Dr. Mark Bailey Bids Farewell to Virology

I’m extremely excited to share Dr. Mark Bailey’s latest essay on the fraud of virology. I know this one has been a long time in the making and has even expanded beyond its original scope. Mark is a brilliant researcher and has definitely outdone himself with his latest masterpiece. It clocks in at a full 67 pages of meticulously detailed analysis and investigation.

For those who may be unfamiliar with Mark (I imagine not too many are at this point), he is the other half of the virus-busting dynamic duo alongside his talented wife Dr. Sam Bailey. Together, they have produced many amazing and entertaining videos breaking down the absurdity of the “viral” pseudoscience. While Sam focuses on the video aspect of the equation and amusingly points out the ridiculous and illogical claims of virology, Mark has lasered in on writing equally important articles and essays detailing the extent of the fraudulent practices that are employed. However, he has done some excellent interviews and presentations himself as well as a very memorable debate with Kevin McCairn. He is also co-author of the “Settling the Virus Debate” statement with Dr. Kevin Corbett.

For an even greater insight into the man behind this brilliant essay, we can turn to the words of his wife Sam. From the biography section on their site:

Mark is the husband of Dr Sam Bailey and when you see one of them, you are really seeing both of them. They started working together when they first met in 2007 and have been a close team ever since. Mark and Sam are based in New Zealand and have three children together.

Since early 2020 he has been the duo’s chief researcher with a focus on microbiology, the existence of viruses, as well as historical and epistemological issues within medical science.

Mark won an undergraduate scholarship to the University of Canterbury in 1994 and then completed his medical training at the University of Otago in 1999.

He worked in many specialties as a resident doctor and was also a clinical trials research physician for several years. In 2016 he left clinical practice due to dissatisfaction with the allopathic medical system. 

Mark is the author of “A Farewell To Virology (Expert Edition)” and co-author of “The COVID-19 Fraud & War on Humanity”.

In his younger days Mark was seven-time New Zealand duathlon champion, three-time Le Race 100K cycling champion, and was one of the world’s top 10 duathletes in his 20s. He still keeps in peak condition and even picked up a New Zealand cross-country running title as a veteran.

About Dr. Mark Bailey

A brilliant investigator and a top 10 worldwide duathlete as well?!?! I’m starting to think Mark may be Batman… 🤔

Presented below is the abstract from Mark’s essay which offers an incredible summation of the problems inherent in virology. After reading this preview, please download and read the rest of Mark’s essay as it is a truly engaging and eye-opening experience:

A Farewell To Virology (Expert Edition)

Virology invented the virus model but has consistently failed to fulfil its own requirements. It is claimed that viruses cause disease after transmitting between hosts such as humans and yet the scientific evidence for these claims is missing. One of virology’s greatest failures has been the inability to obtain any viral particles directly from the tissues of organisms said to have “viral” diseases. In order to obfuscate this state of affairs, virologists have resorted to creating their own pseudoscientific methods to
replace the longstanding scientific method, as well as changing the dictionary meaning of words in order to support their anti-scientific practices. For instance, an “isolated” isolate does not require the physical existence of the particles in order to be afforded “isolation” status.

A viral particle must fulfil defined physical and biological properties including being a replication-competent intracellular parasite capable of causing disease in a host such as a human. However, “viruses” such as SARS-CoV-2 are nothing more than phantom constructs, existing only in imaginations and computer simulations. In this paradigm, cases of invented diseases like COVID-19 are nothing more than the detection of selected genetic sequences and proteins purported to be “viral.” The existence of a virus is not required in this loop of circular reasoning and thus entire “pandemics” can be built upon digital creations and falsely sustained through in vitro (“test tube”) molecular reactions.

This essay contains three parts. Part One outlines some of the history of virology and the failures of the virologists to follow the scientific method. The many and far-reaching claims of the virologists can all be shown to be flawed due to: (a) the lack of direct evidence, and (b) the invalidation of indirect “evidence” due to the uncontrolled nature of the experiments. The examples provided cover all major aspects of the virological fraud including alleged isolation, cytopathic effects, genomics, antibodies, and animal
pathogenicity studies.

Part Two examines the fraud used to propagate the COVID-19 “pandemic.” A breakdown of the methodology relied upon by the original inventors Fan Wu et al., shows how the fictional SARS-CoV-2 was “created” through anti-scientific methods and linguistic sleights of hands. It is part of an ongoing deception where viruses are claimed to exist by templating them against previous “virus” templates. Using SARS-CoV-2 as an example, the trail of “coronavirus” genomic templates going back to the 1980s reveals that none of these genetic sequences have ever been shown to come from inside any viral particle — the phylogenetic trees are fantasies. The misapplication of the polymerase chain reaction has propagated this aspect of virology’s fraud and created the ‘cases’ to maintain the illusion of a pandemic.

Part Three provides an analysis of how some key participants, “health” institutions, and the mainstream media maintain the virus illusion through information control and narratives that parrot virology’s claims. By way of happenstance, the virological fraud now finds itself front and centre of the COVID-19 fraud. From here, however, it can be critically appraised by those outside virology and the pseudo-scientific paradigm virology has built around itself can finally be dismantled and laid to rest.

The aim of this essay is to provide refutations to various claims that pathogenic viruses exist and cause
disease. SARS-CoV-2 has been used as the main example but the principles apply to all alleged viruses. What follows addresses virology’s often arcane literature on its own terms, which, it should be said, may make parts of this essay somewhat heavy reading. However, it is hoped that this contribution will fill a niche for the reader seeking a more technical understanding of the virus hypothesis as it seeks to expose the very foundation of purported pandemics and fraudulent medical practices. The threat of virology to humanity is increasing so it is time we bid farewell to these destructive pseudoscientific practices and free ourselves from unnecessary fears.

A Farewell To Virology (Expert Edition)

Update: For anyone looking for the abridged version of Dr. Mark Bailey’s fantastic “A Farewell to Virology,” Eric Coppolino and I compiled some of the best quotes from the 67-page essay. While it was difficult to wittle down and I highly recommend reading the whole masterpiece, we got it to a 19-page Word document that can act as a highlight reel of goodies!

Credit for the amazing photo of Mark crushing it goes to William Huston

I also want to highlight Mark’s earlier takedown of the “Covid” hoax where he and co-author Dr. John Bevan-Smith broke down the global deception by highlighting the four fraudulent pillars of virology. Please download and enjoy this earlier fantastic 46-page essay:

The COVID-19 Fraud & War On Humanity

COVID-19 is a fraud because its alleged causal agent, a purported novel coronavirus called SARS-CoV-2, has not been proven to exist in nature and therefore has not been established as the cause of COVID-19, the disease and pandemic invented by the World Health Organisation (WHO). For the selfsame reason there are no variants of the “virus”, which likewise exist only hypothetically in computers, cloud-based gene banks and in the minds of innocent people who have been comprehensively gulled by their governments.

The COVID-19 fraud, with its numerous preposterous claims, constitutes nothing less than a war on humanity by organisations such as Anser, Fors Marsh, and Palantir that conduct the scam through Big Pharma, with its backers and enablers, including the World Economic Forum, the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, the WHO, technology conglomerates, the mainstream media, complicit governments, and COVID “pirates” such as UNC Chapel Hill and Imperial College London, to a one beneficiaries of the fraud.

COVID-19 is a war on humanity because politicians and their governments continue to use this imaginary disease to terrorise and imprison their citizens, denying them guaranteed human rights and freedoms, and violating their once inviolable bodies with highly experimental and hazardous injections that contain a computer-generated spike protein mRNA sequence that instructs the body to poison itself. These nefarious injections, which also contain undeclared non-biological objects for undeclared purposes, are injuring millions and killing many thousands of people around the world, including up to 245 New Zealanders as at 5 November 2021.

A virological fraud lies at the heart of these crimes against humanity – that SARS-CoV-2 has never been physically isolated or shown to be the aetiological (causal) agent of COVID-19. In this article, the authors examine the illusory world of virology to explain how a virus that no one has seen or knows where it has come from, that no one knows what it does or where it is going, is, according to the fraudsters, stealing across borders and boundaries and coming to get you no matter where you are. How can it be, the authors ask, that this phantasmagorical madness has morphed into a world redolent with fear in which democratic governments have abandoned democratic principles to engage in the control and “deletion of human beings” that may be just a “variant” away from turning into World War III?


Dr. Sam Bailey also provided three really great companion videos where she read Mark’s first essay with some added visual flair. For those who may not want to stare at the tiny print on the computer screen, watching Sam and listening to her lovely voice may be the preferred way to experience this one. Maybe she will do a reading for the new essay with enough demand (hint hint). 😉



  1. Mark was a world-class duathlete, huh? Right on.

    “A viral particle must fulfil defined physical and biological properties including being a replication-competent intracellular parasite capable of causing disease in a host such as a human. However, “viruses” such as SARS-CoV-2 are nothing more than phantom constructs, existing only in imaginations”

    I take this to mean that structurally a strand of nucleic acids in an intelligent informational format, protected by a capsid, and then protected by a fat-based preservative, can’t DO ANYTHING to make a cell do anything.


      1. Yeah, back to the million dollar question. At this point with this belly of the beast (John Hopkins) mini-bombshell, it looks to me like rearguard action that is enough to ‘help propel’ Tulsi Gabbard into the Whitehouse, effectively destroying both parties, but will still sweep under the rug the true cost.

        The progression of evil is the placing of increasing relativities of truth in service of the always greater falsehood.

        The depop agenda can never be mainstreamed for obvious reasons. Will the full extent of damage from the genetic modification be mainstreamed? I highly doubt it. I just don’t see the necessity in it. Partial truths are plenty.


  2. Thanks for this, Mike. The abstract alone is a stellar gem. It will take me a while to get though this, but i intend to.. I did peek ahead to the very last segment, a discussion of discussing this stuff during “war time” (a war waged upon us by the powers-that-be), which we are told we shouldn’t do because it’s “divisive” and we need to limit ourselves to resisting the jabs, Mark turns that argument into mincemeat.

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      1. Thanks for all this, Mike — I’m willing to go down this rabbit hole. But I’d also like some guidance as to what might “actually” be the cause of disease transmission, i.e. how ill-health seems to spread through a population the way it does. Can you provide any links? Much appreciated.

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      2. You are very welcome Chris! There are numerous factors that can cause the appearance of disease transmission in a population such as exposure to air pollution, unclean water, pesticide-laden foods, sanitation chemicals, radiation, etc. Beyond physical poisoning, another aspect would be fear generated through media propaganda as seen with “Covid-19.” If enough fear is generated and symptoms that everyone experiences at some point are highlighted, it will drive the fearful to be tested with a fraudulent test in order to create the illusion of a pandemic.

        As for resources, I would start of with these articles by Dawn Lester:




        There are many excellent articles on her website whatreallymakesyouill.com and I also recommend Dawn Lester and David Parker’s book “What Really Makes You Ill.”


      3. I read their book. It has a lot of interesting research but doesn’t actually address its claim.
        We use words as if they represent reality. What is illness to one can be a lifesaver to another, or an unconscious loyalty to a family dynamic that has yet to come to conscious awareness.

        Curiously Dawn & Lester compartmentalise their published thinking – for they hold ‘esoteric’ underpinnings that are not brought into a work that mostly identifies toxicity as cause of sickness.

        part of my communication difficulty (in terms of getting through), is the widespread and deeply held belief or indeed defence that holds minds to be private autonomous or genetically determined domains – separated by and effectively locked into and subject to bodies. also seen as separate from their terrain – both physical and psychic seen as separate.

        But minds are joined or rather are of a ‘Mind’ that is non local and not subject to space and time yet holding the basis for the unfolding experience of relational being or creation – not of thing, but through giving and receiving.

        People don’t want to know what makes them ill so much as want something to make it go away so as to get their normal back. the wish for masking explanations relieves a mind of the awareness of a need to know that is within disturbances that have yet to come to awareness – so keep the devil at bay or rather put the mind to rest by investing in a ‘solution’ such as to reframe disturbance to anyone or anything that doesn’t support the solution. This is not wrong relative to a level of fear that is not ready to be addressed and therefore threatening to the stability of the mind.

        If we are to truly address illness, we have to be subject specific. While some characteristics may also apply to some other with similar or even very different symptoms, the urge to generalise this as a body of knowledge to then apply as a template is the way to frame our own mind in a past that is not here.

        Most of why we don’t heal is because we have already set the problem and then seek to bring light to solve it, fix, eradicate or ‘love’ it. Living from thinking of subconsciously conditioned reactions , teaches it and learns it, as will others in our life who are set in a similar learning goal of masking or the children who absorb the world they induce from example.

        the premise that what makes us sick is from OUTSIDE is a reflection of an inner condition. You could say we have put it there and so must address it there while opening awareness as to why we put it there.

        not long but the last few para are the gist I invite reading.

        The nature of mind-splitting trauma can only be seen from a reintegrated or healed appreciation. Within the split is every kind of attack, mask and camouflage – not least the war on evil/disease.


      4. And there is also energy transmission between people, so picking up on the fact that someone you are interacting with is not well may send your own particular mood “south.”
        Trying to clarify, is Dawn Lester also Dawn Parker?


      5. Chris, welcome.

        “But I’d also like some guidance as to what might “actually” be the cause of disease transmission, i.e. how ill-health seems to spread through a population the way it does.”

        Terrain Theory holds that displaying acute symptoms is a good, necessary, and intelligent response by the body to a causal trauma of some kind. Therefore the
        physical symptoms are not the disease itself but the attempted resolution/clearing of the causal trauma that caused the disease that preceded the physical symptoms. The disease itself generally goes unnoticed (or is ignored) because the causal trauma generally goes unnoticed (or is ignored), except in the case of an obvious physical trauma like an injury. The trauma may just be as simple as something like chronic malnutrition from a chronically poor diet that the diseased person wrongly thinks is a good diet.

        When we see the truth — that “falling sick” is our body attempting to heal itself — then your question about “disease transmission” kind of gets turned on its head, doesn’t it? Any physical transmission that does exist becomes a good thing, right? Shared healings as necessary. But, how?

        I believe the two explanations working in tandem are conscious resonance (unconscious coordinated healings as a deep evolutionary adaptation) and exogenous exosomal signalling (which are what ‘viruses’ are ‘mistaken’ for. Furthermore, the two explanations working in tandem is probably just one explanation in symbiosis. (That said, some/most here don’t believe in exosomes, FYI.)


      6. I embrace what you said but note in tandem with what I just posted that the ‘terrain’ is framed as essentially physical, with the psychic part generally assigned to ‘stress’ or even psychosomatic.
        The total environment can never be reproduced in a lab.
        Some facets can be identified and modelled to make sense of some of our experience, so we may focus down in the reductive as a sense of stability and continuity. But then are unaware of other active factors we’ve trained our mind not to see. Set this in social reinforcement and the masking ‘reality’ operates as a collective defence.


  3. I’ve only made a start so far, but the opening statement piques my attention; “Virology invented the virus model..”

    The study of a phenomena imagines or postulates theories that SHOULD be tested by seeking to disprove them. For various reasons this was not done, and the model was accepted as science as an extension of a similar mistake pertaining to bacteria, which do exist and are often associated with various disease conditions, but not directly causal.

    The predisposition to believe or accept viral pathology is then the psychic and cultural terrain from which virology arose as a ‘mutation’ or development of germ theory – which assigns power or cause of sickness to an external attacker that effectively possesses the body to multiply contagion and transmit to others. I would cast this as cover story for inner conflicts that are masked or displaced to social acceptance or diversion.

    But back to my point “virology cannot invent” but mind can be framed in their thinking by running from false assumptions set in wish or fear.

    The point I wondered if I’d be able to show is that an assumptive fallacy gives rise to a false cause and effect as one thing – as a synchronicity that then is experienced as split. Shared – or rather mutually agreed belief in virus as pathological agent – (later morphing to patho gene) ‘invented’ virology. The belief was not merely thinking, but aligned and attracted funding to the undermining of other perspectives, to become ‘official’ and set in regulatory protections as a primary leverage for ‘public health’, to override fundamental civilising laws of personal & social trust and freedom, via regulatory contracts set to spurious definitions of ‘pandemic’ packaged in hype, and drilled into to a command structure.

    All on the basis of a predisposition to accept ‘solutions’ that lock into a dependency business model of false protections that propagate and develop the actual threat, which is the induction to mindset of self-lack, weakness, vulnerability, susceptibility, that are also associated with worthlessness, shame, inadequacy, conflict, division and confusion.

    As long as this kind of ‘thinking and reacting’ can be propagated to willing hosts who then re-propagate by both word and demonstrative behaviours, the actual contagion will find narratives that serve the distancing and masking of fear, and the projecting of guilt as blame or attack, that needs an enemy, regardless of the facts.

    It is my expectation that virology – once fully used as a trojan for attaining tyrannous controls over human beings, their domesticated animals, and rural habitats where biosecurity zones can be imposed at will – will be superseded by the gene dogma for the fixing – or rather controlled management of a genetically broken humanity – assigned to ‘Bad Actors’ and terrible mistakes.

    When Rosenberg’s ‘thud’ experiment was published, it pulled the rug from psychiatry. What was the result? Psychiatry switched to ‘hard science’ as psychochemical medical model. Because you cant just eradicate symptoms without addressing the cause, but they reappear within the ‘solution’ as if something new. Which is a ‘reset’ for funding and focusing of energy and attention in the ‘business model’ of selling unconsciousness or ways to support a pattern of self-protective and self-reinforcing evasion of fear of pain of loss.


    1. That’s a beautiful rendering of the ‘rinse and repeat’ method of subjugation, across your last paragraph.

      My expectation is that everything is becoming too expensive, quickly. We all that one of the functions of the plandemic was/is as bailout for the ‘medical’ system. I don’t really see the great reset/agenda21, technodystopia playing out. I see highly-competent, left-libertarian (traditional conservative) national socialisms on the surface of societies once the fatal blows to global industrialism have been struck. The rest of the depopulation will just be natural fallout from resource (supply chain, fuel, food) collapse. The threat of technofeudalism is just a misdirection play imo, to set-up the national socialisms. Looks like Sweden might be breaking that way right now. Sweden, the plandemic’s biggest holdout. The Nordic race lol.


      1. To your specific ref to post Rosenberg psychiatry:
        Whatever we seek to destroy is fed by denial to come back stronger. That it may do so as IF a solution is the honeymoon period in which we be-live the evil vanquished.
        Like viruses, mental illness is not truly isolatable from its terrain, but social masking exclusions operate to those who effectively ‘carry’ the result of their family and societal conflicts.
        An invested ID in rationality as social authority naively thinks that revealing facts to undermine the invested identity in wrong-thinking will correct it.

        I also just posted this so as to link here to it. The focus is the dynamic he reveals.


      2. you read my mind. both parties are described as ‘far-right’ because global OT Capitalist fascism has to mask itself from the light of the truth which is that it, itself, is the farthest-right possible politics that has ever and can ever exist. usurious, vulture capitalism is the extreme right-wing and the ‘cultural marxism’ head-faken just the neolib Bernaysianism. In these Orwellian times, if they’re calling something “far-right” then it means it’s actually far-left or, better yet, and as Hitler always insisted, ‘True’ Left.

        Nothing is to the political Right of global capitalism, obviously.

        Hitler knew that national socialism was the True Left (of, in holistic truth, mere political falsehoods) because holistic truth sees that the Left-Right political spectrum is based on the size and reach of the State — the degree of human homogenization — rather than the socioeconomic management plan (capitalism vs socialism). National socialism was not Marxist and therefore wasn’t aiming for globalist communism. It was socialism in its traditional (agrarian), fundamentalist form: as a highly regulated national economy with highly-regulated capital markets (the implementation of a strong anti-trust legal framework against ANY financialization of accumulated capital) so as to assure that the working class couldn’t get exploited by a capitalist class. Strasserism was the heart of NSDAP’s national socialist party platform, and what made the party so insanely popular on the heels of the economic raping of Germany by OT Capitalism, but the Strasserist heart got excised along the way by the existential, survivalist requirements of the war economy.

        Leftism in political truth is populism/decentralization. So nationalism is Leftist when compared to globalism because globalism is a much more centralized power, leaving ‘people power’ at a further remove.

        Fascism is ‘rule by for-profit corporations,’ as per Mussolini’s definitive definition, which is the only useful one; therefore, his national(ist) fascism was far-left of the global(izing) fascism he fought an existential war against alongside Hitler.

        The minor difference between national socialism and national fascism simply lies in the structural organization of the national economy, and is largely a reflection of national history (agrarian tradition). NS was a syndicalist economic structure because German agrarianism had a long history of trade unionism. NF was a highly-regulated leftist/populist corporate economic structure largely composed of small-to-medium-sized, worker-owned, for-profit business cooperatives most closely resembling the hippie food ‘co-operatives’ of today except that those are fake cooperatives and not truly worker-owned; at hippie coops the workers are just employees – big difference! Italy was fascist because western for-profit corporatism and concomitant financialization was the historical creative political tension in agrarian Italy, because the Phoenician merchant bankers had insinuated themselves there since the Roman empire.

        So even though the victorious Brothers of Italy party are left-fascists (in favor of the for-profit, truly worker-owned business organization of the economy), as a practice I refer to the coming national socialist wave as exactly that because, again, socialism in its most fundamental definition is the pro-social (well socialized) high-regulation of capital markets in opposition to monopoly capitalism.

        Socialism is by definition a capitalist economic system because it is a market economy and therefore just as much based on capital as is monopoly capitalism; socialism is just a highly-regulated form of capitalism seeking to minimize economic inequality, and this governmental minimizing can take various forms.


      3. yeah, nested, toroidal turtles all the way down. Collectively the chakras form the structural core of polymerase-based biogenetic activity from where the meta-, mammalian emergency (of nested consciousness) comes. The organic (organ-based) biogenetic core that best taps, via polymerase, the Two Darks.

        And the respective organ polymerases are variegated according to historical evolutionary emergencies, which accounts for the religious color and meaning codings. Remember what I mentioned a while back about the gonadal polymerase — that it blows all the other polymerases out of the water in terms of raw reactivity, because that’s the emergency required for mammalian vertical gene transfer. This is why the sacral, wellspring chakra is the most powerful chakra.


      4. In Germany I expect Sahra Wagenknecht to emerge because she’s the top model of consistency with German tradition. People with more knowledge of European politics than me can, i’d imagine, pretty reliably fill in the rest of the blanks. Unlike the future of true reality, the future of the Matrix can be seen. It’s just a matter of cracking the code. Helps of course to be a herder oneself.


      5. ‘True’ Left:

        Since the creature from Jekyll island emerged in American history, (true) progressive party politics politics — as opposed to the intermittent, opportunist co-optings by the major parties — is just the name given to that taboo ideology that cannot be mentioned, in national socialism. Cannot be mentioned because it is a public-banking-based ideology diametrically opposed to privatization of finance (the Fed). Under NS they will obviously end the Fed. The semitic elites know when to hold em and when to fold em. The US Treasury (and economic nationalism by extension) will be restored to its ‘rightful’ position. I expect to see digital greenbacks issued for a spell, as opposed to CBDC, and for efficiency/control purposes, until that electronic scrip rationing system breaks down too much.


      6. reante:

        Oops, I missed that whole thread of reply brother, must not have been signed up for notifications on this post 😦

        TBH I struggle with -isms, it’s all a bit ‘intellectual categorization’ for me… I prefer core fundamentals and find them simpler to relate to.

        For me, the left-right thing has become extremely confused, and the so-called left often switch places with the so-called right, and the rest of the time they’re both doing the hokey-kokey (hokey-pokey for US viewers).

        For me the simplest binary is gender (yeah, I know) as masculine feminine poles with a ‘neutral or both’ mediator.

        In terms of society, I see it as collective/individual poles, with a unity/everyone mediator.

        One can clearly see the correlation between these binaries, as for example highly feminine people tend to focus on community and nurturing/sharing values, whereas the masculine tends to focus on individuality and personal responsibility.

        I see Team-Tulsi are making their move, curious to hear a bit more of your take on this new political landscape that appears to be emerging, and whether it’s an evolutionary step or just more of the same pendulum back and forth.

        Friends are of the opinion the Goddess (Dark Mother) is ‘re-emerging’ or re-asserting her influence, and if you know anything about Kali, it certainly looks like it 😉


      7. david

        I use isms when talking about politics because that’s the language of politics. I went into the structural landscape of isms in some depth because there is an objective historical structure to them even though it now functions as a tower of babel in which Shadow rules.

        politics are always devolutionary, even during political sea changes like this one that’s forming now in the public consciousness, due to having passed peak oil four years ago. Obama was the right president for the historical period of
        his tenure, Trump for his, Brandon for his – and Tulsi will be for hers. She will ‘be’ light-years more ‘evolved’ than her three predecessors because the situation calls for it. It’s still the same management plan, it’s just post sea-change.

        Kali, that’s a good nickname for her.

        Luongo is a hack. He could be good if he started at the mother of all geopolitical truths which is that we’ve exceeded the physical limits to growth. If you’re not grounded in that then you’re just flailing about because nothing makes any sense. The West’s ‘suicidal incompetence,’ makes no sense. Which is the purpose of it. To draw a reaction strong enough to create a political sea change that looks organic to the new national socialist power bloc of genX and Y Rogan, Brand, Musk, Carlson, etc followers.

        Tulsi would never partner with Trump, she can’t stand him and it would destroy her authenticity. I don’t know much about Desantis but I assume the same thing, I’m sure she despises what he did in sending migrants to Martha’s vineyard or Kamala’s place or wherever it was, treating them like political pawns. It’s a fucking disgraceful way to treat human beings and I don’t doubt that if they don’t let Trump run and he’s the Republican candidate she’s going to tear him a new asshole over it during the debate just like she did with Kamala’s bullshit.

        The whole point of the Tulsi move is that she’s the 99pc Truth politician. No other politician has probably ever hit 50pc truth. They’re breaking out the 99pc truth politician as the ace in the hole – to best keep the 99pc in line during an extremely dangerous situation. The chick is the total package. A sight for sore eyes, male and female alike.

        As such there’s zero chance she’ll go republican either. Her whole function is to effectively end both parties.

        But the West’s ‘suicidal incompetence’ makes perfect sense. It’s going to destroy massive amounts of demand across the, by far, most profligate users of fossil fuels, which is exactly what needs to happen next for civilization to keep from descending into chaos which they can’t have happen before the nuclear power industry has been decommissioned. Nuclear energy is now all over the news given the energy crisis, and they’re putting the industry at the forefront of peoples’ minds as a primary solution. Greta Thunberg just reluctantly came out in favor of it. The right wants it. It’s a set-up. If Tulsi addresses it I guarantee that she will be opposed to it because her role in the theater is to never be wrong about anything. Then the nuclear power plant disaster will happen, which will set in motion the great peace plan of collapse to facilitate the ‘Manhattan project’ of collapse which is the complete decommissioning of the industry and disposing of the waste before the grids start collapsing in earnest. While there’s still enough affordable oil to get it done.


      8. “But, per my previous arguments in January, Gabbard can position herself as a moderate populist, a kind of John Anderson figure from the 1980 election that ensures that no Democrat has a prayer of winning the 2024 election.”


        Looks like Luongo believes she will go to the GOP and it will be DeSantis/Gabbard for 2024:

        “As the GOP VP candidate she can be a voice of sanity on foreign policy and human rights (vaccines, social credit score, etc.), leaving her running mate to focus on domestic issues and rebuilding America.”

        but if so, why not announce a see-saw shift in parties rather than simply a leaving announcement. he answers: “For this to work, however, there has to be a quid pro quo. The GOP will demand it. Gabbard switching sides can’t happen all at once. First she has to walk away from the Democrats and help the GOP win a few seats in the House for the mid-terms. Check.

        Then she continues to build her credibility as a moderate who speaks against the things that Presidential candidates can’t speak on or lose the support of the current crop of Davos-controlled Congresscritters — anti-war, the MIC, etc.”


  4. “or an unconscious loyalty to a family dynamic that has yet to come to conscious awareness.”

    brian, that’s a beautiful, loving framing of devolutionary family disease patterns. sometimes love will tear us apart.

    hey, when you first recommended the thunderbolts project I subscribed to the channel. their latest video came up in my feed and it’s on the toroidal fractal, so I watched it. It’s good. Maybe you have already.


    1. In Family Constellation work it becomes obvious that children often take on what is not truly theirs. We can say this is love, but it is also an undifferentiated sense of self, sacrificed to live out for others. This does include sickness and following into death. If it were conscious it would be open to healing.
      Who is conscious of internalised and normalised beliefs is no longer suffering them as real.

      Illness as escape, as means for attention, or social validation (who gets a cold these days 😉

      In A Course in Miracles it states sickness is a defence against the truth.
      Out of context this may seem unbelievable. perhaps one day we will say this of the world that seems so compelling! The mind generates defences against disclosure to existential threat to its role as you thought system.
      Bio-insecurity is THE basis for the reset into global biosecurity state.
      Is there not a case for re-evaluating what we accept as security. Isn’t most of what is believed safe, more a state of unconsciousness set in defences so as not to have to really be present?


      1. brian I can’t remember if I’ve mentioned here before the devastating insight of Natasha Campbell-Mcbride’s, about industrial firstborns; that evolution saw to it, in humans anyway, that in order to prioritize a long female reproductive lifespan (hunter gatherers had long lactation cycles and lower bodyfat percentages, this much fewer children), childbirth evolved with the stacked function of a major, structural detox event for the mother. In the clean ecologies of yore, it wasn’t a significant problem for the firstborn to be the recipient of the mother’s placental toxin dump in late pregnancy but nowadays, and with moms often bearing first children much later in life, the firstborns are on the receiving end of brutal, industrial toxin dumps, resulting in a much higher rate of GAPS than succeeding children. I know when I survey families I know, her insight consistently holds. I was fortunate to be born only 2.5yrs after my brother who unfortunately and most assuredly is GAPS, mom had him at 30.

        So that’s one identifiable recurring pattern in the family constellation, of children having to take on what’s not theirs.


  5. I come for the well researched information – thanks @Mike Stone. I stay for the comments – thanks @reante & @briansteere. Hoping to hear from @Jeff Green also

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  6. you’re welcome, Johnny, thank you. I also came for Mike and initially stayed for the comments in no small measure because of Clarifire, and I’m sure I’m not the only one.


  7. Thanks for your efforts in advance. So I posted your short list of 3 sections of the paper, “Dr. Mark Bailey Bids Farewell to Virology,” on a youtuber’s channel. Here’s an interesting reply and I did a quick reference search for ‘bacteriophages’ in Mark’s paper with no results. So here’s a truncated version of a very long winded answer from channel’s owner “vaccinefraud”:

    #1. Does he address the problem of Bacteriophages?
    If not, then his work is totally invalid…., …. because NO ONE has EVER answered my question on Phages let alone any other topic.
    Bacteriophage research in 1930 created Molecular Biology that RULE everything on this planet currently.
    #2. Mel Thornberg on Facebook says that what are called viruses are just particles shed from SPIROCHETES. If this is true and I have no reason to dispute anything she says, then endotoxins from bacteria have already been recognized as SELF-ASSEMBLING MOLECULES. That ALONE is a partial definition of a ‘virus’.
    #3. Of those who refute the ‘existence’ of viruses, which ones actually did their own lab work and published their studies?
    #4. If viruses don’t exist then where did Kevin McCairn and a host of other people get the GENE SEQUENCES OF GAIN OF FUNCTION ORGANISMS that have HIV, Rabies and Cobra Venom coded into the We Upon?””

    So it seems to me #3. relates directly with Stephan Lanka’s most recent experiment & the creation of “virus” with just the process and not the organic sample.
    As for #4. I’ll assume that all gene sequencing are computer generated reality, sort of like a website creates a meta-version of one’s business, service, etc. but not the actual thing….

    Please let me know about #1 & 2 and any sources that may be helpful. Feel free to pass this along to your colleagues as needed. I’m happy to supply the link to”vaccinefraud” youtube video/channel as well.


    1. I’m not sure which video but recently Dr. Cowan has discussed bacteriophages as the breakdown form of bacteria. It may be here:
      It could also be in one of his responses to Jeremy Hammond and James Lyons-Weiler.
      I have yet to really look at the research on bacteriophages but from my understanding from what I’ve seen, I agree with him in that they are breakdown products of bacteria.


      1. Great, thanks Mike. I actually missed that episode with Dr. Cowan and glad to have the link. As far as I have read, bacteriophage is defined “as a virus, which invades the bacterial cell machinery. Bacteriophages show a parasitic relationship with its host cell, i.e. bacteria. It not only infects the host (bacteria) but also controls the machinery of the host. These are ubiquitous in nature.” I will check out Tom’s video, thanks again!

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        A shift in virology in 1954 that went unnoticed , blinded by a Nobel Prize in the old virology .
        They based this on bacteriophages as they never could isolate or see ‘ viruses’ in a host. Isolation is separate from everything else, this never happened.

        Self – deception
        Because someone thought how can we replicate a virus if we do not know how it looks. They oriented on bacteriophages and minispores which one can see inside the host in great number . You take them, isolate them directly .
        After every isolation you see there is the same amount of protein in the mini-spore. In every type of bacteriophage and giant ‘virus’ ( minispore) you see a nucleic acid of a given size, always the same size, always the same structure, always the same sequence.
        But not in human virology and animal virology .
        After 1954 the virus was thought to be a genetic material, a bad one, that programs our cells only to replicate the virus and in doing so dying on its own and eventually an organ is going to die or the patient.
        To isolate and demonstrate the existence of a viral genome is easy and has been done for decades to directly show the presence of nucleic acid of a given size , called gel electrophoresis .
        What virologists do , from the millions of the genetic debris of nuclei acids very short range , they sequence millions and , then, add them mentally together using programs for a genome of a virus that never existed.
        They claim later they use the PCR test to find fragments which are said to be part of. the genome.
        But in reality they do everything mentally, called alignment and they never did a control experiment to try to get the same alignment out of exactly the same thing, same condition but sterilised blood or body fluid .
        The model used has never been real but a mental construct. They are self full -filling their own models and they orient themselves on bacteriophages of bacteria.

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      3. Another takeaway from Dr Lanka,

        “ Bacteriophages are seen as virus of bacteria but they are not, they not cannot do harm to a naturally found bacteria. Only if you keep bacteria for very long in the lab so they have lost all their abilities and suddenly treat it badly and they have no time to build really spores then the build the minispores. Minis-pores have the ability to have other organism to better grow, they do have nucleic acid who’s primary functions is to set free energy and they do deliver proteins. They do have the capability to grow on their own.
        Virologist in Marseilles are fighting that what they call now giant viruses that are found in huge numbers all over the sea , a huge amount if biomass to be the 4th kingdom of life , beside peukaryotic , real bacteria, archebacteria cells that are consider the 4 th kingdom of life as they have metabolism and can grow larger and form new organism.
        ( a structure he found)
        Bacteriophages are produced when bacterias suddenly are nit able to live anymore and have no time to build spores and then they build their minispores. It is not an act of destruction as all biomass of bacteria , all its genetic material is retransformed in a highly coordinated process of metamorphosis into equally build nucleic acid, always the same size, always the same sequence and they are real.

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  8. The next BS , combining two falsehoods, the human climate change lie( pollution is a different matter) and the virology fraud.

    Settling the existence of pathogenic viruses is so important .

    We were also fortunate with Dr Lanka’s findings and presentations ,about what biology is and is not , to fill the vacuum of the disproven theories with better understandings.

    This is what they are fabricating now, such nonsense.


    The writers “credentials” in ‘science’.


    “Viral spillover risk increases with climate change in High Arctic lake sediments”


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  9. Click to access die-wurzel-interview-englisch.pdf

    “ Misinterpreted viruses are meaningful mini sperm

    Stefan Lanka: I believed in this idea until I myself isolated and biochemically characterised a structure from the sea, which I misinterpreted at the time as a HARMLESS virus. Later, I learned that the term “virus” must not be used under any circumstances, because it means something like a disease- causing poison (within the refuted cell theory) which the organism itself would produce.
    Today, curious researchers know that biological life is created from those structures3 that are created by self-organisation. In bacteria, these structures are called phage4, but in the laboratory they only develop when bacteria are separated and thus impair their biochemistry. After a certain point in time (in a target-oriented process of metamorphosis), the entire bacterial biomass is transformed into many small structures of exactly the same structure.
    These small structures have the function (like mini sperm) of making their nucleic acid5 available to those organisms that need it. These targeted and useful processes were interpreted negatively and as disease toxins (lat. virus) by the good-evil glasses of cellular pathology.
    These small structures are very easy to isolate, photograph and to examine biochemically. Since 1952, clueless young virologists (who did not know that and why the old virology had given up) BELIEVED that the viruses claimed in humans and animals looked and were constructed like the “phages” (mini sperm of bacteria).“


  10. The times we love in


    New Zealand Intelligence Service’s ‘Know the Signs’ guide, to “help us all identify potential terrorists in our midst”. And if you see such signs in a person, you should dob them in to the police or the Security Intelligence Service

    2 min.



    “In 1956 the German Jewish philosopher Günther Anders wrote this prescient thought:

    “In order to suppress any revolt in advance, it is important not to use violence. Archaic methods such as those of Hitler are clearly outdated. It is enough to create a collective conditioning so powerful that the very idea of revolt will not even occur to people. The ideal would be to format individuals from birth by limiting their innate biological abilities…Then, the conditioning would be continued by drastically reducing the level & quality of education, to a form of vocational integration.

    An uneducated individual has only a limited horizon of thought and the more his thought is limited to material, mediocre concerns, the less he can revolt. We must ensure that access to knowledge becomes increasingly difficult and elitist….. that the gap between the people and science widens, that information intended for the general public is anaesthetised of any subversive content. Especially not philosophy.

    Here again, we must use persuasion and not direct violence: we will broadcast massively, via television, mind-numbing entertainment, always flattering the emotional, the instinctive.Minds will be occupied with what is futile and playful.

    It is good to prevent the mind from questioning, thinking and reflecting with incessant chatter and music.Sexuality will be placed at the forefront of human interests.
    As a social anaesthetic, there is nothing better. In general, the seriousness of life will be banished, everything of high value will be ridiculed, a constant apology for lightness will be maintained, so that the euphoria of advertising and consumption will become the standard of human happiness and the model of freedom.

    The conditioning will thus produce such an integration that the only fear (which will have to be maintained) will be that of being excluded from the system and thus of no longer being able to access the material conditions necessary for happiness.

    Mass man, thus produced, must be treated as what he is: a product, a calf, and he must be monitored as a herd must be. Anything that can numb his lucidity, his critical spirit, is socially good; anything that might awaken it must be fought, ridiculed, stifled…Any doctrine that challenges the system must first be designated as subversive and terrorist and those who support it must then be treated as such.
    Günther Anders”The Obsolescence of Man” 1956″

    The virus issue is the core



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