1. Talking about antiviral.😉

    “ With the advent of antivirals (= drugs against “viruses”), which were invented much later than antibiotics, it became apparent that their use was not without problems: these substances are far more tissue-damaging than antibiotics. Often, the administration is accompanied by lasting damage to the entire organism. (Note: antivirals are able to break down protein compounds, often leading to devastating side effects or even death).

    When antivirals were administered, a certain “success” was sometimes recorded, because now and then the symptoms disappeared without the affected persons obviously suffering from the side effects of the drugs. This is predominantly the case when antivirals are applied as an ointment. For example, a “cold sore[1]” can disappear quickly. You can also find out why this is the case in this series of articles.

    By applying chemical substances to the skin, far fewer harmful substances enter the organism than when they are injected or swallowed. For this reason, there are also far fewer side effects.

    Nevertheless, the side effects of these substances are rarely predictable, sometimes quite severe and often overlap the actual symptoms of the original disease. If you take drugs to alleviate the symptoms of flu, for example, or other so-called viral diseases, including Ebola, AIDS and of course Corona, you are likely to suffer more from the side effects produced by the drugs than from the original symptoms. If one were to try to attribute symptoms, one would fail, as one would not be able to assess which signs come from the drugs and which come from the disease. Administered antivirals contribute to a worse course of both influenza and covid-19 disease diagnosed today. It is worth mentioning that medical professionals rarely have time to think about this. Every doctor is legally on the safe side with the use of antivirals for influenza or covid-19. He/she has done everything possible to help the sufferer and has followed the applicable guidelines. On that basis, he/she cannot be prosecuted. Any medical practitioner who does not follow the guidelines is on very thin ice and would lose any lawsuit for alleged malpractice. “

    This is Covid-19 – explained with the knowledge of universal biology – the biology according to Hamer Part 1


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  2. The other elephant in the room is called genes and their roles in diseases…I’m ever hopeful those with the talents will subject that elephant to the same deep scrutiny as was given to viruses…
    There’s a lot of belief already in genetic causes of diseases…
    Early this century the local Press reported, separately, the discovery of The gay gene, and the discovery of the gene for intelligence…
    Debunking the claims of the genetics priesthood will be tougher…They’ve learned from the Virus Debate…
    Another multibillion dollar industry in the making…


  3. Apparently there is another controversy concerning someone investigating the covid scam. The individual in question rejected the idea that there was no virus and proceeded to investigate the PCR test. I don’t believe credentials are an issue in this case.



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      1. Maybe it’s me, but I am not happy about how the lawyers handled this situation. Take Robert Kennedy Jr., for example. He is a lawyer but does not want to consider the evidence as to whether viruses exist or not. He published a book about Fauci and marketed it.

        They always seem to put making money as their top priority. Lawyers are usually concerned about evidence, if you think about it. As long as people are injured by vaccines, they will make money. If they acknowledge there are no viruses, then there will be no need for vaccines and they won’t make any money.

        Even the judges on the Supreme Court validated mRNA gene therapy injections as vaccines when they ruled in favor of their use by hospital workers. You don’t get to be a judge without first being a lawyer. So they didn’t examine the evidence either. Even Trump, when he first took office, mentioned the risk associated with vaccination, but did not hesitate to declare an emergency and authorize the use of experimental gene therapy injections. Biden, when he started his term, brought out the mandates.

        Their priority is making money, regardless of the consequences of their actions.

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      2. If it were only money for Fuellmich I’d be surprised. Maybe that was the initial lure, along with the usual ego stuff, but IMHO he got himself caught up in something much darker, and with consequences.

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  4. I’ve been trying to explain to these people that there are no viruses and that cellular biology does not work the way they claim it does, but just in case I’m not successful, I’m loading up.

    Biden Signs Executive Order Designed to Unleash “Transhumanist Hell” on America and the World

    “. . . We need to develop genetic engineering technologies and techniques to be able to write circuitry for cells and predictably program biology in the same way in which we write software and program computers…including through computing tools and artificial intelligence…“



    1. Hi LJO, I have not collected any of the articles into a book yet. However, I am in the beginning process of writing a book. Keep posted here and at my Substack for more information on that soon. 🙂


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