The Path Paved by Dr. Lanka

I remember early on in 2017, when I first started unraveling the “virus” lie through the examination of HIV/AIDS, to being introduced to the work of Dr. Stefan Lanka. If memory serves me correctly, my first encounter was through the brilliant House of Numbers documentary by Brent Leung. I was simply amazed that Dr. Lanka, an ex-virologist, was actually calling out the methods of his own profession. His testimony, along with that of Kary Mullis, the inventor of the misused and abused PCR technique, carried much weight with me in those early days. Their words lent credibility to the argument that the evidence for the existence of HIV and other “viruses” was entirely absent and fraudulent.

During that time of intense research where I was desperately seeking out any and all information that I could find, I fortunately stumbled onto a few of Dr. Lanka’s articles through the website. I was engrossed in his work and absorbed much of what he had to say on the subject, especially in regards to the lack of purification and isolation of any “viruses,” the faults of the cell culture method, and the problems related to electron microscope imagery. As it did for many others, Dr. Lanka’s work formed much of the foundation for my understanding of the lies of virology. It is rare to gain such critical insight from someone who was involved in the industry. It is even more rare for someone in his position to set out and actually prove what he was saying correct yet that is exactly what Dr. Lanka has done numerous times.

Without Dr. Lanka’s enormous contributions to unraveling the lies of germ theory, many of us speaking out today may not have been doing so. As his work was instrumental in helping me along on my own journey towards uncovering the truth, I want to highlight what I consider Dr. Lanka’s three biggest contributions to proving the fraud of virology along with many of the papers he has written on the subject. My hope is that you will be able to come away with a greater appreciation for Dr. Lanka’s monumental work as well as a clearer understanding of the deceptive practices used by virologists.

1. The Measles Trial

Early on in my journey, I found my way to the infamous measles trial saga while researching Dr. Lanka’s work. Back in 2017, it was difficult to find out much accurate information on what had really transpired. For those who are unaware, Dr. Lanka set forth a challenge in his own magazine calling upon anyone to come forward with a single paper providing the scientific evidence which proved the existence of a measles “virus.” If this challenge was met, the person would receive a $100,000 financial reward. A physician named David Bardens came forward with six papers spanning six decades which he claimed together proved the existence of the measles “virus.” Dr. Lanka refused to pay as he specifically requested one publication providing the entire proof necessary. Dr. Bardens sued and while Dr. Lanka lost the initial case in the lower courts, he won on appeal in the higher courts. At the time I originally came upon this story, the internet was (and still is) full of stories claiming that Dr. Lanka lost the case. However, to anyone interested in the truth, it is obvious that those lies do not hold up under scrutiny. Presented below is a great overview of how the events actually played out:

“On November 24, 2011, Dr. Lanka announced on his website that he would offer a prize of € 100,000 to anyone who could prove the existence of the measles virus. The announcement read as follows: “The reward will be paid, if a scientific publication is presented, in which the existence of the measles virus is not only asserted, but also proven and in which, among other things, the diameter of the measles virus is determined. 

In January 2012, Dr. David Bardens took Dr. Lanka up on his pledge. He offered six papers on the subject and asked Dr. Lanka to transfer the € 100,000 to his bank account.

The six publications are: 

  1. Enders JF, Peebles TC. Propagation in tissue cultures of cytopathogenic agents from patients with measles. Proc Soc Exp Biol Med. 1954 Jun;86(2):277–286. 
  2. Bech V, Magnus Pv. Studies on measles virus in monkey kidney tissue cultures. Acta Pathol  Microbiol Scand. 1959; 42(1): 75–85 
  3. Horikami SM, Moyer SA. Structure, Transcription, and Replication of Measles Virus. Curr Top Microbiol Immunol. 1995; 191: 35–50.
  4. Nakai M, Imagawa DT. Electron microscopy of measles virus replication. J Virol. 1969 Feb; 3(2): 187–97.
  5. Lund GA, Tyrell, DL, Bradley RD, Scraba DG. The molecular length of measles virus RNA and
    the structural organization of measles nucleocapsids. J Gen Virol. 1984 Sep;65 (Pt 9):1535–
  6. Daikoku E, Morita C, Kohno T, Sano K. Analysis of Morphology and Infectivity of Measles Virus Particles. Bulletin of the Osaka Medical College. 2007; 53(2): 107–14.

Dr. Lanka refused to pay the money since in his opinion these publications did not provide adequate evidence. Subsequently, Dr. Bardens took Dr. Lanka to court. 

On March 12, 2015, the District Court Ravensburg in southern Germany ruled that the criteria of the advertisement had been fulfilled ordering Dr. Lanka to pay up. Dr. Lanka appealed the ruling. 

On February 16, 2016, the Higher Regional Court of Stuttgart (OLG) re-evaluated the first ruling, judging that Dr. Bardens did not meet the criteria since he failed to provide proof for the existence of the measles virus presented in one publication, as asked by Dr. Lanka in his announcement. Therefore, Dr. Lanka does not have to pay the prize money. 

On January 16, 2017, the First Civil Senate of the German Federal Court of Justice (BGH) confirmed the ruling of the OLG Stuttgart. 

Critics of the judicial verdict argue that Dr. Lanka’s victory is solely based on how he had formulated the offer of reward, namely to pay the € 100,000 for the presentation of a single publication of evidence (which Dr. Bardens was unable to provide). This argument, however, distracts the attention from the essential points. 

According to the minutes of the court proceedings (page 7/ first paragraph), Andreas Podbielski, head of the Department of Medical Microbiology, Virology and Hygiene at the University Hospital in Rostock, who was one of the appointed experts at the trial, stated that even though the existence of the measles virus could be concluded from the summary of the six papers submitted by Dr. Bardens, none of the authors had conducted any controlled experiments in accordance with internationally defined rules and principles of good scientific practice (see also the method of “indirect evidence”). Professor Podbielski considers this lack of control experiments explicitly as a 
“methodological weakness” of these publications, which are after all the relevant studies on the subject (there are no other publications trying to attempt to prove the existence of the “measles virus”). Thus, at this point, a publication about the existence of the measles virus that stands the test of good science has yet to be delivered. 

Furthermore, at the trial it was noted that contrary to its legal remit as per § 4 Infection Protection Act (IfSG) the Robert Koch Institute (RKI), the highest German authority in the field of infectious diseases, has failed to perform tests for the alleged measles virus and to publish these. The RKI claims that it made internal studies on the measles virus, however, refuses to hand over or publish the results.”

Click to access Lanka_Bardens_Trial_E.pdf

For an even more in-depth analysis of what really occured during the trial, I always recommend this article by Feli Popescu, who was actually present during the proceedings:

When I think of Dr. Lanka’s work, the measles trial stands out as the most significant moment and the most pivotal accomplishment. We had an epic head-to-head clash between he medical establishment and an ex-virologust taking place in a court of law over the legitimacy of the evidence for the measles “virus.” It was determined through this trial that the foundational paper claiming the existence and isolation of the measles “virus,” the 1954 paper by John Franklin Enders, was unworthy by itself for proving the existence of the “virus.” As all other papers and virology itself owe their evidence to the cell culture methods developed by Enders in that paper, it is an astonishingly damning admission that the evidence presented by virology is invalid.

2. The 7 Steps Proving “Viruses” Don’t Exist

More recently, Dr. Lanka put together what he felt were the main points that bring the house of cards known as virology tumbling down. These 7 steps were formulated over many years of painstaking research into the faults of virology. As he did with the measles trial, Dr. Lanka compiled a very convincing case for why “viruses” do not exist and why virology is a pseudoscience built upon fraudulent foundations.

The 7 steps to prove “viruses” do not exist:

1. Virologists interpret the death of cells in the laboratory as viral. Due to the lack of control attempts (experiments), they overlook the fact that they kill the cells in the laboratory themselves and unintentionally by starving and poisoning the cells. This misinterpretation is based on a single publication by John Franklin Enders and a colleague from June 1, 1954. This publication was ruled by the highest court in Germany in the measles virus trial that it contained no evidence of a virus. This publication became the exclusive basis not only for measles virology,
but for all virology since 1954 and corona hysteria.

2. Virologists mentally assemble the shortest pieces of so-called genetic information from dying cells to form a very long genetic strand, which they output as the genetic strand of a virus. This conceptual/computational process is called alignment. In doing so, they did not make the control attempts, the attempt to conceptually/computationally construct the desired genetic strand even from short pieces of so-called genetic information from non-infected sources.

3. For the alignment of a virus, virologists always need a given genetic strand of a virus. For this, however, they always use a genetically/computationally generated genetic strand and never a real one, one found in reality. In doing so, they never attempt to check whether or not so-called genetic information could also be constructed from the existing data set, including “viral” genetic material strands of completely different viruses.

4. Virologists have never seen or isolated “viruses” in humans, animals, plants or their fluids. They only did it seemingly, indirectly, and only ever by means of very special and artificial cell systems in the laboratory. They never mentioned the control attempts or documented whether they succeeded in depicting and isolating viruses in and from humans, animals, plants or their fluids.

5. Virologists have never isolated, biochemically characterized or obtained their supposed genetic material from the supposed viruses that they photograph using electron microscope images. They have never conducted or published control experiments as to whether, after isolating these structures, it was actually possible to detect “viral” proteins (the envelope of the virus) and, above all, the viral genome, which is supposed to be the central component and characteristic of a virus.

6. Virologists report typical artifacts of dying tissue/cells and typical structures that arise when the cell’s own components such as proteins, fats and the solvents used are swirled, as viruses or viral components. Here, too, there are no control experiments with cells/tissues that were not infected but were also treated.

7. The so-called transmission attempts that virologists make to prove the transmission and pathogenicity of the suspected viruses refute the entire virology. Obviously, it is the experiments themselves that trigger the symptoms, which animal experiments provide as evidence of the existence and effectiveness of the suspected viruses. Here, too, there are no control attempts in which exactly the same thing is done, only with non-infected or sterilized materials.

Dr. Lanka explained the 7 steps himself in this short excerpt from an interview with Dr. Tom Cowan where he offered additional insight:

3. The Control Experiments

During this current “pandemic,” Dr. Lanka decided to carry out and recreate for “SARS-COV-2” the control experiments he had done during the measles trial. The experiments were conducted in three phases:

Phase 1 – The cytopathic effect

In the first control experiment, Dr. Stefan Lanka showed that what virologists attribute to the presence of a pathogenic virus can be achieved without infectious material.

Phase 2 – Construction of the SARS-CoV-2 genome

In the second control experiment, Dr. Lanka showed that what virologists call “viral genetic material actually comes from a healthy human tissue.

Phase 3 – Structural analysis of sequency data in virology

In the third control experiment, we show that with the same technique that virologists use and using nucleic acids, which are not from supposedly infectious material but from healthy human tissue, animals and plants, can construct the genome of any “virus.”

Kontrollexperiment Phase 1 – Mehrere Labore bestätigen die Widerlegung der Virologie durch den cytopathischen Effekt

Phase 1: The Cytopathic Effect

Phase 1 of Dr. Lanka’s experiments was designed to show that the cytopathogenic effect, the very criteria used to determine a “virus” is present in a cell culture, can be caused by the experimental conditions themselves without “infectious” material present. The article linked above contains the study by the independent laboratory testing the cytopathogenic effect for Dr. Lanka. It is in German but it can be easily translated into English. However, as it is a rather long study, I wanted to provide my favorite breakdown of the CPE experiments from Dr. Tom Cowan’s excellent book Breaking the Spell:

“Here is the essence of Lanka’s experiment, done by an independent professional laboratory that specializes in cell culturing. As seen in this series of photographs, each of the four vertical columns is a separate experiment. The top photo in each column was taken on day one, and the bottom photo was taken on day five. 

In vertical column one, normal cells were cultured with normal nutrient medium and only a small amount of antibiotics. As you can see, on neither day one nor day five was any CPE found; the cells continued their normal, healthy growth. 

In vertical column two, normal cells were again grown on normal nutrient medium and a small amount of antibiotics, but this time, 10% fetal calf serum was added to enrich the medium. Still, the cells in the culture grew normally, both on day one and day five.

The third vertical column shows what happened when Dr. Lanka’s group used the same procedures that have been used in every modern isolation experiment of every pathogenic virus that I have seen. This included changing the nutrient medium to “minimal nutrient medium”—meaning lowering the percentage of fetal calf serum from the usual 10% to 1%, which lowers the nutrients available for the cells to grow, thereby stressing them—and tripling the antibiotic concentration. As you can see, on day five of the experiment, the characteristic CPE occurred, “proving” the existence and pathogenicity of the virus—except, at no point was a pathogenic virus added to the culture. This outcome can only mean that the CPE was a result of the way the culture experiment was done and not from any virus.

The fourth and final vertical column is the same as vertical column three, except that to this culture, a solution of pure RNA from yeast was added. This produced the same result as column three, again proving that it is the culture technique—and not a virus—that is causing the CPE.”

For Dr. Lanka’s own breakdown of the phase 1 results, please see this interview with Dean Braus:

Phase 2: Construction of the “SARS-CoV-2” genome

Phase two of the control experiments looked to show that the “viral” material in the “SARS-COV-2” genome actually comes from healthy human tissue. Dr. Lanka joined Kate Sugak to discuss the findings in the below video:

Phase 3: Structural analysis of sequency data in virology

Phase 3 was designed to show that by using materials from many different sources (healthy humans, animals, plants, and synthetic nucleic acids), the PCR amplification process can create the genomes for any “virus.” I’ve provided the abstract from the study performed by the independent researchers working with Dr. Lanka to give a short overview of what was found:

Structural analysis of sequence data in virology: An elementary approach using SARS-CoV-2 as an example

“De novo meta-transcriptomic sequencing or whole genome sequencing are accepted methods in virology for the detection of claimed pathogenic viruses. In this process, no virus particles (virions) are detected and in the sense of the word isolation, isolated and biochemically characterized. In the case of SARS-CoV-2, total RNA is often extracted from patient samples (e.g.: bronchoalveolar lavage fluid (BALF) or throat-nose swabs) and sequenced. Notably, there is no evidence that the RNA fragments used to calculate viral genome sequences are of viral origin.

We therefore examined the publication “A new coronavirus associated with human respiratory disease in China” [1] and the associated published sequence data with bioproject ID PRJNA603194 dated 27/01/2020 for the original gene sequence proposal for SARS-CoV-2 (GenBank: MN908947.3). A repeat of the de novo assembly with Megahit (v.1.2.9) showed that the published results could not be reproduced. We may have detected (ribosomal) ribonucleic acids of human origin, contrary to what was reported in [1]. Further analysis provided evidence for possible nonspecific amplification of reads during PCR confirmation and determination of genomic termini not associated with SARS-CoV-2 (MN908947.3).

Finally, we performed some reference-based assemblies with additional genome sequences such as SARS-CoV, Human immunodeficiency virus, Hepatitis delta virus, Measles virus, Zika virus, Ebola virus, or Marburg virus to study the structural similarity of the present sequence data with the respective sequences. We have obtained preliminary hints that some of the viral genome sequences we have studied in the present work may be obtained from the RNA of unsuspected human samples.”

To hear Dr. Lanka’s explanation of this phase, please see this excellent interview once again with Kate Sugak:

Dr.’s Sam and Mark Bailey’s Tribute to Dr. Lanka

For an even greater in-depth look at the brilliant work of Dr. Lanka, please see this excellent video tribute by the Bailey’s. From an outline provided by Dr. Mark Bailey, in this 30 minute video they cover:

  • Dr. Lanka’s early discoveries that bacteriophages and giant “viruses” are able to be truly isolated but are not pathogenic
  • Dr. Lanka’s path as a virologist and the realization that the model was wrong
  • How Dr. Lanka spoke out from the very early stages against the HIV/AIDS dogma
  • Dr. Lanka’s discovery that the germ theory and disease entity models are incorrect
  • A look at Dr. Lanka’s 7 points that refute virology on their own terms
  • The 3 phases of the “SARS-CoV-2” control experiments performed in 2021 that were used to refute the “virus” hypothesis
  • And the optimism for the future as many of us are now standing on his shoulders to spread the knowledge he has given us 

Stefan Lanka: “Virus, It’s Time To Go.”

The Road Less Traveled

Sadly, it is often a lonely road for anyone willing to break away from tradition and speak out about the troubling state of their chosen profession, especially in a field with ties to a highly lucrative pharmaceutical conglomerate. More often than not, anyone who is willing to sound the alarm has their work smeared and their reputations tarnished by colleagues and the mainstream media in order to discredit the information and the charges that have been brought forth. We are fortunate enough that there were a few brave men and women who were able to see through the indoctrination of their training and push through the often painful cognitive dissonance which comes with having to change long held beliefs ingrained from birth.

Dr. Lanka helped to pave the path against virology and many of us are walking in his footsteps today. His refutation of the germ theory paradigm using their own history and methods was highly influential to myself and others. His status as an ex-virologist not only gave him an invaluable insiders look at the fraud the field is entrenched in but also the clout necessary for those hesitant about the information shared to actually listen up and to start asking the hard questions themselves. We are greatly indebted to Dr. Lanka for his trailblazing work. Without his herculean efforts, I highly doubt that we would be able to attack this fraudulent field as successfully as we are able to do so now.

Essential Reading:

I wanted to provide a list of Dr. Lanka’s work which I consider essential reading for anyone questioning the germ theory lies and/or looking to gain more knowledge of the foundational problems that the field of virology is built upon. Many of these were sources I read initially in my own journey which I found extremely helpful in broadening my own understanding. I am positive that this list will be a benefit to others as well:

Dr. Stefan Lanka Debunks Pictures of Isolated “Viruses”

Dr Stefan Lanka Debunks Pictures of “Isolated Viruses”

HIV Pictures: What They Really Show

HIV: Reality or Artefact?

INTERVIEW STEFAN LANKA: Challenging BOTH Mainstream and Alternative AIDS Views


The Virus Misconception Part 1:

The Virus Misconception Part 2:

The Virus Misconception Part 3:

The Misinterpretation of Antibodies



  1. Frankly I find Lanka’s ‘experiments’ to be, by definition, one big hoax. A person who does not believe in nucleic acids is not entitled to experiment with them and expect to come to any true conclusions in Reality. Obviously, lol.

    Stefan, you can’t have your cake and eat it, too. Stop being a phony. If you don’t believe in nucleic acids, make an actual case for that and move on to real things that you do believe in. That’s what adults call being constructive.

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    1. FYI Lanka used methods created and used by scientism cultists against them.
      Yes, methods with alleged nucleic acids too.
      So do a proper research next time and start being critically constructive.
      Also Stefan has done his job and is working on his other subject of interest.

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    2. That is an absolutely ridiculous argument. Why should Dr. Lanka not be able to use virology’s own methods to disprove it? He was a virologist at one point and fully believed in the lie. He is allowed to debunk it using the knowledge he aquired.


      1. Because that’s like an atheist using biblical doctrine to criticize Christianity. Or a protestant using doctrine to criticize Catholicism. It’s just political noise. Both are cheap shots to the spiritual man. Stefan focuses on the minutiae of virology because he can parlay one sellout career into another — from bigshot virologist to bigshot dissident viroligist who still talks out of his ass lol — what’s the fucking difference? And his ‘flat-earthing’ of reality has no substance so he has very little to say about the terrain. I fail to see what he offers after one has been red-pilled about virology for about six months. The dude’s good for about six months. Then he’s old news.

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      2. It is not cheap to use the methods of a discipline to disprove it. As I said, Dr. Lanka was a firm believer in the methods until he saw the fraud for himself. That does not then disqualify him from using those same methods to show everyone else the fraud. Your argument is utter nonsense.


      3. Lanka is fraudulently exposing the fraud because he makes declarative statements — and arguments — about nucleic acids that he doesn’t believe in. That’s what conmen do. Like I said he went from one fraud to another. The spiritual man refuses fraudulence at all costs. The ‘worldly’ man is a fraudulent man. The man that jumps from fraud to fraud is a shapeshifter.


      4. What statement of his own did Lanka make about nucleic acids?

        You are a liar and a fraud, reante. You can’t even defend your lousy arguments.

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      5. Where did Dr. Lanka say that he dies not believe in nucleic acids? Why does disbelieving in something disqualify one from critiquing and disproving it? I do not believe in “viruses” so does that disqualify me from criticizing the available evidence? As I said, your argument is utter nonsense.


      6. Lanka SAYS he believes in nucleic acids but he doesn’t believe in genes. Yet he says chromosomes must exist (for obvious hereditary and continuity reasons). Yet chromosomes have hundreds or thousands of genes in them. He refers to chromosomes as “coarse templates” or something like that – that they are highly changeable. It’s like he wants to have it both ways. Can you explain that to me PC?

        He appears to believe that RNA are intracellular only when they’re that, intercellular, and horizontal across organisms. And horizontal gene transfer is the basis of ‘virology,’ which is just exosomal proteomics twisted to be made out to be a pathogenic phenomenon instead of an evolutionary one.

        So effectively — for all intents and purposes — he doesn’t believe in nucleic acids as they exist; not only are our cells primordial soups, the planet is a soup for primordial transfer. He doesn’t believe that an RNA can enter a cell from outside it so therefore all his dissident examinations of virology are meaningless and self-serving because he’s wrong about that. Everything can just be cell debris. It’s fraudulent argumentation. Reactionary, just like Poornima and you, Mike, except Lanka is ‘modified flat-earthing’ the terrain whereas you guys are full flat-earthing it. Maybe Mike your ‘modified’ too, I don’t know. Do you?

        Lanka appears to believe we live in chromosomal isolation other than with respect to vertical gene transfer (which his “coarse” template theory is an inadequate explanation for).

        Lanka pissed me off for saying that the mRNA vaxxxes can only make you sick for about three weeks and anything that happens to you after that that is vaxxx related is just psychosomatic trauma from the vaxxx experience. That’s some fuckin horseshit GNM condescension right there. And it’s irresponsible. What about the people who were all fired-up about getting vaxxxed and went down beyond three weeks? He acts like he knows that the mRNA in the vaxxxes aren’t inside the nanolipids. What about second-order (domino) effects from detoxing those heinous offgassings after three weeks for chrissake?

        Where are the justifications for these ideas? When DNA is extracted from things and you can see the strings, what does he say these are – temporary chromosomes? GMOs must not exist for him of course, because the chromosomes are too unstable.


      7. “He acts like he knows that the mRNA in the vaxxxes aren’t inside the nanolipids.”

        Oh gee…maybe he says this because there is NO EVIDENCE that mRNA is in there nor that it does anything if injected in the body. 🤷‍♂️

        It’s theoretical BS.


      8. That’s not true from what Lanka says. He says that the ‘spikes’ can be found in vaxxxed and unvaxxxed alike which means he can’t know whether there are vaxxx ‘spikes.’ Yet he says the nanolipids aren’t vehicles for the mRNA, that if there is mRNA they are free in the solution. On what grounds?


      9. It seems from this interview, Dr. Lanka does believe in nucleic acid and mRNA. So I guess by your criteria, he is fit to criticize it. 🤷‍♂️

        “Well, from 1954 onwards, the model for virologists to follow was that of bacterial phages, which have been isolated and found to always have a nucleic acid with the same structure and length. Virologists hoped to be able to isolate viruses in the same way as phages but this has never been
        achieved. Bacterial phages and the misnamed ‘giant viruses’ – like the one I first isolated 30 years ago – are mini-spores and have nothing to do with the model viruses that virologists have developed.”

        “It’s been almost 70 years that the world has believed in molecular genetics and the role of nucleic
        acid as a storehouse of hereditary information, but it turns out that its role is a different one: the generation of energy in all living organisms.”

        “According to the prevailing theory, the messenger RNA injected with the vaccine triggers an immune system response that produces antibodies, and immunity is achieved within 3-6 months. This is the theory, but the reality is that it is not the mRNA that triggers the body’s so-called immune reaction – i.e. the generation of antibodies – but the nanoparticles. The body produces globulin to repair and rebuild tissues, nerves and blood vessels damaged by the nanoparticles and this is misinterpreted as the body’s immune response. The tiny globules flatten and intertwine in the affected area and create new tissue to repair the damage; they are proteins that repair and rebuild tissue.”

        “The mRNA itself causes less of an inflammatory reaction compared to the latter. A small part of the mRNA can penetrate our chromosomes with as yet little studied long term consequences, and can enter sperm cells, ovaries or placenta causing infertility, miscarriages or malformations. In the short term, nanoparticles are more dangerous and are responsible for thrombi. In fact, they are not even declared as active substances, but are defined as “adjuvants”, i.e. auxiliary substances
        that help the real, active substance (mRNA) to penetrate into the nucleus of cells. Nanoparticles are extremely aggressive and cannot be broken down chemically, so the body gets rid of them very slowly – if at all – and they cause inflammation throughout the body if the muscle is unable to absorb the injection and its contents reach nerves or blood vessels directly.”

        “The mRNA vaccine contains a large number of dangerous nanoparticles, and no matter how much mRNA or what sequence it has, the result is always destructive. Extending the above explanation, some of the mRNA may be transformed into DNA, which can damage the nuclei of cells. If these are in the reproductive organs, they can cause infertility or damage to the foetus. The risk of the long term damage due to mRNA turning into DNA may be lower than with DNA vector vaccines, but the amount of nanoparticles that can themselves cause mechanical damage throughout the body is much higher.”

        “Nanoparticles are used as vehicles for transporting mRNA from the injection site in the muscle to the nuclei of cells throughout the body. These nanoparticles are highly toxic because they have a very high surface area to volume ratio and accelerate chemical reactions. This acceleration of processes is called catalysis, and their toxic effect on the body is persistent because the body breaks them down and eliminates them very slowly – if at all. Nanoparticles cause damage to the circulatory system, nervous system, brain and liver. The combined effect of mRNA and nanoparticles increases the toxicity that these substances already have separately. The increased combined effects of both substances have a negative effect on those parts of the body where they end up randomly and unpredictably, but this
        problem is trivialised and both the individual effects of these substances and their combined effects are then interpreted as “side effects” of the vaccine.”

        Click to access Stefan%20Lanka%20%22Viruses%20are%20not%20microbes%20and%20have%20no%20infectious%20capacity%22%20%28III%20of%20III%29%20DSalud.pdf

        I will say Dr. Lanka has a similar problem to you sometimes which is making statements about how these theoretical entities work without any scientific evidence backing it up. You both subscribe to different stories for how unobservable processes work.


      10. Yeah good find Mike. The dude’s all over the map. In the pdf I’ve been referring to he says the free floating mRNA gets broken down in three days and doesn’t do shit, yet in this quote here he’s basically saying that they do pretty much what the establishment says they’re doing lol. And here he also clearly implies that the nanoparticles can have lasting effects well beyond three weeks. His insights have some interest value but the dude’s a mess. And him saying that the mRNA can “penetrate the chromosomes” is pure mainstream genomics yet he’s just using modified flat-earth Lanka-speak by saying chromosomes so as to avoid saying genetic modification lol; and this genetic modification is despite him saying in the other paper that chromosomes are “coarse templates” that are always changing, which would presumably render impossible a hard genetic modification like he’s talking about in this quote you posted.

        And he says in this quote that the nanolipids are considerably worse for you than the mRNA yet he says the mRNA getting into reproductive cells cause infertility and foetal damage lol. The guy’s a mess.

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      11. He may be all over the place. I have not followed much of his recent statements on genomics as I’ve been too busy. It would be nice to have sources for the claims Dr. Lanka makes. But this is the problem with creating theories around unobservable processes. No one can see nor witness what happens and stories are created in order to explain what one thinks happens. Everyone has their own version of events, none of which are backed up by studies adhering to the scientific method. It amounts to nothing more than whose story do you like best.


      12. Well I appreciate you not doing the political loyalty thing.

        I don’t agree with your relativistic take though. True patterning is an earned greatness no different from the true patterning of any sport that turns out a great athlete. Lanka’s patterning is a mess and compromised by the disillusionment of a former virologist, just like Poornima. Jilted lover syndrome prevents clear thinking.

        Refusing to pattern at all is even worse.


      13. So when are you going to use standards like logic, scientific method and shared human experience to think clearly?
        If not those, do you have anything better?


      14. It would be nice to have sources if that’s what’s necessary to flesh out his modified flat-earthism. He mentions Hamer in the other paper, and there were a couple footnote numbers but they weren’t active in my app anyway. That said I don’t need sources if theyre his own (cursory) insights because truth is judged on its own merits.


      15. Where does Lanka say anything you wrote?
        Appears does not mean he is or he does.
        Has Lanka specified if his statement about “mRNA” is a speculation or scientific fact?
        What GMO really is? I do not ask about a narrative about it.

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      16. @reante

        Could you expand a bit on what you mean or are describing when you say ‘flat-earthing the terrain’


      17. @davidon…

        Fair enough, I was projecting my own thoughts and making assumptions based on those. Didn’t mean you, of course. Just in general… 🙂
        But glad you’re following along. 🙂 Feel free to chip in.

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      18. when someone declares “You’re asleep. You (and your worldly experience) are wrong and you can’t say anything against my opinions because they are in fact the Truth” that’s a pretty clear sign to me that the conversation is over, or more likely there never was a conversation, just a continually repeated reinforcement of some intellectual theory you’re supposed to agree with and admit you’re wrong and presumably stupid enough to have been duped.

        OK, I’m wrong, ciao ciao.

        Same with KK – less sophisticated (so it gets old much sooner) but similar looping subroutine behaviour IMHO.


    3. Dr Stefan Lanka believes ? Really? The arrogance of your emotional presumptions. Wonder if you also write for fact-checkers?

      Do your homework and a bit of research.
      Maybe check out some of the articles on wissenschaftplus and the videos on Immanuel project and then we can engage in some constructive debate.


      1. PC, if you have a problem with me detailing Lanka’s obvious shortcomings in these writings then say why. Otherwise you’re just fronting.

        If you have some specific content you want to post then post it and I’ll check it out.

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      1. As opposed to the notorious vaxxxes designed to make yourself gum-up your own works in various ways, this looks like some useful idiots who are trying to stop the body from being able to access its major ‘common cold’ pathway that is the backup detox to the daily (overnight) detox.

        Allopathic culture thinks that terrain culture is batshit crazy for believing in detoxes cycles at all. But, remember, allopathic culture is like Buddhism – both pussy-ass cults exist in order to avoid suffering, which only makes you a bigger pussy until eventually you die as a peak pussy lol. The etymological meaning of allopathic is “beyond suffering,” which is the effective meaning of Buddhism, too.

        The terrain sees that suffering is, like everything else, the simple result of cause and effect. Life is a school of hard knocks and suffering is how we learn, heal, and then grow again.

        The common cold (the secondary backup detox to the primary daily sleep detox) is so difficult for them to kill because it’s a 4b year old, or whatever, 12-lane exosomal communication superhighway. We don’t exist as a species that can live for 100 years if it doesn’t exist. The urge to backup detox when your daily detox ain’t cutting-it is like the urge to take a shit, ain’t nothing stopping it.

        Yet allopathic culture sees the blockading of the superhighway as improving quality of life. That’s the oblivious self-destructiveness of gentrification for you. These people inhabit a buddhist-like oblivion. They’re all totally washed-up and washed-out. It’s why palahniuk wrote “Fight Club” right?


      2. @reante

        Regarding the article: good explanation, thanks. Like your description of allopathic medicine 🙂

        As for Buddhism, though, it sounds like you have a misunderstanding of the “avoiding suffering” part. It’s not like ‘Let’s all pretend we’re living in la-la land and we’re all happy little butterflies’, but it’s more about the painful path of understanding your own traumas, current life, past lives, etc., and once you understand who you really are (i.e. the guy you used to think you are is just an avatar) and understand reality for what it is, then this holographic reality and its dramas will no longer have an effect on you. Hence you’ll be “free from suffering”.
        And this is not at all an intellectual understanding. You can study buddhism and hinduism and read every single book and scripture and memorize all the vedas back to back, and end up with nothing, but ideas about buddhism and life and you’ll probably life the rest of your life and die suffering.
        But you know about this, as you said, you were “born again”, so you know about having a different understanding about life, the universe, and everything. (and the fish).


      3. I understand that it *sounds* like I misunderstand. 🙂 This is basically the same conversation that I’m having with brian right now on the current thread regarding Christianity, and also relates to both the ‘inner’ vs ‘outer’ paths from chefurka’s “five stages of awareness,” as well as the end(ing) of the dialogue between David and me when I said, “there’s a difference between talking the talk and walking the walk.”

        When the “innies” call the ‘outies,’ “outies,” they are not seeing (refusing to see) that the ‘outer’ path is the holographic path in holographic reality. The ‘outer’ path is holism. Obviously….

        The inner path is seeking refuge inbsome permutation of the Great River Valley Civilization Religion(s) of ‘Peace’ in order to cope with the separation trauma of lost holism, of lost Home Knowing.

        James Taylor, an otherwise extremely conventional man, had a momentary awakening and wrote his best song, “Gaia,” when he was about 50, that was included on his best album, “Hourglass.” It’s an ecological song that talks truth to the ‘religions of peace.’ There’s a line in that song about people “leaving their bodies (holographs) just to live in their minds (metaconsciousness).” It’s nothing more than a path-of-least-resistance choosing off of the menu that the elites hand us along with our fucking ‘birth certificates’ (livestock registration). Choosing off the menu is not The Way of the Peaceful Warrior. Not choosing of the menu is the Way. And that doesn’t mean asking for no onions and extra tofu or whatever.

        Dominant religions of ‘peace’ were rolled out in every great valley civilization when they started bumping up against their limits to growth. Things that make you go hmmm… They express Shadow purpose was to make people believe that Life itself causes structural material suffering. The reason for this purpose that this false doctrine of existential poverty could serve as political cover for the structural scarcity and declining living standards that commence post- limits to growth. If they can get people to take refuge during hard times in metaconscious imaginings that help them mentally cope with the suffering of structural scarcity then they won’t cause problems in already unstable times.

        A consumeristic version of eastern religions have been encouraged in the West since the Beats cottoned to it in the 50s exactly because the oil age was only going to last about a hundred years as they well knew back in the 50s, and secular materialism is much more of a threat to social stability than new age culture. The fundamental function of religion is to subconsciously attach itself to structural power.

        The concept of the ‘avatar’ is a self-loathing one. Our person, persona, personality — whatever you wanna call it — with all our flaws, foibles, and shortcomings, and as banged around and beat up and dislocated as it may be, is what 4B years of evolutionary intelligence decided was what exactly what we needed in order to be high-functioning in the ecology. Yet religion would just as soon relegate that to a dirty ‘avatar’ status.

        Things that make me go hmmm.


      4. It’s not science fiction Mike. For example, the simplistic complaint that the new boosters are only based on mouse trials relates to the splicing of human genes into mice that this article talks about. Humans are cultures of eukaryotic cells that self-organize (evolve) as human cultures, but the (mammalian) eukaryotic multicellularity of the culture is the 90+ percent shared foundation. And that complaint by the ‘resistance’ ( controlled opposition) wants to have it’s cake and eat it too: last year they were complaining that all coronavaxxxed mice in trials died from ADE lol. Well which is it?


      5. Nice to talk to you. I agree that antibodies don’t exist as such. Globulins are just blood proteins for the blood-based transport and enzymatic function.


      6. The language they (purposely) use is a fiction, but that language is just political cover for keeping the livestock weak and hooked on the allopathology that undermines the terrain. The *methods* they use are true – those being destroying the livestock’s terrain, by suppressing healing, in order to keep them docile on a short leash. It’s just politics man. Full spectrum dominance.

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      7. I’m not too big on religions, either, but it’s kind of like the ‘capitalism’ issue: it’s not very good, but show me one that works better. Buddhism, for example, I consider a vehicle that helps one get up the mountain a little faster than some other vehicles. With a good teacher you can turbocharge the drive, too.

        As for religion being the “opioid of the masses” or functioning as an arm for structured power, as you say, not much argument there, actually. Yet, if we look at all the religions, one can piece together a pretty good program that will do great things for one’s development of ‘understanding’ and being able to ‘walk the walk’.

        As for the phrase ‘avatar’: granted, not the best term. Probably no zen master would have approved of it, either, I was using it for illustration. How about meat-suit? (I think Alan Watts used that) We jump into the meat-suit at birth (and yes, it’s a very sophisticated vehicle that has been perfected during a 4B years of evolution. It’s the Lamborghini of meat-suits), go through our life-experiences, and if we figure shit our and advance on that ladder of awareness, then we can jump level. Just like in any OTHER computer game: you can now start level 2.

        I just started listening to a recent interview of David Icke on London Whatever opinions you have of him, I strongly recommend this, he has some pretty interesting insights. (keywords: holographic reality, reincarnation, elites, occult, etc.)


      8. Yeah see there’s zero basis in Reason for believing that ‘we’ exist outside of our meatbag existence. That’s the first lie of religion that seeks to paper-over (self-soothe) the separation trauma that came with our severed relationship with the ecology. ‘We/me’ is just an operating function of metaconsciousness. When we die our metaconsciousness clearly dies along with the metabolic function. Our (mother) consciousness, however, that holds our holographic space in the universe, does not die but, given the metabolic death, is a terrain without defenses and hence entirely subject to being eaten by other holographs just as ‘we’ ourselves do everyday to others. In being eaten our holograph fuels other holographs in the ecology, and our mother/body consciousness gets distributed. There is no ‘me’ in that distribution.

        These are the obvious biological facts. Alan Watts and all the rest are just engaging in self-soothing fantasy for a paycheck. Don’t get me wrong, I get the appeal of Watts, but he’s a charlatan. I prefer the contemporary Neil Kramer to Watts, because he’s as relevant as you can get while still being new age, and he does do a lot of pagan-type rubbernecking of nature, but he’s still new age and fails the ‘actions speak louder than words’ test because he doesn’t have a working subsistence relationship with the ecology.

        The only new age content I ever came across that was truly worthy was Barbara Marciniak’s ‘channelings’ of the pleiadian Family of Light, because the explicit ‘pleiadian’ message to humans was to go back to the land and work with it, and make sure you incorporate livestock into that work, as nature intended animals to be the keystone species of all habitable ecologies.

        I’ll check out the Icke interview thanks.


      9. Watched this clip of Icke on London real. He’s controlled opposition because his neopagan message is just repackaged Christianity which is just repackaged paganism. Just like HH. It’s an ontological hierarchy that sets the beautiful gift of Life given to us by the creator as some kind of pathological purgatory, just like Christianity does. Just like virology does pathologizes Life. See the pattern, my brother. It’s all the same. It’s all elite shadowplay where elites get the masses to believe that the problem isn’t civilization and that the problem is Reality itself. If Reality itself is the problem then what does that say about Creator? And if we have something bad to say about Creator what does that say about us?

        Icke mischaracterizes ‘ancient cultures,’ uses them as a false appeal to authority; co-opts the indigenous. Animists never held that the ‘astral plane’ was more real and true than holography, which is a ludicrous and luciferian idea.

        New Age garbage is just running more people off a cliff as part of the depopulation agenda just like the vaxxxes are running people off a cliff and the third world famines will, too. New Age people by and large will roll over during collapse and die in their beds, mostly, because of the fake promise that something better awaits them if they are good little believers (in nothing). There’s a sucker born every hour.

        Trust no one except those that you know you can trust IRL. And trust in well developed Reasoning. I can tell you from experience that when one comes alongside the ecology, it is unfailingly trustworthy and reason-based.


      10. This was the clip. And just look at the production value. This is big league stuff. How image-conscious and slick everything and everyone looks. Pure gentrification. It’s the opposite of diy. This is because the can run the most people off the cliff this way. Like his light spectacles at his stadium shows. If you’re using subliminal techniques then that’s a dead giveaway. Then Icke can go off an do more low-fi stuff to grab people at the margins.


      11. @reante

        As for David Icke, I don’t share your assessment. The video being quality production: yes, it was in the London Real studio, so that didn’t have much to do with Icke. But he now does have a decent studio himself, after 30 years of chasing the story and having written at least a dozen books, he has a decent following, which I guess support his activities. As for him being controlled opposition: I’ll give that a 5% chance. Nothing’s impossible, but I highly doubt it.

        I’m trying to piece together from your writings your view of reality and what it consists of, and having trouble. I think I understand your use of the term Metaconsciousness and the “mother”, where I think we differ in our worldview is you believing that the knowledge and wisdom that’s available to us essentially comes from our 4B years of Earthly evolution and us having access to that because we’re symbiotically connected (us being a multicellular organism)
        My understanding, on the other hand, is more along the lines of believing that that universal mind (or I guess you could call it Universal Metaconsciousness) is essentially like the electric grid that you would plug in to power your TV. Whether you’re on Alpha Centauri or some other higher Loka, you’re plugging into the same grid.
        So the wisdom that you get from the grid (if you’re able to connect) is not just wisdom relevant for life on this planet, but is universal, applied to all beings, transmitting knowledge about the spiritual laws governing all live.

        About death: not sure I understand what you’re saying by: “the metabolic death, is a terrain without defenses and hence entirely subject to being eaten by other holographs just as ‘we’ ourselves do everyday to others. In being eaten our holograph fuels other holographs in the ecology, and our mother/body consciousness gets distributed.” Please elaborate.

        Thanks for Neil Kramer, interesting dude. I don’t do well with monotheism, but other than that, surely someone worth listening to.
        So what’s confusing to me is your appreciating the plaedian channelings, so my assumption is that there is a more that I don’t understand about your worldview. How does reincarnation fit into this picture, by the way? That’s actually something that based on evidence around the world as well as other personal experience that I have no doubts about, but curious on your take.


      12. well tomibacsi we’ve hit that discomfiting, uneasy point in the conversation, which is also the necessary point even though it generally ends up being the endpoint, as with david and brian. which is to be expected, by me. there’s no wormhole to animism. Only the land will get you there and that’s the profound beauty and humility of it. Religions fake their anti-worldly stance while living in the world, and copes with that schizophrenic fact by a grand shadowplay of the Mind, by demoting reality to a simulation, a purgatory, and replacing itwith a non-existent spiritual plane. Escapism, for people who think they’re above chopping wood and carrying water, handling shit and killing animals. When was the last time Icke talked about real things? When was the last time you talked about them? When was the last time you did them, and did them well?

        I noticed that you responded to the easy, superficial parts of my criticisms of Icke that I included in order so that you could make the appearance of responding without actually responding to what really mattered in my comment, which as always is the patterning.

        The elites always sow the seeds for political sea changes well in advance. And they broadcast their seeds widely and generously.

        If it never occurred to you that Icke might be a nested reaction in the problem -reaction-solution paradigm then you might actually consider it.

        The near future will see the resolution of the controlled demolition of the globalist Old Testament Capitalism paradigm to be replaced by an engineered-to-look-organic multipolar national socialist geopolitical paradigm that Icke will be heartily endorsing. He will directly endorse Tulsi Gabbard for President, in a symbolic rapprochement with the new mainstream. Icke has always been a new age plant for the Long Game.

        Remember, the fake Progress Myth is the incremental improvement of evil, and evil is the placement of truths in service of a greater falsehood. What amazing progress we will have made in overthrowing the globalists lol. We’ll be at nothing less than 99pc truth in service of the Great Falsehood (of civilization)! Victory! We are the 99pc!.Lol.

        Like I said there’s a sucker born every hour, my brother. You might want to check out miles mathis’ dig on david Icke: Icke’s ’40days in the Saudi Arabian wilderness’ lol and his early career dynamics are the hallmarks of a plant. YMMV. 🙂

        Regarding reincarnation, obviously there’s no scientific evidence for it. If there is indeed an universal ‘akashic record’ of metaconscious memory that is the source of these anomalous ‘past-life’ memories in young children that are reported, then that akashic record is an emergent meta-metaconscious phenomenon of metaconsciousness itself. The akashic record is a nested meta- field within metaconsciousness. And metaconsciousness itself, as I’ve explained many times, is a nested meta-field within the whole holographic consciousness that is sourced from the Two Darks.

        Just because there may be an meta-meta ‘akashic record’ does not justify in accordance with Reason the ‘reincarnation’ religious false idol. Reincarnation doctrine is a HUGE leap from what it is that anomalous child memories and ‘past-regression’ hypnosis can tell us. If you disagree with this argument then you need to be able to justify why.

        elaborating upon death and consciousness, when we die our metaconsciousness dies/ends because it is a meta-function of the metabolic activity that is consonant with biological Life. But in death our body (or whole holographic consciousness remains lying there wherever it was that the standing metabolism (and the MC along with it) had died. But without metabolism we have no functioning metabolic health terrain. All we have is the legacy hologram of past applied consciousness. Our dead body is our legacy mammalian consciousness which, falling at the top of the food chain, is the richest of feedstocks under natural law for the denizens of the local ecology to earn their way through Life on by eating. Of course, if we’re grocery store humans then our legacy is in all likelihood a mixed bag because we’re unnecessarily killing lots of beautiful creatures with our industrial toxicity even AFTER we die, and just as we did in our life of irresponsible separation trauma.

        the path is narrow. worldliness knows nothing of this path. begin where you are. look for a homesteader on craigslist to buy an animal from. have them kill it for you. go cut yourself a cord of u-cut off of craigslist. bring it home and split it and burn it for a functional purpose. If you don’t have a woodstove in the house then get one or put one outside, and cook on it, and be outside more in winter, sitting next to it. Look up where the nearest spring is and go get water from there when it makes sense. If you don’t have the have the cooperation of your wife then make it clear to her over time that this is the most important thing in your life beyond her and any children you may have, and do whatever you can as a sovereign being while maintaining your family responsibilities. I once lived on some land that a friend in the city purchased which was an hour from where he lived. He came down every weekend in order to come alongside the ecology, to put his heart in the ecology. His wife wanted nothing to do with it, but he was a sovereign being that put agape over eros, so to speak, and his wife and teenage daughters of course had an open invitation to join him whenever they wanted. It caused conflict of course because his wife considered it an abdication of weekend responsibilities but the fact is teenagers can take care of themselves.

        ‘spirituality’ is just talk that serves as political cover in destructive societies running structural surpluses. and talk is cheap.

        look at Icke’s gnarled, arthritic hands. they don’t have to be that way. where’s his self-respect? that’s what happens when you leave your evolutionary body just to live in your devolutionary mind. believe that.

        thanks friend.


      13. Well…I’m replying. At least there is that, right? 🙂 Probably won’t reply to all the points that matter, which tends to happen when I don’t fully understand the argument.

        So is there a book you can recommend for getting a better understanding of animism? I’m interested, I like a lot of things you’re saying, but there are some things that I’ve learned over the years that, even though I may not be able to defend rationally, I will stick to it. And yes, reincarnation is going to be one of these. I don’t claim to understand all of it, for example, there is also the notion that we’re really just living in the present and all those past lives are happening now… I don’t know. But one thing I will stick to is that it’s not just those kids and adults connecting to the metaconsciousness and drawing info from there without them actually having gone through the experience themselves.

        So how do you explain ghosts, and the whole channeling phenomena? Like John Edward and the like? All b.s.?

        As for Icke: I’ve only started following him recently, but he played an important part in helping me understand what the heck is going on in this world in terms of the global elites. When I first discovered him, I thought he was a crazy conspiracy nut. At the time I lived more or less in the world of ‘fiction’ as Neil Kramer calls it. Perhaps a bit less than most people, but without much understanding of the interconnections. So for that, I’m grateful to him. Whatever he is or whatever role he’s carrying out for the “Long Game”, that I cannot much comment on, we’ll have to see. And surely, he’s far from perfect. (yes, the hands, he’s also overweight, so the assumption is that he’s out of balance on some level).
        As for voting for Tulsi Gabbard: hey, I would have voted for her if she wasn’t pushed out! 🙂 But as with Icke: show me better alternatives and I’ll happily endorse.

        Back to the religion question: I think your view of it being purely an elite manipulation technique is oversimplistic. Let’s take Jesus as an example. Controlled opposition? I hardly think so. Buddha? Sitting under the bodhi tree his enlightenment was really about figuring out how to better manipulate the masses? Unlikely. Or he just arrived at some understanding of why it’s more comforting to live in a world of eternity than one where this is it? Spiritual ‘advancement’ and enlightenment is, surely, in large part about this life, but I strongly believe, is about what happens after this one.
        As for people that I really value/follow: try David Spero ( or Darryl Anka (channeling Bashar). Icke I’m following mainly for understanding what’s going on behind the scenes. But like I said, if you can recommend better, I’m open.


      14. 🙂

        I’m not aware of any materials specifically focused on true animism. as part of the liberal co-opting of ‘indigenous’ (the I in BIPOC lol) people, I did hear a fake indigenous academic on Krista tippett’s NPR show talking about her book on animism but her animism was just the cartoon animism where tables are alive too or whatever, and it was just a shallow eco-new age spirituality in hushed tones.

        animism is patterned for me. When I was born again I was born into a genuine rewilding orientation. Not the recreational, image oriented stone-age reskilling approach to rewinding but a more fundamentalist approach I guess. I don’t know of another animist. If I could name two books for triangulating animism — by which I mean human culture under natural law — they would be “Cannibals and Kings” as previously mentioned and the meticulously researched historical fiction novel, “Light A Distant Fire” by a white woman with great ‘divination’ powers names, Lucia St Clair Robson, which followed some Seminole families during the extermination wars waged against them by the United States. There are some profound things to learn about the health terrain in that book too – domesticate the microbiome and you go an awful long way to domesticating the human. Breaking the wild microbiome is the cutting of the taproot of animism. Destroy the wild food supply and resupply with farmed food during false treaties, rinse and repeat.

        Neither Jesus nor Buddha existed as portrayed. They’re false idols. I know you know that. And as portrayed they were obviously not trying to con people. The con lays in what they say in the context in which they are saying it; I’ve already talked about the function of these religions of peace arising to catalyze culture change (in order to make efficiency gains) due to resource pressures. Useful idiot wisemen.

        I don’t believe channeling exists because it doesn’t stand to reason to me, as I alluded to in my last comment regarding the an ‘akashic record.’ The bible is a fake-channeled book written to control people. My appreciation for Barbara marciniak lies in the content — the intention — of her performance-art ‘channeling.’

        My working position on ghosts is that they’re just episodes of psychosis. Psychotic breaks are more common than we realize in otherwise normal-seeming people without clinical diagnoses of mental illness. A stressed out loved one unduly freaking out about something may just be a mild psychotic break without any visuals accompanying it. Natasha Campbell McBride talks about psychosis as one of the (many) symptoms of leaky gut-brain dybiosis. Psychotic breaks are largely just symptoms of altered states from brain toxicity, whether driven ‘indirectly’ by gut microbe imbalances sending toxic metabolites to your brain or ‘directly’ from exogenous toxins in your bloodstream entering a leaky (blood) brain (barrier).


      15. I think one day you will be surprised. 🙂

        If you understand about our reality being holographic, why is it so difficult to imagine that there are other planes of existence, other dimensions and life being a lot more complex than what you see with you eyes? Ghosts are definitely a real phenomena and have nothing to do with psychosis, only to do with an increases sensitivity to sensing beings in those other realms.

        And channeling is equally real, whether you believe it or not.

        As for Buddha and Jesus – I’m sure not everything you read about them is true, but there have been plenty of similar enlightened beings since then, with no agendas, only wisdom gleaned from ‘the grid’. Read about the life of Ramana Maharishi or Yogananda, or plenty of other teachers. Their lives had nothing to do with the ‘elites’ and were not on a trip trying to get people to follow their religion.
        You’re someone with great knowledge, but somewhere you made a decision to shut down and treat everything from one point of view. I can understand the skepticism, that when everything around us is false, why would any of those things be real, and perhaps until you’ve met people and talked to real-life buddhas maybe it’s all really just science fiction.

        You gave me some practical advice about buying meat and burning it, etc (actually would appreciate some clarity, I don’t really get the process). so let me return the favor: go and meet some of these people. Like David Spero.


      16. tomibacsi

        appreciate your candor. 🙂

        I don’t travel. And I won’t travel out of my locale unless it’s for a family funeral in California.

        I haven’t shut down. I’ve walked away from all the pretending that tries to mask over the lostness and separation trauma. I’ve returned to our roots. You telling me I’ve shut down is the same thing as you telling an Indian child dressed in white man’s clothes in an Indian school a hundred years ago that he’s all shut down. That he’s not giving them a chance. Um, earth to tomibacsi…. there’s a good reason for that – wetigo isn’t floating the kid’s boat. They’re all fucking insane. It’s like telling William Wallace he’s all shut down.

        It’s not shut down. It’s radical honesty.

        Rednecks are my best friends now, because i have by far the most in common with them. They give a damn about the things that matter. Yet the world sees them as racists. Don’t have much respect at all for the religious caste. There’s nothing more disgraceful than making money or a living off of ideas. It’s the oldest con in the book, putting a price on deviating from Reason.

        If by “one point of view” you mean I’m treating everything from the only viewpoint of 99pc of the human generations that have ever existed (and 100pc of the free humans) then yes, who in their right mind wouldn’t do that? But you don’t mean that and that suggests to me a loss of perspective, yet you live in ground that free humans lived on not 200 years ago, who were some of the last ones that ever lived.


      17. @reante

        What I meant by shut down is no longer having an open mind. Radical honesty is great, but if you didn’t get to the right information, it’s not much use.

        Take the example of ghosts. When I try talking to people, like people in my family, about 9/11, they shut down, Don’t want to hear about it, they have their minds made up. I have a friend, a very intelligent guy, he’s also somewhat of an anti-capitalist, so he’s aware of the injustices that are going on, but no matter how much of a handholding and nudging I did, I just couldn’t get him to read stuff about 9/11. It not being a foreign terrorist attack was just so much outside of his accepted worldview, that he was just not willing to go there. I told him that if he just gave it an honest effort, and looked at the evidence gathered afterwards, he would see it. But no.
        So ghosts are like that. If you were willing to spend the time and investigate with an open mind, (which is able to view evidence for what it is, and make an honest assessment without disregarding everything as ‘inconclusive’) then I have no doubt that you would see that it is indeed a real phenomena and not the figments of people’s imagination. Like my friend with 9/11, you probably won’t, as I don’t think you’re willing to jeopardize the worldview that you have. I guess in the X-files you identified with Scully. 🙂

        The reason I find all this interesting, is that I know that you’ve researched a lot of things and you know your stuff on all kinds of subjects. You’re also very much in the know about how this world really works, which I grant you, did have to require a shitload of honesty, as it’s usually quite hard for people to fully accept what’s going on.
        I’m sure that you think that I’m the delusional one, that I just got duped in all these years. That’s fine, I can live with that 🙂
        I read Richard Dawkins and am fully familiar with the arguments against religion and the ‘higher powers’ and all that, but I’ve also spent the last 10 years studying spirituality with some very advanced beings. So I’ve seen and learned what I did, so I can confidently say that you, sir, are incorrect 😉 There is more to the story than this Earthly life. Sorry to be so blunt, but I’m confident you won’t take it to heart 🙂
        As for why you’re pissing people off and why they stop replying: if I wasn’t so fortunate to have spent this time with such people, I would also find it rather threatening to my ‘beliefs’ talking to you about all this. If someone just reads books on the subject or even if they have a better-than average teacher and no firsthand experience with the kind of people (the ones I referred to as ‘modern-day buddhas’) that exist in our world, then that belief system is easily destroyed with a few clever arguments. And who wants that. I would assume Richard Dawkins easily wins a debate with most priests, and that’s because 99% of those priests will really have no real bridge to the, well, let’s just call it, ‘supernatural’ or don’t even know anyone who does. Rituals won’t help, for sure.


      18. “As for why you’re pissing people off and why they stop replying: if I wasn’t so fortunate to have spent this time with such people, I would also find it rather threatening to my ‘beliefs’ talking to you about all this.”

        Careful with those assumptions – you might end up imprisoned inside your own dogma unable to entertain even the simplest conversation about anything an incomplete understanding insists doesn’t fit your ‘preferred pattern’ 😉


      19. tomibacsi

        “What I meant by shut down is no longer having an open mind. Radical honesty is great, but if you didn’t get to the right information, it’s not much use.”

        I understood what you meant and responded accordingly. We’re the injun kid and William Wallace being close-minded towards their civilized counterparts. (I recognize that neither the injun nor Wallace were full animist but they’re sufficient examples.)

        Ghosts are just the contemporary version of gnomes, sprites, and trolls. You don’t believe in gnomes, sprites, and trolls but you do believe in ghosts. Notice how gnomes, sprites, and trolls are nature-based personified ghosts for pagan (country-dwelling ) agriculturalists no longer engaging in Barfield’s ‘original participation. Note how the personifications perform the psychological function of the ‘missing link’s that bridges the separation trauma caused by the still-recent involuntary (forced) removal from natural law by the nearest agricultural empire.

        Note how contemporary ghosts are entirely non-nature-based personifications for urban peoples. See that the chasm between nature and the urban mind is so great that there can no longer be a ‘missing link’ nature-based psychological function to bridge that divide. So religion had to fill that psychological function that mitigates separation trauma with abstracted personifications.

        Reason tells us that ghosts/disembodied spirits are obviously contemporary gnomes, sprites, and trolls. Yet you’ve only seen ghosts but no sprites.

        As I said previously, I am not close-minded to your fundamental contention, which is a metaconsciously accessible (while in an ‘altered state’) meta-metaconscious field that out of convenience I referred to as the akashic record. But unless it can be reasoned otherwise, I maintain that accurate, objective reasoning tells us that the akashic record is an evolved (nested) function of whole holographic consciousness (the mother culture of the Two Darks in symbiosis) rather than the inverse that you and david claim without any reason-based argumentation accompanying it – the inverse being that holography evolves out of am eternal, disembodied spirit ‘mother.’

        If you have no reasonable justification for believing what you two religiously believe the that’s fine, we can leave it at that. You have a right to believe that and I have a right to see that as devolved in accordance with reason-based natural law.

        Allow me to begin to wind down this conversation with a test of radical honesty, in question form:

        If it weren’t for holographic reality — eating drinking shitting pissing and fucking — can you honestly say that you can know that you would have experienced anything at all of disembodied spirit?


      20. So this is going to sound like I’m cheating, (and that I never grew out of fairy tales) but I do believe in gnomes and perhaps trolls as well. Don’t really know what sprites are, but sure, why not. There are plenty of things living in other dimensions and planes (like the astral) and sometimes things may even bleed over.

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      21. tomibacsi

        then I stand corrected. if you’re consistent then you should believe in the ghosts of folk mythology. and greek gods while your at it, and sea partings and walks on water. nevertheless the salient point is that even though you believe in this Debordian managerie of spirits and spectacles you’ve only seen contemporary personifications and not those of folklore or the urban lore of ancient Greece.

        but then again, a foolish consistency is the hobgoblin of little minds.

        Civilization itself is the broad, true definition of the New Age. The mythological (supernatural) vehicle in religious thinking is substitutional for seamless animist belonging. Icke, Watts, this guru that guru (I particularly liked yogananda’s disciple at the Nevada City community, I forget his name but he was down to earth, an ex-girlfriend’s mother was a lifelong member) and all the other mythologians of the new age neopagan renaissance, they talk about conscious resonance yet their holigraphic lives have varying degrees — but all glaringly-so — of ecological dissonance. If resonance/harmony is so important then why aren’t their EDSPFucking holographs more harmonious instead of built on the daily consumption of globalist commodities, and commodities being the commodification enslavement of living consciousnesses, the enslavement being self-defeating, self-enslaving. Things that make you go hmmm.

        And therein lies the reason for the shadowplay and the childish/vain need to clutch at security blankets and mythological pearls that provide political cover for the shadowplay, to cover up in Orwellian fashion the systemic violence with ‘nonviolence.’ To escape the psychic dissonance of one’s body daily being built on the structural disharmony of civilized human species-ism that relentlessly commodifies all other life, just to live in the mind. It’s all so transparent, brother.

        Did it ever occur to you that predictive programming might just be at play here? That the predictive meta-programming of your halter-broken ancestors might be at play here, in you? Ya tink? Just maybe? 🙂

        Come, now.

        You gonna pass the honesty test or you gonna take a pass on it? How about you, david? (This is the turn of the screw, friends.)


      22. The fundamental problem with other ‘dimensions’ bleeding into this one is that this one is holographic and anything that bled-in would have to do so holographically in order for us to see it because our eyes only work in holography. Holography being consciousness animating energy in a wavelength that our eyes can see. An adult person has earned the energy to animate, say, 150lbs of mass-equivalent energy — to HD the space of that energybody in the universe — by eating and therefore displacing a corresponding mass-equivalence since conception/genesis as a zygote. What makes you think, according to reason, that an entity from another dimension can just waltz into this one and displace the holographic universe enough in order to get our holographic eyes, that are by definition built to only see the evolved holography, to see it.

        Holograms in this holographic universe are not literal projections. That idea is a New Age misunderstanding/falsehood. Holograms are an emergent phenomenon of consciousness in symbiosis with energy (some of which energy is in light frequencies). That symbiotic nature is an animation – the etymology of animate simply means “to give life to;” hence, symbiosis means ‘together in life.’ Biology is the knowledgeable study of that symBIOSIS.

        Animism recognizes the self-evident truth that all holograms — everything we can accurately sense, from rock to sun — are biological because they are holographic consciousness and energy in symbiosis.

        ‘Light’ itself has to earns its hologram, too. Light has origins in heat, or at least in the solar dynamic that also generates heat. Thermodynamic biochemistry, absorbs, reflects, and resonates with the electromagnetic particle radiation that, when the larticles come in (consciously) consistent waves has the emergent property we call light.

        If “eternal spirit” has to undergo biogenesis (from fucking) and biological growth from thereon-out, in order for “eternal spirit” to have a holographic experience, what would be the point at all of holography in the first place if eternal spirits could pop in and out of their own accord. Why not just have experiences in spiritworld?

        How do spirits physically (according to physics) hold space in the holographic universe when we know that the ability for a body to reflect light (in order to see them) requires work. What’s the mechanism for that? It seems to me that a ghost would have to just basically force its dimension onto our dimension in some sort of 3D bubbleform in order for it to visibly ‘walk around’ in front of us and, furthermore, the ghost’s dimension would have to have the same reflective light physics as ours (though perhaps less reflective since I gather they tend to be somewhat translucent right?) in order for our holographic-seeing eyes to register them.

        Or, is our mind, our metaconsciousness, simply registering a ‘mirage’ for some reason. We ‘see’ things in our dreams that are not holding space in the universe. How is it that ‘seeing ghosts’ is not obviously explained by ‘daydreaming,’ by ‘inner seeing’ bleeding-into ‘outer-seeing?’

        That bleeding-into is not psychotic in and of itself. It might indeed be a perceptual or psychic (of the psyche) daytime visual intuitional gift of a seer, right? The psychosis lies in the profound loss of maintaining boundaries between metaconsciousness (mind) and holographic reality (consciousness animating energy). The psychotic elevating of mind-seeing to holography is what the clinical schizophrenic uncontrollably and chronically does, to the schizophrenic’s great detriment as far as his maintainance of basic life skills. Schizophrenia exists on a spectrum, and science shows us that episodes are highly correlated with detoxification and intoxication cycles, whether or not the psychotic episodes are ‘malevolent,’ ‘benevolent,’ or ‘neutral.’

        Once a human social culture (collective metaconsciousness) of psychosis emerges — I’m sure we agree that industrial culture is psychotic in many respects and not just the psychotic believe in non-existent ‘viruses’ — the mass-formation power of suggestion is off and running.

        This is how we begin to reason against the actual existence of ghosts. I guarantee you that if you reason yourself into disbelieving in ghosts, that you will stop seeing them, and any mild psychosis you suffer from (we all do) will thereon just be in the form of ‘bad moods’ or whatever – emotional/mental detoxes. Bad moods are just altered states, too, the mind-facet of mindbody detoxes. Nothing wrong with them.

        Which brings us back to Buddhism which seems to have us dissociate ourselves from our negative states. Rupert Spira, in holding up ‘peace’ and ‘happiness’ as false idols, seeks to suppress our mind detoxes in exactly the same way that allopathic medicine seeks to suppress our body detoxes. Detoxing is the intelligent MindBody doing its intelligent thing. Buddhism doesn’t want people being intelligent. It wants people to suppress the intelligent awareness that the MindBody, the conscious being, is endlessly treading water in a toxic cultural soup – a fouled terrain. Buddhism seeks to vaccinate the metaconsciousness against mind detoxes aka mind healings aka intelligent patterning that naturally seeks to leave chronically toxic cultural soups (as are always the case in the civilizational rape culture’s serial raping of the ecology).

        Trust in reason. Reason is the only dynamic that patterned intelligence contains. Creation itself is biological reasoning borne-out through evolution, from the beginning.


      23. There is a lot to unpack and process there, but for now let me ask you this. How are we seeing in our dreams? Because we are. Or is that just another form of hallucination and kind of a psychosis?
        I believe ‘seeing’ ghosts does not really happen with the eyes, but it’s sort of a psychic seeing. There is also psychic hearing, and no, these are not forms of psychosis. There have been instances where blind people were taught to see, (surely you could say ‘anecdotal’, I don’t have the source – read this in a book by a Russian spiritual teacher) and they could even read a book properly blindfolded.

        As for interdimensional visitations and perceiving those visitors – I don’t really understand the argument, but I’m going to claim “god defence” and say that we don’t really understand everything about our world and just because something looks like it’s ‘unreasonable’, it could just mean that we don’t understand all the premises. It surely goes against reason that two parallel lines can never cross, but mathematicians eventually figured out how they can. Plenty of things in quantum mechanics that go against reason, yet, we’re finding everyday that it turns out that they can be explained after all. We have theories of the universe being holographic and what that means, but I’m not going to stake my sanity on declaring that “these are the only possible laws in this case”.
        And yes, I know, I used to hate the “god’s ways are mysterious” phrase to end all uncomfortable arguments, but in certain cases I think it applies. Surely there would be nothing better than just use reason as the ultimate weapon, but I just don’t think we have enough knowledge on these subjects. Before we understood magnetism, no reasoning could have helped you explain what the heck was going on with those magnets.

        As for psychosis and schizophrenia: in some cases what you’re seeing is actually possession. A term, that I’m sure makes you cringe, as it goes against all the ‘laws’ you outlined. One book I read back 20+ years ago was M.Scott Peck’s (Road Less Travelled guy) analysis of the whole exorcism phenomena. You might find it interesting.

        By the way, back to dreams and the dreamworld: nothing more than another dimension. With different rules, different mechanisms. Yet, they kind of exist in our world, don’t they, and they often “bleed into” our reality.
        Anyway, I think there is plenty of interdimensional travel going on that we’re not consciously aware of. Would be surprised, too if all UFOs turned out to be from our own universe.


      24. tomibacsi

        dreams are crossover experiences with our subconscious primordial soup of feelings, like I just talked about with david regarding entheogenic experiences. before we evolved holographic eyes we had a mind’s eye. the worm, in choosing how to go about traveling through the soil, follow temperature gradients because its mind’s eye has stored, subconscious patternings of travel (protocols for travel for rotational grazing purposes).

        Like you say we dream visions and ‘see’ ghosts with our psyche, when our metaconscious mind’s eye (mind-seeing) is crossing over into our subconscious primordial soup of animalian mind-feeling. I only push-back when we don’t have the sobriety (groundedness) to recognize that the metaconscious mind-seeing has crossed-over to meld with another of the nested evolutionary emergencies (emergent dimensionary phenomenon) of holographic mother consciousness that we call the subconscious, the instinctively patterned mind-feeling which, under ‘standard operating procedure,’ is not experienced by metaconsciousness.

        The dreamstate/ghoststate/tripstate is a natural function of a layered, complex consciousness having a multilayered experience. The feverish mental state and the ‘natural high’ of a fit body after intense exercise could both be said to be (‘opposite’) multilayered experiences of metaconsciousness and mother body consciousness crossing over with each other, right? Which brings me to myself: as a fit, straight edge animist who chops a lot of wood and carries a lot of water and eats the most nutrient-dense of home diets, I’m into that grounded, natural high and it’s a pretty impermeable state for me and that makes sense in my ecology, I have about 100 animals to care for across two nearby (to each other) properties with very little infrastructure on them, and twice a day milkings, and land to clear, and physical dangers to steer clear of. But I also explored those permeable, multilayered states of consciousness when younger and more carefree and my life didn’t have the intense criticality of an ambitious homesteader preparing for the catastrophic collapse of civilization being doing so is how I honor all the evolutionary work that went into our species.

        Psychosis is ‘mass formation’ syndrome – giving undue holographic form to mind/metaconscious experience; or rather, as just said, to permeable meta-subsconscious experiences. The -osis suffix in psychosis means “formation.” So a psychotic break is thinking something is ‘real’ (holographic) when it’s not, or even more psychotically, elevating permeable meta-subconscious experiences above the dominant metaconscious habit required to have high-functioning life skills, in believing the permeability to be supernatural, supreme, supremacist. It’s a an ecologically catastrophic perspective.

        Physics must accord with natural law and therefore Reason. Any quantum theories or ‘understandings’ of experimental observations that do not accord with reason are just theoretical/contextual/cultural misunderstandings of the data. I discussed some of that here with Clarifire the other month and in discussing it (the theoretical misunderstanding about the wave/particle ‘duality paradox’ which doesn’t actually exist and why, because reality is a unitary objectivism), it eventually led me to the new theoretical understanding to me, which I refer to as the Two Darks – the functions of dark matter and dark energy. I had previously felt/intuited that gravity is in fact based on consciousness rather than the ‘materialistic’ theory that it is based on mass, but Clarifire having brought up the seemingly paradoxical observations by physicists of the Two Darks spurred me to have to try and incorporate them according to reason, and I believe I did.

        As a pissant nobody of middling intelligence (judging by the 1230 on my SAT), I must be psychotic to think that I’ve been able to legitimately incorporate the Two Darks into a primordial soup home cosmology, and do it according to Reason. Well it’s a working truth until I or someone else pokes a hole in it. It’s the beauty of keeping it simple and interconnected – shit works really well that way. Creation (beginning elemental natural law) never strayed from that beginning. If consciousness reasoned how to self-organize into evolved forms of emergent consciousnesses beyond elemental — metaconsciousnesses — like primordial biological consciousness, then Creator was competent. And primordial soup biology based on hyperreactive free nuclueobases and polymerases — superenzymes — went on to ‘reason-out’ (with reactive trial and error, then self-organizing protomemory) more metaconscious emergencies when free lipids started self-organizing around nucleobases and polymerases, forming membranes, forming safe harbors within which eddies of enzymatic reactions could evolve with far fewer outside disturbances. The prokaryotic cell emerged – a new metaconsciousness. The eukaryotic cell came along. Cell division emerged as yet a another emergency of consciousness. And then complex organisms of variegated chemical, metaconsciousnesses with yet another emergent property we call instinct (genomic lengthening enabling complex behavioral hardwiring for a billion-fold cellular structural complex) coming online, as in the worm. From instinct emerged the subconscious, and from the subconscious ultimaty emerged what we informally call metaconsciousness but all of these past emergencies of consciousness are meta-. They are all tipping points in holographic consciousness/intelligence/curiosity, which is built on relentlessly patterning the reasons why a particular dynamic (cause) could confidently be linked to a subsequent dynamic (effect). The ever so simple, Creational, there (in) there.


      25. “If it weren’t for holographic reality — eating drinking shitting pissing and fucking — can you honestly say that you can know that you would have experienced anything at all of disembodied spirit?”

        For any chance of a meaningful ‘answer’ to your honesty challenge…

        define “you” (and do all 3 instances refer to the same thing?)
        define “can know”
        define “experienced”
        define “disembodied spirit”


      26. “define “you” (and do all 3 instances refer to the same thing?)
        define “can know”
        define “experienced”
        define “disembodied spirit””

        it’s really good to have you back david. remember when you asked me to elaborate on flat-earthism, and your appreciation for my elaboration? and, separately, your appreciation for my “saltiness?”

        realize, my brother, that you are ‘flat-earthing’ right now. I am not saying this lightly. as I’ve said before, flat-earthing is the rock-bottom ‘frequency.’

        take heart! feeling rock bottom is a necessary part of the rebirthing process. refusing to feel it –willful ignorance — is the abortifacient.

        as an aside, regarding experiencing, I always felt that Rupert Spira’s experiencing/awaring ‘direct method’ was the most relevant ‘nondual’ approach I came across. Mr bare minimum-alist. If the goal of ‘nondual’ teachings are to return us to ground — to the ground state of elemental consciousness that all holograms share — then nondual psychological philosophy can make a major contribution as a stepping stone towards the right action of the holistic (MindBody) nondualism that is the human historical ground-state culture known as animism, wherein our original (truly original) holgraphic participation in our surroundings sees no perceivable separation between our psychology and “dinnertime [coming] in four minutes” as Spira puts it. Can you even imagine that? That is the exact reason why animists chose not to farm other life – they were non-dual holists, so I understand the middleground that you guys are standing on right now.


      27. “Reason tells us that ghosts/disembodied spirits are obviously contemporary gnomes, sprites, and trolls. Yet you’ve only seen ghosts but no sprites.”

        The entire 3 paragraphs before your triumphantly arrogant (and spurious) conclusion above was IMO nothing more than conjecture and invented cognitive bias confirmation, in a field you admit to being fundamentally ignorant of.

        You have a habit of presenting assumptions which conveniently back up intellectual theories of authors you’ve read and agreed with, as facts. It’s a shame because hidden inside all that rhetoric and intellectual word play are ideas worth discussion, IMHO.

        The tendency towards assumption and monopolistic claims to accuracy adds unnecessary noise, reading becomes a chore. Harris has a similar style of communication 😉


      28. david my friend and brother. 🙂

        I like your fighting spirit. When on hemmed-in ground one must fight because there can be no more flight.

        Sun tzu tells us the cornered beast is the most dangerous of beasts, and if it at all possible it’s best to leave him a momentary ‘out’ and then slay him when the fire has died down some but the terrain is still highly advantageous to you. (This of course was in the days of close-quarters combat.) Otherwise you face an ‘otherworldly’ kamikaze opponent which represents it’s own kind of advantage and heralds the reappearance, yet again, of the toroidal natural fractal, the return function, the polar feedback loop: certain death returns with a vengeance — returns the most freely — to take two pounds of flesh from the life that has condemned it to death.

        Seek to take your two pounds of flesh until you’re satisfied (go ahead and purge) and then use your 4B year old reasoning faculty to actually argue for your easy peasy claim that my historical patterning of the ‘spirit world’ is baseless conjecture and arrogance. Or don’t, and in not doing so, tacitly concede the point. Because that’s how this works, david, and you’re well aware of that or you wouldn’t be here.

        I have taken several major ‘wrong turns;’ we don’t travel the narrow path as the crow flies. The winding of our way back to the Home Knowing is not wrong when the terrain requires it, and indeed this is mountainous terrain.

        Look! that looks like the best pass up there. don’t you think? 🙂


      29. Not sure why you feel the need to fight, but that does seem to be your thing 😉

        I stand by my opinion as stated.

        I’m also happy to play your honesty game if you’ll be so kind as to define your terms, as requested, to a point I know I am playing your game as you intended 🙂


      30. OK brother, my bad.

        I have enjoyed and appreciated our interactions.

        “this is a very good conversation” 🙂


      31. thanks david that means a lot. I know that I push the boundaries of etiquette like when I offered up Emerson’s hobgoblin quote to tomibacsi, knowing how natural it would be for him to take that personally as well as meaningfully; our friend has all the hallmarks of a wise elder. I apologize for making it seem like I was invalidating your formative entheogenic learnings. That wasn’t my intention.

        Seers from their respective bands have always sought each other out and gathered together to journey with each other in the truth of natural law, nested ‘inside’ of metaconsciousness. These are the origins of astral travel and the divining of the akashic record, both of which — the ‘star plane’ (space) and the ‘sky record’ — are volumetric references to getting inside of holography to understand what it is by how it patterns, and concluding that spirit/consciousness, in its cohabitation with energy, inhabits a cohabitant (symbiotic) hologram which itself is an emergent (dimensional/volumetric) deal; what animist cultures universally referred to as some close variation of “the great spirit/mystery in the sky,” with Sky meaning everything – ourselves, earth, moon, sun, sky, space, the stars.

        Entheogenic experiences are radically honest, meta-subconscious ones; that is, metaconsciousness bleeding/tapping into the subconscious. The subconscious is the evolved intermediary between metaconsciousness and mother (body/holographic) consciousness. We can know that holographic consciousness is true, reason-based (supremely adapted to accurately responding to cause and effect in the evolutionary ecology) holistic consciousness because we wouldn’t exist otherwise, wouldn’t be 4 billion year old survivors. Animals evolved a subconscious so as to pattern the feelings that result from cause and effect. Accumulated/pooled feelings outside of metaconscious reason are what we call primal. Therefore the subconscious is a primordial, animalian soup which is but once-removed evolved emergency (emergent state) of the mother consciousness. Animism was and is human (metaconscious) culture based on the primordial soup of subconscious, patterned feeling – patterned on natural law. Gut feeling. Native emotional intelligence.


      32. I found it easier to use only the reply and like buttons in the WP comment update emails, rather than try to navigate the horrendous WP comments section layout.

        That’s no slight on Mike BTW in regards to this wonderful website: WP has always been a bit unwieldy and the number of updates it constantly requires make it a webmaster’s nightmare, especially if you use 3rd party plugins… or that’s how it used to be 😉


      33. Can’t stand nested comment sections, and this one is particularly bad. Prefer simple numbered chronological threads where you state name and number if you’re replying to someone.


  2. Great article Mike and also Dr Sam Bailey ‘s video .🙏
    Thanks to Dr Lanka and the people before him who never gave up against all the odds. We got a better understanding of biology .

    Not worth engaging with ignorance ( there is a difference between genetics and nucleic acid research ) and vitriolic comments with no constructive criticisms or contribution but some nefarious agenda.*1hvdz5*_ga*MTIzMTkzOTQ4OC4xNjI1NzM1OTcw*_ga_T49FMYQ9FZ*MTY2MDY3NDgyOS4xMTk5LjAuMTY2MDY3NDgyOS4w

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  3. Excellent job putting forth Stefan Lanka’s analysis, Mike! Judging by the comments of some people here, the 9/11 researchers who used the official story’s data regarding WTC7 showing that even if this data were accepted as true they would still not support the official account (i.e. the August 21, 2008 report, with an addendum on November 1, 2008) had no right to do so since they didn’t think these data were valid. I had to learn the hard way to simply not engage some people. 🙂

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  4. Thanks for compiling this information Mike. I am very happy to have access to it in one place. The only problem I have now is getting people to read it. People are pathetically lazy. They do not want to think. And when they have to think, they only want to think what other people tell them to think. For some reason people feel safe in cults and scared to death when they’re alone. I, for my part, feel safe when I’m alone, and scared to death when I’m even around a cult.

    People like to be with people that think and act like they do. This is also why there are different political parties and different religions. I’ve given up on the people that think viruses are real. They’ve been hypnotized and I’m not going to waste my time trying to get them to snap out of it. It’s like they’ve been put into an induced mental coma. I’m going to spend my time talking to people who want to think rather than being told what to think. I’m looking for open minded people not mental zombies.

    And then there’s the issue of people who know the truth but choose to go along with the lie so they can stay in the cult, keep their jobs and their standard of living. The worst people are the ones who demand that other people take vaccines. These people are no different than the Nazis. They claim they have a good motive, but I don’t buy it. So there is bitter enmity between myself and them. Sorry to end on a bad note, but that’s how it is.


    1. There’s so much that resonates in your post. Here’s a possibly relevant point for our current situation/times: There was a university study some years ago (USC I think), where the test group was given some new information that required them to challenge the generally accepted view like the world flat, (or round) or, viruses don’t actually exist etc. and asked to believe it..It required a paradigm shift.

      ‘The study found this: 50% believed the new information immediately- without thinking. 30% rejected the new information immediately-without thinking.
      15% wanted to wait awhile while they made up there minds, but asked for no clarification or more info. 5% analyzed all the details, studied the info. carefully, and finally came to a conclusion.

      The results of the study go like this; It’s estimated the 5% of the people think, 15% of the people think they think, and 80% of the people would rather die than think.’
      I hope and pray we’re looking for more than the 5 percenters…


      1. Ain’t that the truth, miker. It’s like the tacit evangelical christian acknowledgement that only 20pc of the people in the pews are christians and 50pc are there on business.


      2. The information from the study is useful. This convinces me that most people are relying on their instincts when they form an opinion about the Covid injections. The coercion from the governments and corporations will obviously tip many people to go against their instincts. Others are simply going to weigh the risks – is the risk from the virus greater or is the risk from the vaccine? So this must be how they “think.”


    2. I would add tow links.
      This one explains why some people get it and other don’t.

      Normal thinking Is limited in the perception of everything.

      8 min.

      And came across this short Carl Sagan clip today.

      Carl Sagan. Who is running science and technology?


      2 min.


      1. PC

        Gonna ride you again here.

        It’s easy peasy to say, “this one explains why some people get it and others don’t,” followed by a David Icke anti-thinking monologue, lol, that falsely tries to divide and conquer by separating the Socratic method (systematic reason-based patterning of truth) from (the) “knowing” (of truth). In Icke’s shallow world you can just be ‘heart-centered’ and ‘know’ disembodied spirit ‘truth.’

        It takes the work out of truth for you just like machines and manual laborers take the work out of life for you. Lucky you! What a blessed being you be!


  5. I will just say on the HIV subject that I have well over a hundred HIV tagged friends who have been alive for years and some decades with AIDS drugs and I have been in a chat group for a year with around 20 HIV tagged pregnant African ladies or mothers who all have HIV negative partners, some of the mothers have become HIV negative after having their babies. The HIV test clearly cross react with retroviruses that appear in the placenta as part of the pregnancy process. Syncytins being the main ones there.
    But ‘retroviruses’ is probably a misnomer when they clearly are RNA packages with functions and do a lot of cell fusions in the body.
    Whatever the complexity of arguing over what HIV is, the claim about cross reacting with HIV tests and then dying because you are positive is a fraud.
    In my opinion HIV is a ‘retrovirus’ that fuses HLA-DR markers on cells to immune cells like t-cells and macrophages in a process of cell tagging, as HLA-DR genes alert the immune cells to remove the cell.
    HLA-DR being an alert to immune cells that the cell is damaged.
    HLA-DR markers appear in pre-eclampsia and many South Africans when pregnant either due to diet, genetics, heat exposure or lack of sunlight have higher levels of pre-eclampsia.
    The rest of the HIV pandemic over there is guided by over-testing of pregnant women and extrapolating an epidemic from the results in pregnancy centres.

    This study years ago is what drew my attention to the HLA-DR cross reaction problems.
    I have way more studies that indicate this may be the cause of positivity.
    ‘Antigen p24 was localized to HLA-DR positive cells that morphologically resembled macrophages in areas of villitis.’

    ‘Cryostat sections of human normal term placentae were studied for evidence of immunopathology by using antibodies to lymphocytes, macrophages, platelets, and coagulation factors. Areas of so-called chronic villitis of unestablished etiology were identified in all placentae. The same tissues were examined for HIV protein antigens gp120, p17, p24, and gp41. No evidence for gp41 was found. Antigens gp120 and p17 were identified in normal chorionic villi in vimentin-positive fibroblast-like cells and in endothelium, respectively. Antigen p24 was localized to HLA-DR positive cells that morphologically resembled macrophages in areas of villitis. The distribution of gp120 and p17 was similar to that observed for tissue factor. These findings prompted speculation that retroviral proto-oncogenes that are known to encode for certain placental receptors could be involved in the presentation of tissue factor, and that gp120 may be a hitherto unrecognized immunobiological mechanism for the blockade of CD4 on maternal lymphocytes if and when such cells gain entrance to chorionic villi.’
    HIV proteins in normal human placentae

    Leave some more anyone can follow…

    “During preliminary experiments to establish the proportion of virus-coded p24 protein to virus membrane-associated HLA-DR in gradient-enriched HIV-1 preparations, we became aware of a large variability between experiments. In order to determine whether HLA-DR-containing cellular material was contaminating the virus preparations, we carried out enrichment by gradient centrifugation of clarified supernatants from noninfected cells and tested this material for HLA-DR content. We found that, independently of the cell type used, gradient enrichment resulted in the isolation of large quantities of HLA-DR-containing material which banded at a density overlapping that of infectious HIV.”
    Cell Membrane Vesicles Are a Major Contaminant of Gradient-Enriched Human Immunodeficiency Virus Type-1 Preparations

    ‘The evaluation of the presence of p24 antigen on the membrane of peripheral blood mononuclear cells from 31 HIV infected individuals is presented.’ …
    ‘Cases showing p24 Ag on peripheral blood mononuclear cells also presented percentages of CD3, HLA-DR positive cells significantly higher than p24 negative ones.’
    Detection of the HIV p24 antigen on lymphocyte membranes using flow cytometry

    This is Gallo’s study where he claimed p24 was a cancer marker, and if you look closely at HLA-DR markers, when they appear on cancer cells you have a better chance of survival as the immune system then recognises the cancer cells and removes them.

    “Circulating immune complexes from two patients with human T-cell leukaemia/ lymphoma virus (HTLV)-related lymphoma were shown to contain the major internal antigen of the virus, p24.
    The amount of complex-bound p24 in sequential serum samples correlated roughly with tumour cell mass.
    Small amounts of complex-bound p24 were detected in samples before a relapse became clinically manifest.
    Measurement of complex-bound p24 in patients with HTLV-associated lymphomas and leukaemias might thus be helpful in management of malignancies and offer the possibility of detecting imminent relapse and preventing it by intensification of treatment.”


    ‘A monoclonal antibody (SJ-9A4) to P24 present on common alls, neuroblastomas and platelets – I. Characterization and development of a unique radioimmunometric assay 1983

    ‘The release of the P24 antigen into the culture medium by a C-ALL cell line maintained at 37 degrees C could be detected; however, no P24 antigen was present in the culture medium when the cells were maintained at 4 degrees C. Sequential analysis of the culture medium for soluble P24 antigen revealed that release of the P24 antigen associated with cell growth. Molecular sieve chromatography of concentrated culture medium indicated that shed P24 antigen was eluted in the macromolecule fraction. P24 antigen was detected in the cerebrospinal fluid (CSF) of four patients with P24 positive ALL at the time of relapse of the central nervous system (CNS) and was undetectable while in complete remission. The CSF from three patients with P24 negative ALL and three patients with aseptic meningitis had no detectable activity.’
    Shedding of leukemia-associated P24 antigen by lymphoblastoid cell lines 1987

    Always look for the functions and avoid thinking of viruses as viruses, what are we measuring and what could the measuring mean?
    Viruses as a name automatically labels whatever we see as disease causing.
    Influenza and measles in my books are just attachment strands for bacteria.
    Herpes and papilloma ‘viruses’ look like they are endogenous and herpes is used by the immune system to break up collagen and papilloma seems to dump collagen on like concrete to stop things like squamous cancers spreading.
    Pox diseases could be seen as massive angiogenesis events that have gone out of control with multiple causes, poisoning and radiation being co-factors.
    My thoughts.


    1. Interesting Cal. What do you mean by attachment strands for bacteria? And what the function of them and the bacteria?

      And regarding poxes. These out of control surface blood vessel build-outs, are you saying they’re not in service of an emergency skin detox but rather the body going haywire?


  6. Mike,

    Another excellent article.

    As a historical footnote, a 2007 review in Annals of Neurology, based on previously sealed Nobel Committee archives, revealed Enders, curiously, was awarded the 1954 Nobel Prize as a result of Sven Gard effectively overriding the established nomination process by lobbying for the substitution of Enders to replace the Nobel Committee’s original recommendee, Vincent du Vigneaud. Co-awardees Weller and Robbins also were selected in anomalous fashion.

    Gard’s 8/14/1954 Nobel award ceremony speech offers insights into his rationale.

    His key role in single-handedly promoting and effecting the 1954 Nobel Prize award to Enders, Weller and Robbins helped contribute indirectly to the perpetuation of virology pseudoscience; the transition to the post-1954 “genetic virology” model that replaced the “protein toxin” model (disproved in 1951 according to Dr. Lanka); and all of the “genetic virology” model’s subsequent harms. For that, Gard deserves special recognition.

    4/27/07 – Annals of Neurology: “Polio and Nobel prizes: looking back 50 years” by Erling Norrby, Stanley B. Prusiner

    “…In 1954, John Enders, Thomas Weller, and Frederick Robbins were awarded the Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine “for their discovery of the ability of poliomyelitis viruses to grow in cultures of various types of tissue.”5370 …. By searching previously sealed Nobel Committee archives, we were able to review the deliberations that led to the award. It appears that Sven Gard, who was Professor of Virus Research at the Karolinska Institute and an adjunct member of the Nobel Committee at the time, played a major role in the events leading to the awarding of the Prize. It appears that Gard persuaded the College of Teachers at the Institute to decide not to follow the recommendation by their Nobel Committee to give the Prize to Vincent du Vigneaud. Another peculiar feature of the 1954 Prize is that Weller and Robbins were included based on only two nominations submitted for the first time that year….”

    8/14/1954 Nobel award ceremony speech by Sven Gard.


    Click to access The-Initiators-of-the-Corona-Crisis-Have-Been-Clearly-Identified.pdf

    “…A Nobel Prize and its disastrous consequences…

    The virologists who maintain the existence of disease-causing viruses refer to a single publication [translator’s note: to justify their actions and pass them off as science, this is easily recognisable as mind-bogglingly unscientific. The papers published on the 1st June 1954 explicitly describe the authors’ observations as speculations and that these speculations would need verification in the future. On the 10th December 1954 the lead author of the study, John Franklin Enders received the Nobel Prize for a different speculation within the old “viruses are dangerous protein toxins” theory (refuted in 1951!), and this Nobel Prize achieved two things: the old, disproved toxin-virus theory was given a pseudo-scientific halo and the new genetic-virology was given the highest, supposed scientific honour. this in turn made sure that verification of the aforementioned measles publication never took place…

    …Enders, his colleagues and indeed everyone else have overlooked – dazzled by the Nobel Prize – that the death of cells in the laboratory is not induced by a virus. rather, the cells in the laboratory are systematically and unintentionally killed without anyone realising that this is what they are doing! The cells are killed with cell-toxic antibiotics, through extreme starvation by withdrawing the nutrient solution and through the addition of decomposing proteins that release toxic metabolic products…”

    Keep up the good work!

    All the best.

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      1. My pleasure, Mike!

        Please also note this hyperlink correction for that 6:04 am post:

        It appears your website software automatically incorporated the separate right bracket by appending a substitute “%5D” code to the preceding hyperlink in the quoted section from Dr. Lanka’s 4/2020 paper, resulting in a “404 – File not found” error when clicking on that hyperlink.

        Here’s that link again. Hopefully, it will post properly this time:

        Click to access propagation-in-tissue-cultures-of-cytopathogenic-agents-from-patients-with-measles.pdf

        All the best.


    1. Catherine regarding the last quote I find it very hard to believe that virologists are unintentionally killing cells by subjecting cultures to extreme starvation and overdosing them on antibiotics without realizing it. While their work is rendered culturally idiotic due to their confirmation bias, it obviously doesn’t mean that they can’t tell that food withdrawal causes stress, it just means that they withdraw food in order to weaken the cellular terrain so that the ‘viral pathogens’ can proliferate.


  7. Typo, should be without… ‘I will just say on the HIV subject that I have well over a hundred HIV tagged friends who have been alive for years and some decades without AIDS drugs’


    1. All one needs to do is read the study limitations to see through this ridiculousness:

      “Our study has several limitations. Although we recruited throughout the pandemic, our sample size for each variant and subvariant was relatively small. As a result, we were limited in making comprehensive comparisons such as the correlation between EBA viral RNA load and culture positivity for specific variants. Although we were able to sample children infected with the Omicron variant, our sample size was too small to make any conclusions about viral aerosol shedding from children. The EBA collection procedure is not suitable for children under age 6 years. Lastly, we did not sample participants throughout their entire infection. Because viral loads in aerosol samples were low, we opted for a sensitive but non-quantitative measure of infectiousness. Thus, we were unable to assess the impact of variants and Omicron subvariants on the duration of viral aerosol shedding and infectious virus titres in EBA.”

      Sadly, most do not read these limitations (if listed) and will not see that the sample size was small, the “viral” loads were low, and they could not quantify how much infectious “virus” was present. All they did was detect RNA using faulty PCR tests. As usual, the study did not use any proper controls.

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  8. If there is no contagion, why are chickenpox or measles parties successful? Surely, it’s not 100% successful and not all kids will get it, but as far as I know, it does work in a large percentage of cases. Whereas, if there is no contagion, it should work at all.
    Statistically it’s almost impossible that if a kid with chickenpox comes to our house with a bunch of other kids, and a number of kids just happen to contract chickenpox over the next week.
    I accept that the combination of toxicity, nutrition, EMF and various stress factors will cause the various illnesses, but if none of the kids contracted this illness the weeks, months or years before and just happened to contract it right after the chickenpox party, that’s just way too much of a coincidence. (not a statistician, but adding up all these happenings, we’re talking 1 in billions of chances)
    Is it possible that there is something else that’s causing contagion? (if we take out viruses as a possibility) Perhaps on an energetic level…I don’t know. Would love to have your thoughts on this.


    1. “If there is no contagion, why are chickenpox or measles parties successful?”

      The problem with chickenpox and measles parties is that the stories are all anecdotal. There are no studies which actually show this transmission of these diseases from one kid to another. There were studies done in the early 1900’s which were actually unsuccessful in transferring these diseases to children:


      “Hess and Unger failed to produce varicella in normal children by inoculating them upon the mucous membranes of the nose and throat with vesicle lymph and material collected from the nose and throat of patients with chicken-pox, or by inoculating them intracutaneously, subcutaneously, or intravenously with fresh vesicle lymph.”

      Source: (doi:10.1001/archpedi.1918.01910130041005)

      SHINGLES (said to be the same “virus”):

      “Several observers (Lipschiitz, Meineri, and others) have made isolated
      attempts to inoculate human volunteers with herpes zoster, but always with negative results.”

      Source: (doi: 10.1084/jem.42.6.799.)

      For more evidence of failure to transmit these diseases to animals, please see this article:


      This is from Daniel Roytas’s research on measles:

      “In 1817, Themmen undertook five experiments where he exposed incisions on the arms of healthy children with the blood, tears and perspiration of infected children. None of the children contracted measles.

      In 1799, Dr. Green reported that he successfully infected three children by exposing them to the fluid of measles scabs, however there are no reliable records on this(1).

      In 1801, Chapman repeatedly tried to infect healthy people with measles by exposing them to the blood, tears, nasal mucous, lung fluid and the discharge from measles scabs, however none of the participants became sick(1).

      In 1809, Willan tried to infect three children by exposing them to the fluid of measles lesions from sick people. None of the children became sick(1).

      In 1810, Waschel claimed to have experimentally infected an 18-year-old man with measles, however these claims were disputed by others at the time. The man became sick 22 days after inoculation and it is said the man actually contracted measles naturally and not from the inoculation(1).

      In 1822, Dr. Frigori tried to infect 6 children with measles. Whilst the children developed mild non-specific symptoms, they did not develop measles. Not happy with his results, Frigori attempted to infect himself but without success(1).

      In 1822, Dr. Negri tried to infect two children with measles, however he had the same negative results as Dr. Frigori.

      In 1822, Speranza attempted to infect 4 children using similar methods, but without success(1).

      In 1834, Albers tried to infect four children with measles, however none fell ill(1).

      Between 1845 – 1851 Mayr is said to have successfully infected 6 children with measles, however it seems to be a modified form of the disease (in other words, not measles)(1).

      In 1890, Hugh Thompson tried to infect children with measles in two separate instances, however both attempts failed(1).

      In 1905, Ludvig Hektoen reports that he was able to successfully infect two healthy people with the blood of infected measles patients(1). It should be noted that the blood was mixed with other substances, such as ascites fluid before it was injected. This experiment is considered to be the best evidence that proves beyond any doubt that the measles virus causes disease(2). There are few specific details about the signs and symptoms that these patients actually exhibited, so there is some doubt as to whether they really had measles(3).

      In 1915, Charles Herman swabbed the nasal mucosa of 40 infants with cotton buds covered in the nasal secretions of infected measles patients. The majority of the infants had no reaction, 15 infants had a slight rise in body temperature and a “few” were said to develop some red spots on their skin. At 1 year of age, 4 of these infants had intimate contact with infected people. None of the infants became sick and this is said to be due to the infants having “immunity”(4).

      In 1919, Sellards tried to inoculate 8 healthy men (with no previous exposure to measles) with the blood of measles patients, using the same methods as Hektoen. None of the men became sick(3,5). A few weeks later, the volunteers were exposed to an infected measles case, yet none of them became sick. Nasal secretions were then taken from measles patients and syringed up in to the nasal passages of the healthy participants. None became sick(3,5).

      Sellards also conducted another experiment to try and infect another 2 healthy human volunteers with measles by injecting them subcutaneously and intramuscularly with the blood of two infected patients. Neither man became sick(3,5).

      In 1919, Alfred Hess makes a comment about Sellards results. He states “It is remarkable that Sellards was unable to produce this highly infectious disease by means of the blood or nasal secretions of infected individuals, not long ago I was confronted with a similar experience with chicken pox, thus we are confronted with two diseases, the two most infectious of the endemic diseases in this part of the world, which we are unable to transmit artificially from man to man”(6).

      In 1924, Harry Bauguess wrote a paper and stated “A careful search of the literature does not reveal a case in which the blood from a patient having measles was injected into the blood stream of another person and produced measles(7)”.


      1. Hektoen L. Experimental Measles. J Infect Dis. 1905;2(2):238-255. doi:10.1093/infdis/2.2.238

      2. Degkwitz R. The Etiology of Measles. J Infect Dis. 1927;41(4):304-316. doi:10.1093/infdis/41.4.304

      3. SELLARDS AW. A REVIEW OF THE INVESTIGATIONS CONCERNING THE ETIOLOGY OF MEASLES. Medicine (Baltimore). 1924;3(2):99-136. doi:10.1097/00005792-192403020-00001

      4. Herman C. Immunization against measles. Arch Pediat. 1915;32(503).

      5. Sellards A. Insusceptibility of man to inoculation with blood from measles patients. Bull Johns Hopkins Hosp. 1919;257.

      6. Hess AF. NEED OF FURTHER RESEARCH ON THE TRANSMISSIBILITY OF MEASLES AND VARICELLA. J Am Med Assoc. 1919;73(16):1232. doi:10.1001/jama.1919.0261042006002

      7. BAUGUESS H. MEASLES TRANSMITTED BY BLOOD TRANSFUSION. Am J Dis Child. 1924;27(3):256. doi:10.1001/archpedi.1924.019200900610

      Regarding the appearance of infectiousness, some have stated that there may be some sort of bio-resonance situation where children sync up a childhood detoxification process in the way women can sync up periods but I have yet to see any good evidence for this. Others have focused on the psycho-somatic aspect of children being told they are going to be purposefully infected manifesting similar symptoms due to the suggestions by the parents. There is also the possibility of similar environmental exposures that could be affecting children at a similar time.

      There are many possible explanations for these symptoms appearing around the same time yet the attempts to transmit these diseases intentionally to humans and children more often than not failed. The evidence seems to overwhelmingly suggest that transmitting these diseases intentionally is not possible.

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      1. Hi Mike

        “There are many possible explanations for these symptoms appearing around the same time yet the attempts to transmit these diseases intentionally to humans and children more often than not failed. The evidence seems to overwhelmingly suggest that transmitting these diseases intentionally is not possible.”

        I think what you say there might need some specification. Are you meaning that “the attempts to transmit these diseases intentionally to humans and children [in clinical/research settings] more often than not failed”?

        I make the distinction because it could be argued that Chicken Pox parties are, and have been for quite some time, extremely successful attempts to transmit the dis-ease intentionally between children in any given community. In fact, many of us have direct lived experience of the ‘success’ of it.

        In terms of the intended agenda of sending your kid to a chicken pox party, the result for many (ie. those whose kids get the rash), suggests that transmission of the disease is not only possible, it is a piece of cake 😉

        Of course that doesn’t lead to any direct evidence of an exogenous ‘virus particle’ as transmissive agent, but it does make a decent case for some form of perhaps intelligent ‘contagion’.

        In the case of chicken pox, which seems to occur around the same age and usually at the same time for entire groups of children over many generations and periods of history, so much so that it is embedded in culture, the similarity of environmental exposures argument seems a bit of a reach. Also, the psycho-somatic argument doesn’t hold if parents don’t tell their kids they are going to Johnny’s house in order to catch a disease and get sick… I don’t know what is the norm, but I certainly did not have this scary (to a child) agenda revealed, we just went for a party with school friends. I’d be surprised if I was the only child in that position.

        To me, the ‘we’re all connected at various levels of awareness and non-awareness’ seems a better fit, but how to test that kind of ‘beyond the physical 5 senses’ hypothesis with the limitations of the 5 senses?


      2. Have you eliminated other factors like stress, malnutrition, toxins, unnatural EMF radiation, aging or physical trauma?
        Have you seen any kid expressing those disease symptoms while leading species appropriate lifestyle in species appropriate environment?


      3. “I make the distinction because it could be argued that Chicken Pox parties are, and have been for quite some time, extremely successful attempts to transmit the dis-ease intentionally between children in any given community.”

        The problem with these pox/measles party experiences are that they are anecdotal and are not scientific experiments. There are no studies on chickenpox or measles parties showing transmission between children. These are just stories. This also assumes that children at these parties are always “infected” which is not the case as I have heard from many that they went to one and did not come down with anything. How many children at these parties became “infected” and how many resisted “infection?” What variables or other factors were considered?

        Unless there is a controlled study, these stories by themselves offer little in way of evidence of some sort of transmission.


      4. Mike, thanks for the detailed reply. Based on all those cases I think we can firmly establish that in clinical/laboratory settings it’s very unlikely to reproduce contagion, so that’s definitely a strike against the ‘virus’ hypothesis.

        However, as davidonsocialmedia also points out, these parties are quite successful, and since kids are often not told why they’re brought there, the psychosomatic explanation can also be eliminated.

        I also think that the environmental argument is a bit of a reach and if we designed studies to eliminate it (i.e. bringing the sick child to the home environment of the unsick child – which I believe also happens) I’m quite sure it could be successfully eliminated as well.

        As for toxicity/EMF radiation, etc. playing a part – what I was suggesting was that the odds of all these things effecting the children just during that chickenpoxparty-following one week are astronomical.

        So yes, because we lack the scientific studies to demonstrate the ‘contagion’ with kids playing next to each other and transmitting the disease, we can’t categorically determine that it happens.

        However, just because we haven’t yet figured out how to scientifically prove something, it doesn’t necessarily mean it doesn’t exist. The anecdotal evidence (not just chickenpox parties, but also employees with flu symptoms going into the office and within days “infecting” half the office) are very strong and should not be outright dismissed.

        So far I’m leaning towards the bioresonance or as davidonsocialmedia suggested, the “we’re all connected at various levels of awareness and non-awareness” theory. But one thing for sure: this does sound like something worthy of further investigation.

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      5. You can’t disprove that something does not exist. It is illogical. You can only prove that something exists or prove that existence of something is unproven.
        If there was an infectious factor, it could be easily reproduce in clinical/laboratory settings.
        There is no proof of successful parties. And stress disrupts physiological processes.
        What 100% healthy kid was affected by the party?
        So far we do not have anything to show that kids transmit the disease.
        “However, just because we haven’t yet figured out how to scientifically prove something, it doesn’t necessarily mean it doesn’t exist. The anecdotal evidence (not just chickenpox parties, but also employees with flu symptoms going into the office and within days “infecting” half the office) are very strong and should not be outright dismissed. ”
        This is as strong as assumption about air poisoning, water poisoning, food poisoning, EMF damage or stress damage.
        Also you forgot that the most people lead unhealthy lifestyle in unhealthy environment.

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      6. “However, as davidonsocialmedia also points out, these parties are quite successful,”

        Successful based on what? There is no evidence these parties were successful beyond anecdotal stories. How many kids were successfully “infected?” How long after the parties did they develop symptoms? Did they all develop the same symptoms? What was considered a chickenpox diagnosis and who diagnosed it? How many kids came away without symptoms?

        Were other potential factors ruled out? Was the yard sprayed with pesticides recently? Could there have been a bedbug infestation? What were they eating at the time? What kind of air quality did they experience? Was there any increase in ambient radiation levels?

        Sadly, there is no evidence for any of these parties. It is all heresay. Unless these parties are recreated today under controlled conditions, there is little reason to rely on them as evidence of contagion/infectiousness. It would be interesting to see what the results from well-controlled studies would show. However, as I shared previously, infectiousness directly from the lymph vesicle was disproven in 1918. This is directly from the study:

        “Incidentally, these tests furnish interesting information as to the portal of entry of the virus of varicella. The fact that the lymph from the vesicles, when applied to the broken skin or to the mucous membranes, led to no infection must cause us to consider this investigation from quite another standpoint. How are we to explain this lack of infectivity of the contents of the vesicles, which are generally regarded as the source of infection, and are used as the criterion in prescribing the duration of quarantine?”



      7. “If there was an infectious factor, it could be easily reproduce in clinical/laboratory settings.”

        Not necessarily, if you’ve been paying attention 😉

        The whole point of this thread started by tomibacsi, which he appears to have confirmed above, is that he suspects there may well be some non 5 senses trigger for the childhood peer development of a dis-ease or cleansing condition.

        It’s possible that such a ‘contagion principle’ requires a natural environment, ie. one that exists normally within the community, and a clinical/lab setting is unlikely to be able to offer such an environment. This could explain Mike’s claim that no clinical/lab research has so far born out the validity of the once ubiquitous CP parties, which all parents and grandparents from my era of childhood know full well have a very good chance of ‘succeeding’ at the goal of ‘infecting’ their child or children.

        “There is no proof of successful parties.”

        Depends how you define successful. A parent would probably define success as his or her child getting the rash after attending the party. So if that happens, then it’s a successful party.

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      8. “What are “5 senses trigger”?”
        I actually wrote ‘non 5 senses trigger’ – crappy grammar admittedly.
        “Where did idea of the party come from?”


      9. @davidonsocialmedia

        What is a “non 5 senses trigger” or “5 senses trigger”?

        Where does an idea of measles party or chickenpox party come from?


      10. Can auras be ‘proven’? How about twins ‘feeling’ across continents how their other twin feels? Can you prove reincarnation? Or should we throw all these out the window because we haven’t yet proven them in a laboratory setting?

        I don’t believe it can much be argued that chickenpox parties are successful. And just because they’re not successful 100% of the time, or because the kid with 100% health didn’t contract the illness, that doesn’t mean there is no contagion going on.
        Here is the thing: even if just one of the kids attending becomes sick after the party, then you have to see whether that was just a coincidence (i.e. he would have got sick anyway because of toxicity/environment even if he was isolated at home) or there is something else going on.

        If this happens more than once, if more than one of the kids becomes ill with that particular disease, the odds start stacking against it being a coincidence. And as I said, if we look at all these happenings across decades and across the globe, and get a statistician to calculate those odds, I’m pretty sure we’re into the “astronomical” category.

        I’m not arguing for the virus theory, all I’m saying is that it seems extremely likely that there is some sort of contagion effect and there is something going on that we haven’t yet done experimentations for.

        And yes, I believe that we could. Have we actually brought a sick kid along with a number of healthy kids into the lab and let them play with each other while doing our best to control for all other factors? We probably haven’t.

        Mike, as I’m sure the biggest challenge you face day to day is the “anecdotal evidence” of people telling you about how they caught this or that and asking you to explain that. You’ve done fantastic work on researching this and educating the public that “no, it’s not the virus”, but I think until a reasonable counter-theory is proven for these and similar contagions, the virus theory will remain the dominant one. And mainly because the anecdotal evidence is so strong and often very difficult to explain them away with ‘coincidence’ and environmental factors. Surely, we can try, but it’s probably better to say: “we don’t know yet, but we do know it’s not THAT.”

        By the way, I do recognize the trouble with all the above in regards to the whole covid mess. But actually, even if we say that there is something (other than the virus) like bioresonance, for example, that facilitates ‘contagion’, we can still safely say that masks and vaccines are entirely useless. (which should have been pretty damn obvious by now if we had psychologically healthy people running the world)
        As for social distancing: would need more experimentation to know for sure, like those kids with chickenpox playing together with a safe distance and seeing whether that made any difference.

        I do believe we are connected on many levels, so I wouldn’t rule out anything at this point.


      11. “Or should we throw all these out the window because we haven’t yet proven them in a laboratory setting?”

        No, we do not need to throw them out. But we must then put the disclaimer that these remain unproven phenomena. Some things we may simply never know.

        “Here is the thing: even if just one of the kids attending becomes sick after the party, then you have to see whether that was just a coincidence (i.e. he would have got sick anyway because of toxicity/environment even if he was isolated at home) or there is something else going on.”

        I agree that these studies should be done and investigated further. I have a strong suspicion they are not done as those in a position to perform them know, through decades of attempts, that transmission does not occur in this way. If it did, they could easily perform such a study and shut people like me up. They haven’t and they won’t.

        “If this happens more than once, if more than one of the kids becomes ill with that particular disease, the odds start stacking against it being a coincidence. And as I said, if we look at all these happenings across decades and across the globe, and get a statistician to calculate those odds, I’m pretty sure we’re into the “astronomical” category.”

        We can not just assume these parties are successful based on anecdotal reports. There is no hard data to point to showing how many pox parties there were, how many children became “infected,” how many didn’t, etc. This data does not exist. The only data that does exist shows that transmission was unsuccessful.


    2. Causes of skin rashes:

      – the elimination phase of chemical, pharmaceutical or biological toxins, in parallel with the elimination of affected tissues and the phenomenon of tissue regeneration

      – the healing phase of tissue changes or tissue loss caused by harmful artificial electromagnetic radiation

      – the healing phase of tissue loss caused by the intense desire to get rid of something that is considered disgusting or dangerous


  9. Good conversation. My probably simplistic hypothesis for chickenpox parties is that chronic community-wide retinol deficiencies at a particular growth-spurt developmental stage for children when skin, being the largest organ, has high demands for retinol. Grouped, co-incidental ‘chickenpox’ symptomologies intelligently evolved so as to unambiguously alert (remind) the parents/elders that their relationship with the ecology was chronically imbalanced (grassfed meat and organ and dairy shortage). I would suggest that exosomes have a role to play in transmission, but not necessarily the only one. If we remember that symptoms are good, healing phenomena in and of themselves, and erms don’t exist, then any transmission of them that there may be doesn’t need to be resisted ideologically. Right kk?


    1. @reante

      “My probably simplistic hypothesis for chickenpox parties is that chronic community-wide retinol deficiencies at a particular growth-spurt developmental stage for children when skin, being the largest organ, has high demands for retinol.”
      Is your hypothesis based on Kaufman and Cowan’s hypothesis?
      “grassfed meat”
      I will give you some food for thought.
      Grassfed does not mean much. It must be species appropriate diet. Not just any grass.
      Organs can cause issues.
      Dairy is not widely available in nature.

      Prove those exosomes you are talking about.

      What phenomena have you observed?

      Are you one of those wannabe carnivores who think they know it all?

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      1. Is Andy’s and Tom’s hypothesis based on ‘mine’ might be the better question to be asking as I am not aware of their poxpothesis. Mine’s only a year or so old though.


      2. @reante

        Just admit that you repeat their hypothesis from 2020.

        Also I can say that you read my comments on twitter and YT where I was dealing with virologists and their supporters in 2020.


      3. There’s literature out there linking retinols to poxes and obviously it’s not a revolutionary idea but I do not recall reading their take on it. I am obviously pretty well aligned with Tom on diet. In all likelihood my evolutionary thinking on the chickenpox community function is original and has not been stated before. Since your trying to nail me to the wall why don’t you trot out their hypothesis already.


      4. @reante

        What retinols?
        What phenomena have they observed?
        What scientific experiments they have conducted?
        Are you talking about associations and correlations?
        What is significant about if your diet is the same as Tom’s diet?
        What have you discovered about unproven disease called as chickenpox?
        That people get sick if they are overloaded with toxins and useless matter?
        For example I got to such a conclusion when I checked out on my own if alleged bio viruses have been proven by direct real time observation of al vital occurring processes with them or experimentation on them as independent variables in the beginning of 2020. It took me less than 30mins.
        I do not need to explain their hypothesis as I was addressing my own on social media platforms after my aforementioned discovery. That we get disease symptoms when our physiological processes are affected by one or more of six factors, i.e., stress, toxins, malnutrition, unnatural EMF radiation, physical trauma and aging. And that culprits are in our lifestyle and environment.


      5. All disease can be boiled down to trauma. Trauma covers ‘all five’ factors you mentioned, not including aging, with has nothing to do with disease. Aging beyond your 20s and 30s is just a headwind, nothing more.

        The culprit is loss of animism.

        Looks like your mouth wrote another check your butt can’t cash regarding Tom’s and Andy’s hypothesis. Better luck next time.


      6. @reante

        Nonsense. It all boils down to disruption of physiological processes.
        Unnatural EMF radiation is not trauma as it is exposure to unnatural patterns of it. It does not have to be physical damaging radiation.
        Stress can be caused and prolonged by many things. It does not have to be shock only.
        Malnutrition is wasting away. Prolonged.
        Toxins is an overload of them.
        Physical trauma is an obvious physical damage.

        As you can see I destroyed all your arguments again. Just like every time.
        You have nothing on me with your clownism. And your eristics plus mental gymnastics are laughable.

        You are completely detached from reality.

        Also you repeat Tom and Andy’s ideas. You completely lack originality.
        And I exposed you here.

        You are finished.
        Try harder next time your stings with some gullible people.

        BTW there is a reason why I make you the laughingstock here. LOL


      7. @davidsocialmedia

        Yes, it is not. But I take as advantage as I am not lost in verbosity like you and reante.

        Also do not worry about me as I have proven myself at trash talk duels with English natives.

        And if you do not understand something, you can always ask again. Usually types like you want to use it as an excuse. But such eristics and mental gymnastics do not work on me. LOL


      8. @kordelas

        maybe I don’t know the whole context and your relationship, it’s just very strange to read all the bellicose, belligerent and borderline nastiness aimed @reante. Surely, that could be attributed to the non-native speakers not being able to understand the nuances and distinctions needed for proper sensitivity (although I’m not a native speaker, either) but somehow I don’t think that’s it.

        Surely it’s satisfying to our ego to flaunt our apparent intellectual or topical superiority, but the question is: is that really needed? Will they really benefit from that?
        Anyway, just something to be aware of.

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      9. @tomibacsi

        It is reante who has a long history of trolling with his drivel here, not me.
        Thus he needs to clean up his act.


  10. There is nothing mysterious in the manifestations of our disease states that we call symptoms, which are only natural adaptation phenomena of the body to be able to cope with harmful factors and to be able to heal itself.

    Our being is constantly searching for:

    – to rebalance the intensity of vital energy flows that circulate through the tissues;

    – to neutralize and eliminate toxins from outside the body;

    – to evacuate metabolic residues and damaged tissues;

    – to modify tissues so that they can deal with harmful factors;

    – to return to normal the modified tissues to be able to deal with harmful factors;

    – to repair tissues that have undergone degeneration;


    1. Yeah great Nike. And to think that so few of us are doing our being’s constant search justice, by setting it up for success as best we can. Respecting the rythmn. The ‘9-5,’ for one, is a devastating blow.


  11. david

    By ‘flat-earthing’ the Terrain I mean the taking the basic biological realities out of the terrain just like flat earth theory takes the basic topographical reality out of the terrain, and replacing them with fantasy. It’s an escapist alternate reality born of the deep trauma of getting red-pilled. Flat earthism is losing your shit because you got red-pilled. I’ve previously referred to it here as like the serially sexually abused kid that walks around like a zombie, all shut down and glazed over, as a protective coping mechanism. Playing dungeons and dragons for the rest of your life or whatever. So obviously I do have great sympathy for the plight of flat earthers of the terrain but I also feel that, as adults especially, they need to be held accountable because traumatized people often want to put their shit on others (misery loves company maybe) and the trauma of getting red-pilled is a spectrum and I’d rather they didn’t suck the more traumatized of conspiracy theorists into their black hole. And obviously the truth matters for its own sake.

    That said I don’t mean to make too much out of it, different strokes for different folks. There’s a desperation beneath it all though.

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      1. Maybe I can help, but first I need to know if the plane of the earth is in rotation about a central axis?


  12. Our being is of a complexity that far exceeds our power to be aware of it and to understand it… but which operates according to some extremely simple and extremely clear principles.

    All changes in the functions and structure of our body’s tissues and organs… have as their sole objective self-healing, in order to survive.

    What does our being do, permanently… to survive?

    – it intelligently modifies the characteristics of the energy flows that pass through the tissues and organs, in order to be able to deal with various harmful factors… and after the elimination of the harmful factors, it returns the characteristics of the energy flows to normal;

    – intelligently changes the structural characteristics of tissues and organs:
    1) to deal with harmful factors that do not bring toxicity from the outside into the body (negative emotional experiences, physical and intellectual overwork, quantitative and qualitative undernutrition, exposure to bad weather);
    2) to neutralize harmful artificial electromagnetic radiation;
    3) to neutralize and eliminate toxic substances from the outside (chemical, medicinal, vaccine, metalliferous, mineral and biological)…
    … and after the elimination of the harmful factors, it returns the structural characteristics of the tissues to normal parameters;

    – removes as efficiently as possible the substances resulting from catabolic processes and the residues generated by the psycho-somatic, physical, chemical and energetic tissue damage;

    – regenerates damaged or softened tissues due to various harmful factors of a psycho-somatic, physical, chemical and energetic nature.

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    1. Imagine how powerful are intense bursts of hard physical labor at pushing out particle and energetic pollutions. I imagine that we tap into the dark matter field a little deeper in order to focus our accumulated energy. We wield an increased/elecated consciousness in order to density our hologram so that we can impose our will on the surrounding holograms. As we crank out that pure, raw energy it flushes out the dirty signals. And when we’re spent and we rest, that densification of dark matter recedes like a tide and, since dark matter is the gravitational field, its recession pulls an abundance of dark energy into our being, which is why the high intensity training workout of our consciousness leaves us stronger than we were before.

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      1. Interesting idea 🙂

        “pulls an abundance of dark energy into our being”

        hmmm, not so sure about that… what do you mean by ‘being’.


      2. I was just rolling with Nike’s use of “being,” by which I just mean hologram/body.

        In case your lack of certainty revolves around the dark in dark energy, of course I’m talking about the cosmological dark energy field and not any kind of metaphorical darkness. The field energy gifted to us by the creator, along with the field gravity (Consciousness).

        I’m suggesting that dark energy and dark matter are tidal forces to be ridden. Ride the wave, brah.

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      3. Thanks for the clarification (that was quick)

        I’ll ponder what you wrote for a while and post back if I come up with anything worthwhile 😉

        Meanwhile, upfront, I’m much more comfortable with ‘dark energy’ (or what I Understand from that label) being related with body/hologram (vehicle), or even rather being source media, or perhaps better to say the precursor to the source media of the primordial soup (IME, alchemically speaking being a passive state of Elemental ‘building blocks’).

        Consciousness on the other hand (which to me is indeed the driver/creator) … well I’ll have to go attempt to check that out. Right now I’d bet on Consciousness wielding the Dark Force (in very crude terms), not being something that is wielded.

        Perhaps I should have included the word Consciousness as well as Being in my question for additional clarification 😉

        I see you kind of define it there in your response though, as ‘the field gravity’. To me that’s a lower order phenomenon – crap, language is so limited… I know I’m going to long for an edit function again as soon as I hit the button LOL


  13. You guys see that Steve Kirsch was on fox news last week. Can’t remember which show. He was talking about how the vaxxxes have killed hundreds of thousands and how at his friend’s wedding, out of the couple hundred conservatives that attended, about half were vaxxxed and half unvaxxxed, and from an informal survey they took something like 27 health crises and 3(?) deaths among the vaxxxed and zero and zero among the unvaxxxed, since the shots came out. And the host responded with the obligatory disclaimer.

    The million dollar question does seem to be, will they use the vaxxx war crime to the maximum to propel a reactionary third way national socialism into power or will they not go that far and just use it as a tailwind and the true extent of the carnage will be fogged-out by war crisis or famine crisis. Maybe it also depends on what the 1-3yr medium-term effects of them will end up being, which is the period that we’re just entering into.


    1. #unvaccinated was number one trend on twitter for a while.

      Lots of peeps expressing hubris, no doubt stoked by the relief of vindication, and many baying for the blood of the ‘opposing team’.

      Curious how this will play out.


      1. Very curious as well. Also interesting to watch if this becomes a legal issue. There is one big case that’s being settled out of court, but quite a few more on the docket, (mainly lawsuits against employers) I think it’s possible that if that picks up some steam, we could see an avalanche building.
        Insurance companies are also seeing billions of dollars in losses, they might just jump on board and try to get compensated for that.


      2. That’s true, but often we’re like an island nation and pretend that there is no outside of USA and what happens there is just ‘different’ and doesn’t apply. And it’s all about precedent, and if there is no ‘precedent’ in the US, legal teams have to start from scratch.

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    2. I think that depends who you’re referring to as “they”. Surely, there is a strong argument that it’s all just one agenda and one coordinated ‘attack’ on our freedom and way of life, but it’s quite possible that there are some sub-groups within all this and not all the agendas coalesce.
      But in any case, I think it’s quite likely that it’s not an either/or question, but what makes more sense at the time for them on the chessboard in this big game of psychological operation.
      So yes, it depends on the 1-3 year effects, but also on our pushback, level of public awareness and their tactics of countering those in order to further the agenda.


      1. tomibacsi

        well you’re fluent in English alright, you write beautifully. I can’t imagine making room for another language.

        Good summary. I do see all the countries with member central banks (of OldTestament capitalism) as being in full, supra political coordination on the global, nonpublic degrowth agenda that was ushered in with the plandemic. The agenda exists because we have reached the limits of civilizational growth (controversial idea) and therefore they HAVE to cooperate on the controlled demolition of globalism or the nuclear power industry will go Fukushima, among other catastrophic results, and the elites do not want that to happen at all costs because psychopathy is the opposite of suicidal.

        I agree that below the supranational control, there are competing interests among the various national elites. Before I got booted from a couple blogs for upsetting the applecart, I developed a patterned framework for how the supranational elites are apportioning future resources in a strategic manner and will continue to manage these resource-based conflicts of interest. I call this the Horse trading Theory of Everything, lol. The HTOE. So far the trades are setting up nicely, but we’re still in the developing stages. For example it predicted that Russia will reclaim Ukraine (best farmland country pound for pound, on the planet; full control of energy infrastructure to Europe; Russia is historically responsible for decommissioning the aging soviet nuclear power industry in Ukraine from which Russia is downwind). Another side of this particular three-way horse trade is that the US will dispatch with the House of Saud and have control over the distribution of remaining Saudi oil, the largest minority of which China has a claim to, the latter of which is the third party in the trade. The other horse China receives in this trade is that it gets control of Iraqi oil production (and indeed the US handed commercial control of Iraq’s oil industry over to China on a platter last summer, and the US is currently protecting that Chinese-run operation with its military – things that make you go hmmm). Another horse in this trade, which is the mother of all trades, is that Russia allows Venezuela to become an oil protectorate of the US, and indeed, earlier this year Chevron gained commercial control of Venezuelan oil production.

        The elites are extremely good at what they do, obviously. From their perspective it’s a dirty job but someone’s gotta do it. Even though that seems a little rich from our perspective, it’s not wrong – it’s civilization for you.


      2. I think we’re straying from original topic a bit, but since it’s all connected (especially because it all involves pulling the wool over our eyes) maybe we’re good. 🙂

        I like your HTOE model, certainly makes sense. I’ve been superficially observing these horse trades myself, but if that’s their definition of ‘civilized’, I’m happy to just join the ‘uncivilized natives’.
        They’ve been doing this for centuries, WW2 is a great example. Any party could have ended it any time (e.g. if the US just stops supplying the critical airplane oil for the Luftwaffe), but then what about all the unrealized profit!
        Same thing happening now with Ukraine. People are wondering (at least the ones with some understanding) how come we can’t get these people to sit down and negotiate. I’m sure they’d be happy to, was it not for those heavy arms grabbing their shoulders from behind, pulling them back as they’re approaching the table.

        It’s a disgusting game, but as long as the public is so much in the dark (Let’s put a Ukrainian flag on our house! Let’s send them money!) they’ll be allowed to keep playing these forever.

        Did you know that over the past couple years 28% of Ukraine’s farmland was purchased by Cargill, Dupont and Monsanto? 17 million acres. But I’m sure that’s all just a coincidence.

        The thing is, I wouldn’t even mind all this horse trading, if they could figure out the way to do this without casualties. But then, judging from history, a few tens of millions here or there make no difference to them so I’m not expecting for them to do this any differently this time around when the stakes are actually higher.

        I do see some hopeful signs though from more and more people waking up to this bullshit. And essentially we have all the power, we just don’t know it. All we need to do is just ‘say no’. That’s it.


      3. Yeah, nice comment. And, no, I didn’t know that about Cargill et al buying up Ukraine. That’s the political theater played perfectly, right? Just like the nationalism engendered in the US by china and gates buying up land, Russian nationalism gets engendered by the Western shenanigans.

        I do have to disagree with you regarding ‘people power’ if I understand you correctly. People power only exists under Dunbar’s Number, and life under Dunbar’s Number (hyperlocal subsistence society) is strictly forbidden. All we can and should do imo is move into open spaces as best we can as the system gets smaller. It’s a narrow path. A parallel existence.


      4. As for Dunbar’s Number being the obstacle for social change: then how did Gandhi do it?
        If people power only existed under Dumbar’s Number, we would have never had revolutions. Or what am I misunderstanding?

        So you’re suggesting that the only way forward is the society depicted in “Divergent”?
        I do believe in people power, as seen in the Canadian truckers or the Dutch farmers. Them saying “no” is having an effect, I can’t say it’s making the Elites’ knees shake, but it’s raising awareness.

        What I was alluding to was simply that ‘all’ we need is to stop buying their tools for mass control. We just need to stop paying their salaries and they’ll come to the negotiation table. After all, that’s what’s happening in China right now: people just said “no, we’re not paying the mortgage”, and that small action could start an avalanche that will overthrow the whole government. I’d say that’s pretty strong ‘people power’.

        Or what am I misunderstanding in your comment?


      5. thanks tomibacsi. sorry, I should have made clear the distinction between what I consider to be true change and fake/’social’ change. As an animist I see that civilization is structurally flawed and no good can come of it. Are there ‘lesser evil’ societies in civilization? Maybe, bit only temporarily, and only to be gobbled up by greater evil whether from within or without, because civilization structurally MUST grow, be it capitalist or communist (the USSR collapsed because it hit its all-time peak oil production two years before it collapsed). The definition of civilization is an agricultural society that runs structural surpluses year-on-year. We are no different than rats in a cage: increase the grain supply every year and the population increases, like day turns to night. We know that population always follows food supply.

        The (cultural) anthropological axiom that humans are not evolutionarily wired to treat others fairly (apply the Golden Rule) is self-evident to us if we look at our own lives. Who of us is capable of risking our life, of making a considerable sacrifice for, that 400th person in our life – that congenial acquaintance who cleans our toilets at work (reante) or takes our money at the supermarket (Cal)? None of is capable of that. And so it is that paleontology shows without exception that all subsistence societies fissioned into two (or more soon after reaching their particular Dunbar’s Number wherein chronic social dysfunction set in because fairness could not be maintained in reality.

        ‘Fairness’ being maintained in theory is the definition of politics, and is the cultural ‘innovation/adaptation that evolved in order to hold formerly subsistence societies together as they transitioned to surplus societies. That maintenance required social hierarchy which is the social duality of elitism and its concomitant suboordination of the non-elite. The charismatic, ‘big man’ of the society below Dunbar’s Number — the kick-ass natural leader who got shit done and gave the most — morphed into the
        chief of the chiefdom, and the elders morphed into the council of elders. Institutionalism was born. Organizational stupidity. The moment that happens is the moment that moment-to-moment meritocracy dies. That true society died. That animism dies.

        I see Gandhi as controlled opposition. As a young man he traveled to England to study law. He was mentored by a man who today would be a billionaire. He played a major role in (‘reluctantly’) facilitating the greatest ethnic cleansing in the history of the world, in the partition of India, immediate result of which was mass slaughter. His nonviolent life ‘philosophy’ is a psyop that to this day keeps untold hundreds of millions of people weak in body and mind. In the West it’s been wielded as an invasive parasite on the mind of man. His philosophy is an extreme subversion of natural law.

        We’re pack animals — clever ‘monkeys’ — it’s a legitimate argument to make to say that from the very beginning, in traveling to England, Ghandi subconsciously sought excessive power (colonial power!) by attaching himself to the power of the Machine. Power is tightly interwoven in the mind of man with reproductive strategy. Structural power is how secondary and tertiary males in civilization, with regard to sexual fitness, approach mating strategy. How much of Gandhi’s overtly political ambitions to help shape the futures of hundreds of millions of people he had never met before, had subconscious origins in his sexual desires? It’s impossible to know but we do know that he amassed so much cult-like power that he was able to sleep with very young women including a family member and, as an elite, not face the ordinary social consequences of doing so in a society that has strict taboos on that behavior. The con in being an elite is that you can break the rules because anybody who says anything about it is just shooting themselves in the foot. Several generations of elites divorced from the social feedback loop are actively breeding for sociopathy and psychopathy.

        A bigger picture criticism of the ‘Gandhi propaganda’ is that his role in England’s ‘retreat’ was as purely symbolic and mythical as was the abolitionists or Abe Lincoln’s role in ‘defeating’ cotton slavery.
        Both England’s transition from colonialism to postcolonialism and America’s transition from slavery to ’emancipation’ were truly just structural economic and infrastructural transitions from an agrarian management plan to an industrial management plan. These ‘cultural revolutions’ were mere window dressings for the industrial revolution. Let’s not kid ourselves here. 🙂 Coal and oil had made it far more profitable to ‘free’ people from muscle-powered slavery and colonialism and have them operate machinery instead. To find (relative) freedom in industrializing. How truly wicked is the elite con… the greatest writers of the period were the anti-industrial writers: dh lawrence, tolkein, orwell, huxley, sinclair.

        The con, the progress myth, is all about getting people to move further away from the truth while feeling like they’re moving ever closer to it.

        Truth only lies in freedom, and freedom only lies below Dunbar’s Number. If that wasn’t the case then according to the archeological record, every subsistence society that ever lived wouldn’t have fissioned soon after it reached DN. That’s how true the human desire for freedom use to be, because therein lies the true power of honesty.

        True power lies in having nothing to hide.


      6. @reante

        You’re not pulling any punches when it comes to humanity-in-general, are you? 🙂 But well put, thanks for the clarifications, I can tell you’ve thought about all this deeply.

        As for following the golden rule with people beyond your DN: I’m fortunate enough to know a few people like that, but I admit, it’s needle in a haystack. I’m an aspirant, there is some ways to go… 🙂

        I have to say though that for the most part I agree with you when it comes to looking at society from a helicopter view. I respect aborigine and Native American cultures a lot more than our civilizations, but haven’t studied them enough in depth to validate your theory that they all reach their max potential and then just get fissioned into others only to end up like all other ‘civilized’ ones.

        There is definitely a lot to be said about ‘separation trauma’ and I would add all other trauma we pick up in our growing years that shape and form us into dysfunctional adults who channel our anger and frustrations into the myriad ways of messed-up-society building.

        Reading your assessment I couldn’t help but think of Douglas Vogt’s theory of multidimensional reality and the apparent 12,000 year clock cycle that clears the slate, so we can just start over. (more here if interested: )
        If you’re familiar with the simulation hypothesis, that would also give a pretty good idea of what’s happening and why we need to keep going through these cycles. Or cycles within the cycles.

        On the other hand, I think where we may differ is our view in terms of how hopeless this is.
        For one, there is some evidence that more and more people are waking up to their own dysfunctionality, and although that’s no guarantee that they’ll raise trauma-free kids, there is good reason to think that it’s improving the odds. So theoretically if more and more of us are ‘waking up’, then we may just start creating small groups of communities that can then have value systems that allow them to coexist with similarly awakened communities and eventually we’ll have societies that come up with laws and policies that empower all their citizens and are not based on abusing and profiting from certain groups within them.
        Pollyannish? Am I reaching?
        Possible. But hope dies last, right?

        As for Gandhi… Oh, boy, sounds like I opened a can of worms there. I have to say I’m not up to speed on all the ‘untold’ history, but will certainly look into it. I still have high regard for Gandhi and although it’s certainly possible that despite him being an advanced being, his ego took over at times. It’s certainly a very treacherous path here on Earth. Life, that is.


      7. If the human race mind is undergoing initiation, as is my observation, then all bets about the nature of the human personality, in the medium-long term at least, are off, including DN, IMO


      8. I like the term ‘initiation’. It’s either that, or a some sort of graduation. Can we pass the our courses, so we can go on to the next phase? I think the jury is out on that, and the next 5 years will be absolutely critical. Much more so than the past couple hundred. (but maybe that’s what they said a hundred years ago, too)

        As for bets being off on DN: I do know at least one person who has transcended that number to over a thousand. It is, however, a siddhi power, not generally accessible for most people. Even for him it took a decade of spending 5-6 hours a day in ‘nothingness’ (samadhi) to reach that level.
        The only reason I’m mentioning this is that it is indeed possible, (i.e. theoretically possible for anyone) but certainly not from an everyday awareness.


      9. Great. DN is probably the most subversive finding on human nature that there is. Accordingly, if you search for it on google most of the results will be phony debunkings. As I’ve said before here, Robin Dunbar and Marvin Harris are imo the two greatest anthropologists of all time. Harris’ “Cannibals and Kings,” written in his prime, is the single most important book I’ve ever read on humanity. Harris in his prime was the Michael Jordan of anthropology.

        I did a poor job of framing DN. It is effectively a natural law of man – a hardwired (evolved) natural law based on hundreds of thousands of years of intelligent responding to cause and effect in the ecology. DN is a human adaptation. No man can undo DN in himself by taking himself out of the ecology and training his mind in some abstraction. DN was not an abstraction. DN was a necessity. The number varied due to the relative abundance of the local Terrain. People lived on foot and they hunted and gathered. In the ecology of average abundance, Dunbar estimated that about 150 humans could efficiently rotate themselves around their bioregion before their meat requirements started to outpace the distances they could reasonably travel to acquire it. Once a tribe started to outgrow the ecology (exceed the carrying capacity) life obviously got harder. Scarcity became a major factor in social life. Humans do not like it when their standard of living is lowered, because health is lowered, and the social fabric starts to fray. When the ecology can only carry, say, 75 humans at optimal nutrition and there are 150 people living in it, the true, reason-based, spiritual response by humans is to seek rebalance the population to the carrying capacity. Obviously, because there is no other animist solution. Farming the ecology would be enslaving the ecology and therefore yourself. So the tribe fissioned, as night turns to day.

        Hardwiring results from lived experience over many many generations. 99pc of human generations have never known life outside of DN. And civilized people don’t know life outside of DN either. ‘The world,’ hive-mind politics, religious doctrine, these are just abstract narratives that the elites invented in order to create the Matrix. Nobody on the planet even today has close, daily, working and living relationships of survival with
        more than 150-300 people. Hell, few people are at all engaged in daily provision of the necessities of life (survival).

        The ecology ultimately dictated DN. For animists, the ecology (natural law) always dictates everything. ‘Hardwiring’ is the result of the same consistent, repeated ecological stimulus (cause) over many many generations until the epigenetic (intelligent) response to the stimulus (effect) becomes so deeply ingrained (stabilized; not deselected-for) in the genome that completely undoing that hardwiring would take the same or a similar number of generations. We can know that DN has not been undone in us because all organizational structures of civilization are based on DN and its subcategories. The best example, and most formalized use of DN — for obvious reasons — is in military organization, where optimal performance is a matter of life and death. The most fundamental reason that humans became hardwired to DN was the practical distance man could travel on foot in order to acquire and carry back meat. True humans eat a lot of meat and animal fat because these foods are the most easily digested and the most nutrient dense. True humans work hard and have to feed the beast what it needs. The human diaspora across the planet was driven by one thing, and that was meat supply.

        Regarding the cultural transition you guys see humanity beginning to participate in, you might be interested in Owen Barfield’s (friend of tolkein and cs lewis) book ‘Saving the Appearances.’ There plenty about it online too. He was a cool christian grappling with the inherent conflict between his civilized christian faith and the fundamental corruption of civilizational culture itself. He realized that uncivilized man was culturally superior –of superior consciousness — and he referred to their (meta)consciousness as “original participation.” I forget what he called civilized participation, if anything. He believed in the idea of conscious evolution, though, and that despite civilization’s fall from grace, it enabled man to grow his (meta) conscious faculties, and obviously civilization has afforded that opportunity to focus on specializations of metaconsciousness. Barfield, seeing apocalyptic industrialism for what it was, found meaning and hope in his thesis that man would evolve further into a highly evolved (meta)consciousness he called “final participation” which was the combining of original participation and the current participation. It sounds to me like this is what you guys are talking about.

        Me, I believe reasoned necessity drives all evolution. The creator let(‘s) the chips fall where they may. If the global nuclear power industry is not decommissioned in the next five years or so we’ll probably all be dead. I think this Ukraine business is in part a set-up for catalyzing that decommissioning under the engineered national socialist global reformation that they are rapidly laying the groundwork for, in plain sight.


      10. Thanks for the reference, I managed to find Cannibals and Kings on Scribd and horse-traded 5 random document uploads for the privilege of d/l’ing it. It’s gone on my list, along with Bucky Fuller and Ivan Illich (yikes)

        “I did a poor job of framing DN. It is effectively a natural law of man – a hardwired (evolved) natural law based on hundreds of thousands of years of intelligent responding to cause and effect in the ecology.”
        As Alan Watts used to say… there are no laws, only patterns. Some patterns endure for long enough to be perceived as ‘Fixed’ (in Alchemical terminology) or how about: ‘immutable operations of cause and effect’, and thus labelled ‘laws’.

        “No man can undo DN in himself by taking himself out of the ecology and training his mind in some abstraction. DN was not an abstraction.”
        IME we are already trained in many layers of abstraction, so it sounds like you’re referring to the ‘progression from one stage to the next’ scenario here, by suggesting (if I haven’t misunderstood) the Initiate merely re-trains his mind to a new level of abstraction, rather than a shift of paradigm where the successful Initiate acquires the ability to release abstraction to the point where he can Know Life.
        To me the Mythology is clear that the full Knowing of a condition infers a certain kind of Mastery, or the ability to transcend that condition. I don’t see why this should be any different with the condition referred to as DN, but I hadn’t heard of it till you mentioned it a day or two ago, so I might be way out of the field here, wombling around in the hedgerows 🙂

        “Hardwiring results from lived experience over many many generations. 99pc of human”
        No argument there… however, Knowing the wiring allows one to short circuit the wires, and thus dissolve/vaporize aspects of the wire frame structure at Will.

        “‘Hardwiring’ is the result of the same consistent, repeated ecological stimulus (cause) over many many generations until the epigenetic (intelligent) response to the stimulus (effect) becomes so deeply ingrained (stabilized; not deselected-for) in the genome that completely undoing that hardwiring would take the same or a similar number of generations”
        And here I disagree with the certainty of the assumption about time/duration 🙂
        Yes maybe, IF you remain in the linear progression model.
        No, if you allow shifts of paradigm. Particularly if you can allow ‘external’ influences (or ‘internal’, but again as an underpinning or foundational and yet malleable precursor or even just a simple alternative, not as a part of the current condition/model)

        “Barfield, seeing apocalyptic industrialism for what it was, found meaning and hope in his thesis that man would evolve further into a highly evolved (meta)consciousness he called “final participation” which was the combining of original participation and the current participation. It sounds to me like this is what you guys are talking about.”
        The mind of man is so comical, always trying to place boundaries and limits upon the boundlessness of Life, yet the untetherable Spirit within seeks only to smash those boundaries and go beyond those limits. Barfield gives away his own limitations by coining the concept ‘final’ participation. What’s wrong with ‘next’ participation? 😉

        Interesting thoughts about Ukraine and the Nuclear Power Industry, another potential piece to the jigsaw, or maybe more artistically: eddy to the flow of the pattern 😉


      11. “IME we are already trained in many layers of abstraction, so it sounds like you’re referring to the ‘progression from one stage to the next’ scenario here, by suggesting (if I haven’t misunderstood) the Initiate merely re-trains his mind to a new level of abstraction, rather than a shift of paradigm where the successful Initiate acquires the ability to release abstraction to the point where he can Know Life.
        To me the Mythology is clear that the full Knowing of a condition infers a certain kind of Mastery, or the ability to transcend that condition. I don’t see why this should be any different with the condition referred to as DN”

        DN is a ‘hardwiring’ because it is an ecological phenomenon. The word ecology means “home knowing,” which is the Life function that all holograms unconsciously perform in order to hold their space in the universe. Home is the Two Darks in symbiosis and the knowing is the unconscious, evolved capacity. Ecologies were drastically devolved (homogenized by large-majority ecocide and subjected to line breeding) by civilized man but the home knowing exists so long as holographic Life exists.

        Home knowing – individualized ecology -is not an abstraction because the knowing is an unconscious, evolved capacity based on unconscious Reason (instinct), which itself is based on the local collective/community ecology. Wood, water, food availability and diversity – these are not abstractions in animist Reality. They are symbionts. Animist peoples making daily decisions together about how to act with (the highest) regard to their symbionts was everything to them, and that wasn’t an abstraction.

        When all that you are is inside the Home Knowing — when you put your heart in the ecology — any structural metaconscious abstraction one participates in is just play. And that’s good, that’s healthy. Animals are playful creatures, especially when young. Play is a patterning function.

        Cultural narratives are playful but serious exercises in planned continuity: the dead brother left in the field to be eaten by carrion birds is said to have taken on a bird spirit which is both factually true and playfully (metaphorically) true, and the playfulness serves to teach the children that the disregarding of the bird is the disregarding of the brother. When in Reason you are true family to everyone in the ecology, both in word and deed, any and all abstractions pattern the Home Knowing.

        So it is that DN is most essentially the patterning of the home knowing. Civilization structurally (in deed) broke that pattern but only by breaking the ecology — the Home Knowing — first. (Harris goes inside that breaking in C&K.)

        Settled agriculture forcibly replaced the ecology with the Farm(ing of it), which in turn required the coercion of the people in that culture by elitism (hierarchy). This scenario originally arose in regions that had been suffering from chronic human compaction wherein quality of life was suboptimal and people were under pressure.

        To ‘overcome’ DN by meditation or whatever would be to further blue-pill oneself on separation trauma. DN is a condition of Home Knowing in deed and therefore ‘transcending’ it as a grocery store human who sees himself as some sort of spiritual initiate is the opposite of coming to Know Life. It’s just another attempt by a clever monkey to trick oneself into numbing the pain of the separation trauma.

        Animists loved their fellow man (in out-groups, other tribes) as brothers and sisters, too — they were ‘of’ each other because people ate birds that ate people, and they intermarried and whatnot, were likely descendants of the same earlier peoples — but nevertheless they were separatist peoples because that what the Home Knowing demanded, and who are we to want otherwise?


      12. That was an enjoyable read, thanks.

        There is little I can find general disagreement with, although we use terminology differently so there are semantic discussions available to find more thorough alignment.

        “The word ecology means “home knowing,” which is the Life function that all holograms unconsciously perform in order to hold their space in the universe. Home is the Two Darks in symbiosis and the knowing is the unconscious, evolved capacity.”

        The key term here, for me, is ‘unconsciously’. I’m putting forward a POV that suggests the human Being has the ability to perform any currently unconscious action or reaction consciously, and FULL consciousness makes transcendence available. I’m not suggesting this is common, I’m suggesting the current condition of world affairs, logistically and energetically, seem to me to be aligned with an ancient natural ‘alchemical’ process labelled by some as Initiation – a paradigmical shift of awareness and precursor to full conscious awareness, sometimes fondly referred to as Illumination.

        For the current paradigm of human social existence, I admit it’s not a very relevant thing in discussions of ‘the grocery store human’ tendencies and conditioning 🙂

        “To ‘overcome’ DN by meditation or whatever would be to further blue-pill oneself on separation trauma. DN is a condition of Home Knowing in deed and therefore ‘transcending’ it as a grocery store human who sees himself as some sort of spiritual initiate is the opposite of coming to Know Life. It’s just another attempt by a clever monkey to trick oneself into numbing the pain of the separation trauma.”

        Couldn’t agree more – seeing oneself ‘as a spiritual initiate’ does not make one an Initiate.

        C & K has moved up my reading list 🙂


      13. You’re welcome. Thanks for the stimulating conversation.

        Regarding the Unconscious, which is consciousness outside of metaconsciousness (Mind). It is not the same as the Unconscious in “collective unconsciousness,” which is a false notion which properly stated should be “collective subconsciousness.”

        The subconscious is the formation of deep patterns that our habitual metaconsciousness wears into our psyche. Quality navel-gazing (‘spirituality’/emotional maturity/self-awareness) enables us to take an eraser to any unconstructive patterns we’ve worn.

        Since the Mind/metaconsciousness is a recent metafunction that the body evolved, the Mind can get at it’s shadow-‘self’ (the subconscious) but being a metafunction it cannot directly meta-inhabit (experience) the body Unconsciousness, which is the reason for the “Un.” In the Home Cosmology the unconscious of the body hologram is referred to as the AC Mother – the applied consciousness mother (culture), with the application to which consciousness applies itself being energy. The (genetic) mother is 4billion years old or whatever, but the metaconsciousness (MC) is a blank slate everytime, to be grown by MC from conception. MC has no idea of the depths of the mother unconsciousness. With Terrain Theory we can pattern with MC, and our mother obviously speaks to MC through our five senses, but if you remember the conversations I’ve had with Clarifire, the AC Mother is a culture because we are an evolved ecology unto ourselves nested within a macroecology. We are an evolved culture of trillions of single-celled eukaryotes in such marvelous conscious resonance that we have become a ‘multicellular’ organism we call “human” (to say nothing of the microbiome). Single-celled eukaryotes learned how to seek harbor together by the primordial soup exchange (exosomes etc), and the exchange got so fine-tuned in coordination to the point where these single-celled individuals, when performing cell division, were no longer ‘seperate-selfing’ their cell division but were now dividing for the greater purpose of building a long-term harbor. They learned how to build. Seen in this light it’s clear that the conscious cultural resonance that evolved the human — the Unconscious — is it’s own metaconsciousness. We could say that cellular biology itself is a MC function –an emergent meta-phenomenon — of the polymerase-based nucleic acid condenser of the Two Darks, and therefore our mind MC is a second-order MC, but when talking relatively, at the everyday human level, the human Unconsciousness as seen by mind MC is not meta- to mind because we cannot inhabit it, only divine it because our (mind) MC didn’t evolve for that function because, obviously, that function had already been evolved. Our MC evolved to be a superconsciousness that could perform the same long-term harboring function that the original multicellular harbor function performed, but on the macro-level: nested fractals yet again.

        That long-term macro-harboring function of Life is animism.


      14. “the Mind can get at it’s shadow-‘self’ (the subconscious) but being a metafunction it cannot directly meta-inhabit (experience) the body Unconsciousness”

        Ok, again similar labels for different concepts/things, but even so I’d prefer the word ‘perceive’ here over ‘experience’.
        One can in fact experience the Unconscious, but by definition it requires ‘losing consciousness’, and so perception isn’t available. One is left, after the fact, with a somewhat vague residual awareness, a kind of ‘after glow’.
        For me, perception is a function of the ‘this and that’ world. Experience an expression of or feature of Unity.

        The rest of your post demands more consumption and digestion 🙂


      15. Interesting. If by experience you mean induced altered states other than ‘straight-edge divination’ then maybe so – I wouldn’t know. I did mushrooms when I was younger but I had not the wherewithal to divine back then unless I was playing basketball. Best basketball i ever played was on mushrooms one day. The patterning came so easy that I got to watch myself play. The court was situated at the corner of the park and I will never forget how the mature trees lining it protected us from the extra-visible fumes smoking out the busy streets lol.


      16. In bringing up altered states maybe I misunderstood you. I’m not sure.

        When you say we can experience the unconscious by losing consciousness I want to say that that would not be a metaconscious experiencing of the unconscious, which is what I was talking about anyway. But I still don’t know what phenomenon exactly you are talking about.

        So those are my two responses. 🙂


      17. You kinda lost me there. 🙂 You’d have to flesh out the “illumined state of awareness” – the “something else entirely” — before you could get me to entertain the idea that biology (and the ‘ordinary’ metaconscious biological function nested within it) is not the baseline.

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      18. It’s ok 🙂
        I don’t think I’m personally capable of fleshing it out with concepts communicated via words, but I am capable of guiding anyone who is authentically ready and willing, to directly experience it themselves, using established protocols.
        I realise that may sound like a copout… it’s a Matrix thing. No-one gets the realization by being told they are ‘living in a dream world’, no matter how convincing the metaphors. They have to experience it directly for themselves.
        “Really great noodles”


      19. Identification code: Unidentified (Controlled by gamma light.) 😀

        Far out dude. I had an ‘out of body’ experience once on big bong rips as a noob – not a big one, just 15 feet above myself and the circle of people for a while. I was also a golden retriever once on mushrooms, presumably because I was suffering from arrested development and valued their nature too much. That’s all I got. I know you’re talking about something more serious than that and I’m all for exploring the primordial aspect of metaconsciousness but for all our endless bloviating about the truth here, putting food on the table without doing the ecology dirty is the lowly name of this game imo, so that future generations of all species can see how far they can evolve in Reason before the sun flames out too much or whatever else might happen that earns the natural right to displace earth biology. Which means the ‘spiritual path’ is to be the itty bittiest bit player conceivable yet take that role as seriously as can be cuz we humans have some serious fire in our hands and it’s all we got. Living for the ‘seventh generation’s rather than buying Seventh Generation toilet paper. It’s basically an exercise in standing your ground in the humbleness of home knowing. But I’m just a simple first-generation ‘rewilder’ and some would see that as a materialistic sentiment despite the holographic presentation.


      20. david, stoked you started C&K already (right?). 🙂 Wait til you get to the end. Harris knew he’d ’42’d’ cultural anthropology so the last couple few pages are him acknowledging his own right to dispense unsolicited advice to the reader lol.


      21. I managed a third of the book before bailing and going straight to the epilogue.

        It’s a bit abstract/dry/intellectual for my taste, and not really an enjoyable nor an impactful read for me.

        I found points of agreement and disagreement and mostly just ‘yeah, ok, whatever’… but in the end, and admitting I skipped the bulk of it, I’d tag it as an insightful (and verbose – glad you didn’t recommend his 1979 “more technical volume”) description of a particular perspective of the game board.


      22. david

        thanks for the effort. sorry it wasn’t more fruitful. would be curious to know some of what exactly you disagree with and why, but no pressure.

        I have to say “the game board” sentiment strikes me as a little light-hearted rather than full-hearted, which is odd because I’ve otherwise gotten the impression of you as a deep feeling person. But as we just saw regarding unidentifiability, I must be missing something because I wouldn’t think you the type to want to chronically dissociate from Reality with a blue pill painted red. But I must be missing something. 😉

        I’d welcome any links to any guidings, if it works that way.

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      23. I realize it’s not where you’re at right now. 🙂

        these are not shamans, in the jungle or in the books and videos. they are hedonists of the mind. the man in the jungle doesn’t know what will heal you because he doesn’t know the first thing about you. he’s only doing it for some kind of remuneration. almost all aboriginals are far removed from animism which is ‘pristine’ human culture. relatively few native Americans were animist by the time the Europeans arrived. There was such a superabundance of meat in north America that chiefdoms emerged as the path of least cultural resistance. With non-agricultural superabundance comes proto-religion which we could call an indie Matrix. It’s the institutionalizing of rewards — play — in exchange for lost animist freedoms. These fake healers are providing a ‘homely’ little indie spectacle of the mind in order to fill the void left by separation trauma, in exactly the same way that Guy Debord talked about the industrial spectacular society filling the void for people. Same thing. The former is the first instance of it, the latter is the last, the present instance.

        Your instance may look like the former instance but it is in fact just the latter instance co-opting the former instance. It’s ecotourism for the young and the restless, whose lives revolve around eating the tastiest carrots so as to avoid the stick. There’s nothing more selfish than that imo, going after the tastiest carrots on the Man’s dime. That’s the Hallmark of elitism.

        Aubrey Marcus is one of the poster children for this kind of thing. Careful what you wish for, friend. Be careful to take note of where your wishes come from and what they represent. Sirens be out there singing beautiful songs in order to seduce us into trading our freedom for an artificial superabundance.

        know that I’m not judging you. We’re all working our way back to good, here, and that’s a process.

        and hey man thanks for those references. I appreciate you sharing! 🙂


      24. “the man in the jungle doesn’t know what will heal you because he doesn’t know the first thing about you”

        If you truly think what you said is relevant, I stand by my recco to go drink some Aya in the jungle … then get back to me 😉


      25. david, if he was a true healer he would have told you, “in human health we are landraces, so if you are here for healing then my advice is to go live on some land so that you can become one with the animals and the plants and the microbes, and then after some years you will have no desire nor need for what it is that Aya can offer. But if you are just here for a recreational version of a traditional amazonian rite of passage, then welcome!”

        metaconsciousness is a derivative of consciousness. you can’t heal a primary function by ‘healing’ it’s derivative function. obviously. wake up, my brother. If you’re not battling niggling little injuries all the time and sometimes some solid ones, too, in order to put food and water on the table and wood on the fire, then your not in the process of holistic healing.

        I can say this, and you can’t say anything against it, because it’s true.

        there’s talking the talk and then there’s walking the walk.


      26. “‘Hardwiring’ is the result of the same consistent, repeated ecological stimulus (cause) over many many generations until the epigenetic (intelligent) response to the stimulus (effect) becomes so deeply ingrained (stabilized; not deselected-for) in the genome that completely undoing that hardwiring would take the same or a similar number of generations”
        “And here I disagree with the certainty of the assumption about time/duration 🙂”

        The ‘certainty of the assumption’ is in actuality the understanding that, as a selfsame evolutionary process, the undoing of DN would need, by definition, to also take the ecological path but in a diametrically opposed direction, and Life is not dualistic. It is a non-dual, unitary objectivism. In order for humans to become hardwired for large agricultural societies, these farming societies would have to be able to increase the biodiversity and resilience of the ecologies compared to wild ecologies, so that undoing DN would be the adaptive, evolutionary response to that diametrically opposite (to Reality) hypothetical ecological path.

        Just as population is a trailing indicator of food supply, human (all) evolution is a trailing indicator of previous evolution.

        The creator set the conditions, not me. 🙂

        Regarding Barfield’s “final” participation, I hear what you’re saying –Barfield missed the mark there — but my conclusion is different than yours: the truth is timeless and, therefore true Life only ever engages in Original Participation; that the primordial soup still begets the genesis of all biological Life, and always will, is proof enough of that.

        If it ain’t broke don’t fix it. Home Knowing is not broken. It’s merely human culture that is broken and lost to the separate self.


      27. “I like the term ‘initiation’. It’s either that, or a some sort of graduation. Can we pass the our courses, so we can go on to the next phase?”

        I often see it like that too 🙂

        However the concept Initiation is IMHO the energy or imprint of The Fool in Tarot, to begin upon something as a purely original, unattached move, it is all opening and doesn’t necessarily invoke the closing of the old thing(s), although it is perceived that way.

        Basically, AFAIU, one goes from a particular ‘human’ perception of life, to a quite distinct perception ‘beyond human’. Nothing is different, yet everything changes whilst remaining perfectly ordinary.

        It’s more akin to a paradigm shift, rather than a linear progression from one thing to another along the way, and nothing has to be graduated from (in order to demark a point of completion, or overcoming, or moving away from)… indeed, school becomes way more interesting 😉


      28. Yeah, the archetypal Hero’s Journey, too. Over the course of about two months during the summer of 2012 I was distinctly ‘born again.’ There was no other way to put it. Later that year I came across Joseph Campell’s formulation of the mouth and i was like, oh yeah, ‘The Abyss,’ that just happened, lol, and everything before it.

        That, in civilization, this archetypal/unconscious journey almost never ends up in a return to animism is more evidence that without Home Knowings such as DN, the initiate is just spinning his evolutionary wheels because there is no ecological traction. Civilization frames the hero’s journey as a ‘choose your own adventure’ journey of self-realization end unto itself when in animist Home Knowing there’s nothing heroic about it – it’s just the thirty-something leaving of your physical prime and entering your combined physical and mental prime that enters it’s peak phase that Douglas Adams famously and cryptically decided was the age of 42, which is about when shit can really start clicking. Harris was 50 when he had mastered cultural anthropology and published Cannibals and Kings. His previous book was his next best work.


      29. “the initiate is just spinning his evolutionary wheels because there is no ecological traction.”

        That’s kind of the whole point 🙂


      30. “It’s more akin to a paradigm shift, rather than a linear progression from one thing to another along the way, and nothing has to be graduated from”

        If we’re talking about evolution of our human-ness, or (actually more like the evolution of the self), apparently it’s not an either/or thing, but rather a continual graduation from the current paradigm. So yes, we have to graduate from our current understanding of what this life is, to one that – since you mentioned Alan Watts, go with him – when he says, you understand that you are literally the one shining the sun. You are the alpha and the omega.

        So once you know that, great. You realize that it’s all just ‘play’ as you kind of alluded to, that it’s all just theater. A holo-play. 🙂
        But that knowing is like getting your black belt in karate. It’s a big deal. But then there is a lot more that you need to graduate to. You’re at one level of awareness as a black belt, but that’s very different from the level of awareness of a 6th degree black belt.


      31. @reante

        So what’s up with the nuclear power facilities that you mentioned? My understanding was that nuclear power, after hydro and geothermal, are pretty much the cleanest and most efficient ways to get power and that (unless we’re being idiots) they’re pretty safe, too.
        What am I missing? (this is a genuine inquiry, as every day I’m finding more smoke and mirrors all over, there are few things that would surprise me at this point)


      32. tomibacsi

        nuclear power plants are dependent on grid power for the operation of their cooling system. The grids will be unreliable very soon here and totally inadequate for the nuclear power industry soon enough. The spent fuel pools need constant cold water circulation to keep the rods from going critical. These pools have massive amounts of radioactive material in them. When they filled up the first time they took the cheap route and built new racks in order to double the capacity instead of building new pools, and presumably increased the water throughput. One of these pools going critical is probably worse than all of the reactors in the world doing so. The HTOE all revolves around the nuclear problem. The nuclear armed and nuclear powered countries will get the lion’s share of the spoils of the Horse Trading. Decommissioning the nuclear power industry will be the global Manhattan project on steroids around which a ‘global peace’ will be brokered, so they can execute the plan which I presume is dumping all the rods in the marianas trench and wherever else. It will be a technical challenge to transport them safely but they obviously have plans all drawn up.

        I assume all this with a high degree of confidence because the elites are the opposite of suicidal, and nuclear power and industrial collapse absolutely do not mix.


      33. there’s also the water issue. Lots of nuclear plants are cooled with river water. Lots of low water levels in rivers around the northern hemisphere this summer.


      34. @reante

        Got it, thanks, starting to see it. So if I understand you correctly, with the elites taking down the global economy things are going to be so precarious and the grid, for example, so unreliable that we can’t operate nuclear facilities? Is that what you’re saying?

        Water is a good point, been watching the current droughts and all this. Another ‘coincidence’ we have these worldwide heatwaves and droughts, just when at the same time we have all these man-made crises impacting the food supply. (war, sanctions, supply-chain issues, fertilizer-bans, cow-slaughters, etc.) Accidentally a bunch of food-processing facilities happened to have burned down just recently. How unlucky we are to have all this happen at the same time, right? I guess all that sophisticated weather manipulation technology is useless to counter all these effects. Or…no, that couldn’t be! They wouldn’t do that, would they?… 🙂

        Another wild card, by the way, is the sun. Not sure if you’re following the thing with Earth’s magnetic poles shifting and the magnetic field weakening significantly, which is making us a lot more vulnerable to solar flares. The cycle tops in 2024, so if Earth is pointed in the wrong direction when the outburst happens, all things electric are fried, kind of throwing us back in the middle ages. Clearly, this poses an enormous danger for all nuclear facilities, (as you pointed out, they rely on the grid) so I’m wondering if the whole ‘decommissioning’ is not related to risk management.

        I believe the whole underground bunker movement is related to this, by the way, and the 2046 event I hinted at previously. (the youtube channel I sent a link to)

        What I don’t understand from your reply, however, is why the beneficiaries of the HTOE are the countries with strong nuclear presence. If the whole industry is being decommissioned, what does that matter? Also, some countries, like France, are heavily dependent on nuclear being the main source of power, and I’m not seeing signs of them abandoning it. (even though Macron is a WEF gofer)


      35. tomibacsi

        Yes and no. Things are going to be progressively precarious until nation states no longer exist (the yes) but the elites are not themselves the cause (the no). The elites are just trying to manage the industrial collapse that itself is a force of nature. Our finite world by definition imposes resource-based limits to growth. That is what Cannibals and Kings is all about, how humans have dealt with exceeding their carrying capacities in any given ecology.

        Mature Peak Oil Theory is the simplest way to understand industrial limits to growth. Mature Peak Oil Theory is true. As with DN, the more True something is, the more debunking treatment it gets.

        We hit peak global total oil liquids in 2018/19. Oil is by far the master physical resource of industrial civilization which is otherwise powered by OldTestament capitalism’s letters of credit which, despite the derivatives market, are ultimately backed with finite resource-based collateral . Capitalism structurally must grow or it implodes.

        The reason that it looks like the elite are causing the implosion “taking down the economy”) is because in order to control industrial implosion (so as to avoid chaos and nuclear devastation) they have to do acontrolled demolition that stays ahead of the ongoing energy production collapse which I believe is somewhere around a 6pc per year decline so far since the peak (but that will be variable and increasing soon). The plandemic was a clever ruse that served the function of destroying massive amounts of fossil fuel demand (lockdowns, bankruptcies, etc) while of course transferring wealth upwards to the billionaires and trillionaires at uprecedented rates. (Never let a crisis go to waste. The Ukrainian deal is Round 2 to the plandemic’s Round 1. The future is an overlapping series of rolling manufactured crises to stay ahead of energy collapse until there’s no more management. That point of no more will be after we lose the internet so we won’t be able to rubberneck it but there’ll be more important things on our mind anyway if we’re still in the game, that is.

        I see the fundamentals of anthropogenic climate change as sound. I know that’s controversial but I have yet to see a convincing refutation of the CO2/methane greenhouse gas science which is like 2+2=4. Just because they are using climate change politics as political cover for Peak Oil Reality (creating fossil fuel demand destruction in the name of fighting climate change when they’re actually just trying to mitigate the elephant in the room that is energy collapse) doesn’t mean that climate change isn’t true. Again, they never let a crisis go to waste.

        I don’t believe they have much control over climate with HAARP or other weather modification programs with the exception of chemtrails which were shown in the week after 9/11 to make a huge difference (was it a couple degrees or more fatenheit), which was one of the functions of 9/11, to create a control for the chemtrailing program which is a long-running climate change mitigation program in service of global dimming. That said it does seem like chemtrails are much reduced even since the plandemic, and it stands to reason that a couple years into much-reduced chemtrailing we would see even more widespread droughty weather in the northern hemisphere.

        For those of us earthy types who have seen all this coming since the GFC, it always was a convergence of three epic crises in financial collapse, energy collapse, and climate disequilibrium. Perfect storm, but that’s industrial civilization for you: the bigger they come the harder they fall.

        Yeah I’m aware of the ‘earth changes’ view of things, the magnetic reversal and grand solar minimum coming our way. I have enough woodstoves to heat the sheds for the livestock if necessary but there’s nothing I can do if the grass won’t grow.

        The nuclear powered countries need preferential treatment under the HTOE so that they remain stable until the job is done. The nuclear armed countries need preferential treatment so they don’t off the reservation if they feel like they’re being shortchanged. I don’t know how they will deal with the nukes. Plutonium is actually very stable so storage isn’t an issue. Maybe they’ll pitch those into the ocean trenches along with the fuel rods. Come to think of it they’ll probably have to. Most of them anyway. Gotta get rid of the wildcards.

        If you remember there have been lots of reports of the French nuclear power industry running at half-capacity in the midst of this energy crisis (which is just beginning). Now, they say it’s for scheduled maintenance, etc. Looks to me like another thing that makes me go hmmm. 🙂


      36. Reante

        Really appreciate the insights, unfortunately, they make sense. 🙂

        Actually, I’ve always had trouble with the “these people are all psychopaths” theory as that’s just too much pessimism/negativity for me to handle. But the controlled demolition is a very good explanation. So in their minds they’re doing us a favor (and they may just be right even) by slowly collapsing everything, so we can get used to it all and it’s not that much of a shock and we’re avoiding chaos.

        What still does sit well, however, (unless it really is all about the Sun) is that on the surface things were ticking along just fine. Surely, debt keeps growing and the financial system has deep underlying issues that are not sustainable, but…I don’t know, it’s just hard to believe that on their own everything would just all of the sudden collapse. Well, I mean without one of those ‘tipping points’, (like the gulf stream reversing, etc.) actually happening.

        I was hoping that it would be similar to the 2008 housing crisis. Bad practices, bad policies, people being greedy – it led to the GR. Then we cleaned that up, strengthened the banking guidelines, wrote better policies, so housing is now in pretty good shape. (unless it tumbles because everything else tumbles). And yes, people argue, that we just swept a lot of underlying problems under the carpet, but even if we didn’t, we’d probably be Ok by now.

        Alright, maybe I’m painting myself into a corner here… But anyway, my point stands, and that is: is it a certainty that we need to have that controlled demolition, and it’s better than things just deteriorating slowly. (granted, nuclear powerplants going off would end things pretty fast.)
        I mean we do have a lot going for us: there is AI that could speed up efficiency of…well, everything (ok, whether we need 8 billion people with ai doing just about everything is a good topic of discussion) and as far energy is concerned, there is basically infinite amounts under the core of the earth if we’re willing to cooperate and put in a few billions to properly bring that up.

        I also believe in various free or next-to-free energy devices having been invented over the past century, they’ve just been shelved as they would topple the apple cart too much. I’m not going to go into the whole theory on ‘alien techology’ as that’s a subject that could be ‘deep water’ (i.e. could all be true or equally a complete fabrication by the powers that be)

        As for CO2: I haven’t looked into the science myself, but I am aware of one opinion that states that there is nothing wrong with more CO2 in the atmosphere. For one, plants actually thrive on that shit. 🙂


      37. It takes a lot of work to see Collapse for approximately what it is. It requires a mature systems theory in combination with the ability to see things you probably don’t want to see. I put in a lot of work and had a lot of help. There was a huge wave of independent human focus that trained it sights on the possibility of collapse and the results of that focus were clear. The only thing up for debate was would it be a slow collapse (Kunstler/John Michael Greer) or a fast collapse (Nicole Foss/Dmitry Orlov/ Ugo Bardi/ FEASTA/Joseph Tainter). I was and remain in the fast collapse camp because industrialism is essentially a freight train on full throttle hurtling into an immovable object. And look, the famines are coming already. Just like that.

        Catastrophically declining EROEI is a key to understanding peak oil theory. There is no net oil abundance left, because all the new plays have marginal energy returns and all the legacy supergiant field which had great returns are in decline.

        Regarding free energy my position is I’ll believe it when I see it. I do believe in alien technology because I have seen a light in the sky do something that I do not believe can be explained by earth industrialism, so I do believe that they have reverse engineered alien tech. If they can make use of alien tech to generate efficient energy then it clearly is being saved for a society after this current one for the reason that this society is clearly destroying the planet by causing 50pc of all species to go extinct at the tune of about 150 a day. Free energy in this society would just make the ecological problem worse.


      38. CO2. Humans evolved in 280ppm and 420 is mildly toxic to us. We know this because lots of studies have been done on CO2 exposure for the public regulation of indoor CO2 levels. Plants, though they breathe CO2, are also adapted to 280ppm, as are the oxygen breathing soil microbes that they depend on. There is considerable evidence that the great chestnut blight in Europe is due to high CO2 levels interfering with the fungal family responsible for most of the chestnuts’ nitrogen cycling. In theory plants like high CO2 but it’s not as simple as that. The plants that grew so big in other high-co2 eras were completely different plants.

        Regarding the elites nixing nuclear power. Timing is everything. For as long as they can keep the freight train at the full throttle it has to be in order to run at all, they have needed nuclear power in order to make up for the diminishing returns of oil and coal.


      39. Just one more thing: if it was just about nuclear power being too dangerous, and ready to take out society, since they own the media, they could just ‘cancel’ it like they’re canceling any opposition. There is plenty of propaganda-power to vilify nuclear, within a couple weeks/months they could have thousands of people with signs demonstrating against nuclear facilities. Bring in “the children” and it’s a done deal.
        If needed, blow up another one and that will be ‘proof’ that these things are ticking time bombs and need to go.


      40. Reante

        Great article on the 5 stages, thanks for sharing. I wish I was still stage 1. So much easier, right? “It’s about the Republicans!”, “no, it’s all the Democrats!…”
        Read into some of the comments, pretty funny how most people idenfity with “oh, I’m definitely stage 5…” But I’m sure you get a similar response with Kohlberg’s stages of morality, etc. 🙂

        I looked into the CO2 thing a bit, and although haven’t found confirmation that 420 is slightly toxic, it is quite likely that we’re in trouble above 600. There is definitely a world-wide phenomena of decreased attention and focus, actually wonder if there is some relationship. I thought it was all just a tick-tock/chat and a general brainwashing phenomenon combined with bad nutrition, but I suppose CO2 could be a factor as well.

        “Regarding free energy my position is I’ll believe it when I see it.” Yeah, I hear you, I’m the same way with so many of these things. The same with all things related to aliens. But actually I’m quite the ‘believer’, follow Steven Greer, but…I think you’re right, maybe they’re not going to be involved until we go through our ‘Great Reset’. (pun sort of intended). What I have heard though is that they don’t like us nuking ourselves, and have stopped that stuff in the past, so I’m hoping that’s one reason nuclear war is off the table.

        As for slow-collapse or fast-collapse: I can only give you the gut thought, which are leaning to the slow one, but maybe that’s just wishful thinking. Our collective consciousness is definitely signaling some sense of doom over the past decades, so who knows.

        So if I understand you correctly, you’re saying that the elites have put their vote next to the “fast-collapse” and are doing controlled demolition, while making sure that they can drive off in their Rolls Royce with all the Picassos before the building comes down.

        As for the famines: at this point I really don’t know if that’s because of the controlled demolition or we would have had those anyway. You said that you don’t think weather can be maniulated with HAARP or other stuff to that level…that one I don’t know. I assumed that based on what I heard they can, but obviously I have no proof. But like I said: in the past every time I thought there was a ‘force majeure’, like 9/11 or covid or whatever, it turned out somebody’s hand was in it. Surely, maybe this one really is ‘force majeure’. Things just made me very skeptical, is all.

        But I appreciated your explanation on the chemtrails, put in this context it would make sense.
        Where are you on the question of: “shouldn’t we be consulted?” “Shouldn’t this be a real scientific debate?” (like Covid)


      41. tomibacsi

        appreciate your take on all this.

        thanks for Kohlberg’s stages of morality, new to me. animism doesn’t do the sixth stage very often. it might come into play if a tribe is getting careless and a few noble dissenters start talking about leaving and starting out on their own which is obviously no trivial matter.

        420ppm is 50pc higher than human evolutionary levels. 50pc — half — looks to me like it has some ‘sacred geometry’ to it. It’s the tipping point on a seesaw. :). And it’s not just about 420. What happens when you close the window because it’s cold and add 420 to the indoor level fifteen minutes later instead of 280? Most people are largely indoor animals.

        I have seen a light in the sky do something that cannot be explained by earth industrialism and so I believe the elite have alien tech reverse engineered from crash vehicles. I do not expect that they have operational but I could be wrong. I believe the dustification of the towers on 9/11 used alien tech, and I assume most of these cases of ‘leave no trace’ industrial sabotages are also from DEWs.

        If I expect fast collapse then my operating assumption is that they expect it, too, though I acknowledge that they are privy to more info than me. Obviously their hope is to build other societies out of the remains but I imagine they value their large hunting reserves and ranches and farms (and in-house shamans lol) in the Southern Hemisphere, which they all have, even more than they value their wives’ clutching at their pearls.

        Regarding the famines, these will just be the first famines known as the Capitalist Famines. So yes, they’re manufactured because everything is, but they’re still an inevitable function of capitalism: as soon as there’s a major price dislocation in the (food or food-related) commodities market — between consumers and producers, whether they be business-to-business or retail dislocations — people in countries that the IMF has by the short and curries are going to die. That’s just global fascism in Hard Times for you. You roll the dice and you takes your chances.

        “Shouldn’t we be consulted?”

        Remember that civilization is a People Farm run by farmers of people. None of us would be alive today if they didn’t farm us into existence. Of course we shouldn’t be consulted. They’re more qualified than we are.

        That said, I wouldn’t let my sheep or goats make decisions for me but I do obviously take management cues from them because they know more than I do about the pastures. The elites also take cues from people like us because they know that we naturally have a more grounded understanding of real life than them. That’s one of the purposes of the internet. They also value redundancies and pay thousands of people very well just to think for them.

        Frankly I think they are being very generous in foreshadowing collapse for anyone with two brain cells to rub together. Evil as it was, they were even fair about foreshadowing the obvious inadvisability of getting the covid vaxxx. I mean who the fuck in their right mind would get genetically modified because of a ‘coronavirus?’ Nobody. So on one level they’re just manufacturing natural bottlenecks that select-out the unfit because the unfit are soon to become a lot of dead weight to carry around. Everybody was given clear warning, despite the economic coercion. I’m not happy about it, the vaxxx almost killed my dad, and ended up aging him 5-10 years overnight, but it’s still cause and effect. I tried to stop him but he rolled the dice.


      42. @reante

        Sorry about your dad having a hard time with it. For what it’s worth, I couldn’t stop my family to get the shots, either. I was the nutcase with the weird ideas. Still am, I’m sure.

        The whole thing was (well, is) quite a mess. And lots of people that I highly respect fell for it and just completely shut down regarding any dialogue about it.
        But you’re right, if you could read between the lines, the information was definitely there to warn you not to take it. On the other hand you probably needed some prerequisite ‘training’ on not believing everything the government and these big international organizations tells you. Which, is interesting, because people say that they don’t, but most actually do.

        What I find fascinating is how people treat the Kennedy assassination. Everyone kinda suspects that there is something not right with that one. And plenty of historians have proven beyond doubt that the official story is complete b.s. But it’s still the one that’s taught in history books. After 50 years. Well, I guess if the Farmers don’t want the turkeys to know about Thanksgiving, then the most it’s going to be is a rumor.

        And yeah, my question of whether we should be consulted was serious. I believe in freedom of speech, but I’m quite skeptical as to whether we’re capable of making these decisions about the fate of humanity. Put it to a ‘referendum’? 🙂 That’s a bad joke, I mean we vote in people like Trump and Biden, so judging from that…not much hope.
        But then, I guess potentially we could use a system similar to our lawmaking to come up with a vote on these things. Get 1000 of the top scientists, have blockchain voting enabled, completely anonymous votes…who knows, maybe.

        So here is a question from the left field. As an animist, how do you see viruses? What are they? (energy, code, just holostructure biproduct? Cellular debris? :))


      43. Know that I wasn’t denigrating your question about being consulted. It’s a fair question based on natural law. Animist societies that belated realized that they had exceeded their local carrying capacity had meetings about what to do. And made formal agreements with each other like being more disciplined about practicing the rythmn method. If the situation was dire enough the last resort was voluntary infant neglect of any babies conceived after the prohibition – or any ‘out of turn’ babies if a rotational rationing system was formally agreed upon instead of outright prohibition. Anyone who couldn’t agree to that was free to leave.

        So it’s only natural that people get to participate in their own future. I decided that the way for me to participate in my family’s future was for us to meet our basic needs ourselves.

        What they say viruses are made of, and what their function is, are what exogenous exosomes do under a different function, which is horizontal gene transfer.

        ‘Viruses’ are supposed to be exogenous strands of RNA (an informational format) encased in protein capsid (structural format for protection) which is encased in a lipid membrane (preservative). They are supposed to enter cells and force the cell to make more, thus making the body sick.

        The field of proteomics says that exogenous exosomes are evolutionary messages relating to adaptivity. We constantly have to adjust to evolution which is just change, genetically speaking. When we aren’t healthy were more resistant to change, right? And if we resist changes greater than ourselves then we become maladapted. In a dynamic reality, maladaptivity is synonymous with disease.

        So exogenous exosomes are effectively negative health-related messages sent out by other organisms in order to update others about the struggles going on in their environment. Exosomes are alerts that detail the nature of the trauma being experienced. These exosomes enter our cells and if the message of trauma is one that our cells are also experiencing to a similar degree but the body has not seen fit to heal the trauma yet because it hasn’t crossed that threshold, or the body is prioritizing other healings, then the cells will amplify that message by reproducing it, so as to say, yes, I’m experiencing this, too. Those new copies of exosomes will get set throughout the body and, ultimately, a decision will be made whether or not its time to heal the trauma with the related symptomology. So you can see the ‘transmission’ dynamic in that, that gets mistaken for ‘pathogenic infection.’

        Germ Theory’s problem stems from the urban mind. The one-way adversarial relationship it has with Nature — which causes disease in urban peoples — also causes paranoia that imagines nature as the cause of that disease rather than looking at themselves in the mirror.

        If disease symptomologies are seen for the tough love that they are — the healings — then ‘viruses’ are obviously and actually just exogenous (and endogenous) exosomes, which are just intercellular health communications.


      44. @reante

        Thanks for the detailed explanation about ‘viruses’, certainly an interesting theory, it’s quite new to me, but makes sense. I’m not really qualified to debate it, so I’ll just ask some clarification questions.
        1. how do these exosomes “send” these messages? What’s the vehicle of delivery? Is this on some energetic or resonance level? (like bio-resonance)
        2. If one human body is signaling another human body about the struggles it’s experiencing and the nature of the trauma, and, as you say, the body might start reproducing these messages, why would the body pick up the messages if it’s not able to deal with it? (i.e. in case of a serious illness, like ebola, black plague, etc.)
        So why would the body start reproducing those symptoms if those symptoms will kill it? It seems to me we’re not giving its intelligence too much credit.

        Maladaptivity being synonymous with disease: never thought about that in terms of a biological system, but that’s certainly the case when it comes to psychological health.

        Appreciate the note about certain societies consciously deciding their fate. I had a worse opinion of us in general, likening us to deer, who will mass-starve to death the year after having reached carrying capacity. At least so I’ve heard. Then again, you were talking about animist societies, I’m guessing that doesn’t really include human society as a whole with our 8 billion happy campers.

        As far as all the discussion of the elites and them being basically our ‘shepherds’, I came across this interview with one of the guys from ‘the bloodline’ a few months ago, I think you might appreciate it:
        Like with anything, it could be b.s., but to me it seems legit. Maybe I’m just a sucker for these things 🙂

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      45. tomibacsi

        you’re welcome and sorry for the delay.

        1. as I’ve talked about previously here, exosomes are essentially genetic primers in the natural PCR dynamic that is the function of the primordial soup. inside the cell cytoplasm the exosomes lose their membranes and capsids and the RNA enters a pool of polymerase in order that it may chain-react, whereby just as in the PCR test (which is just a farming version of the real thing; nucleic acids can be farmed/cultured just like cells can and whole organisms can) the whole-strand (complete message) mRNA that the exosomal primer is patterned-for is reproduced. The genetic message then enters the nucleus in order to interact with the genes and, if the message is relevant enough, then the nuclear polymerase chain reaction will either make it’s own primers for more of the same messages or modified/customized ones and send those primers out to the cytoplasmic polymerase along with the free nucleic acid building blocks required to grow out the chain-reacted full messages, which are then packaged up on the insides of the cell membrane.

        Also, of course, the cell that has seen fit to makes it’s own exosomes in response to an exosome, responds to the heeded message by altering its functions to adapt to what it is that the message is communicating about an environmental trauma maybe, or just a notable change.

        The primordial soup of nucleic acids-based polymerase chain reactions is the foundation of biological life. It is biogenesis in action. Biological life is a continuum, and its initial beginning was the same process as its continual beginning/genesis inside us every day, whether it’s a cell dividing or exosomal communication.

        To answer your question, it’s the holographic (consciousness animating energy) growing function of biology by conscious, highly reactive (volatile) organic compounds. Before the natural harbors we call cell membranes evolved, the highly reactive chemical consciousness of nucleotides learned from their consistent experiences of the cause and effect of their reactions, and in wanting to react with others (because that’s what they do), they naturally gathered together in naturally reactive harbors. Originally these natural harbors were chemical- and mineral-rich warm water vents. Nucleobases, sugars and phosphates had a chemical affinity for each other and found that they could form durable, reactive polymers (nucleic acids) that together had the chemical reactive complexity to do (react with) more than one thing, and this was the genesis of the complexity — of complexes of consciousness — we call molecular biology. Complexes of consciousness have the emergent property we call intelligence, because they are patterned complexes of energetic consciousness that naturally resonate with other complexes sharing that energetic pattern.

        Yes, it’s conscious bioresonance – exactly as you says. And it’s an emergent phenomenon of organic chemistry.

        2. If someone dies of ‘ebola’ which it ‘contracted’ from someone else it simply means that they died of similar cumulative trauma because they were subjected to similar cumulative traumas. The ‘ebola’ symptomology is the result of the intelligent body emergency detoxing in order to fight for its life. If it doesn’t heed the exosomes and choose to detox now, the body, not knowing the future, has decided that the chances of survival may be worse (obviously the body is on a seriously downward trend at this point.)


      46. tomibacsi

        regarding the Hidden Hand sessions. Thanks, that’s fun… intrigue.

        We can know it’s bullshit simply from the fact that his predictions didn’t come true, and he was casting those predictions as already set in stone by higher dimensional entities.

        The cosmology he details is kinda cool, I guess, if you’re into that new age hierarchical type deal, but functionally it just serves to recast ‘luciferianism’ as a good thing lol. We already know that luciferians believe that they are doing the right thing but that doesn’t mean we should be seduced by their mythology just because they make us feel special and privy to inside information when they reveal it to us select few lol.

        Oh, the elites are really serving a good function after all, which is doing the Hidden Hand’s bidding in bringing “free will and polarity” to the earth savages of Eden, aka the animists. Lol. Otherwise the animist savages that had no free will lol, could never evolve to the 11th dimension or whatever and return to Source. And the message is just rebranded Judeo-Christian apocalyptic eschatology: service over self will net you a glorious new earth existence in 4D. Sounds familiar.

        This stuff is just neopagan elite disinfo for new age folks. Hopium brought to you by your loving masters.

        This is the money quote that justifies the destructive, semitic monopoly of civilization, and absurdly suggests that a featureless hunter-gatherer existence didn’t include free will, presumably because if free will existed then everyone would have automatically chosen civilization lol. And therein lies the separation trauma: the ecology is never mentioned; there is zero awareness (willful ignorance, rather) that animism was exactly the cultural embodiment of the ethical creative tension of a superdominant species living in balance with it’s ecology.

        The evil neopagan quote that has zero basis in reality:

        “Yahweh had agreed to our coming, in fact it was he who had initially asked the Council for a “Catalyst” of change to enter into his Creation, and share the knowledge and wisdom we had attained through our Ascensions. In the absence of Free Will upon the planet, there can be no Polarity, and therefore, nothing to ‘choose’ between. Just as is portrayed in the book of Genesis, the planet was very “Edenic” in nature. Sure, it was a lovely ‘paradise’, yet the Beings incarnating there had no agitator toward evolving beyond the 3rd Density, and therefore, little hope of ever making the journey Home, to The One. Yahweh has been happy to keep his own little pet Eden Project in effect, but with little chance of the Souls here making it Home, it had become in effect, an albeit very beautiful ‘Prison’. Yahweh was, in modern parlance, running a benign dictatorship.

        Without Polarity, (derived from Free Will), there is only the Unity of Love and Light, and no choice to experience ‘other than’ that. So, we were to be the Catalyst for change, in order to provide that choice, thus bringing Polarity. Yahweh agreed that we would introduce the concept of Free Will to Earth’s inhabitants, by offering them an initial choice, as to whether they ‘wanted’ it or not. Hence, “The Tree of the Knowledge of ‘Good and Evil'” (or more accurately, the Knowledge of Polarity, of Positive or Negative). Yahweh takes his inhabitants to a new ‘garden’ and tells them you can do anything you like, except this one thing, thus creating the desire to do the one thing there are told they cannot. Hence, a “Choice”. We provide the Catalyst by telling them the benefits of attaining Knowledge, they eat from the tree, and the rest is history.”


      47. Just an quick comment on your take on ‘alien tech’ having been re-engineered.
        I do believe that what you saw and most of the alien encounters are really just military operations, but I also agree they’re using alien technology. However, I don’t think we could have re-engineered these without help from those that created it.
        Try giving your mobile phone to scientists a hundred years ago and tell them to reengineer it. Not a chance. And that’s just a hundred years, these guys are probably a couple thousand years ahead of us. So I think there is more to the story.


      48. tomibacsi

        What I saw is what Paul Hill, a career NASA rocket man, calls an “acute angle turn” in his most excellent book “Unconventional Flying Objects.” I was looking up at the nighttime sky and over the course of no more than a quarter to a half a second, an extremely fast moving light appeared and headed in one direction (about parallel to the ground) and then changed course to a bearing about 140 degrees from its initial one without perceptibly slowing down, and then blinked out just as suddenly as it appeared. Paul Hill explains that the blinking in and out is just the craft arriving within and leaving from, respectively, our field of vision; it travels so fast that our perception cannot detect the fade in and fade out. The purpose of his book is to explain to the layperson that eyewitness accounts are fully consistent with all known laws of physics, though many of the equations he presents as supporting evidence are nevertheless beyond me. He does a fantastic job explaining how manouvers like an acute angle turn at ridiculous speeds are physically possible for both the craft and the biological occupants. He goes through all the possibilities in a process of elimination fashion.

        When I said that the elites have reverse engineered alien tech I didn’t mean that they have their own spacecrafts they fly around in. I highly doubt that they can reverse engineer fully functional crafts but I do think that they may well have repurposed technological aspects of the propulsion and forcefield systems of crash vehicles. I am well aware of the alien mythologies — the greys in cahoots with the elites and whatnot — but I don’t put any stock in it and won’t without better evidence. Will there be a fake alien invasion? I highly doubt it. Could be wrong though as I don’t doubt they could pull it off well enough given their 3D daylight projector technology along with how gullible most people are these days.

        If you have a better explanation as to how what I saw was a military phenomenon then I’m all ears.


      49. @reante

        sorry for the late reply, took some time to process your explanations. (still processing, lol)

        I’m going to hook onto the ebola example, here is the question. Let’s say I fly down to the location of the next ebola outbreak. I would probably still wear a hazmat suit (since I don’t know what toxicity there is that’s causing the illness) I would grab a bunch of those patients and fly them back to my clinic. (no, I don’t actually have one :))
        But if you (and @mike) are correct, then there is a very good chance that back home (or even on the plane) I can ditch the hazmat suit, as I will not be contracting anything, since my body has not been subjected to whatever these guys have, and even though their bodies might be signaling (though bio-resonance) my body the trauma they’re going through, I’m not going to get sick, since my body has not been exposed to whatever they’ve been exposed to.
        Do I have this right? If so, just curious: in reality is your conviction strong enough that you would really ditch that hazmat suit? 🙂

        (sure, I could argue that there might be things causing ebola that a hazmat suit wouldn’t protect against. Like EMF, etc., but in the middle of Africa…for now unlikely to be a factor)
        With that one, actually, I’m still wondering though what kind of conditions may have precipitated an ‘outbreak’ in the past, whereas it didn’t show up sporadically in other places. How could it be that we have that confluence of conditions that don’t exist, and result, in ebola, anywhere else?

        @mike stone, feel free to pitch in.

        Regarding the Hidden Hand stuff: I’m sure their response would be: “well, it’s always fluid, and if things didn’t turn out that way, it just means that there was more opposition and we had to change our goals. Or we saw better opportunities to have full control of the population, so we abandoned those plans” lol

        But I see your point. What I find interesting is that someone would go through the trouble of making all that stuff up. I mean among other things that would require a pretty decent intellect and still lot’s of time. For…promoting luciferianism? Well, I guess anything’s possible, I’ve seen videos made for no identifiable purpose whatsoever that probably took the person 10+ hours to make…

        Sounds like you’re quite a bit up to speed on your mythology 🙂 I never got that much into it, read some of Campbell’s stuff, but it’s been a while. And my brain isn’t as sponge-like as yours, it seems 🙂 But this was very interesting, thanks for that.

        As for the alien tech stuff: sounds like Paul Hills book is one that I should read but most likely won’t. lol.

        “have repurposed technological aspects of the propulsion and forcefield systems of crash vehicles.” My earlier comment stands: it’s still the same as taking your iphone back a hundred years and asking their scientists to reengineer Bluetooth connection. I just don’t think it’s statistically likely that we are close enough in technology that we could understand any of it enough to re-engineer it.

        I agree with you on your comment about greys and different alien races being here and politicking: hearsay doesn’t do it for me. Sure, show me!
        Alien mock-invasion: oh, yeah, they could easily pull it off, unfortunately. Judging from how many people are still driving around with a mask on… They wouldn’t even break a sweat.


      50. tomibacsi

        The ‘ebola diagnosis’ is just the rt-pcr finding of a human-compatible monkey red-alert detox exosome. The internal hemorrhaging that is the late stage, high-mortality phase of the detox that people with weak terrains in west Africa are susceptible to for regional ecological reasons. Specific disease pathways are largely determined by ecological (family) history. The question to ask is, what makes west Africans more susceptible to internal hemmorhaging under a severe health stress than the average person in health poverty? Why are capillaries a weak point? Chronic use of quinine as an ‘anti-malarial’ since colonial times is the first thing that pops into my head because it’s a known toxic causal mechanism of capillary leaking syndrome. Presumably there are other factors at play.

        ‘Ebola’ may or may not present as a hemorrhagic fever. Just because it is a human-compatible monkey exosome reflective of major monkey ecology disturbance doesn’t mean that the hemorrhaging is monkey-related.

        Regarding reverse engineering, I should have probably said repurposed instead, which I figure is most of what they’re doing. Paul Hill, by process of elimination, settles on positron-electron annihilation as being the technology used for the crafts’ powerplants. I don’t see why they couldn’t repurpose a powerplant to generate the power to, say, dustify (disintegrate) the twin towers, by reverse engineering the annihilation technology of the powerplant into a weaponized beam that strips electrons from the buildings, which is an explosive process, breaking atomic bonds. A satellite-mounted positron-electron annihilation powerplant with a positron beam weapon (for ‘antimatter’ electron-stripping) is the best explanation I can come up with for what we saw on 9/11 because those were definitely not thermal explosions of the buildings.

        As for all the other leave-no-trace acts of industrial sabotage that we’ve seen, most of those I assume would be other somewhat less exotic weapon implements attached to the powerplant (as with tractor implements), mostly I assume microwave beam tech for starting fires/explosions.


      51. Ok, I’m reconsidering my stance on the re-engineering thing. Because of the time factor. We’ve had over 50 years (Roswell?) to work on this. That’s a lot of time for trial and error.


      52. what’s truly sad is all the wasted time and money for doing ‘virology’ all these decades, whereas we could have done all the cool studies, like “does having had quinine treatment correlate with susceptibility to ebola?” And the like. (Probably could have saved a lot of people, too.) Although that one actually probably wouldn’t even be that hard. Unlikely to happen though as long as we have the ‘virus’ theory being the dominant one.

        Then again, money and lives – who cares, right? The elites certainly don’t. Money – they have enough, and since they own the printing press, they can just create as much as they want when needed. Lives – we can go on about that. Starting with the “let’s vaccinate the world” and let’s create the conditions, so we can sell as much of our drugs as possible.

        Reflection on your WTC comment: I find it quite interesting how often we jump to the conclusions when the only thing that makes sense is what we can explain from our current understanding, despite the evidence pointing to something else.

        The Towers came down and since there are no other reasonable explanations, it had to be the planes. And sure, Ockham’s razor works in many instances in life, it’s what’s used against us all the time.
        Same thing with ‘contagion’, by the way. It looks like the masks are not working – it must be that people are not wearing them enough. I’m in California, here literally everyone was wearing a freaking mask. (begrudgingly, even me) But if you asked people how come covid was still spreading, they would say “probably not enough people are wearing them.” Anything outside of that answer is coo-coo land.

        They’re doing the same thing with the weather, with the economy, (we have inflation because of Russia. Obviously.)
        And the big one: “of course, it’s a virus, silly.”

        I mean I get it, we need certainty and security (which are probably other man-made creations) so we don’t want to venture into the unknown. Not recognizing that if you went to check out what’s outside of the cave, you may no longer be afraid of the shadows (Plato stuff) and you may even transcend the whole cave.

        On repurposing alien tech: yeah, I can see that. I like that better than ‘re-engineering 🙂 Especially in light of how much time we had to work on that stuff.


      53. yeah what a waste. what else is new lol. even we all mostly just drive around in circles. waste equals wealth in a waste-based consumer economy.


  14. FDA authorizes Novavax Covid-19 vaccine for emergency use in ages 12-17

    “Protein-based vaccines use a more traditional approach than mRNA vaccines, teaching the immune system to recognize little modified pieces of the virus that the vaccine is targeting. In this case, that means fragments of the coronavirus spike protein. The vaccine was created out of a genetic sequence of the original strain of the coronavirus.”

    The following are “buzz words” used by vaccine manufacturers that in reality have no real meaning because they are not based on anything factual.

    “Teaching the immune system”

    “Little pieces of the virus”

    “Fragments of the coronavirus spike protein”

    “A genetic sequence of the original strain”


    1. George

      …and those relative risk numbers. That’s such a simple, good con.

      Looks like those novovax proteins are a next-gen traditional vaxxx. As marketed, they take a CRISPR (presumably) entity that is a tweaked (cold/flu?) primordial soup primer (mRNA template) and put it in a moth cell culture in order to force the eukaryotic zombie moth cells to make proprietary novovax eukaryotic (cold/flu?) exosomes that will be extracted and ‘glued’ onto the ‘all- natural,’ vegan lol, adjuvant (saponins), which are plant-derived microbial antibiotics; natural insecticide whose mechanism of action, like ivermectin, is to dissolve lipid membranes. Saponins are one of the toxins in lectins. Cowan and Fallon would refer to them as antinutrients.

      This vaxxx appears to be a fancy, ‘naturalistic’ exosome-bomb that seeks to suppress our seasonal detox function, which is the second-most important detox function that is the emergency back-upbfor our daily detox. Those two functions fail and we’re in Deep Doo Doo. And that’s if the vaxxx DOESN’T get into the bloodstream.


  15. George

    I’d say they’re making excellent money off driving the final nail into lots of coffins. After all, disaster capitalism’s last curtain call is cannibal capitalism. Hence the depop agenda.

    I’ll add regarding the novavaxxx, that them moving away from the nanopeg ‘mustard gas’ carrier/’immune stimulator’ to a surely more benign one suggests that they are happy with the results that they are getting with the mRNA genetic modifications. Obviously these fake spikes, as marketed, would break off the adjuvant nanocarrier and enter cells so they can party in the soup, like it’s 1999. There’s definitely a whiff of greenwashing with novavaxxx.


    1. It’s far from over.

      CDC Pushes for Hybrid “CovidPox” Vaccine

      “. . . absence of media coverage hasn’t stopped the CDC’s vile director, Rochelle Walensky, from pushing forth a new agenda that could sicken or kill even more millions of gullible Americans—she has advocated for the creation of a “CovidPox” vaccine, a hybrid drug that, she says, will inoculate citizens against both emerging strains of Covid and Monkeypox. . .”


  16. Cal

    I thought Nike’s link, upthread, to the Greek pediatric surgeon’s report about tissue jellification interesting and grotesque. She couldn’t make heads or tails of it as a vaxxx adverse event, expecting vascular issues (thrombi) instead. But I’m wondering if the jellification might just be a downstream effect of blood problems. Wondering if scurvy might play into that. Seems like a catastrophic deficiency in collagen production. Diet could obviously have a role to play given the state of the Greek economy but if the body is burning through a lot more vitamin c than it’s eating in order to feed the white blood cells trying to contain the fallout from the vaxxxes then it may choose to prioritize the WBCs over soft tissue integrity.


  17. Thanks david, regarding cosmology.

    Animism sees (light) holography as necessarily the symbiotic relationship of Consciousness (dark matter/field gravity) and energy (dark energy). When the two are together in symbiosis, let there be light (holography). When apart they are in separatism from the light holography we call visible Reality, with the one exception being that the dark matter gravity field shows itself by gently pulling on pure light. Obviously if it gently pulls on pure light which has (almost?) no mass, it pulls more on (light) holography. This is why gravity is ultimately based on Consciousness, because the more total density (‘mass’) of Consciousness there is in an object, the ‘heavier’ we call it.

    You feel like we humans ‘wield’ energy but not Consciousness, the latter of which you feel wields us, if I followed you correctly. Animism says that, being symbiotic sources — in Life, consciousness animates the energy application and therefore without the application there is no Life — consciousness and energy are of the same order. Modern associations of consciousness with Spirit tend to put consciousness on a pedestal but animism doesn’t do pedestals. I would submit that this is why brian steere had a hard time conceiving of the ‘lowly’ biochemicals in the primordial soup having consciousness; conceiving that our human minds are nothing more than highly evolved biochemical reactions yet that truth NOT being a foolish conclusion of scientific materialism. Materialism is not structurally wrong, it is just ontologically superficial (shallow/nihilistic) in not seeing the symbiotic consciousness/spirit in ‘matter.’

    The ‘mind’ is what we call metaconsciousness, which is the highly evolved (in light holography), nested form of consciousness. Metaconsciousness is the living proof that the most highly evolved (adapted) light holographies can ‘wield’ consciousness rather than consciousness only wielding/animating (the energy in) light holography.

    The meta- in metaconsciousness means a highly adapted (a grown) consciousness beyond the original consciousness. Which is why we now have the concept of the unconscious, which refers to the plethora of intelligent, instinctive functions our metaconsciousness doesn’t have to think about.

    Metaconsciousness is a superconsciousness that can wield consciousness. The built structures of civilization — the obscene, gargantuan terraforming — is collective human metaconsciousness wielding the surrounding ecological consciousnesses (light holographies) we collectively call the terrain. We mine metallic consciousness and make bridges and cars to drive across them. If it wasn’t so disgraceful we might call it play, we might call it toying with consciousness, but what it really is is a hateful, selfish, evil alchemy of enslavement born of separation trauma.


      1. yeah I know it’s weird to conflate Consciousness with gravity. But there are examples of us doing that; we are referring to a ‘high consciousness’ when we refer to a person as having a strong center of gravity, or more simply as a person of gravity. And a synonym for the ‘grave’ in the word gravity is weighty, right?

        It’s consciousness that gives energy weightiness, that makes/animates matter. It’s field consciousness that matters (as a verb) energy, that actively matters it, and so it is that we call that source field dark matter.

        Dark matter pervades everything and the nothing outside of everything, as does dark energy. Wherever the two come together in symbiosis is holographic Reality. Inside the holographic bodies, the dark matter and dark energy fields are still pervasive because it is only out of them that we ever source our growth.

        We interface with these fields, as I discovered here some weeks ago, at the Liquid-Liquid Phase Separation condenser, which is the hyperreactive structured-water chemical soup with the polymerase base, which itself is so uniquely reactive that it is the only holographic medium in holographic reality that can symbiotically interact with the Two Darks which otherwise exist in separatisms.

        Dark energy is the expansionary forcefield that enables us to grow, and dark matter is the consolidation field that enables us to restrain our growth so that we matter (verb), so that the energy can condense in the polymerase condenser and have the conscious ‘mass’ to restrain the unchecked growth-function of dark energy that would take our holograms towards that of pure light.

        As an aside, it’s no coincidence that new age spiritualities hold ‘light bodies,’ and becoming ‘light bodies’ as the goal of the new age practitioner. Doing so, even metaphorically, is to decrease one’s center of gravity, one’s conscious density, one’s groundedness in holographic Reality. These ‘spiritualities,’ as with Gandhi’s, are elite formulations that invert natural law in order to keep us from being strong enough and grave enough to pursue the radical self-reliance that 99pc of our ancestors pursued, and which is our true birthright.

        Thanks for listening, david.


      2. “Dark matter pervades everything and the nothing outside of everything…”
        IME the Thing manifests or coagulates out of the NoThing
        The Void isn’t ‘outside’ of everything, it’s ‘inside’ in a manner of speaking 😉

        “Dark energy is the expansionary forcefield that enables us to grow, and dark matter is the consolidation field that enables us to restrain our growth so that we matter”
        Solve Et Coagula 🙂
        Or in terms of the Tree of Life, Chokmah representing the masculine expansive, acidic, active, centrifugal force (Wisdom), and Binah the feminine coagulative, alkaline, passive, centripetal force (Understanding). Also the Will to separate and the Desire to unify.

        “As an aside, it’s no coincidence that new age spiritualities hold ‘light bodies,’ and becoming ‘light bodies’ as the goal of the new age practitioner. Doing so, even metaphorically, is to decrease one’s center of gravity, one’s conscious density, one’s groundedness in holographic Reality. These ‘spiritualities,’ as with Gandhi’s, are elite formulations that invert natural law in order to keep us from being strong enough and grave enough to pursue the radical self-reliance that 99pc of our ancestors pursued, and which is our true birthright.”
        As a process, the way to the Light is through the Darkness. Clearly one cannot ‘move towards’ Unity, it simply arises once the illusion of separation has been exposed. The Alchemical path to ‘matterize’ Truth is to focus upon and expose Corruption…. and when fully exposed the corruption neutralizes itself.

        “Thanks for listening, david.”
        My pleasure.


      3. Oh I forgot:

        “Dark matter pervades everything and the nothing outside of everything…”

        “IME the Thing manifests or coagulates out of the NoThing
        The Void isn’t ‘outside’ of everything, it’s ‘inside’ in a manner of speaking 😉”

        Yes that’s what I mean by the above, too. “Everything” being holographic Reality, and “the nothing” being the Two Darks in total (dark energy too) outside of holographic Reality (deep space), but which are also “inside” (nested within) holographic Reality. If they weren’t also inside they couldn’t be sourced.


  18. Thanks Mike. I see no reason for Lanka to spend decades trying to refute virology for some worldly gain other than to expose the nonsense of it. We have heard over and over that the science is settled, as applied to many areas of science. It’s as if the Enders 1954 publication was etched in stone from day one and anyone with a different idea is seen as a quack. I’ll trust Lanka because he is questioning the nearly 70 year old mantra and the medical community severely chastises him for it. Germ theory and viruses = a trillion dollar medical bonanza. That’s it in a nutshell.

    We see all these studies trying to prove the transmission of viruses and the purposeful attempts at sending pathogenic virus material from one person to another, all of them failing miserably. If there are viruses floating around in the air, why can’t they be captured? If masking is supposed to catch viruses, then why can’t they be examined to find them?

    I get sick with cold or flu like symptoms. I go get a PCR test and it comes up negative. So, what do I have? If not the covid virus, then what virus? If my symptoms are very similar to covid symptoms, then I must have some virus of some type. Why can’t my doc tell the difference? Why are the prescribed solutions all the same? If there are all these terrible viruses floating around in the wind, why am I not sick all the time? I take no vaccines or drugs. So, what keeps me from being indefinitely ill?

    Medical science provides no definite, concrete answers and creates a realm of fear using mumbo-jumbo the patient can’t begin to understand. The fear of death whether from viruses, cancer, disease or germs has created an entire industry based mostly upon fiction. If it was based on fact, the hospitals would be empty and most health care could be performed without doctors and drugs.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Absolutely! Fear is the only “virus” and it does not just involve “viruses.” As you stated, cancer, germs, bacteria, etc. are all used to get people to forgo rational thought in order to subject themselves to the poisonous “cures.” Fear keeps the pharmaceutical gravy train rolling.


      1. Just on the topic of “following science” and having proper controls: are you aware of studies where they tried to infect a variety of subjects with a certain “virus”, let’s say the flu virus? (and yes, I’m aware that the problem starts with not having those isolated, so then let’s just say, the saliva of a sick patient)
        In order to say that this doesn’t work, that subjects cannot be infected, I believe we would need to try this with a variety of patients, ranging in immune strength. So equally testing this with frail and sickly 80 year olds, as well as strong teenagers.

        You probably see where I’m going with this: just because healthy people can’t be infected with a virus, it doesn’t necessarily mean that there is no infection. But if nobody can be infected with it, that’s a much better indicator of viruses being bs.

        Just curious, trying to close my own question marks.


      2. Yes, they tried repeatedly in the past to infect people with fluids from sick patients with no luck. The most famous is the Rosenau experiments during the 1918 Spanish flu:

        There are a few more examples with influenza here:

        And for HIV, the Padian study followed discordant couples (one positive, one negative) who had unprotected sex over a period of 10 years with no infections:

        I believe I also covered some of the failed flu attempts here as well:

        There have also been many instances where chickenpox, shingles, Scarlett fever, measles, the common cold, etc. were unable to be transmitted via fluids.

        Some of the chickenpox and shingles studies are covered here:


      3. Sorry, seems that I wasn’t clear. What I mean is: were there experiments when the subjects that the experimenters intended to be infected varied in the strength of their immune system?

        What I’m getting at is that it’s one thing trying to infect a healthy person (whose immune system might easily fight off the ‘virus’) and quite another to infect someone with an already compromised immune system.

        If we’re theorizing that there is a virus (and we’re actually able to gather enough of them to implant them into another host without other substances along with it – I know, seems to be quite a challenge) then there should be no difference, and it should have no impact on the immune-compromised patient, either.

        Are you aware of studies with this kind of ‘control’?


      4. I’m not aware of any. I doubt they would use individuals who are already unhealthy as it would be difficult to determine if it was their previous health issues causing the symptoms or not.


      5. I don’t think we can know the state of anyone’s immune system at any given time. Attempts to pass a virus from one person to another may fail because because the immune system is strong or because there is no virus to pass between individuals. This needs more study, but for now germ theory is the accepted ideal even though it is filled with more holes than machine-gunned slice of Swiss cheese.


      6. I would submit that DN probably has a non-exosomal role to play in group healings (disease transmission). That’s why chickenpox and measles party’s work, and workplace and school and family disease clusters happen, but not Spanish flu experiments on prisoners when you introduce a stranger with the disease and probably also a significant number of the prisoners are strangers to each other, or other lab experiments using strangers.

        DN says we are very-small-society mammals. If healing has a social component then DN would obviously have ramifications on coordinated healing.


      7. @tomibacsi

        What do you mean by the strength of immune system?

        Has an alleged immune system been proven?

        If yes, how has it been proven?

        Liked by 1 person

      8. @kordelas

        Sorry, just noticed your questions. Maybe they were rhetorical, but if not…
        I would assume it’s a bit like like being stressed. Or tired. Or satisfied. Try to prove or put a percentage to any of these and I’ll take your test apart.

        Yet, they’re valid phenomena. And I think the so-called immune system is like that. A healthy teenager will have a much better chance at surviving, let’s say, major toxicity, than an 80 year old person with diabetes.

        But they’re great questions nonetheless, would be a good endeavor from science to be able to tell me my level the same way I can tell my phone battery’s health level.


      9. People don’t realize that paleolithic animists were just like us minus the insane degree of specialized focus that the surpluses of civilization afford. As we know, specialization is incredibly powerful but on the individual level it comes at a huge cost to being well rounded. Almost all of the ‘best and brightest’ in the dominant cultures are idiots when it comes to broad competency. They’re just savants with the most basic life skills.


  19. Hey guys, do any of you know where I can get a piece of paper ‘proving’ that I’m vaxxed? (need it to get a job – yeah, wtf) If you know of any site/person, please dm on twitter: @tvinkler. Thanks.


  20. Hello,
    Lanka’s sars-cov2 control studies, are they published anywhere on the internet, at least in part? I can’t seem to find them.
    Also, his control experiments on measles, are they anywhere to be found?
    thank you for your thorough work!


    1. Sadly, Dr. Lanka’s work will never see publication in any actual journal. It would be great if he published all of the results himself in one place. I’ve heard he either did publish some of it in his own magazine in German but I can not verify this nor do I know if there will be an English translation. The best I could come up with for the three phases were the sources I provided in this article. I feel that the piece meal approach is sadly lacking and his work deserves one publication with all the results together so it is easy to read and digest. I’m not sure if that will happen.


      1. oh really? never? I thought he was trying to get it published, but haven’t found a taker yet (however that works).

        sad indeed. people need to know..

        Liked by 1 person

      2. That is my understanding. I hope to see all three phases eventually as single publication as well. I will update this article if I ever come across this.


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