute a controlled demolition to the best of their abilities then the aging nuclear power industry will not be decommissioned in time, notably the spent fuel pools that require constant cooling by grid power, and if that happens there may well be no human life left in the northern hemisphere and who knows what will happen in the southern hemisphere, but the nuclear industry is exactly the reason why all the elites in the know have places to go to in the southern hemisphere.


      5. I simply observe that there is a larger process that drives the events we are living through.
        So to those who have a stake in the established order as an expression of control as power, it is seen as inevitable and necessitates drastic actions that hold a window of opportunity in their terms to remake a world in their image.
        I see the Universe as both open and closed systems – same with ‘cells or selves.
        A materially predicated model of life is already self-conflicted, distanced, locked down, masked and defended against contagious (true) ideas!
        So I see a breakdown of a masking ‘reality’ as it is revealed lacking in substance and thus a mistaken sense of self, life and world of invested self-illusion.
        But at the same time a breakthrough of awareness of what was denied or covered over by a dissociation,
        Translating to terms for a world in which “everything is backwards” is to join its framing.
        Structure becomes stricture becomes unable to grow, learn or really live, so it is in a sense waiting for death to release it. Or persisting its identity in struggle even to death.
        Thought can seem to become a cage for the mind that thinks it.
        Amazing feat!


      6. “From a spiritual view, I see the ego running on borrowed time against exposure to lack of substance, it demands sacrifice of truth in life that self-illusion can run.”

        Hey Brian.
        It’s pretty clear from my perspective that Humanity is having a run at Initiation. The first hurdle there being to overcome/neutralise the Shadow.
        A sure fire way of bringing the Shadow out of hiding is to separate the one thing into the two thing (and thus the 3 thing).
        So division is the method to get things rolling.
        Sure seems to me anything and everything with divisive potential is being stoked right now.


      7. The moment we realign in true purpose, we are given to see the ‘same thing’ differently.
        So the world literally serves a new purpose when we accept the call to know, to heal, to awaken – that rises from beneath what we took to be our self and world; from our being rather than from thinking.
        I was going to quote a bit of Illich on the ‘gaze’ to reante but no reply option… While on the wikiquote page for Illich I saw a piece by him on the diabolos in the desert tempting Jesus. Where diabolos meant ‘divider’.
        Divide and rule is also represented by ‘The Ancient of Days’ and an insignia of Freemasonry.
        World; as a Grand Division or Project.
        What we give power to has power over us until we are released from our own word or spell.
        So power in the world can tempt with self-specialness that will then run, until it runs out of ways to mask a truth that at first seems to humiliate. Coming through this is a wholeness of Spirit, that reintegrates, undoes or heals, as we are willing to accept by sharing.

        In a sense whenever we realise we have acted in a new way to an old pattern or script, we recognise an initiation to a level of responsibility, previously hidden by invested or unquestioned habit.

        For me the attempt to divide contrasts a peace of being. As I become less able to confuse one with the other, I am less able to support or join with lies or illusions set as truth, even where they represent a self-protective gesture for where they currently identify.


      8. “Thought can seem to become a cage for the mind that thinks it.”
        Not just a cage, thought literally obliterates access to higher forms of Understanding.
        ‘Supremacy of Intellect’ is being challenged, in part by technology, and its limitations, and those of the five senses laid bare. The cage is being rattled, and the fragility is on display, often as hubris and desperate attempts to defend and fortify control systems 😉


      9. Yes. The fact remains that thought cannot make the mind that thinks it, but we can clearly believe what we think is real and this belief ‘denies’ access to awareness of reality because we already think to ‘know’. In this way thought can be self-reinforcing, so as to become conditioned by what we think to be the result of another or a virus or whatever.


      10. Not to underestimate of course the cunning of the snake.
        But in the end, it consumes itself… as the Ouroboros symbolizes nicely


      11. “The fact remains that thought cannot make the mind that thinks it, but we can clearly believe what we think is real and this belief ‘denies’ access to awareness of reality because we already think to ‘know’.”
        Yes, I agree that’s part of it, but I was being literal, thought literally drowns out awareness of higher understanding. Like the whispered promise of a lover in a night club 😉


      12. Does thought really ‘do’ this?
        I know it seems to.
        I see judgement of thought as the setting of rules and filters by which living truth is masked over,
        At some point an ‘interruption’ to peace will be reinterpreted as part of your peace. Then it is seen that ‘You were never absent’.
        Choices set values that set reactions.
        So there is always some thread of choice as to what we give attention and value to, and why or for what.

        I meant what I said literally too.
        No one can or has created themselves, but we are all trained to react as if we are what we think we are.


      13. “Does thought really ‘do’ this?”

        Maybe I should have said ‘thinking’? IDK

        Yes, for me too, judgement of thought is what feeds the beast, however, even thought observed without judgement does, IME, to some degree mask the signal. I call it signal to noise ratio 😉

        Sometimes, at least for me right now, thought presents itself front and centre for observation, there’s simply no avoiding it, in fact attempts at avoidance or circumvention or cover up or deflected attention are IMO just judgement.

        If I do manage to cease observing it, and stillness emerges, then does it exist any longer as thought?


      14. “If I do manage to cease observing it, and stillness emerges, then does it exist any longer as thought?”

        The i cannot manage to cease self-reinforcement, but the quality of stillness embraces wholeness, so by aligning in what I love is unselfconscious joy given expression. The unconflicted nature of being is Self-aware – without a second – yet all that is unfolds as relational expression; the one in the many and the many in the one. Awareness seems to rise when a-tension of conflict is released or allowed to fall away. We may say that All is Thought, or ‘Creation’, but our concept of existence is objectified, linear and defined BY polarities – excepting the ‘rising awareness’ of a still centre – in the midst of and not apart from relational expression. So our ‘thinking’ is generally dead concepts seeking life rather than the living embodiment of inspirational awareness or ‘life’.


      15. Brian

        “For me the attempt to divide contrasts a peace of being. **As I become less able to confuse one with the other, I am less able to support or join with lies or illusions**”

        That would be the next step in the alchemical process.

        After the separation of the one (corrupted) thing into the 2, thus uncovering the 3, we further separate these 3 Principles (Form/Energy/Intelligence or Salt/Sulphur/Mercury) into the 4 Elements: Air, Water, Fire and Earth. (Thought or thinking by the way usually refers to the Element Air, which interestingly is the mediator or Operator of the other 3.)

        Each Element must then be purified, the superfluous (the lies and illusions) removed. This is described as the neutralisation of the Shadow/Nachash – that which maintains the separation/illusion, or the exalting of the matter.

        Once purified, the 4 Elements are coagulated back into a One-thing (well, kind of since the Water – usually associated with emotion – is more or less discarded), but now devoid of corruption, truth as existential matter, which is referred to as the Quintessence, or the 5th Element, or more fondly as The (Philosopher’s) Stone.

        Luc Besson did a great job making an entertaining movie out of it 🙂


      16. ‘One Thing’ (beyond any capacity to make thing of) is already so, and the division to Self/Other and self/world is a representation we look through and take identity from. So the reintegration ‘back to Source’ is the revealing of what a masking ‘reality’ or substitute for reality, serves to obfuscate.
        We have co-creatively ‘learned to see’ a world predicated on lack, threat & conflict, over which power is invoked to get and keep private control BY means of rules set over and against a chaos that is thereby denied but also protected from truly addressing.
        The use of fear to generate compliant allegiance depends on being masked & presented as protection. Fear mutates in the fearful. I get that alchemy is coded spiritual transformation, but I relate to joy in freedom of being by which to truly see the ‘devices’ by which I identify with fear as conditioned reaction. that obscures or blocks a felt and shared appreciation by engaging in grievance.


    2. I see myself here as sharing in something Mike initiated that others participate in. He
      is the one who can choose what guidelines or rules apply in his ‘house’ and how they are communicated or upheld. His fairness and transparency in consistency to his stated purpose in this, is part of holding the space FOR communication. If it became a groupthink, it would no longer serve a function I would join with.
      So by all means let people speak their mind, but has anyone a right to come into your place or your kids school and say whatever they want? There are natural boundaries in life that properly understood serve communication, not exclusion.
      Freedom to speak or act is never without consequences that may limit freedom. But that’s part of learning.

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  24. Oh boy, here we go with another one. Move over monkeypox.

    New York Health Department says hundreds of people may be infected with polio virus

    “New York state health officials have found indications of additional cases of polio virus in wastewater samples from two different counties, leading them to warn that hundreds of people may be infected with the potentially serious virus.”

    Polio was not caused by a virus. It was the consequence of chemical poisoning from the use of DDT. The chemicals affected the central nervous system.

    Today the covid “vaccines,” which are laced with graphene oxide, cause neurological damage. So it is important to have something like a resurgence of polio to cover for the damage from the covid injections.


    1. George this does raise the prospect for me that the exosome bombs as I see them could be variable. Sure, one carefully selected proprietary strand of mRNA could lead to numerous symptomologies but as full-spectrum dominance is generally their wont, why not several proprietary strands, or many, like additional nozzles on the fog machine.


      1. I think MRNA in the vaccine is a myth. They say it causes spike protein production in the ribosome, but the ribosome is a theoretical construct.



        Graphene structures were seen using optical microscopy. However, nanoparticles themselves cannot be seen by optical microscopes. The presence of graphene has been detected using electron microscopy and indicates the nanoparticles are lipid coated graphene oxide nanoparticles identical to or similar to those used in cancer gene therapy.

        Other researchers have determined that there is very little if any biological material at all in the vaccines by Raman spectroscopy.

        “A recent investigation by Dr Ricardo Delgado Martin and the technical report by Dr Pablo Campra ‘Detection of graphene in COVID vaccines by micro-Raman spectroscopy’ claim that the COVID-19 vaccines contain graphene.”

        There is a boatload of information at the following link. Slide up from the bottom to view it in English.

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      2. I followed this when it all broke and looked into some of the PR that is openly published by “Graphene Flagship” research/startups.
        It’s plausible that there is an intent and attempt to use nanotech for hacking biology while running the narratives for genetic controls that… dont operate as dogma dictates.
        I also note that nano-particulate biological process is innate to life and especially the waters of life,
        Their use is widespread and not new to the spiked agenda. I wonder if injected nanobots can utilise particulates ingestes by other means?
        But I also feel the charge capacity of the whole body is key to susceptibility.

        The underlying intent to hack Creation is the same old story of colluding in ‘private creation’ which is a self-contradictory variant for ‘special love’ and thus ‘pathological’ as a basis from which to organise a living ‘system’.
        I think we set ourselves deep lessons by grievous errors. Or… the classroom resets the lesson plan for those who choose to repeat rather than graduate?


      3. Thanks.

        Firstly the ribosome argument isn’t wholly convincing to me because i don’t believe the industry claims that the mRNA don’t enter the nucleolus where the main(?) primordial soup is, even were it true that the ribosome doesn’t exist. (Haven’t there even been imaging studies tagging mRNA claiming to show them in the nucleolus). Also, haven’t mRNAs been claimed to have been found in liver nucleuses after 6hrs or something? (I know the liver is the prime candidate for being a body tissue without cellular structure from what Cowan has said.) How do you filter out competing claims? I’m sure you’ve done more sniffing around than me on this front. I do also acknowledge that the ‘rude boy’ lab rat of the ‘challenge’, forgot his name already, said that he found no phosphate in his Raman analysis of samples, indicating no nucleic acids but he also didn’t say he found any graphene but maybe he didn’t look for it specifically. He said he did find lipids.

        I’ve looked at fifth column stuff before and have no objections to it. What do you make of the Noack affair and his industry insider claim that it is one-atom-thick graphene hydroxide ‘razorblades’ and not graphene oxide? Did you see his pregnant girlfriends video after he was ‘killed?’ That one was ‘fun.’ Real or not real?

        Is there really a paucity of evidence for synthetic exosomes in the vaxxxes? No one has biologically classified them in the insides of the nanolipids even if they haven’t been able to keep them intact in order to read them?


      4. I see ‘Noack’ as PR that only made sense as PR, looked into it & found no corroboration. Reverse image search showed a match with someone else but I didn’t need to make or defend a counter claim and then become defined by it.

        However, it revealed for me how uncritical most are when anything seems to be ‘on their side’..
        As soon as there a ‘sides’ war runs the mind using projections of enemy images as if de-facto reality – of emotionally charged expression of our own inner or subconscious mind.
        In any conflict, side WITH freedom. The mistake is the belief we must fight FOR what we are, rather than hold integrity from and as and with what we truly are or what is, rather than what our reactions set us in belief of.

        Structured water or phase changes to states of water are inherent to cell function, to protein folding and to speak of water as if it is H2O is to grab a model and miss a living medium of translation. This are fundamentally electrical as charge-domain relationships. Nano-tech such as GO needs to be understood within the life, but a war-driven marketisation and weaponisation overrides the basis for wisdom, to boldly go where active ignorance dictates.

        Everything we have learned has been object-modelling of a realm of things separated by ‘space’, assigned meanings and studied for how they all ‘work’ or fit together. This then sets our models as our ‘father’, cause or source, such that when we think to espouse materialism, we in fact dissociating from the direct and tangible experience of matters to a disembodied mindset of definitions, predictions and control. This is the corruption of Science to a masking of technologism set over a life it cannot see.

        Who can get the gist of this and not see the dead end is in its beginning?

        So called empty space is a Field of Communication in all its ‘parts’ or ‘scales’, but who can lead a fish to water but a jumping beyond it, by which to know contrast?

        If we look with and ‘as’ a machine we ‘see’ a mechanism.
        This is not to deny our tools their useful purpose but to release the mind that is tooled by its own thinking and cannot of itself ‘know’ anything – for it is tooled to look away from a living embrace to fixate on a thing and image of its own making.
        Of itself it is nothing, because it is not and never has been ‘of itself’.
        The seemingly theological or mythical issue of fatherhood, cause, source-nature and authority is in simple terms where what we make (as our image and model of self. life & world) is used as our ‘terrain’ in place of an actual presence. So a masking reality operates a mind that we have ‘bought into’ as our stake and face or control in a life that we seek to fit into ‘old wine bottle’ paradigm, rather than let the true Terrain align our thought as living guidance and support for just being what and who we are.
        (The unfolding experience of).
        Terror symbols guard the boundary while fear drives for getting.
        Looking directly AT the premises of fear of contagion by invisible attackers that possess our body to then attack others, reveals no basis in biology, such as to make obvious the mind, excepting a ‘materialist’ mind is trained to depreciate the mind as an artefact or side effect of the body.
        We could be seen to be using 100% of our mind to experience ourself at only 0.001% capacity.
        Blindly subject to everything ‘upstream’ to our effect running as if ‘the doer’ of causation – albeit in the frame of guilted blame by which to claim right from accusing and attacking ‘wrong’ in the other.
        Those who have eyes, let them see.


    2. Customized batches, too. 5pc graphene vials in batches sent to 5G locales, none in 4G locales. Or whatever. All they have to do is control two controllable points of distribution, and both of them are in-house and protected by NDAs.


      1. I am familiar the Noack affair. I’m not sure of the difference and I don’t understand how he determined that there was a difference. I listened to Karen Kingston talk about the patents on the material used in the medical field. As far as I’m concerned either way it is cytotoxic. Carbon has 6 neutrons, 6 protons, and 6 electrons. The allotrope of carbon, known as graphene, is a single layer one atom thick and many times stronger than steel, and constructed in a hexagonal pattern, which is also a 6. 666 – the mark of the beast.


      2. Fascination with evil becomes a captive fixation in worship – but unawares.
        carbon is 666 – we are embodied in carbon life forms.
        The seventh Day in the symbol for Creation is the Rest of Self-awareness as shared being.
        The machine-slave golem is 6 day week – ie – no interior resonance of self-awareness expressing as cultural value – not just as Sabbath – but as that living felt and connected awareness of embracing and being embraced or ‘knowing being’ – throughout our daily life, as the Way in which we engage in purposeful endeavour and recreational release.
        Seeing the pattern is breaking from the fixation in forms that become emotionally strictured or locked down structure to a golem ‘consciousness’.
        So the nature of wholeness is not an arrested development set in 666*, but a Call through all that we have become to rededicate a living will in place of imaged devotions that substitute a ‘satanic’ or saturnian confusion of imaged form with living reality.
        The deceiver is like the virus, it has all the power we give it – but never less than that – and so is a proxy for self-attack and limitation, in which to mask against fear of truth – which is the nature of any invested partial or mis-taking of illusion for truth.
        One invested by reaction The Deceiver – like The Virus – is given power over and against wholeness – which is perceived as broken or violated, and its Voice as weak and treacherous, for fear set in pain of grievance is all the proof needed to justify attack – and so hate is given the role of love’s protection and guidance, to effect a reversal of cause and effect in the minds of the dispossessed – for it must be obvious that possession without rest is in doubt, conflict and defence.

        You might look at ‘water’. The gels that constitute cellular patterning are not ‘water’ as such, nor do they behave as ‘water’ is presumed. We discard the energetic Context of all that we give focus to as action and event – both with the idea of ‘space’ and likewise ‘water’.
        The Receptive is also the Mother of all embodiment. Our relationship to Mater in the context of presumed ‘independence’ or ‘autonomy’ has been an expression of matricide. is it any wonder that we then generate a culture of a top-down infanticide?
        As we give so do we receive, As we judge so are we framed in like measure. Garbage in; garbage out. The appeal to identify in guilt will absolutely block correction, while pendulum swings like a pendulum do. (Action and reaction persists AS IF escaping or eradicating the ignorances that deliver evils we embody unwitting).
        There is a function for the Adversary in developing consciousness that grows awareness of free willing choice – which is OF the Field or Spirit of wholeness, and not in the identity phish of reaction.


      3. I respect the numerology on that one. I do think that pharisaic culture partly wrote the bible in order that their descendants were bound to fulfilling ‘prophecy’ as the eventual limits to growth unfolded (‘end times’). I’m on record as saying that part of Jerusalem (including Temple Knesset) will be leveled (tactical nuke?) in the coming years as part of fulfilling ‘prophecy’, and Israel will cease to exist as a Zionist state if not altogether. This will be a major part of the pharisaic disappearing act now that OT Capitalism has run its course. You gotta know when hold em and when to fold em.

        I would be nice to have a better feel for the prevalence of graphene. Seems to me that if everyone received graphene the adverse reactions would be even more common than they are wouldn’t it?

        I’m ultimately drawn to Occam’s razor on this one, boring as it may be;

        Real or not real? Apparently in the Matrix everyone knows the mRNA sequences and everyone is finding them in people and vials all the time. Gonna have to say real, myself, on this one. I’d be interested to hear any objections.

        Regarding whether or not they genetically modify you in a hard way (them just performing as advertised is still a ‘soft’ genetic modification) by entering the nucleus and altering the genome, as I expect they often probably do, if not always, below is a corroborating paper I was able to find that describes ‘retropositioning’s’ role in incorporating mRNA into the genome. Once again the toroidal dynamic appears and retropositioning acts as the ‘return function’ of the torus that seeks to maintain homeostasis by maintaining adaptivity. This paper is an important find for me.

        First link is to the object modeling diagram that accompanies the paper. The right-hand window is the modeled vaccine dynamic. Second link is the paper itself. Notably, the author was shocked to find such a paucity of literature backing up the claim that the mRNA cannot enter the nucleus.!po=18.1034


      4. Graphene is just one part of a hugely complex field – even graphene itself can be variously structured to different results – so all I can see is a spanner in the works – or wrench in the gears if you prefer.
        The capacity of a self-consciousness to ‘get in our own way’ is apparent at all levels of consciousness. We might call it a psychic artefact that runs an oppositional reaction as a developing of abilities that is reintegrated to a truly conscious awareness.
        I’m not invested in genetics as sold, nor am I presuming that masses of corporate PR for graphene flagship and similar tech does in fact what it is sold as, any more than the goldmine of gene-tech investment.
        Living waters are interfacial or translational to energetic information. This is interactive exchange of resonance.
        The idea of machine code for biology is backwards, but it is obvious to me that narrative symbology codes the mind in which we think we think!
        Listening for further clarity on anything is partly a refining of our question.
        Many talk about ‘raising frequency’ without a direct resonant connection OF willingness to receive that offers no obstruction to a truth that is not hidden from itself, like we are.
        So I am not over speculating so much as observing what unfolds and noticing what resonates or is relevant to my own giving and receiving, in the day, in the moment in the life.
        I see the mind and its world are being used to show us that the world is not as we thought, nor is our mind that makes the interpretive meanings through which we perceive.
        Such a ‘not knowing’ is felt as ‘naked’ or void to a mindset in predictive control. There’s a dance here of growing trust in what we consciously give or bring present, rather than to old patterns that are coming up as habits no longer serving us. There can be conflict here too.
        Spanner in the works as self-limitation can run the idea of limited sacrifice to escape greater fear set in pain and loss. So the demand is for masking a sense of control over fear, and the ‘solution’ is an ongoing complex of lies given power by sacrifice – and here we find our current theme.


      5. Dare say I prefer a spanner in the works, old bean. Nevermind the Yanks. And at this juncture I fully agree with that assessment on graphene, thanks.

        “Living waters are interfacial or translational to energetic information. This is interactive exchange of resonance.
        The idea of machine code for biology is backwards, but it is obvious to me that narrative symbology codes the mind in which we think we think!”

        Yeah profit-driven mechanization has suffused industrial culture to the point where biochemical dynamics look to be reducible to binary interactions, which of course they’re not in vivo.

        Biochemical decisions (without metaconsciousness) are absolutely resonant in nature as the biogenesis of the chemicals themselves is the iterating of resonance, the ‘return function’ returning in turn — to the condenser — in order to turn again as living water condensates.

        Still, there is a chemical code that maps out to human metaconsciousness given the opportunity. And the code is just an exhaustive accounting of ‘what happens’ in the soup. Of cause and effect. Where there’s repeating cause and effect, there’s patterning.

        The monstrous ‘rub’ that many of our friends here cannot yet brook, is that the inorganic state of these biochemicals can be manipulated into selfsame biological compounds and inserted into living waters and accepted by Life — because life is a loving creative commons that implicitly accepts all who walk in the door, or bust down the door in the case of the ‘shotgun diplomacy’ of gene splicing with gene guns (there is a sliding scale of bioreceptivity of course, and the genome must be more protected than the cytoplasmic functions or there’s no consolidation). Once the organic code (pattern) is cracked by industrialism, inorganic compounds can be used to self-soothe by hacking into Life an imago Dei and thinking it a manifest destiny.


      6. I see it as following false profits based on false premises in a mistaken identity that ‘meets its own conflict in everything and everyone unwitting, rather than embrace a resonance of being.
        This means I don’t invite distortions of blame into my own thought system as I see that as self-disempowering for all the momentary relief of a ‘dump’.

        Likewise I extend others the freedom I take for myself. So each is on their own threshold of discovery or fulfilment and that is alive and rich.

        The nature of the individual and the mass event or indeed the cultural or physical context in and of which we are each an expression is as I see it NOT determined by either the physical or the psychological adaptions to such physical, but at a ‘higher or more inclusive level that is closer to the idea of synchronicity.
        If you were the unfolding of the exploration of an idea or theme you would be part of the alignments that collectively supported your experience of that life.
        This can be expressed as timelines, as probabilities and as an explicate expression in all its parts of an implicate order that cannot itself be parted from, but is rendered as experience within an infinity through the filtering of the mind of self-differentiation. Self-Other; Self-world.
        Messing about in source code is really messing with the basis of our own sanity. Insanity can take anything and make something else of it but is then conditioned by what it made unless released of its error.
        Can we collective prove our insanity?
        Would we rather be right than truly happy?
        These are the same question stated in different terms.
        Fascination with evil outcomes becomes an ongoing consent in active focus and expectation.
        I know the drama can seem compelling, but nothing can substitute for your peace.
        Action and reaction seem to be a shifting interplay, but at the point of presence cause and event are one. Living from this is of a completely different basis than the problem-driven ‘solution’ that never can arrive, because without its problem it has no basis to be. Hence the need for the ‘enemy’ until we are turned around to be curious as to what is generating the pattern of trigger and reaction that is NOT at peace or truly fulfilling.


      1. I think its Harvest time for Fear to call its own but no less the harvest of the Spirit in all who choose fear not, rather than masking denials seeking to ‘make safe’ under lies given power.
        All are called but few choose to listen… yet.
        That’s another way of saying we persist in active ignorances despite many prompts and insights that would lead us from them if we truly heeded them.

        Liked by 1 person

  25. Graphene oxide membranes reveal unusual behaviour of water at the nanoscale

    “. . .Despite the presence of many tiny holes in the GO filters used in the research, they exhibited a complete blockage of water in the case of hydrophobic pores.

    “With filters, you usually expect more water flow with more holes. But in our case, where we have more holes, water flow is lower, and that’s due to the chemical nature of the graphene oxide holes which are in this case water-repelling,” says Prof. Marika Schleberger, a co-author of the study from Duisburg, Germany. . .”

    Blood is 80% water. Water is 70% of cell mass. The whole body is about 60% water. GO is a water-flow inhibitor. This probably explains, at least in part, the clotting issues with the Covid injections.


      1. Science as I see it would seek the simplest explanation or account for observed phenomena that fitted with and was not contradicted by such reproducible observations.
        Hence the epicycles for the observed retrograde planetary motions in an Earth-centric model ‘worked’ mathematically but as a complexity that disappeared when adopting a Solar-centric model for our own system. An innate or integral order arises when a burden of outmoded props are released.
        But insofar as truth is simple, i also feel to not that the intent to separate from or objectify reality so as to define or describe it is the basis for insane complexity if taken too far.
        the posit of ‘AS IF” should never be accepted in place of ‘AS IS’ or the mind of imaged modelling is set as the centre to which reality must serve which would be laughable if not so tragic.
        The trick of the ego is to make an insanely conflicted complex seem simple, normal or self-evident reality. Any attempt to question its premises will be seen as introducing complexity that undermines the established order!


      2. Yeah and that trick of (excessive) ego itself shares the same pattern (is the false/shadow fractal of) as the trick that overcomes the excess. Without energetic grounding to the local ecology they easily get mistaken for each other.


  26. I obtained a copy of Hillman’s book, “The Living Cell,” a while back. I read half of it. And soon I hope to read the other half. But from what I’ve read so far, I have determined that he was intellectually superior to his contemporaries. To me, it was obvious that none of them would be able to defend their theories if they were subjected to interrogation by him.

    He was a real scientist, dedicated to finding the truth and rooting out errors. The reason they ignored him is because they were intimidated by him. He didn’t do it on purpose; it was a consequence of their ignorance and stupidity.

    Most educated people lack humility. The more educated they are, the more egotistical they become. When they are confronted with their errors, they refuse to acknowledge them. They are more interested in being in good standing with their institutions than in standing for the truth. They don’t care about the truth. They just want to earn their degrees so they can make money and be part of the upper echelon of society. Hillman didn’t care about any of that.

    This is not an unusual occurrence. It has happened many times throughout history. People form societies and organizations around certain ideas. The ideas become the identity of the organization. Then the intellectuals start teaching the ideas to the ignorant. The ignorant want validation from their educators so they can be just like them when they grow up and get their degrees. And then someone comes along and clearly demonstrates that they are all in error. But they refuse to admit it. So they ostracize him, excommunicate him from their organization, and then he becomes an outcast.

    This is the true nature of society, and it’s better to learn this about people when you are young so you can plan accordingly, just in case what you’re involved in turns out to be a pack of lies. This is, by the way, a form of idolatry.


  27. Right on, George. Couldn’t agree more regarding the stonewalling. Stonewalling almost always speaks volumes.

    Hey you said yesterday that ribosomes may not exist as structures. I noticed when Hillman listed cell structures that do not exist — in his “47 unanswered questions” at the big-lies website, he did not include ribosomes. Does he elsewhere? Okay wait:

    “Question 4: Why is it believed that each biochemical pathway or cycle has its own structural compartment when prokaryotes can carry out virtually all the same reactions in only one compartment?”

    I think that’s a fine question but…

    Regardless of the structural evidence, however, Hillman still sees the biological necessity of a discrete ‘ribosome’ function (“pathway/cycle”) in eukaryotes whereby an RNA strand goes for a swim in a polymerase eddy/pooling and a third biochemical dynamic, consisting of an agglomeration of RNA and proteins in concert with each other, grows new proteins according to the patterning of the RNA strand as catalysed by the polymerase (the latter which i say has the sole, sacred ability to act as a condenser of the dark energy growth factor and dark matter consciousness factor required for new protein holography). It’s another localized primordial soup – object-free (beyond chemical objectification).

    Since Hillman agreed on the ‘ribosomal’ function but not the ribosomal object modeling in eukaryotes, in his saying that prokaryotes don’t have the structure yet do have the function so therefore eukaryotes don’t need the structure either, I can see how this would irritate the mainstream biochemists because the point he’s making doesn’t really have a function, right? So-what if they’re drawing amorphous structures to represent RNA and protein agglomerations called ribosomes when the agglomerations are obviously amorphous holographic structures in time and space, right? I mean what is the point of making that kind of *philosophical* remark to a bunch of chemists? That’s obviously going to engender discord. Visual models, as true representations of biochemical dynamics, are highly utilitarian, obviously, because it takes the abstraction out of things for people. We know right here in this commentariat that people commonly don’t like abstraction – my elucidation of the primordial soup isn’t generally well received here for that very reason yet Hillman is in total agreement with it as far as I can tell. If it’s just intelligently reactive chemicals in water then it’s soup.


    1. I said the ribosome is a theoretical construct. As far as I know they can’t prove it isn’t an artifact. I’ll look through the book for more information. I think it’s in a chapter I haven’t read yet.


    2. Discounting the marketing of ‘structured water’ – it remains true that water self-structures according to terrain – which includes of course its own patterning. the process is more akin to electrically charged domains that are in flux – ie not persistent ‘objects’ so much as phases of interaction through a medium. Living water is matrix (mother) to the chemical interactions of an object model set in Victorian plumbing. The actuality is so complex as to exceed our range, so the models become the domain of the expert gatekeeper as a boundary condition to a self-protective recoil from infinity. Here is a clue to the fractal nature of patterning – because its underlying principles are irrespective to scale but take specific form according to context.
      Signature patterns reveal intuitive recognitions that may serve intellectual endeavour to practical and fulfilling ends.
      While Pollack serves an introduction, he hosts international water conferences over many years that draw all kinds of ‘fringe’ independent explorers to share their findings.
      It might be noted that previous discoveries were stamped on and supposedly ‘debunked’ by official gatekeepers. This goes with the territory.


  28. Looks like the orthodoxy of cell structure is concerned about the idea of structural water in the cell. Someone just took a shot at it. No doubt to preserve the status quo and go on the offensive against the unorthodox heretics who would make such a claim against their dogma.

    “Don’t fall for the snake oil claims of ‘structured water.’ A chemist explains why it’s nonsense”

    Louis Pasteur was a chemist too.


    1. I find it notable that we adopted the ‘cell’ as the model – perhaps at the time as the idea of the smallest indivisible biological unit – like the original idea of the atom for matter.
      In some ways I feel a patterning of life is a better term than a structure to which life is locked down to. Gilbert Ling uncovered much about cells that contradicts othodoxy. Pollack started out in his footsteps with the book, cells, gels and the engines of life. The discovery of charge separation layers in water vicinal to hydrophillic surfaces made greatly more so by exposure to light (particularly IR spectrum) reveals a ‘battery’ in our cells and capillaries – along with a lot else. My sense in brief of an ‘Electric Universe’ is of self-organising unfoldment/evolution/creation as replacing the separate actor as a ’cause’ placed at the Grand Beginning (Bang) to reiterate as external causation of a clockwork orange or conditioned robot set in a realm of meaningless or indifferent death.
      Charge separation is no less part of, than discharge (entropy as heat death of the fizzled Bang).


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