Diving Into ViroLIEgy With Patrick Timpone

I recently sat down for another chat with Patrick Timpone, and we went back down the rabbit hole related to germ thoery and virology. We covered quite a few topics in our latest conversation, such as:

  • The Rosenau Spanish flu experiments
  • Pasteurs fraudulent rabies experiments
  • The lack of an immune system
  • Symptoms of disease are a sign of healing and detoxification
  • Koch’s Postulates disprove bacteria as pathogens
  • Fear and the Nocebo effect
  • There is no new disease
  • The 100% PCR false-positive Whooping Cough “epidemic”
  • The HIV = AIDS Hoax
  • Using effects to claim a cause
  • Allowing the body to heal itself

And much more!

I hope that you enjoy our latest dive into the fraud of germ theory and virology and are able to take something from it. 🙂


Please check out Patrick’s recent conversation with Steve Falconer, the creator of many excellent documentaries exposing germ theory, as well:

And be on the lookout for an upcoming conversation between Patrick with both Drs. Sam and Mark Bailey.



  1. I’m new here. I have heard Dr Tom Cowan say that antibodies are not specific, but haven’t heard him explain A) how protein identification using antibody-tagging is supposed to work and B) why it doesn’t work that way, since antibodies are not specific, and C) how this method of protein identification really works. I’ve asked Dr Cowan (and Dr Sam Bailey who made similar claims) to elaborate, with no luck. Can you help?


    1. I would have to see the specific technique and what it’s used for. I have covered antibodies quite a bit here:


      I believe what Dr. Cowan and the Baileys are referring to is that antibody reactions are known to be non-specific and are said to bind to proteins that are not the intended targets. There is a massive reproducibility crisis in the sciences right now, primarily due to antibody non-specificity. Researchers may get the intended results some of the time, but they are not getting them all of the time nor reproducing and replicating these results.


    2. @KnownUnknownTruther
      > A) how protein identification using antibody-tagging is supposed to work
      You’re probably referring to antigene testing which uses synthetic antibodies to bind to the gene.
      The theory is that each strain of virus has unique proteins and by creating antibodies that bind to those proteins you can colorize them to make them visible under the light microscope.

      > B) why it doesn’t work that way
      It does work, just not for viruses or amyloids, because those either don’t exist or were never discovered.
      If they did exist and if it were possible to create specific antibodies for them, we could use Kary Mullis’ next-gen cure to rid our bodies of them:

      > C) how this method of protein identification really works

      If in reality your antigens are not viruses or misfolded proteins (amyloids) then what those colorization techniques bind to is just normal stuff that is produced by your metabolism for one reason or another.

      All the literature about all those tests (including the leaflet you get when buying a Corona test at the store, which uses the same technique) say that it is no proof of anything but merely a screening test.
      Some of the FUDsters in the controlled opposition are claiming they can use Congo Red staining to specifically mark vaccine-induced SARS-CoV-2 spike proteins.

      This is what Wikipedia has to say about this over 100 years old test method that was initially developed to find amyloids:
      (note the word “indicative”)

      You can find publications that confirm this by using any search engine, e.g.:
      > “the drawbacks and artefacts obtained when using this dye can be found both in vitro and in vivo and Analysis of scientific data from previous studies shows that CR staining alone is not sufficient for confirmation of the amyloid nature of protein aggregates in vitro or for diagnosis of amyloidosis in tissue sections.”

      The same goes for all other antigene tests.

      Antibody tests (where you try to find antibodies) work the same way, except you create a synthetic antigene to colorize the antibodies.
      During the HIV/AIDS scam it was claimed by Gallo, Fauci and others that presence of antibodies was proof that you were infected by a virus, which is of course bogus and almost no country on earth accepted antibody tests for diagnostic use (they used the equally ridiculous PCR “viral load” testing instead -.-).
      The same was done again during the COVID scam to prove that the vaccines make you produce spike proteins by testing for “antibodies” in vaccinated people.
      Since the specificity of those “antibodies” was neither proven and in most/all cases even disproven, it doesn’t tell you anything about the presence viruses or vaccine efficiency.

      I guess the “antibodies” that are tested for are produced by the body to heal the damage done by poisonous nanolipids, PEGS and whatever else (((they))) put in those vaccines.


  2. Love your information! You are doing a great job exposing the fraud of germ theory! You are proving that anyone can look at the information and demonstrate the fraud of virology and germ theory!🤗❤🙏

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    1. Thank you for the very kind words! I greatly appreciate it! My hope is that, by reading my work, people will be inspired to do their own research and share that with othersl. We can all learn so much from each other. I’ve met so many brilliant people these last 3 years who are doing the same thing I am. It’s pretty amazing to see. 🙂


  3. Hello again. I have now found and read your article “Antibody Specificity?”. You are quoting from articles and papers that express concern over the use of antibodies, but nowhere do the authors of those articles make the claim that antibodies are not specific. In fact, in reading through them, I found several places where the authors explain what makes a quality monoclonal antibody batch that may be used in science. Yet, you use their numerous concerns to make your own claim that given the stated problems, antibodies are not specific. You along with Dr Tom Cowan and Dr Sam Bailey are wasting my time. You may delete this and my previous comment, as I’ve now got my answer: none of you are reliable sources of information and better not trusted. You treat the reader with contempt, expecting the reader not to see that you are making unsubstantiated claims, negated by the very text you are using to make your claim.


      1. Well, try this then:

        “Monoclonal antibodies are produced by identical B cell clones from a single parent cell and bind to a single, definable epitope on the target antigen; thus they are highly specific and consistent between experiments. Furthermore, with recombinant technologies, they can be optimized and exactly reproduced. Hence, for scientifically rigorous work, or for clinically useful diagnostic assays, a monoclonal antibody is required. As has been shown, however, monoclonal antibodies directed at a target are not all devoid of their own specificity and reproducibility issues, and care must be taken in selecting the best monoclonal antibody, which should always be validated before use [12,13].”

        You highlighted only the last sentence, even though that sentence makes clear that not all monoclonals are deficient. The sentence only states that care must be taken in selecting the right antibody.

        The issue is important in relation to identification of spike proteins in the “Covid” saga. Dr Cowan claims no spike proteins have been identified by the antibody-tagging procedure, which the “other side” claims is used to identify them. I can’t remember the webinar where Dr Cowan covers this, it might be his interview with Stefano Scoglio.

        To be convicing, all of you who deny antibody specificity must be clearer and elaborate more on the techniques and their failings, rather than just quoting concerns that have been expressed.


      2. No one is saying that they can not sometimes get the same results. However, it is well known that antibodies are not specific and are prone to errors. There are many issues such as:

        1. Batch-to-batch variability
        2. Unstable and fragile hybridomas
        3. Lack of standardization and quality control
        4. Binding to the wrong protein

        This has led to a reproducibility crisis, which has affected the work done with antibodies where independent reproducibility and replication are not being achieved. They can’t even get consistent antibody results in those who are vaccinated, nor can they state what these measurements even mean in regards to “immunity.”

        On top of this, antibodies are an entirely fictional entity as the particles assumed to be antibodies have never been purified and isolated directly from the fluids. The function of these entities has never been observed. There is no evidence that these particles even exist and function as claimed.


      3. Mike, please do in relation to antibodies what has been done in relation to viruses: take papers purporting to show identification of proteins by antibody-tagging and explain what other proteins the antibody would have bound to and why those other proteins may be expected to be in the sample. In other words, with reference to actual studies, show how and why they fail. A good start would be spike protein identification, as it is pertinent. Further, find counter-studies that confirm your claim of antibody non-specificity, similar to the small number of controlled studies in virology that confirm no virus is in the “infected” sample. Simply put, your work on antibody specificity is not of the same quality as the work on viruses. Making general claims doesn’t cut, specific studies have to be critiqued. Thanks for engaging with me on this and I look forward to more from you on this topic.


      4. Thanks for the feedback. 🙂

        Did you read my articles on the origins of antibodies, from Von Behring to Porter/Edelman? If you do, you will see that antibodies are nothing but hypothetical contructs that were never proven to exist or function as sold. Thus, applying attributes to them, such as binding to proteins, is pure fiction. Unless there is a paper showing the purification and isolation of antibodies that are then shown to bind to proteins via the scientific method, there is really no reason to guess as to what other proteins they claim these hypothetical entities are supposedly binding to in any study.


  4. I am Japanese. I am not good at English. For this dialogue, I used software to output the audio, then converted the audio into English text, and finally translated it into Japanese. Therefore, it is possible that you may not have understood 100% of the content of the dialogue. However, since I watched your dialogue last year on odysee (with Japanese translation), I managed to understand the content of this dialogue. I especially found your next assertion very helpful. (Are you sure the points are correct?)

    ・The immune system is not immune to anything specific.
    ・There are no pathogenic bacteria or molds to which we must be immune.
    ・The body is designed to flush out toxins, more like a plumbing system than an immune system.

    If my understanding is wrong, I would be glad to know.

    With my deepest gratitude to you, I sincerely wish you continued success in your endeavors.

    (This text is also written using translation software.)


    1. Hi KT,

      You are correct in your translation. There is nothing to be immune from. Our body is more akin to a plumbing system constantly filtering out toxins we encounter daily. There is no scientific evidence that bacteria and mold can make one sick.

      Thanks for the kind words and support! I greatly appreciate it. 🙂


      1. Thank you very much for your reply, despite your busy schedule. I greatly appreciate your compliment. I will be sure to recommend this site to my friends in Japan. Thank you once again for taking the time to respond, and I wish you all the best in your future endeavors.

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  5. I made an expression mistake. Sorry!

    × Therefore, it is possible that you may not have understood 100% of the content of the dialogue.

    ○ Therefore, it is possible that I do not understand 100% of the content of the dialogue.


  6. The comment on antibodies reminded me of a recent observation.: People have forgotten how to reason.
    The concepts and models are false to start with..
    We have in vitro storytelling that has little to do with reality..

    “What is happening now in natural sciences has little to do with nature, to a naturalist from 17th- 18th. century would appear as stupidity eg . we have limited ourself with the invisible organism, hardly anyone works anymore with anything zoological . Botany is not botany anymore, same with zoology, bacteriology is not bacteriology anymore but mainly interested in things that even with all our technology can hardly see, eg the smallest ‘ viruses, archaebacteria ,the paleo bacteria ie reduced to molecular biology. “
    Eriwin Chargaff takeaway



    deepL translate:

    As I wrote, the body learns to react to foreign substances, whether you call it the immune system or what I call hardening. but the body learns. Without learning this, the body would not be able to do anything with foreign substances. The body gets used to many substances and that, I think, is a learning process that can also be described as intelligent. And as you write, he presents a reaction to an action.


    deepL translate: https://t.me/NEXTLEVEL_OnlineForum/8967/17544

    that is also indirectly correct.

    In the ancient doctrine of the humours, it was assumed that a stagnation of the bodily humours could lead to disease, which is correct and important, but also that disease poisons (lat. virus) would arise and spread inside and outside the body, which was and is a misinterpretation. One would become healthy again when the stagnant bodily fluids would flow again, which is correct, or when the body would form antidotes against the assumed disease poisons, which was and is wrong.
    This idea of disease poisons and counterpoisons was and is the basis why vaccination was used in ancient times and still is today.

    The idea of disease poisons was seemingly confirmed by the fact that regular ingestion of poisons, e.g. strong or a lot of alcohol, can lead to a “resistance” or immunity to larger amounts or concentrations of poisons. The misinterpretation was only resolved in basic research when it was recognised that no antidotes, no anti-bodies are formed in poisoning, but enzymes that metabolise the poisons or carry them to the outside.

    It is not a system that fights against something, that is at war.

    What is “natural immunity” and what are globulins?

    The first part of the question is wrongly posed because the belief in immunity is based on misconceptions that arose to sustain the infection theories.

    Many people who are permanently well believe that they have a strong immune system and therefore a natural immunity. In reality, they do not have any special biological programmes running, because they have not caught any biologically effective traumas, or solved them immediately, before they would have become noticeable through the product of time and intensity.
    The decisive factor is always whether the kidney retains water or not. If water is retained, even small, otherwise inconspicuous processes can become dramatically large and dangerous.

    Globulins are protein globules that become flat in an acidic, i.e. low-energy, environment in order to combine with other low-energy proteins and substances. These can then be recycled, holes in cells and tissue are mended and this mechanism leads to wound healing and coagulation of the blood.
    In conventional medicine it is believed and taught that these globulins are anti-bodies that fit like a key to a lock, which is not true.
    The binding ability depends on many factors.


    A reminder , using the rules of thought and logic.

    Stefano Scoglio:

    “Assuming there were a thousand pathogens, then there would have to be specific antibodies for each pathogen.

    However, there are only five so-called immunoglobulins (IgA, IgD, IgE, IgG, IgM).

    How should a specific immune response be possible for a thousand pathogens with five immunoglobulins? “
    Source: https://t.me/TransitionTV/441 in text version t.me/NeueMedizin Bibliothek


    Explains in the interview how people in the filed have science have blinkers and dogmatic thinking,, cannot see beyond their indoctrination.

    “In this conversation, Jerneja Tomsic PhD, Jordan Grant MD, and Dawn Lester discuss the problems with ‘science’ to find the answer to the question: Where did it all go wrong?

    Topics covered include:

    – The meaning of science, pseudoscience & scientism
    – The preponderance of logical fallacies
    – Medical research
    – Peer review & trust in experts
    – Research funding/grants

    And more…..”


  7. The diagnoses formulated by anti-symptomatic Western Medicine are NOT diseases but only random and subjective juxtapositions of clinical symptoms and paraclinical pseudo-symptoms that are declared to be diseases.

    THERE ARE NO DISEASES, if we mean “diseases” in the terms formulated by anti-symptomatic Western Medicine.

    When we talk about the disease diagnoses issued by Modern Western Medicine, we must understand that they are all nothing but one and the same state of self-healing as a result of the fact that the energies and tissues of our being are affected by an accumulation of harmful factors.

    Except for injuries caused by burns (thermal, chemical, electrical), asphyxiation (mechanical, with liquids, with toxic gases), physical trauma and massive poisoning… the harmful factors that constantly besiege our being are:
    – negative emotional experiences (fear, sadness, hatred, envy, etc.),
    – toxins of all kinds (almost all synthetic chemicals, some minerals, some metals, some biological concentrates, some products resulting from the decomposition of biological matter),
    – almost all artificial radiation,
    – overstraining the being through physical and intellectual effort and exposure to the elements,
    – quantitative undernutrition (lack of food, degradation of tissues involved in digestion and absorption) and qualitative undernutrition (denatured and devitalized foods as a result of their growth in an industrialized regime and over-processing),
    – iatrogenics (harmful drugs and toxic vaccines + harmful medical procedures).

    As a consequence of the daily siege of these factors on our being, our body adapts the energy flows that animate the tissues, the structure of the tissues, the functions of the tissues and the sensitivity of the tissues to be able to adapt to self-heal (to neutralize and eliminate toxins , to cleanse itself of metabolic and tissue residues, to regenerate its damaged tissues and to quantitatively restore and rebalance its energy flows), a fact that manifested itself through a multitude of symptoms concentrated predominantly in certain tissues, most of the time.

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  8. I fully agree with Nike – and instead of serving people with any confusing statements for over 3 years, you just have to look at what is constantly being searched for with these unqualified “PCR tests” – namely the dead cell debris(nucleotide sequences) that are created by the influences cited by Nike (and not to forget the millions of dead cell debris, created by cell division that every person MUST excrete daily through all body fluids, including feces) – these cause free radicals and oxidative stress that damages cells and causes them to die and for some people who already have too much toxins in their bodies, this process of excretion is associated with illness and also death – death is part of life from birth and if you accept that, life is easier! Every person who eats healthy food, does a lot of exercise and gets a lot of fresh air(forests, lake areas, uncultivated areas), eats a lot of fruits and vegetables(antioxidants), will not get sick so easily! And to discuss the so-called “immune defense” is wasted time, because by now everyone should know that white blood cells (lymphatic system), antioxidants, which the organism partly produces itself, but also must be supplied by the people through the diet to the body and bacteria, which the man carries in millions inside and outside (e.g. intestinal flora), the people healthy, he grows and thrives – you can also not determine one from these millions of bacteria, that is also a fraud!

    Let’s start at the beginning of the lies, the fraud and the manipulation:


    And now you enter every single so-called “sequence” into the BLAST search


    top left at Enter Query Sequence, scroll down to the little blue box BLAST, click on it and wait until the result comes!

    And the jumble of letters in the “gene bank” that you always see first are human amino acids and also NOT a “virus”!


    This constant fear, which was transported by the paid lying press every day into the people, creates stress and makes also ill:


    People also get and got sick from the absolutely useless test sticks:



    Neurons line your nose and tell your brain how to interpret the chemical information that makes up a smell. Damage to these neurons changes the way smells reach in your brain. The olfactory bulbs underneath the front of your brain receive signals from these neurons and give your brain a signal about the scent: whether it’s pleasing, enticing, appetizing, or foul. The olfactory bulbs can be damaged, which can cause parosmia. exposure to toxic chemicals, such as in this test-sticks, but also high volumes of air pollution can cause parosmia to develop.

    And that you can get sick from these horrible and absolutely unnecessary dirt masks, you also should know – make the environment, humans and animals sick and that for years to come:


    and how absolutely harmful these particles are, you can read here


    And there was also NO so-called “Gain Of Function Research” either


    from Dr. Saeed A. Qureshi, Ph.D.


    And that with these toxic substances NO so-called “mRNA” is present, is actually logical, since one had NO protein and what one never had, that one can also not reproduce or synthetically produce, since there is absolutely NO template!



    The goal of this diabolical agenda:




  9. Tacoma, WA Woman with Tuberculosis Who Refuses Treatment Will Be Arrested for Treatment on Friday

    Washington – A Tacoma woman with tuberculosis will be arrested on Friday for treatment unless she voluntarily complies with a court order to resume taking medication or isolate.

    According to KOMO News, the woman has been avoiding treatment or isolation for TB for a year.

    The woman, who was under an involuntary order to take medication for TB, didn’t finish her treatment.

    The health department was granted numerous court orders over the last year in an effort to get the woman to receive treatment.


    TB or not TB. That is the question. Consumption be done about. Of cough not, of cough not. It’s not the coughin’ that should bother you often, it’s the coffin they carry you off in.

    My father taught me that poem when I was a little boy.

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  10. The role of Modern, Western Medicine is to forcibly suppress the symptoms of the self-healing state called “disease” through the use of toxic pharmaceutical drugs and vaccines obtained through chemical synthesis, with the aim of favoring the permanent disruption and depletion of the flow of energy that permeates and animates the tissues and to continually degrade the natural structure of the body’s tissues, all this to generate as many and more prolonged states of “chronic disease” as possible so that as many people as possible become lifelong patients of the Pharmaceutical Medical Complex Occidental.

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  11. Apart from the observation that through optical microscopy we see biological matter in various stages of degradation and decomposition not down to the level of microzymes, otherwise the whole of microbiology is nothing more than an endless collection of assumptions which are declared to be scientific truths on the basis of control experiments that are almost never questioned but are believed unconditionally.


  12. As for the alleged bio-medical discoveries made through so-called electron microscopy, so-called X-ray crystallography, and other alleged procedures of so-called Molecular Biology, these are all pure scams.

    Those who want to know what are the real harmful factors that disrupt and exhaust the energy flows that animate the tissues of the body, producing changes in their structure and functionality, must definitely forget about the so-called bio-medical discoveries made by means of optical microscopy and especially by means of lies called electron microscopy, X-ray crystallography, and all other lying laboratory procedures.


  13. In the sub-microscopic realm there is no real knowledge, only conjectural fairy tales.

    Everything about Molecular Biology is a scam.

    Electron microscopy is a hoax.

    People see a lot in the biological field through optical microscopy but understand nothing, for the simple fact that we humans have not been given the ability to understand the microscopic parts of the biological field, nor the ability to understand the biological whole by looking at its microscopic parts.

    Not only all theories about hypothetical sub-microscopic particles need to be critically scrutinized, but also theories about what is seen through optical microscopy.

    One theory that must be questioned is that microorganisms in the pleomorphic cycle are metabolic life forms that ingest, digest, excretes metabolic residues and secretes toxins.

    – The sciences provided to the masses are nothing more than brainwashing tools for manipulation;
    – Moral corruption in the field of Science and Education are as great as in Politics and in Modern, Western Medicine;


  14. If I may ask for a personal favor:

    Would it be possible to mirror at least the audio version of your conversations either on Soundcloud or on your own webserver?

    I use youtube-dl over Tor and not all websites permit this or are supported by youtube-dl or yt-dlp.
    Even YouTube works reasonably well (Bitchute and Odysee have no audio-only option and the videos are quite large or badly compressed, but at least I can access them).
    Rumble doesn’t work at all and Apple seems to block Tor users.

    Either way, thank you for your articles, great work 🙂

    In case you haven’t seen this piece of garbage yet:
    It appears that the alleged Spike protein was never found, but only synthesized using the alleged genome of the “virus” and a lot of alchemy:

    In that sense one could say it DOES come from a lab 😀

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    1. Hi Anon,

      Thanks for the kind words and support! I greatly appreciate it. 🙂

      Sadly, I’m not the most tech-savvy guy, so I am uncertain how to mirror my conversations. I’m not opposed to the idea, however.


      1. If you can be bothered to record your conversations and if your podcast partners agree to this (which is generally the case in the truther/alternative media community) then you can upload them at e.g. https://rapidshare.nu/
        They’re part of some one-click file hosting collective that requires no account creation and appear to be quite liberal in their hosting policies.
        However, the most important part of your website is the wealth of resources and in-depth analysis you provide, so this would just be icing on the cake.

        I noticed you did already write about the synthesized/recombinant spike proteins several times; I should have used a search engine before posting m(

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  15. The so-called Science of the so-called scientists who are created by the System consists of a small number of fundamental and simple truths that are observable by any human being through empirical methods and an endless number of lies that are expressed in the most sophisticated way to impress naive, gullible, fearful, lazy, frivolous and arrogant people.


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