Deconstructing Virology on The Dolores Cahill Show

Yesterday, I had the pleasure of being on The Dolores Cahill Show on TNT (it’s dynamite 😉) with Dr. Kevin Corbett, Dr. Mark Bailey, and investigative journalist Eric Coppolino. It was a unique, fun, and engaging experience, and not just because it was 4 AM for me when we recorded (however, I will gladly use that as an excuse if I flubbed anything live on the air). Dolores graciously stepped aside to allow Dr. Corbett to guest host for the entire show while she helped to guide things along. We were able to use the two hours to cover many topics in virology, such as:

  • Is virology science or pseudoscience?
  • Does virology adhere to the scientific method?
  • The use of direct vs indirect evidence.
  • The increasingly digital domain of virology.
  • The “Settling the Debate” challenge.
  • The role of censorship and how to combat it.
  • Returning science to its scientific roots.
  • The rise of an “anti-viral” truth community and movement.
  • And much more!

As the show was two hours long, it was broken up into two one-hour segments. I hope you are able to take away some interesting insight into this mess we call virology from our early morning jamboree.

Part One:

Part Two:

For more from Professor Dolores Cahill, Inventor, Immunologist and President of the World Freedom Alliance, where she interviews leading figures in the fight for true dialogue in health science and politics worldwide, you can listen to her show here:

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  1. I finished reading “the living cell” by H. Hillman and P. Sartory. I am convinced that the current model of the generalized cell is based primarily upon artifacts. Since many of its features are artifacts, therefore the function of these features must be fictitious. I can only conclude that the current working model of the generalized cell is a misrepresentation of reality.

    The book presents the evidence that the unit membrane is an artifact. It also presents the evidence that the endoplasmic reticulum is an artifact.

    Concerning the ribosomes, and I quote, “this name if given to the granules seen on electron microscopy between the layers of the endoplasmic reticulum and also to a particular subcellular fraction containing 40 to 50% RNA. It is generally believed that RNA and its chemical function reside in the former locality in vivo. The particles cannot be seen by light microscopy, and in our opinion there is insufficient evidence of subcellular localization of biochemical activities.”

    The authors go on to say, “if the endoplasmic reticulum is an artifact due to deposit of the cytoplasm it is very likely that the ribosomes are also a deposit. They may consist of RNA and protein in the separated fraction, but may well not be the same material as is seen on electron micrographs. If RNA were lining a reticulum one might see this on ultra-violet microscopy as dark channels permeating the cytoplasm. Where the endoplasmic reticulum is believed to be restricted to a small region of the cell, that part should absorb much more ultra-violet light, due to the higher concentration of RNA. We are not aware of such appearances having been seen, nor have we seen it ourselves in neurons.”

    Two major morphological findings concerning the double-layered membrane and cristae are also suspect because they are derived from subcellular fractionation and electron microscopy.

    Evidence that the Golgi apparatus is an artifact is also presented in conjunction with detailed information about the uncertainty of exactly what it is due to inconsistent results from various observations.

    Lysosomes are discussed in view of numerous difficulties in defining exactly what they are.

    Evidence that the nuclear pores (as seen on the nuclear membrane) are also artifacts.

    Difficulties in defining the true nature of the nucleoplasm are also discussed.

    The proper conclusion is, as stated on the back of the book, “that the endoplasmic reticulum, the Golgi apparatus, the lysosomes, the nuclear pores, the cristae of the mitochondria and the ‘trilaminar’ appearance of the cell, nuclear and mitochondrial membranes – as opposed to the membranes themselves – could not exist in living cells; they must be artifacts arising during preparation for electron microscopy.”

    Not only is virology a pseudoscience, so also is cell biology. These two pseudosciences work hand in hand to falsely justify various medical treatments, including vaccination, for what is called disease based on the observation of diverse symptoms.

    Good health to you!

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      1. You’re welcome Mike,

        See if you can get it from a library, it is an expensive book.

        Can’t have pseudoscience without pseudoscientists. The electron microscope is the preferred instrument of the pseudoscientists. They use it like the pagan priests used their oracles.

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      2. Mike, I am the person who turned Tom Cowan and the world onto this blog, because I found it first! So I am hoping, can you please, if you find this is merited, can you please read this post and please subscribe and share my Substack??? New info is out about the jab and I’d like to pass it on to an audience in the know.

        Also please talk to Dr. Poornima Wagh, a virologist who has now proven definitively (after Lanka) that there is no SARS2. Her presentations are on Bitchute. She’s done three so far and please see her interview with Lee Merritt at Lee’s website.

        She’s confirming the findings on graphene oxide and the fact that there is no RNA in the jab.

        Check this out PLEASE and please share with your crew???

        Best wishes, this blog continues to expand and rock it.


    1. George

      Thanks for following up here on the rest of the book.

      What’s the list, then, of what does exist according to Hillman?

      How does he account for all the functions without organelles? Self-organizing eddies in the primordial soup? Something else?


  2. Thanks Mike.
    Great to see Dr Dolores Cahill keeping an open mind and coming on board with some of the scientific fraud.

    Is the Corona Committee changing direction?

    Jeannette Bahr 🇩🇪 – Graduate biomathematician & researcher – SARS-CoV-2 is a purely mathematical model ❗️

    Jeannette Bahr of the University of Greifswald and RA Reiner Füllmich confirm that the SARS-CoV-2 genome is a purely mathematical model, i.e. a virtual construction, which has never been found in reality.

    The Corona Committee now seems to have realised that no evidence for the existence of a SARS-CoV-2 exists.

    This development is a welcome one, let us put aside our personal discrepancies. We have been patient and prudent, now our educational work is paying off.

    🙋♂️ Approx. minute 2:35 – 8:40

    📝 Article: Analysis and explanation of the construction of the SARS-CoV-2.

    🎥 Video: The fictional construction of the claimed “virus”


    deep L translate”


    Not that Corona Committee can be trusted.
    Two comment to the post on telegram, German -copy/ translate

    “ One could also mean retreating gatekeeper, since this gate can no longer be held, and to continue at the next fork in the road. Wooden eye stay alert!”

    “ Still… quite late..
    Now that all children with alleged measles are “something” injected… I don’t trust them… Hardly anyone, except Corona _ Facts, deals with the main evil! I also wonder… where are all the animal rights activists and animal lovers? A lot of agonizing animal testing is behind these mercury and whatnot syringes…besides your own pet… It would be a LOT of suffering from the earth to face the virus issue and good for all of us collectively.”

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    1. This is very wise comment! “Test all things and hold fast to the good”. “Where are all the animal rights activists and animal lovers?” Indeed! PS: Also, where are all of the “My body my choice” activists and baby haters when it came to criminal mandates etc.? Nuremberg Code hasn’t been buried…yet.


      1. Roger that; I had a good time!
        Stevo’s reason for banning me (posting as “Bjorno”) AND Memory Holing all my comments?

        “On 23 August I posted the following:
        Lets raise the bet Steve.
        Lets set the “bet” to $10,000,000,000,000 or more inline with Virus Cult funding.
        Can YOU cover that Steve?”

        To which I got an **IMPORTANT** email from Stevo:

        “Kindly show me proof of funds for your offer.
        You have 24 hours.
        If you fail to do so, you will be permanently banned and all of your comments will be deleted.
        I look forward to hearing from you by return email.

        To which I immediately replied:

        Dear Steve,

        You have become a joke especially since and given the obvious push back and your obvious REFUSAL TO ACTUALLY look at the science of quackology. Your “virology friends” are LYING to you but, you will figure that out soon enough. Regrettably ALL of science has become a joke and CORRUPT ever since the government got involved never mind health care, student loans; the Midas Touch you might say.

        You of course missed my point which is you are offering “bets” to folks who OBVIOUSLY do not have the kind of funds available to cover your “bets” which are apparently available to you. I actually did offer you a sincere “bet” and that was a Case of 0.5ltr bottles of Mamos Greek Beer but, alas, obviously that comes at a price to dear for you to cover.

        So, if you think I was SERIOUSLY offering such an amount you are delusional. Or, in the alternative, you and your family have been in fact threatened by Agents of Big pHARMa which, if true, I forgive you as you have to do what is best for your family.

        But, either way I sensed you were going to find some way to get rid of me so BEFORE I even viewed your **IMPORTANT**FLASH​​**SELF AGRANDIZING** message I was conversing with a friend on TeleSCAM this morning (MY morning in Europe) and we agreed YOU HAD TO FIND SOME REASON TO GET RID OF ME so, here it is.

        Bravo Steve, I concede, YOU WIN.

        I have actually WASTED WAY TOO MUCH TIME TRYING TO EDUCATE YOUR ARROGANT MIT Phd ignorance (you are spawned from the same sort who will not allow you to make presentations on the campus to which you have been so generous) so I will save you the trouble. Thus I hereby ORDER you to keep fighting the Toxic Injections though take the friggin time to read the science bcs, no virus has yet to be isolated and purified pursuant to ALL the papers published to date.

        Btw, a few weeks ago I did IN FACT Un-Subscribe from your Substack – you can find the comment if you look – but they ignored my request and kept sending me your notices to my protonmail. So, finally, I hereby ORDER you to BAN me and CEASE & DESIST sending any more of your CRAP to my – thank you.

        You have two (2) hours from receipt of this C&D to comply.

        I wish you and your family well,

        Ps (from my telegram this morning)
        “And for my encore I am going to pull a virus out of my hat! – Steve Kirsch”

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      2. Thought you might enjoy a little context.
        Now it appears our dear “Dr. Wagh” is a fraud at least in her claim of two Piled higher and deepers. Wana bet not only will Stevo jump on the story but the Deep Sh$t MSM will now cover it as well.

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      3. Steve already did and is using it to paint us under the same brushstroke:

        “Eric Coppolino found exactly the same thing Jessica did: she’s a total fraud. This is why Poornima was so camera shy.

        He wrote a brilliant Substack about it.

        What we still don’t know is why she is fabricating all this stuff.”


  3. I figured Stevo would and, though thanks for the link, I am a recovering Stevo SubIntelligenceStack addict so for now attending SIS meetings daily…
    Btw Stevo Memory Holed all of my comments including my support for Phd Wagh so that sword can cut both ways!
    More seriously these institutions have been lying to us for GENERATIONS and now are engaged in MASS MURDER so, it is entirely possible Phd Wagh’s sheep skin claims are true and the institution(s) response(s) are false.
    In any event Phd Wagh needs to clear this up and I have not seen anything yet from her.
    On another head I included my B$tchShoot channel and, among other things you might find interesting a “music” video I co-wrote, produced and directed 10 years ago about JPMChase’s Naked Silver Shorts. The exotic dancer I hired is only wearing my silver coins held together with clear plastic wrapping tape:
    “Eat My Naked Silver Shorts JPMChase”


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